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Five years before she joined the Neverseen

(Age 5)

"Esma! Time to get up!" Esma rolled out of bed and sunk her feet into the soft carpet of her bedroom. She remembered the fight she had just had with her parents the night before.

"Glimmer boo, why did Maury's mom call me and say you had a fit when you were at their house last night?" Esma's mom had said.

"Mommy, it's because they were teasing me because you call me Glimmer and it sounds like such a baby name." Esma whined.
Her friends, Maury and Grenadine had asked her why her mom called her Glimmer, and when she didn't answer, they called her names and made fun of her. See, they weren't really her friends. They were her mother's friends' kids, so by the rule of childhood, they had to be friends. Esma would rather be friends with Marco, the boy in her class who always made her laugh. But her parents didn't like him because his parents were a bad match. Though at the time, they were pregnant with twins so they didn't trust people they didn't already know.

"Esma! Come eat your breakfast!" Her mom yelled.

"Ok." Esma replied, defeated. Her mom was getting grumpier and grumpier now that she was pregnant with twins. Esma didn't dare say that out loud though, because her father would not be happy about that.

She stomped down the stairs to go get breakfast and heard her father yelling.

"How did you not know we were going to have twins?" He asked her mother.

"I..I don't know."

He stomped out of the room.

This was quite common in their house. Her father was mad at her mother, or her mother was mad at her father. Esma sometimes thought this mean't that they didn't love her.

"Esma come her dear." Her mother soothed.

Esma walked over and sat on her lap. She wondered how her life would be different now that she was going to have baby siblings. She hoped they wouldn't smell.

"Mommy, can I name them." Esma asked hopefully.

"Um sure Esma." Her mother replied uncertainly. She didn't want to get stuck with children named "Smellysparkle" or "Glittercakes" but Esma could suggest some names.

Esma thought for a second, and then blurted out, "SPARKLES!"

Her mother stifled a laugh. "Esma dear, I don't think that would be the best name."

"Oh." Esma replied, seeming down.

Three months later Esma had baby twin siblings.

Her mother called her over.

"Esma, I want you to meet your baby siblings. Their names are..."