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Epilogue. Future


"Whoa! H-Hey!"

Nana all but flops down on top of her girlfriend even before Junna has sat up in bed that morning. Junna scrambles and gives an "oof!" as Nana's weight crushes her softly into the mattress. Grimacing, she grabs her into a hug.

"Why do I feel like Karen is rubbing off on you…?"

"Heehee~" Nana pushes herself up onto her elbows a little, beaming down at her. Junna can't be upset at her, not even first thing in the morning. She sighs, then pulls her down for a kiss.

"You're lucky you're cute."

"Guilty as charged!"

"Come on. We have to get up."

"Aww, okay."

Nana sits back and takes Junna by the hands, gently sitting her up. She plays through Junna's loose hair and giggles to herself for a moment before handing her her glasses.

"So, what's on the to-do list today, Prez?"

"Not too much," Junna reports. "Just the usual stuff."

"That's good! Do you wanna go see a movie after school?"

"A movie? Hm…" Junna tilts her head, feigning contemplation. Nana waits anxiously with her hands clutched together, like a hopeful puppy. Junna lets out a laugh and pokes her nose.

"Of course. I'd love to."


Nana finally gets up off of her and jumps to her feet to stretch. She scurries to grab her uniform, pausing just for a moment to look fondly at the photos beside her desk, then heads into the bathroom.

Junna watches her until she's out of sight, then gets up as well. After making her bed and gathering her own clothes, she goes to stand in the same spot.

The photos are all there, all as they should be. Nine smiling girls are present throughout the various scenes and costumes captured in time. Junna smiles.

Just as they'd all wished for, time had gone back to a place before Nana had made her new wish or her sacrifice. Everything before that had still happened all the same; their first year, Hikari's transfer at the beginning of their second year, their revues. Even Nana's initial wish to repeat time had remained, as had Hikari's subsequent disappearance, and Karen's eventual retrieval of her.

They all remember those events just as they always had.

But what's a bit different now is their third year.

The day of the accident had come and gone, and nothing drastic had happened to affect any of them otherwise.

The only other major change was that Hikari never got scouted or given the offer to return to England.

Similarly, Claudine and Maya never made plans to go to France, nor did Kaoruko, Futaba, or Mahiru make plans to move after graduation. Even for Junna, things had happened a bit differently. Certain things never aligned certain ways, and so her plans to study abroad had been rescinded.

But in its place was something much, much more wonderful.

Weeks ago, Professor Sakuragi had called the nine of them to her office for a discussion. A traveling theatre trope had caught wind of the cast at Seishou who had put on the stellar 100th Starlight Festival performance.

And as such, all nine of them had been signed to the same group and would travel the world performing together after graduation.

It's still so exciting to think about.

Though the giraffe had said there should be no major alterations, it seemed to her that the evasion of their tragedy had brought about a miracle instead. It had been the world they'd wished for, and more.

Nana didn't remember anything of her second rewinding of time, nor the tragedy and the sacrifices that followed.

In exchange for her peace of mind, Junna and the others relive those things from time to time in nightmares and flashbacks. But with the pain spread out and shared between the eight of them, and with all the others able to understand and empathize those fears, they're all managing to live with it.

Junna has suffered a few nightmares since then, but Nana has been there for her every time to help her through it - even without knowing the reason for it - and the same is true for the rest of their friends.

Their relationships have blossomed, and the love and friendship that keeps them together far outweighs any fleeting nightmares of a time that tried - and failed - to tear them apart.

Junna is pulled from her thoughts by a tap on her shoulder and a kiss on her cheek.

"Junna-chan~ Bathroom's free."

"Right. Got it." She kisses Nana again before heading off to get changed.

Nana waits for her, humming happily as she sorts through the brand new photos she'd laid out on her desk the night before, photos from their most-recent sleepover together.

"Hmm, I might have to get a new scrap book…"



Nana twirls around as Junna calls for her, already dressed and ready to go. Junna offers her hand with a smile.


Nana skips up to her and accepts with a warm squeeze of her fingers.

"Come on," Junna says, stepping out the door. "We need to discuss what movie we're gonna see."

"Oh, you're right! Hmm, let's see…"

They hold hands tightly as they start down the hallway to where their friends are waiting.

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