DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT HAVE OWNERSHIP OF THE TEEN TITANS AND THASS ON MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB.Howdy! I am the last person who should be attempting to create another story but in true me fashion, I am doing it anyway lol. I noticed that there are not many Karen Beecher or Bumblebee centered stories out there so I'm gonna change that. She is a queen and deserves the best! I hope you guys enjoy this one.

It was a quiet and serene day in Steel City. There was no crime in the city so the superheroes at the Titans East headquarters decided to take it easy today. Aqualad was swimming laps around their pool. Speedy was in the kitchen eating a banana and combing his hair. Mas y Menos were in their common room watching a Telenovela on the Spanish network. The only one who wasn't downstairs was Bumblebee. She was in her room combing her thick and curly hair with her black and yellow pick. She loved doing her hair, it gave her time to think and to look good doing it. She parted a portion of her hair and applied the product on and rubbed it in. Bumblebee then started to think about her time in Steel City. She loved her team dearly, the city was very welcoming to her and the rest and they kicked villain ass everywhere they went. Bumblebee was starting to get tired of the same old same old and craved something new. Like a new change of pace. She then had an idea.

"Maybe I can go to Jump City for a while. Join Titans West temporarily so I can see what's going on there." Bumblebee smiled to herself thinking it was a great idea. All she had to do was ask Robin. Her smile then fell. She had very little interactions with the Titans West leader. He knew nothing about the girl and vice versa. The team had their own specific ways of dealing with the crime in their city, the citizens and even with each other. It would be inconsiderate of her to impose on their already strong dynamic. She sighed and continued to part and moisturize the rest of her hair. Once her hair was properly moisturized, she put it in her signature puffs. Last step, which she didn't normally do since she loved her hair in all its glory, she took her baby toothbrush, placed it in some styling gel and applied the product on to her edges. Bumblebee looked at the mirror and smiled at the finished product.

"Laid." She giggled to herself.

All of a sudden, the alarm blared and a red light entered the room. Bumblebee figured it might be Cyborg calling in for the team's monthly debrief. She quickly put her products away and flew down to the common room where she was greeted by her teammates.

Speedy looked at his leader and smirked. "So she finally graces us with her presence. I thought you'd never leave your room. You turning into a hermit on us?" Bee rolled her eyes and went for the TV to switch it off and turn on the cameras to talk to Cyborg.

Aqualad smiled at her. "Hi Bee. How have you been?" She smiled back and muttered a quick good while she tried to get the systems online. Then Mas y Menos ran up from the couch and to their leader.

"Hola Bee, te ves hermosa hoy." They said in sync.

"Gracias ninos." She responded. She made sure to pick up some Spanish just so she could communicate with the young Titans. With the camera up and the systems ready, Titans East lined up to get ready to face Cyborg. But to their surprise, it wasn't Cyborg who made the call.

It was Robin.

"Robin to Titans East. Do you read me?"

"Titans East reporting." Bumblebee said shocked.

"What's up Traffic Light? You know that I'm waiting on that rematch from that time you cheated during our sparring session?" Speedy said, attempting to goad his good friend. Aqualad elbowed his side and motioned him to listen up. Robin smirked and continued.

"I know you guys are expecting Cyborg but he's in the garage working on the T-Car so I figured I'll handle the debrief for today. And honestly, there's nothing much to talk about. With the Brotherhood of Evil taken down and the crime rate at an all time low, I really just want to congratulate all of you guys on a job well done with Steel City." He said proud of the east coast heroes. "You guys can go on with whatever you guys were doing."

"Alright. Thanks Robin. Titans out." Bumblebee said but Robin interrupted her before she could end the call.

"Actually, Bumblebee, you can stay behind. I do have to speak with you about something important." For some reason, Bee grew a little bit nervous. What would he have to talk to her about?

"Oop. Bee's in trouble. We'll get out of here. But don't you forget, Robin. It will be on sight when I see you." Speedy laughed as he and Mas y Menos exited the room. Aqualad groaned at him and left the room as well, leaving Bee with The Titans West leader.

"So Bumblebee… how are you today?" Robin said, noticing her uneasiness.

"I'm okay. We're all just chilling since there's nothing much to do in Steel."

"That's good. I want you guys to take advantage of the lack of activity for now. Especially you."

Bee was confused. "What do you mean me?" She said. Robin chuckled and continued.

"It seems a little silly but, I plan on taking Roy up on his offer on beating his ass again since he thinks that I cheated last time. I figured I'll take a little vacation to Steel just to humor him. Just this once."

"I swear, as soon as he woke up from that knockout you gave him, he swore up and down that there was something wrong with the floor in the training room. Apparently Mas y Menos 'tampered with the room somehow.' It's the sore losing for me. His ego could not handle it that day." She laughed while Robin laughed with her.

"Yeah, I bet. Well I'll be there early tomorrow morning and I'll be there for at least a month to deal with him."

"That's great Robin. I'll be seeing you tomorrow then."

"Hold on a moment Bumblebee. That is where you come in. With me being in Steel City, my team will be down one Titan. Sooo… If it's not too much trouble, I would like to propose a temporary change in Leadership for the Titans West."

"You want to change the leadership?" She said even more confused. And then it clicked. "You want me to come to Jump City and lead Titans West?"

"Yes. You already do a great job with leading Titans East. Cyborg talks extremely highly of you everyday. He says how efficient and powerful you are, especially when you guys were at the H.I.V.E Academy. He always mentioned how you were very cu…" Robin stopped himself, trying not to air out his friend's secret. "Never mind the last part, but I see no reason for you not to come over here. You'll fit in just fine."

Bumblebee smiled widely and made her decision quickly. "Of course. I'll get to packing now so I can leave first thing tomorrow."

"I'll do the same. Let me know if you have any questions about the team and I'll be more than happy to answer every one. Until tomorrow, Robin Out." The call ended and Robin was no longer on the screen. Bumblebee took one more breath, with her smile still on her face and she flew back up to her room to pack.