In Monster high this grimm attack was meet with less shock then you would expect.

Holt was throwing fireballs at them, "yeah we are use to it!" hackington came out with a gun shooting fire dust shells at them, that exploded.

the mad scientist smiled," and I have finished my dust activation rifle I will make millions on this!" he said laughing evilly.

Down the hall Mercury was using his legs to fire off rounds as Raven moved her hand to summon ice walls to block them her eyes sparking, "so Maiden hides as janitor never would have figured that one out lady!"

Raven soon summoned an ice saber to slash a griffon that came up behind her before turning to summon a tornado to Blow away Mercury form her as her eyes twitched, "and I am Sick of being chicken shit!"

Mercury put a hand to the ground to flip back to his feet as he hopped, "yeah Right!" he then fired off a round form his leg to shoot off more rounds rapidly with kicks trying to over whelm her reflexes.

but the Maiden was still Slash Grimm that fly in and defending herself with walls of Ice or wind as she said," I have been doing this for a long time boy!"

the cyborg then said, "yeah you would think you would have been too old for the powers!" Raven growled at the old lady comment.

Mercury smirked as griffons showed up beside him," We have numbers lady! And hellscream gave me this!" he said holding a bottle of Slime purple one , " the secret to making hounds grimm slime mixed with Boogey sand! I just need to throw this at a freak and Bam we have a hound! You are kind of freaky! May be I should make you a hound so I can order you to eat your daughter!"

Raven growled summoning a second ice saber as she hovered now wind storming around her making him slide back three bands of fire balls cricled around here two shaping an ex one at her waist While bands of rock fly up and hovered around her, "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME BOY!"

Mercury backed up and said," oh shit! Well can't beat them eat it!" he said opening the bottle and drinking what was inside making him roar as Ravne covered her mouth looking sick!

As Mercury faded to the slime and what before her was a hound with robotics legs tripping heavily plated with grimm plates giving it large strong powerful armored digitated legs with three sharp talons and heel spike!

A more humanoid body with human hands the fingers bone plated and claws, the hound head had a gap around the eyes so the mask fused into the left eye removing it's function and the right eye remained visible through the skull face!

he roared dropping to all fours charging the new form letting him avoid the stone stand the wind, and charge through the fire to flip.

Raven went to swing but his legs fired off what looked like bullets of Grimm biomass that shattered her blades making her fly backwards, "you throw away your soul!" she commented summoning what looked like a sword made of stone and Fire making it a lava blade! "and I have to clean all this shit up!"

Elsewhere in the Gym

Jaune was only using the wood training blade and shield the only weapons he had Against tyrain who was flipping and smirking trying to use his claws to slash! "I would use my stinger but your stone skin looks like it would brake it!" in a moment his stinger went in for a sting out of reflex and Tyrain screamed in pain as he jumped back.

he held his tail, "OH FUCK MUSCLE MEMORY!" he said holding out his arm to fire shredding the wooden weapons leaving Jaune unarmed, "Oh fuck muscle memory!" he dropped is tails and jumped on to the gym stands to shoot!" you know your school mates put up pretty good fights now! It's like it's an unofficial huntsmen school now!"

Jaune was using his stone wings folded in front of him as make shift shields form the bullets while boosting his own aura to help! It was working! He then spat a fireball at the stands.

While the faunus jumped out of the way the fire did make the sprinklers come on and he clapped," raining inside how is this part of a master plan! Hellscream over hypes you!" he then charged only to slip in water and land on his back.

Jaune flow forward fast grabbing hims by the tail as he dropped his foot on it! he then gave the tail a pull Ripping the stinger off making the killer scream in horrible pain!

Jaune then kicked him in the but to send him into a wall before flapping to hover, "you where saying?"

Tyrian held his tail missing the tip in pain, "… I stand corrected! You made me slip so you could rip off part of my body! I LIKE YOU!" he said as he went back to shooting.

elsewhere in the school.

Mercury or the hound that was him had chase Raven to lockers, Raven running as it spat off what looked like it's teeth as bullets she had raised ice walls behind her to block them, "So fucked up!"

she then came to the locker she was looking for and pulled out her keys, "skeleton key for all lockers come on you're the only boogey man here!" she then saw sand and grabbed it," they produce it form nightmare eating She needs to store it somewhere till she is home!"

She turned and throw the tube of Boogey sand," let's hope this works!"

In a Moment the hound screamed as it's Grimm slime biomass start flailing off like the body was rejecting it so the boogey sand could get to work on altering the human body under it.

Mercury's face screaming as the slime was being rejected and burned off by the Boogey sand! Then it happened aura in a purple Color! His aura was white before!

In a moment the plating and slime fell off burning around his fake feet. Revealing mercury was now pale purple gills on his neck fin like ears, his hands webbed he fell over gasping for air!

Raven looked at him getting down, "no lungs! Well let's find out if you are freshy or salty!" she said using her powers to make water appear to hit him and he seemed to breath, "fresh! Come on let's get your head in a bucket so you can breath!"

she then fired off ice spikes to kill Grimm.

Elsewhere in the school tyrain jumped onto a griffon's back to be lead away.

Later on the monster side police were interrogating Mercury black who now had a helmet like gil on his head. The skeleton police officer said, "Look son! We know you where part of the terrorist attack on the school! We also know you went form cyborg to Grimm to hybrid!" he said playing the tape fast! " just tell us what you know already!"

Mercury said, "that's it I don't know! I can't remember a thing!" he said holding the helmet," I Mean I see it I have to believe it but I don't want!" he made crying sounds thanks to his head being in water it couldn't be seen but he was crying.

the officer sighed and spoke into a walkie talkie "yeah we aren't getting anything his time grimming it left him over drawn at the memory bank!"

elsewhere at the School Jaune was talking to the new sheriff who was a ghoul she looked like a zombie but grey pink hair still grey and still looked lovely like she stepped out of an action move as the heroine. The woman then spoke normally. "I am Sheriff Prim ivy Restington!"

Jaune blinked as in his head th of her tame appeared then it flipped t and he said, "Oh your initials are R.i.p backwards! Nice but can I ask?"

the sheriff crossed her arms as she put on sunglasses, "I am half human half zombie! The old sheriff ran and I got his job! Mostly because my human dad is rich as shit! They tried to hide the fact I won't be accept but I knew it. don't' get me long I love my parents and My human dad and zombie move love eachother it's just human Zombie.. do I need to say it."

Jaune rolled his eyes," no so what you want to say!" he had his arms out, "if it's stop taking the law into my own claws no can do! No one can handle this like me and my friends who had training for the girmm on our home planet witch we can't go back to anymore!"

Sheriff smirked," Opposite in fact I want you to give some of that huntsmen training and knowdlge to my force and you all fet deputy badges to legally continue it's the only way I see it!" she then held her hand out and Jaune shock it.

Meanwhile Patchy was waiting for the news alert on the grimm attack on monster high to end so he could go back to watching cartoons, "how is this even braking news anymore?"

to be continued


Nora two

Pyrrha one

Ren one

Blake one

Omake hunters of Monster high chibi.

In the Chibi verse.

Nora appeared, "HI I know we have fun here but Kids don't mess with weaponry we are trained huntsmen and dumbass professionals!" she said holding out her hammer, "I mean the huntsmen lets me swing this hammer with out messing up and cracking my own coconut open!" she said pointing to her head.

She turned it to gun mode, "and the dumbass professional is why it also shoots grenades I mean it's a hammer bomb gun! How stupid is that!" she then mistakenly pulled the trigger and the grenade got stuck in a tree above her.

when it exploded she was black blue her hair spiked and on fire as she put it out by pinching it , "plus we have super powers to live through our screw ups if this happened to you, you would be all over the walls so remember don't do what we do! Kids!"

star flies by her

end omake