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This is in John's POV because he needs to be exposed for all his Joss Carter adoration ;D

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Giving her the chocolates had been a miscalculation. Agreeing to have dinner with her was a mistake. But staying for drinks afterward was outright stupid. John realized it too late. Keeping their relationship strictly platonic and professional was becoming exceedingly harder to do. So enjoying her company, cozied up on her couch, with alcohol in his system was asking for trouble.

John could always keep his emotions locked away but he never could fully disconnect with Joss as he could with everyone else. It was never was a problem, until now. Until his desire to share a personal part of himself outweighed the fear of getting close. Then he screwed up and kissed her in the morgue. Now he couldn't seemingly keep his lips off hers.

A slight movement broke up his thoughts, earning his gaze. Joss leaned back after setting their wine glasses on her coffee table. It was their second glass. The first had accompanied dinner. John tried to ignore how sexy she looked. She didn't dress up but it was enough to leave him feeling unbalanced. Joss loosely curled her hair, was wearing some clingy black pants, and a red sweater with a heart cutout above her breasts. The hint of skin preoccupied him far too much for his liking.

"I wanted to thank you for making this Valentine's Day much better than I thought it'd be," she said sincerely.

John huffed out a laugh. "You're drunk,"

"I had two glasses of wine, and you're deflecting." she accused voice light.

He eyed her. "I meant for the fact that you were thanking me for spending time with you, Carter. You never have to do that. No one else I'd rather be with." It was true, all of it. They could be sewer hopping for all he cared.

"Can I convince you to spend time with me again soon with a little less emphasis on the platonic and a little more on exploring these mutual feelings between us?"

John didn't speak, at first. They both knew they had feelings that weren't strictly friendly. If they didn't then the second kiss, the one in the mud wouldn't have happened, and she had been a full participant in it. But did that time count? He had lost control. But she scared the hell out of him. He thought he lost her once and hadn't reacted well to almost losing her a second time. It wasn't his finest hour.

Joss was watchful, observant. It was always unnerving when she looked at him that way. He felt exposed and vulnerable, a feeling that terrified him.

"You're not ready." her voice sounded wistful. He could offer a light, joking response and she might even let him get away with it. But she truly meant everything to him. "Will you ever be, John?" she asked before he could even reply.

Do the right thing and tell her no, his brain hissed. "I'm not sure." Apparently, his brain did not control his mouth any longer.

"Do you have a timeframe in mind for figuring it out?"

"Would you wait?" Again his mouth seemed to be controlled by something other than his brain because he was appalled by the question, by how needy it sounded. John snapped his lips closed and averted his gaze.

His eyes closed briefly when he felt her soft palm on his cheek gently pulling to see his eyes. Helpless but to abide by her wish, he looked deeply into her intelligent and soulful eyes. John watched as she leaned in slowly, inching her lips close to his. He could easily pull away and stop this. But couldn't, wouldn't. Her lips pressed onto his in the slightest touch, mirroring their first kiss in the morgue.

This desperate need made his chest clench tight, stealing his breath as she moved back only barely. "I'd wait for you as long as it takes," she whispered.

"You shouldn't," his voice sounded gravel. John caught a curl loosely between his fingers. He didn't deserve this woman's patience. And he certainly didn't deserve her affections.

Her head dipped, so their eyes met once more. They were direct and glittered with emotion deep in them. "Then don't take too long." her words shot straight through him, striking the vulnerable part. She'd wait for him even without him asking her to.

He groaned helplessly as he kissed her, as the promise he made to not flew out the window. John dragged her close, needing her body touching his. His hands skimmed the shape of her body eliciting a pleased moan from her. She kissed him back, harder and deeper. His senses suddenly swam with nothing but her, drugging and intoxicating.

The sinful slide of her tongue against his teased him. John felt suddenly like he was falling as he clutched her tighter, afraid to let go and she'd disappear like every other good thing in his life. She pressed hot open mouth kisses to his cheek, jaw, and whispered words of affection as though she understood. His mouth found hers again and nipped her upper lip before kissing her deeply.

John wanted her. He needed her, like air to breathe. Could imagine drawing her top off and press gentle kisses along her collarbone to delve into her cleavage with his tongue, enjoying how she sounded as she enjoyed his attention. Then he'd stop teasing them both and remove her bra to gently find her nipple and lavish it with love before finding the other with his teeth to see what sort of sounds she made.

"Please," she moaned between kisses.

He blinked realizing he was telling her what he wanted to do.

"I want to kiss every inch of you too. I want you to let me love you, John." her mouth then was back onto his, demanding and hot.

John shuddered then pushed back. Her eyes opened just a fraction after his. They looked half-drugged with desire, and it nearly overrode rational thought. But he couldn't think straight as it was.

Her fingers that were gripping his hair relaxed, and sifted and soothed. "It is okay, John. We'll take things slow."

She'd wait for him.

That thought speared through his befuddled mind again. Her one hand slid from his hair to finger his jawline. His eyes closed. Do or die, time to make a decision. John pulled her to him and kissed her warmly, deeply, with enough emotion he had long since tried to deny but could no longer. Her fingers dug into his skin as she gasped and kissed him back before wrenching her lips away.

"John?" her voice full of question

"No more waiting, Joss," his voice raspy but firm. Whether this was smart or not, he was going to act on his feelings. Then he sealed their fate with a kiss.

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