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All Might Buff "speech" and 'thoughts'

"Reo, It's time to go!",said Maya Monroe, a middle aged woman with blue hair, was answered with a shout,"Coming Mom, I just need to get my Endeavor posters!".

A couple minutes later, a 6 year old boy with blue hair and black highlights, a shirt with an electric blue lightning bolt symbol on it, blak cargo pants, and shoes that had red, white, and blue colors on them came running down the stairs with Endeavor, Edgeshot and Mirko action figures.

"I'm ready, Mom!",said the cheerful boy as he ran to the car and got buckled.

Maya looked back at her empty home and sighed,"It was fun while it lasted, Eric. I just hope everything will be alright for Reo."

Turning away, she gave one last look at her house before closing the door and getting in the car.

"Are you ready, sweetie?", asked Maya as she starts the car up.

Reo nodded in excitement and started playing with his action figures. 'Goodbye, Hosu….Hello Musutafu.' thought Maya as they began to leave the city.

In Musutafu

"Kacchan!",said a young boy with messy green hair and freckles,"I won't let you hurt him! You're not being very nice!".

A ash blond boy with spiked hair answered with a smirk as explosions appeared in his hands,"Move out the way, Deku or you'll be next!".

Two other kids, one with long fingers and the other with red wings just chuckled,"Yeah, Deku!" "Bakugou is more powerful than a quirkless loser like you will ever be!"

As the three kids got closer, they began to attack Deku-since the other kid ran away-with Bakugou's goons holding Deku by his arms as Bakugo began blasting the boy with explosions, and one leaving a bad mark on his back.

"Know your place, Deku!",said the angry blonde,"You'll always be weak and beneath me, under-".

He never finished his sentence as his lower hands became covered in hardened dirt, with his goons covered in ice.

"What shitty bastard did this? You're going to die!",shouted Bakugou, looking around for his new target.

"That would be me.",said a voice. The enraged blonde turned his head to see a boy about his age with blue and black hair, and one of his hands were covered in electricity.

"Leave him alone, and no one will get hurt.",said the boy.

15 minutes ago….

Reo and Maya had just pulled up to their new house, with Reo being very excited, even trying to help out with the boxes.

"Reo, I just saw a park around the corner.",said Maya, who was using her quirk to move the boxes inside.

"I can handle it from here, go have some fun, okay?". Reo wanted to help, but seeing some other kids playing convinced him to go and have some fun.

He ran to the park that was about ten minutes away, and immediately ran to the monkey bars.

After a while, he was headed to the swings, but he saw a green haired kid being bullied and decided to intervene.

Luckily, he was surrounded by dirt, which he used to immobilize the blonde boy with explosions, while he froze the bottom half of the boy with wings and the long fingered kid.

The blonde kid then looked around and shouted,"What shitty bastard did this? You're going to die!".

Reo decided to speak up as he covered one of his hands in electricity,"That would be me."

The blonde then looked at Reo with a murderous look in his eyes. "Leave him alone, and no one will get hurt."