"Pilot Tanner, be advised, i am detecting foot mobiles right outside of my chassis." A synthetic feminine voice spoke in his head, Tanner groggily opened his eyes, looking around his surroundings.

A searing pain shot through his head, Tanner groaned heavily, suddenly his memory came to him, the IMC, Militia, the experimental fold weapon, everything.

"VT, what's the situation?" He asked as he was still mentally getting his bearings.

"Pilot Tanner." VT hesitated, "Toren I am at 21 percent functionality, i am able to make repairs but a battery would greatly expedite the process, also there are 8 unknowns outside." VT told him. "Let me see." He spoke as he checked himself over, he was a little jarred but other than that he was fine, his equipment was also intact, his Pilot cloak and shield were functioning, his L-star was also intact along with his Wingman, his holo knife was intact in its holster also.

The screen inside the cockpit of VT sprang to life, outside were 7 men garbed in red tabards and chainmail, the 8th was wearing plate armour with a red tasset and plume.

What was equally as odd as their outfits was their weapons, 3 seemed to have crossbows and swords, while 4 others had swords and shields, the one in plate wielded a large Halberd, even seemingly primitive the man cut out a terrifying visage.

They were picking through apparent wreckage, something else Toren noticed was the mass of trees all around, considering he was in an urban setting before the fold weapon went off made this situation extremely odd.

"VT, what is functional?" He asked, he was prepared to confront these people as they were picking through the wreckage of his dead allies.

"Toren, I am able to move with 37% of my original mobility, my XO-16 is empty, shoulder mounted missiles are empty, energy siphon is functional, as well as re-arm." VT told him matter of factly.

"Alright VT, i'm going to disembark and confront these people, I'm going to try and find out whats going on and who they are, be ready in case this goes south." He told her, she acknowledged him a second later.

"Well here goes nothing."


Captain Argo was very interested in the wreckage, all around him was materials and items he'd never seen before, with the Giant Metal Golem being the crown on these oddities, at first he was hesitant to even approach the behemoth, but after watching the thing for over an hour and seeing no movement and he was confident it was dead, now he and his men were examining everything that might be of use, he was sure that if he could find one groundbreaking find he would be in for rewards and titles, one of his men, Armsmen Karok had suggested returning to the village they were stationed at for a wagon,and he was in agreement.

"Alright Men, were going to return Theurinsford and gather as many volunteers and carriages as we can, then we'll return and gather all we can find! Lets m-"

He was interrupted by an inorganic hiss.

He turned and then gaped in disbelief, the front of the golem had opened up and spat out someone, looked like a man or an elf, it was impossible to tell with the full helm they were wearing.

The golem's got gut closed back up, Argo's watched the Golem in suspicion, if it was to stand then he'd sound a retreat, as there was no way they could take it on without either a mage in support, or a company's worth of men, but it didn't.

Now Argo's watched the figure in suspicion, when he didn't speak and continued to stare while holding that blocky contraption, which Argo's guessed was some kind of weapon. Argo motioned to his men to stay calm.

Putting on his best commanding voice he could, he spoke.. "Hail stranger, I am Captain Argo's of the Empire, who may I ask are you?" The stranger didn't respond at first, then a moment later he spoke in a strange dialect, something he nor his men understood, The stranger than gestured around him and then pointed to himself, If Argo's didn't know any better he would think he was saying all this wreckage was his.

The captain eyed the unique equipment on the stranger's figure with a weary eye, then in an instant it changed into a smile, the things on his person looked much more intact then those around him.

Argo looked to his men. "Armsmen Carin and Armsmen Talik, apprehend them, and be wary we've no clue if that's an Elf under there." He commanded his men, truth be told he thought the stories of elves were exaggerated, but it was still proper to be cautious.

The captain was giddy on the inside, for once it seemed like he may get what he wished.

Tanner eyed the strange men with a critical eye, he had spotted what he was looking for behind the one in plate, a battery, and by the looks of it, one at full charge.

He turned his focus back on the strangely armed and armored men as two began to approach him, the other six watched on intently, they had drawn their blades too, with the crossbow wielders loading a bolt and aiming to.

Whatever was happening wasn't good, judging by their drawn weapons it looked as if they were going to try to apprehend him, Tanner raised his L-star and took aim before shouting.

"Last chance, back off now or i will openfire." He yelled at them, though they didn't seem to understand him, the two approaching stopped for a moment and shared a wary look before approaching again.

Once they were within 10 feet of him and failed to stop he opened fire, in a second the two men dropped to the ground dead, before he turned his weapon on the crossbow wielding enemies.

Red beams of light put them down in another 2 seconds, the three that remained had just gotten there wits back, the armoured one seemingly in charge yelled a warcry then charged him, the other two turned tail and fled, without a second to lose Tanner fired on the retreating enemies, he was in hostile territory and didn't know enough of the situation to take that chance with letting them escape.

They fell in a few seconds, just as the plate armoured one got close enough to swing his nasty looking Halberd at him, Tanner quickly ducked under the swing and shoulder checked the man into the ground with surprising strength, it did little to deter the man as he tried to stand quickly, Tanner didn't allow it, he aimed his L-star and opened fire on his helmed head, the man's plate armour did him no favors as it rapidly heated and melted before giving way to his head and promptly splatting as the laser bolt impacted.

After surveying the carnage caused Tanner went and retrieved the battery, as he walked over to it he surveyed the actual area, all around was wreckage, as he retrieved the battery he noticed a glinting object under a piece of wreckage, it was a big white capsule with the letters 'TSAR',

It was an acronym for Titan Survival and Rearmament.

This handy device was literally a godsend in their current situation, it came equipped with solar/Thermal charger for Titan batteries, though Titans could recharge there batteries as long as they were in sunlight for an extended time, though this thing would be useful if the titans recharge method was unavailable, The TSAR could also fabricate ammunition and supplies, extremely useful, though the transmitter was probably the thing tanner was most happy to see.

Tanner couldn't move the thing as it was to big, it was meant to be worn by titans as a sort of metal backpack.

Tanner sighed in relief as he got back up and brought the battery over to VT, or Vata as he called her when they weren't on mission.

"Toren, please insert the battery into port B." He nodded and did just that, as he was working he spoke up.

"Vata, I found a TSAR under the wreckage over there, you'll need to lift the wreckage to retrieve it." He told VT,

"Acknowledged Toren, running systems check now, I am at 64% functionality, i have regained full movement, shields online and recharging, Optical unit now functioning fully, we have a problem pilot." She spoke all that except the last bit with ease, he could swear she sounded frustrated.

"What is it Vata?" He asked with a hint of concern, she held up the XO-16 for him, the barrel was cracked and warped, they could repair the weapon with the TSAR but it would take time, and in all honesty Tanner was not comfortable staying here, he had no idea if those soldiers had told anybody where they were going or not.