Syn found herself aimlessly wandering around the ship while waiting for Boba to return to the cruiser. She had only stayed on the bridge to watch Din and Cara snap Gideon in chains and drag him away before leaving.

At the first quiet corner she found, Syn promptly threw up the little that was in her stomach.

While her tears had dried, nothing felt like it would stop the horrible empty ache in her heart now that Grogu was gone. Knowing it was coming hadn't helped in the slightest. It was made worse by Syn not knowing who the Jedi was or where they were going. Din's promise of seeing him again felt so hollow.

Rubbing her temples, Syn straightened up and continued her journey. Her feet were taking her towards the medical wing, as always. She doubted she'd find anything more than a few medical droids there, but she was going to look anyway. Her head was pounding and every step she took was only increasing her nausea. She could feel a dull ache starting in her lower back that was starting to become more persistent.

"Little Bean, you're making me feel really sick today," Syn said softly, her hand dropping to her stomach. She idly rubbed it as if to settle the tiny baby within her down. "Can we please just not?"

Sick, exhausted and heartbroken were not a good combination. Syn was grateful when she finally came upon to medical rooms.

As predicted they were empty but well stocked. Gagging down the strong anti-nausea syrup, Syn turned to look through the rest of the room. Two ancient medical droids were powered down in a corner. For lack of anything else to do, Syn decided to plug them in and see if they would charge while waiting for the medication to kick in.

Sitting down on one of the examination beds, Syn put her head into her hands. She didn't know if she wanted to cry some more or lay down and sleep for a month. Everything had happened so fast on the bridge. One moment she thought she was going to live, then Gideon tried to gun her and Grogu down less than five minutes later.

Syn felt oddly numb about Gideon's sudden turn. The betrayal didn't come as a surprise. In a way, she had been expecting it all along. Even if the mission had failed and she and Grogu were the only ones left, Syn wouldn't have been surprised if she was dumped out of the airlock without hesitation.

A loud beep made her head snap up in surprise. In the corner, one of the medical droids had suddenly turned on. The other one still sat powerless in the corner.

"Good evening, I am medical droid CP-103," it said as happily as any droid could manage. "What can I assist you with this evening?"

"Nothing," Syn said instantly. "Please be on standby."

It was an automatic response. All of Syn's career had been focused on not using medical droids. They were often delegated to simple procedures when it was too busy for Syn to attend to.

Then a thought crossed her mind.

"Wait," Syn quickly corrected. "Do you have an ultrasound function?"

Gideon had ruined nearly everything by blurting out she was pregnant. The idea may give them something to be excited about again.

"I am programmed in over one thousand medical procedures," the droid said in its monotonous tone. "I can ultrasound any part of the body and upload the images to wherever you require."

Syn felt her heart lighten a fraction at the news.

"I'll be back. Do not power down," Syn said, the words falling out of her mouth quickly. Nearly falling off the bed in her haste she quickly made her way back to the bridge.

She found Din back on the bridge. He and Bo-Katan were engaged in a heated discussion that was too low for Syn to hear. She could tell from the rigidity of Din's shoulders that he was angry. His hands were curled up into tight fists. For a moment Syn wondered if there was a punch about to be thrown.

"Can I interrupt for a moment?" Syn spoke up, cutting into the conversation and any potential fistfight.

"Please," Din's one worded answer came through gritted teeth.

He turned around, posture relaxing as he took in Syn. His helmet had gone back on as soon as Grogu had left. No one else in the room had seen his face except for the Jedi. At the time it had been a non-issue. Syn knew there'd be fall out to deal with later. Something she quickly shoved from her mind. She needed to give them something to be happy about again. Even if it was for a fleeting moment.

"I need your help with something I found in the medical wing," Syn said, keeping a neutral expression.

Din nodded, motioning for her to leave. Out of the corner of her eye, Syn could see Bo-Katan's extremely displeased expression. That combined with Din grinding his teeth, a sound she had never heard before from him, Syn wondered what the argument had been about. It wasn't until they were out of earshot did she feel comfortable asking.

"Is everything okay?" Syn asked tentatively.

"Bo-Katan is being difficult," Din ground out through a clenched jaw. He reached up and yanked his helmet off.

For a moment Syn thought he was going to throw it at the wall. Reaching over, she slipped her hand into his free one and squeezed hard. It was the only bit of comfort she could give him in their current position. Din's jaw unclenched and he let out a shuddering sigh as he squeezed back.

"I just want her to take this damn thing and leave with you." Din's shoulders slumped. "I'm exhausted and want to grieve in peace and quiet."

Syn eyed off the sabre that was now attached to Din's belt. It was a problem that was going to haunt them. Syn knew that. But for now, she wanted to try and give them a little piece of joy. The moments of happiness that never lasted long enough. It was always enough to keep them going.

"We can deal with it later," Syn said in what she hoped to soothe her husband's frazzled nerves. "I have something I want to show you."

Din was quiet as Syn led him through the halls. His look turned quizzical as Syn opened the door to the medical rooms.

"Is everything okay?" Din asked instantly, stopping in his tracks to face her. "Are you and the baby okay?"

Syn could see the stress so clearly on his face. She reached up and placed a soft kiss on his lips. It did nothing to release the tension that she could feel in his body.

"We're fine, I just wanted to show you something," Syn reassured him. "Come on."

Din was wary as they stepped over the threshold and into the room. The medical droid that had been dormant came back to life. It did nothing for Din's stress levels, despite Syn placing a placating hand on his arm.

"It's okay," Syn reassured him yet again. "Help me up?"

Din was silent as he helped Syn onto the uncomfortable bed. Laying down, Syn lifted up her shirt and pushed her pants down past her hips.

"CP-103," Syn asked. "Please perform a lower abdominal ultrasound."

The droid came over with a loud whir of gears that sounded like they hadn't been used in a long time. Din came around to the opposite side of the bed, standing guard over Syn. His hand resting close to his blaster and his hard gaze was trained on the droid as it came over.

A bright beam settled on Syn's bare stomach. It focused on her lower abdomen and a grainy image started to come to life on the droids midsection camera.

A few moments later the image sharpened into focus. The sound of something like galloping orbaks filled the room.

On the screen was a small blob. No bigger than one of Syn's favourite berries she used to eat as a child. Tiny legs and arms could be seen. The head was still an odd shape but it was starting to look human. A baby.

Their baby.

A thump next to her turned her attention away from the screen. Din had fallen to his knees, his eyes transfixed on the screen. Tears were brimming in his eyes. He reached down and took Syn's hand, squeezing it hard.

"You are seven to eight weeks pregnant," the droid said in a monotone voice. "Congratulations."

The timing made Syn turned her face back to the screen. She hadn't had to look at a pregnancy scan since medical school. The timing seemed too long. Counting back in her head, she tried to place the timeline. Eight weeks ago had been when she thought she had gotten her period. It had only lasted two days and there had been nothing in it.

It had been implantation bleeding. She had fallen pregnant ridiculously quickly. All the stress and worry had been for nothing.


Din's breathless saying of her name made her head turn back to him. Tears gathered in her eyes again, but this time they were from joy.

"That's our baby," Din said, completely awed. "Our little girl."

"Or boy," Syn said, smiling through her happy tears. "I know this doesn't change how you found out, but I hope it helps a little."

Din continued to stare at the screen in complete wonder. He only moved to bring Syn's hand up to his lips and brush a kiss on her knuckles.

"It doesn't help losing Grogu either," Syn felt her voice catch on saying his name again. The silence was beginning to make her worry. If it wasn't for the look on Din's face she might have mistaken his silence for something else.

There was a long few minutes of silence which only increased Syn's worry. Din's gaze hadn't moved from the screen. The heartbeat of the baby was the only sound in the room.

"Din?" Syn prompted when it became too uncomfortable.

"That's our baby," Din repeated, finally turning to meet Syn's eyes.

Every bit of exhaustion and grief had fallen away. A stray tear slipped down his cheek which that he hastily brushed away.

"It is." Syn felt a smile tug at her lips.

"How?" Din had to stop and clear his throat before he could continue. "How long have you known?"

Syn felt a flash of nerves twist her still upset stomach. This was the part she had been dreading since she had discovered it. Not telling Din right away meant there was every chance he'd be upset that she had kept it from him.

"Just after Morak," Syn said softly. The nausea was starting to get worse so she pushed herself upright in case she needed to vomit. "I'm sorry. I was trying to find the perfect moment to tell you. I nearly said it so many times but we kept getting interrupted."

The hatred she felt for Gideon spiked yet again. Syn felt an unfamiliar flash of white hot anger at something so precious being taken away from them.

"Hey." Din instantly came to sit by her side, gathering her in his arms. "It's okay. Yeah, it was shit how Gideon used it against us, but I don't care. We're going to have a baby."

Syn laughter was muffled in his chest. It still didn't sound real that it was happening, despite seeing the ultrasound. Din's voice was still awed as he said it once again.

"So much for it taking a while," Din said, a low rumble of amusement in his chest.

In his arms, pressed up against his chest Syn felt the world was a little better again. The ache of losing Grogu was still there. But for once they got a small moment of happiness that hadn't been interrupted.

"Are you happy?" Din asked softly.

"Very." Syn moved back so she could press a kiss against his lips. "Terrified but happy."

Even when they had decided to throw her contraception shot out, the concept of actually having a baby had still felt foreign to Syn. Never in her wildest dreams had she expected it to happen so fast. She had hoped and daydreamed about the moment. But now it was real.

"What do you want to do?"

Din's serious tone dampened her mood again. Not that she blamed him. They hadn't spoken of what would happen after this point. Everything had been all about trying to find the Jedi.

"I just want to go back to Nevarro and sleep for a month," Syn said honestly. "Beyond that, I have no idea."

Back on Nevarro they could have some time to themselves again. Syn knew Din had barely slept over the last few weeks. A few days of peace and quiet would do wonders for soothing both their souls.

Syn didn't need to ask Din what he was going to do with the Darksabre on his hip. It was a question for a time where they both weren't so tired and heartbroken.

"Okay." Din pressed a kiss on Syn's forehead. "We'll drop Gideon at the first New Republic outpost we can find, collect the bounty and head back."

"Can't we just drop him out of the airlock?" Syn asked with a grumble. She buried her head back into Din's chest and closed her eyes.

"Normally I'd agree, but it's a million credit bounty," Din explained with a light chuckle. "That's with him dead. It's double for alive. Dumping him out of the airlock means I have no proof of bounty."

Syn choked on her own spit at the bounty. She knew it would be expensive. It would be more money than most people would see in a lifetime. Despite having thousands of credits of beskar on his back, Syn knew that Din's bounty hunting didn't always pay for handsomely. There were times where he could barely scrape together enough money for fuel. Her own pitiful handful of credits made on Osoria couldn't even buy her passage on a ship. It was head spinning to go from one extreme to the next in such a short amount of time.

"I hate it when you're the practical one out of both of us." Syn's sigh was overly dramatic. Her face buried in Din's chest armour meant she could hide the threatening smile.

"It doesn't happen often." Din's grip tightened on her once again. "You should find somewhere to lay down. I'll go talk to Bo-Katan."

There was no argument left in her. The happiness of seeing their baby for the first time had to give Syn a second wind of energy. Now that was depleting quickly and she could barely keep her eyes open.

"There's always a room close by for doctor's on call," Syn explained, fighting back the yawn that came out of nowhere. "Help me down and let's go find it."

Untangling themselves, Din handled Syn like she was made of glass as she got down off the bed. Something she wasn't sure if she wanted to grumble in annoyance or be completely charmed by it. She knew by the end of the pregnancy it would end up being the former. As she predicted, the small room was only a dozen steps down the hallway.

Opening the door revealed a room that was no more than a cot and a small basin. Compared to the squished quarters of Slave 1 and the Lambda shuttle, it was pure luxury.

"Get some rest," Din said, gently pushing Syn towards the bed. "I'll see what I can do for food and work out how long we're going to be on this piece of garbage."

Exhaustion was the only thing that stopped Syn from asking Din to stay with her. The bed was barely going to be big enough for her, let alone him in full armour. As much as she usually enjoyed it when they squeezed into a small space together, today was not one of those days. Her feet felt like lead as she dragged herself to the cot. It was small and cramped but Syn fell asleep instantly.

In what felt like mere seconds, a knock at the door woke her up again. Syn groaned, rolling over onto her stomach, pulling the pillow over her head with her. The nap had been too brief. A more persistent knock made her swear as she relinquished the pillow.

Syn knew it wasn't Din. He had a distinct knock. A pattern that he never derived from. He also wouldn't have knocked knowing Syn was by herself in the room. Cara's knock was more like a pounding with her fist that didn't stop until Syn opened up.

"I'm coming," Syn called out, trying to squash her irritation.

Glancing at the clock had shown that an hour has passed since Syn laid down. Rubbing her face tiredly, it took a lot more effort than usual to push herself upright. As she did, her ever constant nausea made itself known again. Swallowing heavily a few times settled it down again that Syn wasn't fearful she'd end up vomiting on the floor yet again.

Dragging herself to the door, Syn swung it open to find Fennec on the other side. The assassin smugly held up a credit pouch.

"This is your cut," Fennec said smoothly, tossing it towards Syn. "As promised."

It was only years of reflex built from Ela always throwing things at her that Syn managed to catch the pouch. It took her exhausted brain a moment to realise what it was for.

Fennec and Boba's bet.

"Was Boba annoyed?" Syn asked feeling a smug smile pull on her lips.

"Very," Fennec confirmed with a nod. "We're heading to Tatooine. Boba has some unfinished business there."

Syn felt a flash of disappointment that they were both leaving. Boba and Fennec had been invaluable in their quest to find a Jedi for Grogu. Without them, she and Din would have been stranded on Tython. More than likely dead. And Grogu would have been in the hands of the Empire with no hope of rescue.

"Thank you."

Those two words felt monumentally insignificant for how much the pair had helped them. Syn wanted to hug Fennec but she knew better than to invade someone else personal space. Like Cara, Fennec did not look like a person who would receive a hug well.

"If you ever need anything, we'll be there," Fennec continued, looking as stoic as ever despite her words. "Come find us at Jabba's Palace."

Syn had only ever heard of the legendary place of the Hutt crime syndicate. She almost began to ask what Fennec and Boba were about to get themselves into. But quickly decided against it.

"We'll visit as soon as we find a ship," Syn promised. "I have no doubt Din will be bored in a month."

As the thought crossed her mind, Syn felt a knot of tension develop in her stomach. As with everything, they hadn't thought about what was going to happen beyond today. Even though Din would stay with her, Syn knew he would be chafing for work sooner than later. It was another problem that was going to interrupt the little bubble of bliss that they had just had.

Pushing the errant thought away, Syn quickly smiled again. It was a matter for another time where her and Din could discuss it in private. Far, far away from all of this.

"We can drop you off in Nevarro if you want to get off this ship."

Fennec's offer was casual, but again Syn felt deep gratitude for it.

"Thank you but I think I'll send Din even more grey if I did that," Syn said with a wry smile. "This kid of ours is going to be enough trouble without adding to that prematurely."

Fennec's snort of amusement was more than Syn expected. Her eyes flicked down to Syn's still flat stomach. For the first time, Syn saw a flicker of emotion cross Fennec's face. The soft smile was gone as quickly as it came.

"Until next time we meet," Fennec said with a nod.

Fennec stepped forward and offered Syn her hand.

"I'm sure it'll be until crazy circumstances," Syn added, taking the offered hand.

Fennec's grip was as hard as the expression she usually wore. Syn didn't mind one bit. It felt like an acceptance between the pair of them.

The handshake was only brief and in the next moment, Fennec turned and headed down the quiet corridor. Syn followed her until she was completely out of sight. Her own hands dropping down to her stomach.

"Okay Little Bean, let's find some more anti-nausea medication and maybe some food," Syn said as she distracted rubbed her lower stomach. "We should probably also check that Dad hasn't thrown Bo-Katan out either."

Things weren't going to fix themselves overnight. But Syn knew that no matter what, they'd be able to handle everything as a family.

Their own little clan.

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