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"Mental Speech"

"Buff Might Speaking"

'Buff Might Thinking'

"Attack Names!"


It had been two days since Reo's internships had been switched, and Shinso had been making more progress than ever due to having a new opponent.

He was now able to use the capture tape effectively, and Reo was able to find ways to improve as well.

However, the most difficult task was creating a voice modifier that allowed Shinso's quirk to work with, but Reo, Power Loader, and Mei all managed to do it within a couple of hours.

Class 1-A had soon rejoined each other, and right now they were laughing their heads off.

"AHAHAHAHAHA!",said Sero, Mina, Kirishima, and Kaminari, pointing at Bakugou,"Look at your hair!"

The blond's hair had been combed down, very gelled, and well done. In all honesty, he looked like Best Jeanist.

Bakugou growled in annoyance and anger,"SHUT UP, YOU FUCKING EXTRAS!"

The Bakusquad simply continued their laughing, soon silencing themselves as Aizawa entered the room.

"Shut up and sit down.",said the teacher, obviously tired,"I hope you all learned new things from your internships this past week, but now you have something far more important to deal with."

The students didn't know if they should be genuinely concerned or not, due to their teacher making everything seem dangerous.

"Finals are coming up soon, and I suggest you all study harder than you ever have before."

"Okay, it's something normal!"

Reo sighed as Aizawa sent them to their next class, which just happened to be with Present Mic.

"Okay,",said Kokoro,"it's not the dude I dislike, but his quirk. I can't think straight when he speaks!"

"I was wondering when you guys would appear again.",said Reo,"I haven't heard from you both since the Sports Festival."

"We've been busy.",said Tamada," You're not the only elemental we have to help out."

"Fair point.",said the bluenette, returning to reality.

The students listened to the blonde pro, not that they had a choice, as he taught their English class, which was the most normal its ever been.

Actually, all the general studies classes were normal, so the students of Class 1-A were able to have a strangely calm day.

And then, lunchtime came for them.

Izuku, Shoto, Momo, Reo, Iida, Ochaco, and Tsu were all at their own table, chatting about their internships and eating foods from katsudon to rice bowls, when suddenly, Reo and Izuku's food fell onto the floor.

"Oh, my bad!",said Monama,"I didn't see you there, since you're not worth paying attention to!"

Izuku sighed,"It's fine, don't worry about it!"

Monama gained a tick mark on his head, and decided to go further, picking up a water bottle and pouring it on Reo's head.

"Sorry, my hand slipped!"

The bluenette, however didn't cave,"Thanks, now I'm hydrated."

The blonde growled to himself, and decided to try something new.

"Monroe, how's your dad?",asked the smug teen,"Oh, wait...he's six feet under, isn't he?"

Kendo soon came over and knocked out Monama, deeply apologizing for his behavior.

It was at that very moment the entire cafeteria began to freeze, and Reo stood up.

"I'm gonna go work on my projects.",said the teen, his hair shading his eyes as he left the cafeteria, which started to return to its normal temperature.

Reo growled as he headed to his personal workshop. He knew that Monama was a jerk, but this was a new low for him.

He grabbed his computer, and instead of burning everything in sight, chose to put his anger to good use.

"Time to get to work.",said Reo, pulling up files for different projects.

After lunch, Class 1-A had their hero classes with All Might. They were currently in their hero costumes at a training ground where pipes and metal tubes covered the area.

"Hey, Zygotes!",said All Might, sporting his signature smile,"Today your training is gonna be a bit different than usual! We're gonna be having a race!"

Bakugou immediately started yelling,"What?! I thought we were gonna be fighting!"

The blonde hero simply chuckled,"Being a hero is about more than fighting, Young Bakugou! You must be able to reach the villain you are fighting, or reach the civilians you must protect, in order to save anyone!"

The angry teen immediately shut up, grumbling to himself.

"As I was saying, you all will be having a race and your goal is to catch me, but split into groups of five!",said the pro,"Please draw your lots!"

Everyone did, and once the teams were established, they were actually kinda fair.

Izuku Midoriya, Tsuyu Asui, Hanta Sero, Tenya Iida, and Mashirao Ojiro

Reo Monroe, Mina Ashido, Ochaco Uraraka, Fumikage Tokoyami, and Ejiro Kirishima

Shoto Todoroki, Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jiro, Toru Hagakure, and Koji Koda

Katsuki Bakugou, Denki Kaminari, Mezo Shoji, Rikido Sato, and Yuga Aoyama

"5,000 yen says Sero wins.",smiled Mina.

"I'm betting on Izuku.",smirked Reo.

"Ojiro.",said Kaminari.

"Know what?",said Reo,"I'll triple that if Tsu or Izuku wins."

"I'll take that bet.",smirked Momo,"Iida's gonna win this, though."

Izuku smiled, thankful that his group was first so he could do this quickly.

He lined up beside Iida and next to Sero, ready for the signal to go.

Powering up Full Cowling, Izuku started running when he heard the blaring horn, jumping from the sides of buildings.

"Woah, Midori's gotten faster!",shouted Mina, watching the greenette run through the training course with ease.


"I don't see it, bro.",Kirishima assured him,"Those look like Mirko's moves."

Bakugou scoffed, angry about the internship he had.

Sero was swinging through the course by his tape, similar to Spider-Man, and yes they have him in America.

"This is awesome!,"shouted the raven haired teen,"This course was practically made for me!"

Tsu had a similar strategy, but she used her tounge, reflexes, and flexibility to get through the course.

Iida had a bit more trouble, since he wasn't able to move as freely in this area as he hoped, but he maintained his speed.

Ojiro used his tail to get around and over the pipes and metal bars, and he wasn't doing that bad either.

Izuku looked back and saw that Sero and Tsu were the main two getting closer, so he used a new technique he called Full Cowling: Soru 10% to get some distance between himself and his opponents.

Soon spotting All Might, he smiled, and suddenly received a warning from Danger Sense, but it was too late.

He slipped, falling down onto a long metal pole when he was suddenly caught.

"Here you go, ribbit.",said Tsu, throwing him into the air and letting him regain his balance,"As much as I want to win, I couldn't let you fall."

Izuku smiled,"Thanks, Tsu."

The frog girl nodded, hopping away as Izuku was slowly behind her.

Izuku smiled, as much as he wanted to give her a win, life wasn't fair and being a hero was dangerous. He could give her tips on how to improve later though.

The greenette saw Sero was closest to All Might, who had for some reason gotten further away, and decided to go full throttle, activating Full Cowling 20%: Geppo, jumping away from Tsu in the blink of an eye and appearing above Sero.

"What the hell?!",asked the taping teen, receiving a nod as the greenette disappeared, reappearing in front of All Might.

"Congratulations, Young Midoriya!",said the hulking man,"You are first to reach me, so let's wait on your classmates!"

Sero was next to arrive, followed by Tsu and Ojiro, with Iida being surprisingly last.

"Nice race, everyone!",said All Might,"Let's head back to your class."

The group nodded, returning to the group, where they saw Ojiro, Momo, Mina, and Kaminari handing Reo cash.

"Did you all bet to see who wins?",asked Sero.

The five chuckled and looked away whistling, before they heard All Might's voice.

"Alright, everyone!",said the buff man,"That was a pretty good race, but we're short on time! Next group, get ready!"

Reo smirked, and got to the starting line, between Mina and Ochaco.

'This'll be fun',thought the teen, blue lightning sparking around him.

The horn blared, and the students ran off, leaving a cloud of dust that, when it dispersed, revealing Reo looking at his wrist.

"What is he doing?!",shouted Ojiro, who had placed a bet on him.

"Just watch, he's gonna win.",smiled Izuku, who privately thought,'He better, I'm trying to get some new All Might merch..'

Reo soon looked up, blasting high into the air as he saw everyone, and smiled as he landed, running around the area and having a bit of fun.

As he ran, he started to notice the world was slowing down around him, and he smiled to himself as he ran across the pipes, his speed balancing him.

"Ragh!",shouted Kirishima, who was trying to get through the course by breaking things when he noticed an ice ramp. He looked to see Reo nodding, and smiled,"YEAH, SO MANLY!"

Reo chuckled, and then decided to simply get done with this by not only jumping in the air, but using his pyro-kinetic abilities to literally zoom to All Might, who had once again changed his distance.

"Sup, Unc?",smiled the smug teen, tapping the blonde hero's shoulder,"Nice speed, but I'm faster."

"That is to be expected when you're able to move at lightning speeds…",sweatdropped the eighth OFA user,"Let us see who will be the second to get here."

"Okay, but can I get permission to leave when we return to the class?",asked the elemental,"It's about the thing for Nezu…"

All Might nodded,"Of course, Reo. I will be watching from the security cameras in case I'm needed."

The duo smiled at each other, watching as Ochaco floated down to them, followed by Mina, who had used her acid to melt her obstacles.

Tokoyami was next, thanks to Dark Shadow, and Kirishima was sadly last, tired and bruised despite his hardened skin.

The group soon reached the class again, and saw Izuku, Sero, and Ojiro being handed cash as well.

"Pot, meet kettle.",smirked Mina, causing Sero to look away in embarrassment.

Reo smiled,"Hey, Momo? As much as I would love to see you dominate your race, I have to do something for Gramps."

The ravenette nodded,"Don't worry, I'll make sure Izuku records it."

"Good luck, Shoto.",smiled the teen, receiving a nod in return.

He then walked away, ready for his next assignment.

Reo was in his room, and as soon as he could, pulled a cable out from his costume, plugging it into his computer.

"Maya, scan for possible design options and relay me the details.",said the teen, phasing through his costume, leaving him in boxers,"Also, list off the possible elements I can use from my base six."

"Of course, Reo.",said Maya.

Yes, with Nezu, Mei, and Power Loader's assistance, he now has an A.I.

He smiled as Maya listed off the elements, getting in the shower while matching her frequency.

Ten minutes later, he got out in shorts, just as Maya had finished the very long list.

Sitting down at his chair, opening the file for Project FS-10, and seeing it was almost finished, decided to work on his costume.

"Now, I know what you're thinking.",chuckled Reo, looking at you,"How the hell is he doing all this? Isn't he Tony Stark at this point? The answer is simple, I'm using my electrically enhanced speed to enhance my processing capabilities, and it allows my intelligence to get higher. This is also why I'm able to break the fourth wall."

As Reo finished on his suit, he heard chimes coming from his phone from Nezu that read,'It's time.'

The elemental smirked, and looked at his new suit,"Time for a test run."

He sped around the room, and hiding all his tech, phased through the dorms as he headed to his destination.

The students of Class 1-A, still in their hero costumes, were now following their hobo teacher to the training room for reasons unknown.

While they were walking, Bakugou couldn't help but be even more pissed at himself, and most of all, Deku.

When he chose Best Jeanist to intern with, he expected to learn new moves, get stronger, and beat up villains. Instead, he only got to go on patrol, and his hair ended up looking like he was a fucking elitist.

Meanwhile, Nature Freak had fought a big time villain, and Deku had defeated the Hero Killer! He could acknowledge the elemental, even if he wouldn't admit it, but he would not allow Deku to surpass him! He was going to get stronger, dammit!

They soon reached the training facility, and saw four of the Big 5, along with Class 1-B in their hero costumes.

"Oh, what is this?",said Monama,"Class 1-A is here as well?!"

Vlad coughed,"Actually Monama, this concerns you more than them."

That got the blond's attention,"Will I finally be able to prove our superiority to them?!"

"Not exactly.",said Nezu, appearing from inside Aizawa's scarf,"This is your punishment for the ultimatum during the Sports Festival. You will be fighting one of the Big 5, but you are allowed to have up to five people assisting you."

Monama looked at the four suited up third years,"I only see four of them, does the last think he's better than us?!"

Aizawa immediately saw where this was going,"Choose your next words carefully, kid."

The copycat simply scoffed,"I'll fight the one that's not present! Then I will take their place as a Big 5 member!"

A voice chuckled,"I was hoping you'd say that."

Everyone looked at the figure that faded into view, his hair covering his right eye.

Reo became visible, revealing a new haircut, his updated costume, which had the regular base colors with now black armor, but the temperature regulators were removed, and he had visible water tanks embedded into his arms, along with fingerless gloves with black, metal braces.

"So you wanna fight again? I'm completely fine with that, but I'll give you a second option."

Monama became furious,"What are you doing here?!"

"Isn't it obvious?",asked the elemental,"I'm the fifth member of the Big 5."

The entirety of the students, save for Izuku, Shoto, and Momo, looked shocked in disbelief.

"That's inaccurate!",shouted the angry blonde, who wasn't Bakugou,"Midoriya beat you during the Sports Festival!"

"I can actually say with confidence that I was overexerting myself and Reo wasn't able to fight at full power, so I don't think that counts.",Izuku chimed in.

"Ditto.",said Reo.

Monama huffed in annoyance,"Fine, what are the rules here?"

"All you have to do is beat me, and you pass your practical exam.",smirked the bluenette,"Of course, the people you choose to help you won't fail if you do,and if they beat me, you still win and they all pass as well."

"So all we have to do is beat you to pass?",asked Monama, receiving a nod from Reo.

"Perfect.",smirked the teen,"I choose Tokage, Shiozaki, Tetsutetsu, Honenuki, and Kendo as my partners!"

Reo simply shook his head, catching a marshmallow that Sato threw his way and roasting it in his mouth.

Class 1-A looked at their teacher, who was drinking a juice box,"Why are we here again?"

"This is a learning experience.",stated Aizawa, grabbing a marshmallow as well,"Analyze your rival class, and get their moves recognized. They've been training just as hard as you all have."

(Play Start a Riot by Duckwrth)

The students nodded, watching the fight closely.

"Last thing.",smiled Reo, smirking,"I'm only gonna use one element against each member that's not you, Monama."

"If you've chosen your team, Monama,",stated Vlad King as the students called were ready,"Let the battle begin!"

Reo watched his opponents for any sudden movement, but it seemed like they knew his capabilities and were being cautious.

Soon enough, Ibara was the first to attack grabbing his right arm in her vines before Tetsutetsu charged at him with a metal fist.

The fifth member of the Big 5 smirked, his right arm being engulfed in flames as the left sparked with electricity, literally shocking the metal teen as his punch was caught.

"MY HAIR!",shouted Ibara, the ends of her hair smoking,"YOU WILL PAY, DEVIL! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GROW MY HAIR BACK?!"

With the bluenette distracted, Kendo took this opportunity to attck from behind, though she was surprised when Reo had blocked the attack by turning his backside to metal.

"Oh, thanks.",said the multi-elemental,"I needed to stretch anyway."

Kendo stood in shock, this guy that was her age just tanked a giant fist to the spine, and shrugged it off like nothing!

Reo felt himself sinking into the ground, and looked away from Kendo to see Honenuki softening the area around him, and Tokage was sending her fists and feet at him to attack.

"That's a good strategy, you two.",said Reo, dodging another large fist,"No wonder you both were recommended to U.A."

The entirety of 1-B froze in shock, all thinking the same thing,'How does he know that?'

The teen smirked, phasing into the ground while shouting,"Lemillion Style: Phantom Dance!"

The six students looked around for any sight of him before seeing him pop out of the ground, smack Monama in the back of the head, disappear, reappear and blast Shiozaki's hair, disappearing again, and do the same to the others.

He finally phased back into view permanently, seeing most of the group groaning and glaring at him.

From the side, Mirio chuckled at the attack, though he received a glare from Sumai.

"You taught him that?!",asked the slime user, only getting a grin in response.

The slimy teal haired girl groaned as she just continued to watch the fight.

Tokage, still in the air, sent both fists at Reo, who smirked, allowing them to phase through him, but they became frozen in the process.

He watched as she sent more limbs at him, which he could guess were about twenty, when he realized her head was never separated from her body, meaning she probably needed to protect it!

'Got you!',thought Reo, jumping into the air with an ice bridge behind him, grabbing Tokage's face and freezing it until she was unconscious.

Monama, Kendo, and Honenuki all looked at their opponent in worry, though the blonde was actually furious that half his team was unable to fight due to Tetsutetsu still twitching from electric shock, Ibara's hair too short to allow her to fight, and Tokage was unable to regenerate fast enough thanks to the cold spreading on her body.

Reo stood his ground, ready for the slightest movement from any of the other students, specifically Honenuki or Kendo due to their experience in combat.

Kendo spoke quietly to her remaining team members,"How is he this powerful? He has a counter for each of us, and he's not trying that hard!"

Honenuki nodded,"Yes, and he has stayed true to his word. He had used fire against Shiozaki, ice for Tokage, electricity for Tetsutetsu, and earth for you, Kendo.

That leaves water and air for me, but seeing how there are water tanks in his suit, he might be planning to use them against me."

Monama scoffed,"Just keep him distracted a bit longer. I need to see if I can copy someone else's quirk."

The two nodded, and Kendo enlarged her fists as she jumped up to Reo, who was standing on a visible air construct, easily avoiding the softening user's quirk.

He smirked, as dark blue crystals began forming from his skin, covering his body as his hair spiked in a similar form as Kirishima's, his arms became square shaped, and his arms were bulkier than before, and his eyes glowed blue and lost their pupils.

"Say hello to Crystal Assault!",smirked the teen, his voice a bit deeper.

Kendo chuckled,"I've always wanted to see if anyone other than Tetsutetsu could tank my punches…"

She soon started unleashing a flurry of punches, focusing on a single spot than all over, and smiled to herself when she saw a couple cracks in the armor.

"Nice combo!",shouted Reo,"Try mine!"

He then began punching and kicking away, forming a spear and knocking her off her feet as she saw it pointed in her face.

"Do you surrender?",asked the crystal skinned teen.

"Usually, but I'm just a distraction!",said the redhead, rolling away and breaking the construct with her enlarged fists.

Reo chuckled to himself as he was caught in the softened ground, it immediately hardening once he made contact with it.

Reo looked to see Honenuki, but he was nowhere to be found.

Smirking, the teen deactivated his crystal skin, phasing into the ground as he saw Honenuki next to him.

"Nice quirk.",complemented Honenuki,"You are quite the adversary, Monroe."

"Everyone calls me Reo, but I gotta say the same to you.",said the teen, dodging a punch,"Softening is really versatile, and it helps being a great strategist."

The two boys continued attacking each other, soon realizing that they were at a stalemate, since Reo couldn't land any attacks on Honenuki when he was intangible, but neither could the other teen.

"We're getting nowhere with this.",said Reo,"Truce until we get back to the surface?"

"Truce.",nodded Honenuki, he knew when a fight was unable to continue, so he swam away, reaching the surface.

"Ow!",said Reo, who had beat him there,"That giant fist is no joke!"

Honenuki turned to see Reo rubbing his head, which was now metal, as he turned and punched Kendo in her face, capturing her in a crystal cage that was laced with metal before noticing the water tanks glowing.

He readied himself for any liquids to hit him, only to be surprised when the glowing stopped and Reo sigh,"That's better."

The elemental teen looked at him and put his hand to his mouth,"You thought I was gonna use water on you! Nah, I've prepared for this from the start."

Reo blasted at him, fire coming from his hands and feet as he jumped over the recommended student, sending a wave of air at him, causing him to lose his balance and fly into the wall.

Honenuki groaned,"Dang, he's quick…"

He got out of his hole, running back to the arena before an invisible wall stopped him.

"As much as I would love to continue fighting you, I gotta finish this soon so I can do my homework.",lied Reo, his arms forming a large circle,"You're not a bad dude though."

Honenuki gasped, and trying to run the other way, found his way blocked, and touched the ground, but nothing happened.

"Yeah, your quirk doesn't exactly work when you're touching air.",smirked Reo, balling his fists,"It has no definite shape unless someone manipulates it."

The teenage boy gasped as his oxygen was slowly depleted, causing him to pass out.

Once he was positive he was knocked out, Reo released the air bubble and looked at his uncles,"Don't worry, he's only unconscious."

Vlad nodded, thankful that there was a bit of clarity for that last attack.

Reo then heard Monama's snobby voice,"Are you ready for me yet?"

"You could have attacked me anytime, you're just biding your time for a while.",scoffed Reo,"Now who's quirk did you copy this time? Shishida? No wait, Kimori! Nah, you're hoping for Vlad, or all three!"

The teen chuckled," You're going to pay dearly for underestimating me! I'm stronger than all of your class combined!"

"You lost against him in the Sports Festival!",shouted Izuku, Sumai, and Momo, further aggravating the teen.

"Enough!",shouted Monama, his arm forming into a large blade,"I'm gonna end this!"

"Hell no!",shouted Sumai,"When did he copy my quirk?!"

Monama chuckled,"Tokage gave me a hand!"

"Your puns are as bad as your attitude…",shouted Reo, forming his own blade of ice,"Let's get this over with, I got more important things to do than mess with you."

Monama growled, and running towards him, clashed with Reo, who smirked.

"Do you even know how to use a sword?",asked the teen,"Cause I do."

Monama soon found himself on the ground, an icy sword in his face.


"Never!",shouted Monama,"I'm not gonna lose to you again!"

His eyes then glowed red, causing the icy sword to be destroyed.

"My quirk!",shouted Reo, recognizing those eyes.

Aizawa looked at Monama in anger and surprise, anger because his quirk had been copied without permission, and surprise because he was actually sneaky about it.

Reo sighed,"Guess I'm going old school!"

He pressed a button on his glove, and his black armor extended around his face and fingers, also grabbing two batons from his back.

"You wanna fight?",smirked Reo,"Let's see how you work with this!"

He swung at Monama, who barely dodged, and was straining his eyes.

Reo chuckled and realized he didn't need any weapons at the moment, so he deactivated what he called,'Eraserhead Counter'.

Monama soon blinked from the strain, and when he opened his eyes, found his opponent nowhere in sight.

"What's wrong?!",yelled the teen,"Too scared to face me? That's typical of you, no wonder your parents left you!"

Everyone froze in place as they saw darkness fill the room, and Monama gulped as he made a large shield, with the glow being very familiar to everyone.

"Izuku, ask Momo to tell you where she felt anything earlier, like a hand."

"Way ahead of you, man. He slapped her ass.",said Izuku

"Tell everyone to get out. Now."

"But-",Izuku tried to argue.

"NOW!",shouted Reo.

Izuku didn't argue this time,"Everyone, we need to leave, now!"

Eraserhead shook his head, putting his goggles on his face,"I'll stay if needed, you all go. I'm more than capable of handling them both if needed."

"Aizawa!",shouted Vlad, who was getting the students away from the building,"The last time you fought him he was thirteen! Don't try this to help your ego!"

The pro wanted to argue, but Vlad had a point,"Fine, but I'm standing where I can see them."

He hurried out the door, and running to his class, counted the students.

"Iida, where are Midoriya, Shoto, and Yaoyorozu?",asked the teacher.

"They ran back inside when we weren't looking!"

"Damn it!",shouted Aizawa, ready to go back inside before his scarf was grabbed.

"It will be fine, Aizawa.",Nezu calmly spoke,"If anyone can calm Reo down, it's his girlfriend and cousins."


"Tell me, Neito.", said Reo, still invisible though you could hear something being dragged across the ground,"Do you enjoy being an asshole?"

Monama gulped at the distorted voice,"I-I'm not afraid of you!"

A sword of electricity landed at his feet, causing him to jump.

"You sure about that?",asked the teen, his figure being seen now,"I could find multiple ways to scare you."

Monama activated Eraserhead's quirk, but nothing happened.

"Oh, was that little glow in your eyes an attempt to stop all this?",chuckled Reo,"My area, my rules. It's impossible to see me in here. I'm currently surrounding my figure in electricity just for amusement. You wanna see some real eyes?"

Reo got up in Monama's face, red electricity sparking his eyes before the same happened to the copycat, soon forming into a red, curved shuriken.

Dropping a shaking Monama, Reo crouched down to his level.

"You like it?",asked the teen,"I call it my Shockringan. It sends a shock to the part of your brain that controls fear, multiplying it tenfold. I was saving it for someone else, but I can work with this."

Reo looked away to see a blast of spiraling energy coming his way, and he smirked, grabbing it and redirecting it back to the sender, Nejire.

"I'm gonna have to stop you all as well.",said Reo, his voice returning to normal as his arms being held behind him as the darkness started to fade so only his opponents could see him.

"Then I guess we can't hold back!",shouted Mirio.

"I'm more than prepared for you.",said the elemental, metal protruding from his face and making a curve around it.

"Buddy, just shut up.",said Sumai, punching him in the gut, which he phased through and caused it to hit Mirio instead.

"Overwhelm!", shouted Reo, blasting everyone with electrified wind, causing all but Mirio to pass out.

"Nice attack, did you get that from a TV show too?",groaned Mirio, slowly getting up.

Reo didn't respond, and simply formed four swords, one of flames, one of ice, one of metal, and one of electricity. He put the ice sword between his mouth, and tossed the metal one to Mirio before putting one in each hand.

"Get your weapon.",ordered the teen, his swords being covered in darkness.

The third year didn't argue, and grabbed it in his hands, thankful that he knew how to use it.

"Three Sword Style: Elemental Tornado!",shouted Reo, launching towards Mirio as he did the same.

Just as the two were about to clash, Reo was soon knocked away by a green blur, followed by a large iceberg holding him in place as something hit his neck.

Mirio looked up to see Izuku and Shoto, along with Momo holding a tranquilizer gun.

"Great timing.",smiled Mirio before passing out on the ground.

"At least he's not hurt much..",said Izuku before hearing groaning.

"What hit me?",asked Reo, pulling the dart out of his arm,"Oh, these must be made for giantification type users."

Izuku, Momo, and Shoto watched in disbelief as Reo phased the toxins out of his system, and got out of the ice, and not by using intangibility. He used his super speed to move his molecules so fast that the dart's effects went through his entire body, and all they saw was a blurry shape.

"I'm so pissed at Barry Allen right now…",said Izuku, gaining Reo's attention,"Shit."

Reo's body returned to normal as he looked around in horror at what happened, and even if he didn't remember, he knew it was his fault.

He looked at Momo, who was surprised and sad, before allowing a tear to roll down his face as he blasted through the roof of the building and flying far away.

"Reo…",said Momo, before getting a ping on her phone.

Izuku and Shoto looked at Momo as she turned around, hugging them both as they nodded, getting the message.

"We need to go see him.",said Izuku.

"Not yet, but give him some time.",said Shoto,"He needs to be alone for a while."

The trio nodded, heading back to their class where a lecture awaited them.


Reo walked through the streets, a hoodie up and his hair a its normal color. It was rainy, so no one was paying attention to him as he phased through a building.

"I'm coming, dad.",said Reo, looking at computer screens as he held a piece of familiar skin,"I'm gonna save you."

1-A Dorms

"So…",said Sero, gaining the attention of his classmates,"Are we gonna talk about it?"

"There's nothing to talk about.",said Tokoyami,"Reo had been angered by Monama quite enough to cause him to snap, and I'm sure the insult about his parents didn't help. He was not aiming for anyone but Monama, seeing as he allowed us to get a safe distance away."

They looked up as they heard the door open, revealing a familiar blue haired teen with a hoodie on.

"Hey, guys!",said Reo, removing the water from his costume and putting it in the sink before clapping,"Sorry for the outburst, that's on me. Anyway, we've gotta come up with a plan for finals."

His classmates looked at him then back at each other before sighing and silently agreeing not to press the issue.

"I'll get changed, then we can start.",said the elemental, zooming away as blue lightning followed him.

"Okay.",said Momo, making some paper and pens, handing some to everyone,"I want each of you to write down what subject you're having the most difficulty in, and we can all go from there."

"Hell no!",shouted Bakugou,"I'm not working with any of you extras!"

"Bro, come on.",said Kirishima, getting an idea,"You placed fifth in the written exams, I need your help!"

The blonde scoffed,"Fine, Shitty Hair, but you're gonna study till you die!"

The red head sweatdropped at that as he walked with his friend thinking,'This might not have been the best idea…'

Reo then phased through the ceiling as he sat down on the couch, soon finding his head pulled onto Momo's lap.

The raven haired girl looked at Reo's blushing face, before proceeding to keep him in place, not that he was trying to escape, just adjust to the new position.

"Ahem.",said Mina, raising an eyebrow as the two ignored her teasing.

"Okay, if you've listed your worst subject, please pass your papers to Reo and I.",said Momo, receiving papers from everyone.

The two looked through them quite quickly, and giving each other a worried look, finally chose to speak.

"So, good news and bad news.",said Reo, looking at Mina, Sero, Aoyama, and Kaminari,"You four need help in everything, but we have some great tutors."

"Iida, Izuku, and Shoto have already been informed about this, so they're gonna be your tutors alongside the two of us."

"This is great!",said Kaminari,"Wait, what did the five of you rank for the written exam?"

"Second.",said Izuku.

"Third.",nodded Iida.

"Fourth.",spoke Shoto.

Reo and Momo chuckled,"We tied for first."

Mina looked at them,"Why am I not surprised? We've got a girl who can make literally anything, and a ghost that can control the elements. It's like you two were made for each other."

The two lovebirds smiled at each other, with Momo kissing Reo's cheek.

"Okay, if you're going to make out, get a room.",chuckled Sato.

"Fine, but before we go...Tokoyami?",asked Reo,"Could I talk to you tomorrow? I may need your help. All you other elementals, plus Izuku, you also have training with me tomorrow.

Finally, if anyone needs any help with Science, then come to me or Momo. Izuku has Quirk History, Shoto has English, and Iida has Math.

If that's all, then we'll be taking our leave."

Moving faster than she could, the bluenette picked up Momo, speeding upstairs.

"I'm gonna get a picture tomorrow…",grinned Mina, sipping some tea alongside Aoyama.


In the middle of the hallway, Momo looked at Reo with a small smile,"You're such a gentleman, carrying me like this."

"Anything for you, my queen.",Reo spoke in a playful voice.

"So, my room or yours?",asked Momo, blushing.

"I'd say mine, since there's less of a chance of Mina taking pictures of us for 'spilled tea'.'",blushed Reo, zooming the two to his door.

"What's this?",asked Momo, seeing a weird device on the door.

"Oh, I made this after Izuku got his blackmail bin, so I made sure mine was protected, but my other stuff needed to be safe as well, so I made an electric lock.",said the elemental, proud of himself.

"Two questions.",said Momo,"Are these available for purchase, and how do you get in?"

"Yes, but you get a free one for being so great and I thought about having it recognize the quirk of whoever enters, but then I added a certain blonde into the equation. So I went with a blood sample instead."

"Isn't that a little weird?",asked the raven haired girl,"Yknow, having everyone's blood sample?"

"Not any more weird than random people coming in here without my knowledge."

"Fair enough.",shrugged Momo, putting her thumb on the scanner as she felt a small prick, with Reo instantly healing it.

"Thanks.",chuckled Momo, being set down on her boyfriend's bed, which unsurprisingly had different elemental designs on it.

Reo stretched as he spoke,"Maya, is everything intact and put away carefully?"

"Affirmative, Reo.",said Maya, surprising Momo,"Welcome, Momo Yaoyorozu."

"Hello?",asked Momo, looking at Reo surprised,"Is that an A.I?"

"Yes I am.",said Maya,"I am also security, a designer, and I have every channel possible set up."

"How did you manage to do all this?",asked Momo, smirking.

"I simply supercharged my brain to have a super intellect that could rival Grandpa Nezu's, and I got a bit of help. Btw, activate soundproofing."

"The room is already soundproofed, Reo.",Maya spoke,"I will continue the simulation, have a good night."

Maya then retreated into a different computer before giving them some privacy.

"Brains and brawn.",chuckled Momo, standing up and wrapping her arms around Reo's neck,"I love it."

Maya dimmed the lights as Reo kissed Momo, the two not letting go of one another as they fell onto the bed, Momo throwing Reo's shirt away as he broke the kiss and began kissing his girlfriend's neck, sending pleasurable shocks through her body with each one.

Momo moaned a bit as she removed her own shirt, finding Reo's hand and placing it on her right breast, surprising the teen.

"You sure I can do this?",asked Reo, receiving a nod.

"It's alright, I'm nervous too...",chuckled Momo,"The first time at the hospital took me by surprise, but I think it's natural to feel like that's a natural reaction for people who have done this for their first time.

If you want to wait, I understand, but just know that you can touch my boobs anytime, and the same goes for my ass, which you often stare at…"

"I'm not gonna deny it…",chuckled Reo,"You have a sexy ass."

Momo smiled and kissed him again, which was reciprocated, and the hormonal teen grabbed her boob, earning a small moan from the ravenette.

He then proceeded to suck on her neck, fully intending to leave a couple hickeys as he squeezed her ass before the two noticed that they were both in nothing but their underwear, and they chuckled.

"We should probably get some rest.",chuckled Reo, receiving a pout from Momo.

"Are you sure? I mean, we can just keep going with the rest of our clothes on.",suggested Momo.

The elemental chuckled,"I guess you're right, everyone else is asleep, and...oh, shit…"

"What is it?",asked the creation goddess.

"We're not the only ones having fun tonight…",chuckled the bluenette.

"If it's Mina, I'm so getting revenge…",smirked Momo as she noticed Reo grab something and phase it through the wall next to them.

"Condom, never know when you might need it.",chuckled Reo, receiving a smile and more love, which between the two of them, had them up till 1:30 in the morning.

Let's just say that the class would be very surprised when they woke up.

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