A year later

"That was really good why haven't we been there before" asked Sara whose arm was looped through Ava's as they walked down the street towards Ava's apartment

"Because we can't afford to eat there" Ava laughed out "but today was a special occasion"

"Yes it was" Sara said and they continued down the street

Over the past year they had been through a lot. Sara trained hard at the fire academy and graduated 4 months after her acceptance. She is a rookie at a station in star city and really loves what she's doing. Ava had just begun junior year. She interned for the FBI for some of the summer and absolutely loved it she was planning on going to the academy after she graduates. All there friends were good and they had all become one big family.

"You know we should make a stop before going upstairs" Sara suggested

"Oh yeah where" Ava said and Sara pointed toward the bar and Ava smiled

"On our anniversary" Ava said and Sara nodded

This day was one year since they had officially been girlfriends. The day the stopped pretending so they decided this would be their anniversary. Ava spent the night at Sara's who had a shift until early in the morning. They spent most of the day in bed until the went out to dinner.

They entered the bar which hadn't changed in a year. They sat at the bar almost in the exact spot where this all began just over a year ago.

"Two cokes please" Sara asked the bartender

Ava laughed

Sara then put her head out and said "Sara Lance"

Ava laughed again and said "babe what are you doing"

Sara told her "just follow my lead" and Ava shook her hand and said "Ava Sharpe"

They shot questions back and forth like they had a year ago. Sara leaned her head on her hand on top the counter and looked Ava in the eyes

"Move in with me" she said

"What" Ava said nearly spitting out her drink

"You stay there most nights anyways even when I'm not there and I want to keep moving forward with you because we have our whole live ahead of us and I want to spend it with you" Sara said

"Well uh yeah yeah I want to spend it with you too" Ava said smiling at Sara "but what am I gonna tell Nora and zari"

Sara laughed "they'll understand"

Then they both started laughing

"I love you" Sara said

Those three words still made Ava feel like it was the first time Sara said it. It was right before Sara graduation. She was getting dressed in her uniform and Ava was helping and Sara just spit it out not regretting a thing. Ava immediately said it back having known for months how she felt.

"I love you too" Ava responded both smiling widely

"Let's go" Sara said grabbing Ava's hand and leading her upstairs

After falling into Ava's bed the ended up cuddled under the covers

"Happy Anniversary" Sara spoke softly

"Happy Anniversary" Ava said giving Sara a kiss on the forehead as they drifted to sleep