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Esma, Age 7, 3 years before she joined the Neverseen

Esma sat, cuddling her twin siblings, Tam and Linh. In the Lost Cities it was rare, and discouraged to have twins. She always heard her parents argue about what to do with Tam and Linh. She loved them, with their sweet faces, and beautiful silver eyes.

"Quan, it's fine for now. If we feel the need to banish them later, then we will banish them." Mai said, putting her hand on Quan's shoulder.

Esma gasped. They...they couldn't banish them! They were just little tiny helpless babies! Esma shook with anger as she imagined all the prejudices her little siblings would face that they had no control over. Even at age seven, she knew there would be nothing she could do to protect them.

The next day they went to Mysterium to get some elixirs from Slurps and Burps, and Alvar Vacker stopped her in one of the aisles. "Esma, how ashamed are you to have twin siblings? I would be sooo mad if Biana and Fitz were twins. He said with a smirk. Esma's hands curled into fists.

"Huh? I didn't hear that Esma, the twins must have affected your hearing." Alvar taunted.

"Or...maybe you actually like them! Oh how ashamed your parents must be." He smirked.

Esma reared back and punched him in the face.

"Ow!" Alvar roared as he took a step back, cradling his chin.

"Mom! she punched me!." Alvar whined.

Esma punched him again, her little fists shaking with the effort.

Della came running towards them. "Alvar! What happened!"

"She punched me!" He blubbered.

"He was being stupid and shaming my baby siblings!" Esma sputtered.

Della cradled her sons face and asked, "Then what happened?"

"She..she punched me again!" Alvar burst into tears.

Della looked at Esma with glaring eyes.

"You did what?"

"It's not my fault he was being stupid! He's just as worthless as Alden!" Esma took a step towards them, regretting her words as soon as they left her mouth.

"Quan! Mai! Come here!" Della yelled.

Quan came running. "What is it Della?"

"Your daughter punched my son multiple times and then shamed our family!" Della roared at him.

Quan and Mai were glaring daggers at Esma by then.

"Esma, you just insulted one of our world's most prominent families." Mai told her.

Esma looked at her like she was stupis, of course she knew that.

"He's so stuck up and he just insulted Tam and Linh." Esma blubbered.

Quan placed a calming hand on her shoulder. "Honey, you can't assault someone."

"Oh no you can't." Della agreed.

"And do you know what I think this calls for?"

"A tribunal." Della said with her face deadly serious.

"Della, you can't be serious, she's only seven." Mai pleaded.

"Please Della." Quan begged.

"Okay, but consider this a warning." Della agreed, having gone a bit too far.

They all left Slurps and Burps in peace, for now. On her way out Esma swore she saw Alvar wink at her. Then, he raised a hand and threw a piece of paper at her head. Esma picked it up and read it. It said...

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