Van hellscream was looking through magic window to the world of remanent he had wish for it to show him a world were humans could fight monsters as equals.

he smiled this world was his dream humans with powers equal to monsters slaying monsters. Each with a weaponized soul. Granting them natural invisible weightless Armor, plus one natural super power. The images he was seeing form the team forming test.

he smiled he had to study them he had to find away to study these super humans to know how to empower his worlds humanity to bring and end to monsters. He could had monsters capture for study those ghouls that stopped him once before. He just need to find a way to bring in some of those remnant born humans.

weeks later in a holding Cell.

jaune Arc, Ruby rose, Weiss Schnee and yang Xiao Long where in a cell with the monsters Franken Stine, Draculaura , Clawdeen, Lagoona Cleo de nile, Duece gorgon , Abby bominable, ghoulia, Spectra and Clawd wolf.

currently Jaune was using his new found semblance to heal a wound on Clawds hand it had been months the knew the room had something to keep all the monster in and all that made it to thick for our weaponless hunters in training to brake through.

Clawd looked to his hand healed, "I touched the silver and the burn is gone like that didn't know we have a doctor in the cell!"

Jaune looked at his hand, "yeah I don't think it's what it seems, it felt more like I was giving you a boost to turbo charge your own natural ablities!"

the wolf man blinked before testing it he clawed the wall again as everyone screamed form him not to! While his hand was burned again he point to claw marks," DAMAGED IT WHTIE KNIGHT IS RIGHT HE TURBO CHARGES!"

yang jumped up going, "that may be our way out! ok now we can trust each other because we have been trying to survive This nuts trying to get the four of us to use aura or semblance but mine is getting strong after being hurt! I save it and unleash it! Jaune's power gives healing so if you all beat the shit out of me! and he heals me and boosts me I may just be able to punch my way out of here! With out my gauntlet's it'll hurt but we need it!"

ghoulia let out a groan and Cleo translated, " yeah I am with Ghoulia on this there is a layer of everything to stop us! I don't think the boost will last that long or Jaune won't be rehealing clawd's hand right now!"

Deuce adjusted his glasses, "you forget dear! The wall's first layer is silver!" he then turned and lifted his glasses, "Now it's stone! I think if we take this a layer at a time and I turn the layer she is punching to stone we can brake through! Get this cats weapons back and fight our way out of here!"

Weiss cleared her throat she had thought finding Blake was a Faunus was a shock but now she felt stupid after spending all this time with this ghouls, " hate to be that lady but we don't have to brake all the layers just the one who stops the ghost form walking through it! after that she can just phase through and open the door!"

Ruby held a hand up, "I don't think I can punch my older sister!"

Yang then said, "I was the one who shaved our dog and I just left you take the blame!" in a moment the silver eyed lady attacked her, "YOU BITCH!"

Jaune sighed as he said," fine but I am saying sorry after each blow!" Lagoona nodded.

Two hours later yang was panting but they had a fist whole all the way through! " yeah hole for the ghost!"

Spectra then passed through it out side to hit the open switch making the door slide down freeing everyone!

yang passed out and Jaune grabbed her and throw her over his shoulder, "No one left behind!"

Abbey then held her hands out, "allow abbey to give help!" she aid making what looked like an ice club with she used to smash a wall. " abbey only work in clubs sorry!"

Draculaura then held up a hand, "abbey we need to know where we are going wait the vents!" she became a bat and flow in to it! Jaune who some how had taken charge said, "perfect bat girl! We'll follow the sounds of your bat sounds echoing through the vents out!"

this some how worked and when they heard her voice saying, "found them!" abbey point to the metal door.

Deuce stepped up and make it stone and Abbey smashed it and Ruby start crying, "OUR WEAPONS BE BROKE THEM!" She said looking at all the parts of yang and her's weapons. Jaune quickly said," he most have want to study the mechtech weapons

Weiss took her now barrel less sword," the dust doesn't work outside of remnants air anyway!"

Clawd took yang form Jaune, "here man something tells me you would be better off with that sword!"

jaune picked up his sheaved sword and turned it to shield as he drew " he didn't brake open my classic I guess he didn't few it as impressive enough!"

Ruby through her hands up, "GEE GOOD FOR YOU I AM NOT ARMED! I CAN'T FIGHT MY WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG WITH OUT A WEAPON!" In a moment Jaune handed her his sword, "I'll shield bash if I need to attack! Ok let's get a move on!"

In a moment Van hellscream's voice was heard, "well done Mr jaune you got them out! I figured your semblance was impressive! But I've been studying your DNA the blue prints of life! I find it interesting there is only a three precent difference between you humans and this worlds! Enough to count as a different species meaning boogy sand for your kind is being produced"

they looked confused and Frankie said," it's magic sand that turns someone into something else, boogymen produce the stuff as a bodily function! Thanks to there nightmare eating ablities!"

Weiss blinked and said,"… before this I would have said bullshit but I have to take that as fact now!"

Jaune held his shield out as he said," then you don't need anyone here! You can go get the sand to get aura and semblance!"

That is when a sprinker came out and he said," yes but I am a score loser! I saw your escape plan on camera and knew it would work! So what I am covering now is my attempts at making artificial boogy sand for my evolution! It tested it on animals it works and even normal boogy sand can't undo it! but doesn't effect monsters!

Ruby held her stomach as she was shaking her hand turning Green as she gulped he also said," but humans and monsters alike are caused great pain form it!"

Clawd fell over as it looked like Yang was getting a foot taller and growing horns as she held her head screaming, "IT'S LIKE MY SPINE IS BUSTING THROUHT MY SKULL!"

Weiss fell over screaming," LUCKY YOU!" She said as she watched her hand melting away , skin bone muscle all gone revealing a transparent mess this was spreading she was clearly becoming a ghost she was dying!

Jaune groaned in pain everyone else falling down but he grabbed Weiss's dropped sword and moved along. His skin turning stone like a gargoyles as bat like wings exploded out out of his back!

he roared still moving. Form the side of his head goat horns grow . as his eyes changed blue dragon like gem eyes in pits of black tar around them! he held his jaw with his shield hand as his teeth changed becoming all fangs.

his nails becoming claws as he bend over in pain but got up! He was walking funny as his toes were fusing in to hooves as what looked a wolf like tail grow form his back.

Van hellscream was looking at Jaune he said, "A chimera you are becoming a Chimera! They are extinct!"

Jaune roared as what looked like gills grow on his neck and he smashed a wall with his shield arm smashing it down, "I can smell you!" he said walking getting use to his new body!

he leaned against the wall coming to his control room the only place the sprinkler of chemical mutation and pain wasn't falling

Van hellscream looked at him holding a gun as he said, "Really boy you are hunched over you don't know how to balance that body right! The wings tail and new type of feet plus the extra head weight! You can barely stand and you want to fight! You are brave I'll give you that!" he said shooting.

but jaune held his shield up and Charged forward he just need to Run forward!" he said taking off and in moemtns the Blocked shots bounced off as Jaune was able to shield bash hellscream against a wall.

he then used Weiss's sword to stab the man in the shoulder making him scream but he was pinned to the wall.

jaune then fell backwards letting the pain get to him but he crawled to grab an I coffin and he used the dial and said, "please be the same!" he hit it and a voice said, "emergency service how may we help you.

Jaune smiled," My name is Jaune me and my friends were kidnapped and we where escaping but now I feel like it's up to you guys now! I am still in the building please trace us and hurry!"

the voice said, "just keep the line open and stay with me boy!"

to be continued.