I'm in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I'm in love with your body
Last night you were in my room
And now my bed sheets smell like you
Every day discovering something brand new

Marinette was in her room, already in her pajamas, trying to design a new dress for the school dance. She knew it had to be spectacular because Adrien was going to be there! She really wanted to impress him with her design skills. As she drew she heard a knock on her window.

"Come in," she called as she turned to face the stray that had wandered into her heart. Room. Room. She definitely meant room, right?

"How are you, purr-incess?" She saw his smirk as she rolled her eyes at yet another cat pun.

"How does Ladybug stand you if your sense of humor consists of only puns?"

"She paws-itively loves them!" He grinned as she rolled her eyes again. She sighed as she turned to face her sketchbook. "What are you doing there?"

"I have to design this dress but I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet."

"You could always design it to look like my outfit," he winked as her blue eyes met his. The gasp she let out informed him that the idea wasn't half bad.

"That's-" she paused as she began drawing, pausing every few minutes to look his outfit over and eventually she even made him stand up and pose in different ways to see how it looked on him. He was so enraptured in her talented hands he barely noticed her pajamas.

"There!" she exclaimed, a happy grin spreading across as she turned her sketchbook to face him. He gasped as he saw the details she had placed on her dress. It was absolutely beautiful. It included a ribbon tied around her waist that ended in the back appearing as a tail, a necklace with a bell, and green accents spread around the dress.

"That's fantastic Marinette!" His smile was wide as he stared at the dress she had designed. He was always in awe at her talent but he'd never before seen inspiration strike her and the finished product in one night. He was never her inspiration!

She giggled as she saw the pride on his face. "It's a good thing that your outfit is so inspiring."

They sat in content silence while she found material to begin constructing the beautiful dress she had designed that night. He couldn't keep the grin off his face and she couldn't stop giggling at the silly cat next to her. She gasped as she suddenly remembered what she was wearing.

He turned to her with a questioning look. As he faced her, his face began burning bright red as he saw her very tight tank top and her shorts, her extremely short shorts that she probably never wore in public because they were too short and they would surely cause a lot of drooling by the male population. The red and black immediately made him think of Ladybug and looking at Marinette he saw how similar the two were. He shook his head to rid himself of the intrusive thoughts.

"I-I'm sorry, do you mind if I change into something moreā€¦ warm," the bright red blush on both of their faces would have been hilarious, if they weren't so embarrassed. He nodded quickly and she carefully, but very quickly grabbed some pajamas and ran to her bathroom.

He sat in silence, trying to rid the image of her long legs from his mind. His face was still beet red as he thought about what he'd just seen.

"Sorry," she said, a slight blush still on her face as she came back from the bathroom. "I didn't think you'd be here tonight."

"You're purr-fectly fine, purr-incess," he hoped his face wasn't as red as it felt.

She yawned as she continued talking to her leather clad partner. They talked for a long time, talking while she sewed, laughing as they joked together. They talked for hours and before they realized, it was midnight.

"I should go home," he sighed, as he carried her to her bed. It seemed that while Marinette could keep a conversation going, she could not walk to her bed. She was so tired as she cuddled up to him.

"Staaayyyy," she groaned as he placed her on her mattress. She locked her arms around his neck and held him so he couldn't leave. He chuckled as he struggled with her arms.

"I'll stay, but I'm leaving before you wake up. I need to get ready for school too you know." She giggled drowsily and snuggled closer into his chest as he finally got into her bed. She buried her face into his chest and inhaled deeply, the scent of his cologne overpowering and calming. It smelled like home in every way that mattered.

"What cologne do you use?"

His chest shook as he tried not to laugh at her ridiculous question. "I use Gabriel's cologne."

"It smells good," she sighed again. She continued breathing in and out and slowly fell asleep.

Marinette woke up, alone-but happy. She cuddled her blanket and pillows to her body as she inhaled Chat Noir's scent. She knew that Gabriel's cologne was amazing, Adrien had brought it to school once to show everyone his dad's "baby", but she also knew that Chat Noir's personal odor had intermingled with the cologne. She sighed and got out of bed.

"Marinette," she heard Tiki's calming voice speak. "You're out of bed early."

"I slept really good last night Tiki."

"Would it have anything to do with a certain stray?" Tiki giggled as Marinette's face grew a light flush.

"He's so warm and kind, Tiki," she sighed. "I may have misjudged him before." She grinned to herself as she pulled out her clothes for the day. She put on her clothes and brushed her hair quickly, pulling them into two pigtails.

"Marinette! Breakfast is ready!"

"Coming mom," she happily called back. She gave Tiki a quick squeeze as she flew into her purse. She hummed as she headed down the stairs.

"Alya!" Marinette screeched as her friend pulled her into a bear hug. As their friendship had progressed Alya had realized that Marinette gave the best hugs, even if she wasn't the one to initiate them, her hugs were like heaven. No one had ever gotten a chance to hug Marinette, unless it was their birthday, because Marinette was always late and Alya was always dragging her along.

There were only a couple people in their class who had yet to receive a hug from Marinette, including Chloe and Adrien. Chloe, because she refused to touch Marinette. Adrien, because Marinette couldn't keep herself together enough to get that close to him.

"Hey girls," they turned as Adrien stepped out of his car, waving.

"H-h-hey Adrien," Marinette stuttered, her arms still around Alya.

"What are you guys doing," his face was questioning, but he was smiling as he saw the girls hugging.

"Marinette gives the best hugs," Alya smirked at Marinette. She knew exactly where this conversation was gonna head. "I'm the only one who gets them all the time."

"I'm sure she does," Adrien agreed with a chuckle. After all, hadn't he just received the best hug in his life last night in her bedroom? He directed the conversation back at Marinette. "You seem the type to give incredibly warm hugs Marinette."

Marinette flushed at his compliment and dug her face into Alya's shoulder with a giggle and a quick, "Th-thanks Adrien!"

"Marinette, you should give Adrien a hug! You didn't get a chance to, what with Bubbler loose on his birthday!" Adrien's face lit up at the prospect of another hug from Marinette, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Alya.

"Totally! If that's okay with you," he shyly gazed at her blushing face as she nodded her head and let go of Alya.

"I f-f-forg-got, what with B-b-bubbler, y-you know," she stuttered as she slowly stepped towards Adrien. He dropped his bag and opened his arms as she stepped closer.

"That's okay," he said as he finally closed his arms around her small body. He noticed, for the second time in the same number of days, that Marinette was extremely muscular for someone who didn't appear to work out a lot. Marinette cuddled into Adrien, not realizing she had done it before.

Alya smirked to herself as she used her phone to get pictures of the couple, Adrien with a very satisfied smile, or was that a smirk? Marinette with her red face, but a still very satisfied grin on her face. His arms around her waist, hers around his neck.

Marinette continued grinning to herself as she buried her face into Adrien's chest. She inhaled deeply, trying to ingrain his scent into her memory, just as she'd ingrained Chat's into her memory. She breathed in a deep breath and completely forgot how to breath. This scent, these arms, this person was all too familiar for her. She took another breath, thinking maybe she'd imagined it, but no. This smell was home. This smell was Chat Noir.

"HEY I GOTTA GO GUYS! HAHAHA GOTTA GET A GOOD SEAT FOR CLASS HAHAHA!" And with nothing more, Marinette was gone, running up the stairs and away from Adrien and Alya, her face red, her bag left behind.

Author's Note:

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