It was a sunny morning in Jump City, about 8 am. Bumblebee was still in her temporary bed enjoying how comfortable it was. She knew she had to get up sooner or later so she hopped up and went into the shower in her room, taking her toothbrush, some shampoo and conditioner, soap, some towels, and her bra and underwear with her. She lathered up her hair and rinsed it out completely then she did the same with the conditioner. As soon as her hair was clear of the soap, she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. With her underwear on and her towel wrapped around her frame, she stepped back into her room and was shocked to see another person in her room. It was Starfire.

"Good morning Bumblebee. Forgive me, I was coming to see if you would like some of the breakfast and I heard the shower running. I figured it would be fine of me to stay here until you are finished." Starfire said with a warm smile.

"No harm done girl. I'd love some food. Could you not come in the room in the future though? I'm not exactly dressed for the occasion if you catch my drift."

"Yes, I am doing the catching of your drift! I will leave you to continue dressing. I shall also inform Cyborg to save some food just for you!"

"Thanks. I'm just gonna do my hair and get dressed quickly, I'll be down in no time." Bee said with a smile, eager to put some actual clothes on.

"Oh friend, you must let me help you pick out your clothing for today. I would love to see what you packed from The Steel City!'

"That's really not necessary, Star. I can dress my…"

"Please, new friend Bumblebee?" The alien girl pleaded. "I promise to make sure that you look pretty. I will even do the swear of the pinky fingers." She said, extending her pinky out to her. Bumblebee stared at the girl for a few moments before answering again.

"Uhhh sure. My clothes are in the drawers over there. Help yourself, I'm gonna go finish my hair. Let me know when you're done." She said giving her a brief smile as she walked back to the vanity. Starfire's smile grew wider as she ran over to the girl's wardrobe. Bumblebee shook her head with a smile and continued to work on her hair. The more she started to moisturize it, the more her hair started to showcase a really pretty curl pattern. She started resembling that girl from that one show that Speedy would watch, Floribama Shore or something. Now the more she stared at the mirror, the more she started to really like the look. Then a feminine voice brought her back to reality.

"Friend Bumblebee, I have found some cute clothing for you. Please, look in my direction!" She showed Bumblebee a yellow long-sleeved v-necked crop top and black skinny jeans with tears in certain areas. All in all, it was a decent outfit and it would go with her hair. There was even enough space for her wings and stingers just in case something went down.

"Okay, this looks really cute. Thank you, Star." Bumblebee said with a smile.

"You are quite welcome, dear friend. I will leave you to continue dressing up. See you downstairs." Starfire said leaving the room. As soon as she left, Bumblebee put on the outfit Starfire laid out for her and inspected herself in the mirror. Feeling satisfied, she decided to fly downstairs to greet the others. While flying Bumblebee was hit with the savory aroma of bacon, eggs, sausages, waffles, pancakes, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Cyborg always knew how to throw it down in the kitchen. She flew faster until she reached the common room and saw the big robot hovering over the food, fixing a plate.

"Good Morning Guys!" She said. Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire were sitting at a round table with their food. Raven had her hood covering her face so she simply nodded in Bumblebee's direction. Beast Boy gave a lazy wave as he stuffed his face with his substitute breakfast. Starfire smiled at her and gave a soft good morning as she continued to eat. Then Cyborg popped up behind her with her breakfast.

"You are so lucky you are a guest here. Otherwise, you'd be fixing your own damn plate." He said, passing her the plate. She took it with a smirk.

"Thanks for not being lazy Sparky. I gotta hand it to you, this smells delicious."

"Damn right it does, you know how I do it in the kitchen girl. Remember how I made that dinner for your team."

"Yeah, it was the time when we were all being manipulated by Brother Blood." She said with an awkward smile.

"That's over and done with. The only thing that's gonna be manipulated up in here, are your taste buds. Grab a seat, Bee." He said, leading her to the table with the rest of the crew to sit and eat. As the team finished eating, the alarm started to blare and the room was covered with red lights.

"Trouble." Cyborg said, running to the Titan Computer. It was Red-X and he was robbing Jump First National Bank.

Beast Boy sighed in annoyance. "Yo, this man has Bruce Wayne money. What the hell is he doing robbing a bank?"

"Who is that?" Bumblebee said. Raven popped in front of the computer. "You'll soon find out."

"I hope you're ready for your first mission with us. TITANS GO!" Yelled Cyborg. Starfire and Raven took to the skies, Beast Boy transformed into a cheetah, and ran off to the bank. While Cyborg hopped in the T-Car. "You want a ride Bee?"

"Not this time Sparky. I'll see you at the bank. Hopefully, you're not stuck in traffic." Bee smirked and flew off to catch up with the girls. He shook his head with a smile and hopped in the car and sped off quickly.

Meanwhile at the bank…

"Please Mr. Red X sir, please don't hurt me." Said the bank teller who was stuck to the wall with his goo.

"Well, I wasn't going to, but if you wanna make sure I don't hurt you, then you better hush up while I'm working here." The man said, sporting his robotic voice.

"But…' The teller was cut off by Red X putting an X on the man's mouth, silencing him. He started wiggling more and gave a muffled scream. Red X shook his head, "I told you to hush it up, did I not?" All of a sudden, a bright green star bolt hit the man and blasted him to the other side of the bank. "Ah shit, here we go again." He muttered. The Titans then flew into the bank. Cyborg went to free the man while the others stood in position to take down the slightly disoriented Red X.

"Did I get hit that hard or does Chuckles look different?" He said looking at Bumblebee. She gave him the side-eye as she grabbed her stingers ready to attack. He started laughing now.

"Holy shit, we got ourselves a Chocolate Chuckles. Quite the improvement, if you ask me." He said moving closer to her. He was knocked back again but this time by Cyborg's bright blue solar beam. "TITANS GO!" He yelled and they all sprang into action. Starfire and Raven flew up to the ceiling and shot down at the antihero while he effortlessly dodged them.

"Azarath Metrion Zin - " As soon as she started saying her infamous mantra, Red X quickly shot out the same goo that he did on the teller at her face. She tried speaking to no avail while Red X started laughing at her. "That's a good look you, little bird." He slid past her, trying to head back to the very large safe. Starfire followed after him shooting more starbolts while Beast Boy in Cheetah form ran after him and tackled him down to the ground. He then morphed into a green gorilla to try and hold him down. Somehow, in mid transformation, he was able to slip through and emit more goo at him, gluing him right to the wall. He demorphed and noticed that his hair was covered with goo again and he grumbled to himself.

Bumblebee noticed how quickly the man was able to evade the two superheroes. And tried to think of a strategy as quickly as she could to take him down, without getting any of that shit on her. She saw that he jumped up and kicked Starfire in the stomach and she flew to the other side. She then decided to shrink down to microscopic size and fly over to him while Cyborg ran over to him with his cannons drawn. He was dodging all of Red X's kicks and punches with ease. The tiny Bumblebee took out her stingers and started to sting the man. The man started to wince in pain and he was positive he would burn underneath the mask. Cyborg smirked, remembering the pain he felt when she did the very same thing to him. Bumblebee continued her onslaught until she saw the very large hand smack her all the way to the other side of the room. She grew back to normal size and was gearing to go after him but Red X teleported directly in front of her and held her down.

"So Chocolate Chuckles, whatcha doing hanging with these jokers?" He taunted reaching down to touch her curls. Bumblebee grumbled and shrunk back down escaping his hold. Then grew to her bigger size and roundhouse kicked him in the face. She walked over to his limp body to inspect him but he bum rushed her and shot his explosions at her, almost knocking her out. He let out a big laugh and ran to her with his lasers drawn.

"Well, you're damn sure not Chuckles, but you sure as hell can pack a punch. Still, why don't you leave these assholes and come with me, so you can take what I'm packing." He said. She sneered at him getting ready to swing, but he was almost shot by a black lightning bolt and a light blue cannon. Red X did very masterful backflips similar to Robin's, and was able to dodge their attacks. Beast Boy into a T-Rex swung his tail toward the anti-hero successfully knocking him back over to the safe. As Red X got up, he saw the rest of the team charge at him, with Cyborg's cannon ready to fire and Starfire's fists powered with Starbolts.

"As much as I'd love to dance with you kiddies, I'm afraid I'd have to make my exit. Chocolate Chuckles, my offer still stands." He said as he teleported out of the bank, just before Cyborg's cannon made contact with his body.

"Shit he got away." Cyborg said. The Titans knew that Red X was always a crafty and sly foe. It was like Robin was back in the suit again.

"Fret not, dear Cyborg. At least we were able to put a stop to his thievery of the bank." Starfire said comforting the huge man. He perked up once he heard the police sirens coming closer to the bank. "Yeah, you right. Let's have the police finish up here and head on home guys."

Beast Boy attempted to run his fingers through his hair but he couldn't due to Red X's crap in his hair. "Aw man, not again. Last time he did this, it took months for my hair to grow back. This blows."

"Mhhhhmhm mrmhmhmhm mhhhm." Said Raven, who was all too familiar with Red X's adhesive on her mouth. Beast Boy started laughing and slung his arm over her shoulders.

"Don't you worry Rae Rae, Cy's gonna take that thing off ya real soon." Raven backed away quickly remembering the excruciating pain she felt when the X was being ripped off her face by her robotic big brother. It got the job done but it felt so bad that she could've sworn her lips were ripped off as well. She shook her head violently and yanked the shifter's hand off of her.

"Don't worry girl." said Bumblebee who also had the adhesive on her arms and stingers. "I can take that off your face without ripping off ya face." Raven stared at the girl and hesitantly shook her head yes.

"Ight y'all, I'm tryna go home. Not really feeling like cooking today so how about I order us some pizza?" Cyborg said as they all loaded into the car and he drove off in the night.

"Sweet! Get me Veggie's Delight Chrome Dome!"

"Please be sure that you order the little pepperonis on mine, with extra mustard on it as well." The rest of the gang minus Starfire retched.

"I got you Starfire. Raven, I know you want cheese. Bumblebee, what do you want?"

"You can get me pepperoni Sparky." she said.

"Alrigthy then! I'm getting me a Meat Lovers Pizza, with extra meat."

"Of course you are." Bumblebee snickered under her breath.

"I'm sorry, what was that ? Say it with your chest, what did you say?" Cyborg said with a grin on his face.

"I said of course you are. I know you're the oldest, I hope old age ain't getting to you this early." Karen bit back slyly. Beast Boy and Starfire started laughing at their exchange.

"You know what, keep that same energy when you don't get your food and you're sitting there hungry." She herself started laughing with them. "I'm eating your food if you don't get me anything. It's cool."

"Friend Bumblebee, I would gladly let you have some of my pizza once we get home." Starfire said with her genuine smile. Bumblebee's face fell and Cyborg smirked to himself, while Beast Boy was stifling his laughter.

"Yeah Bumblebee, you can have some of her pizza when we get home."

"You know what, I sincerely appreciate your offer Star, but Cy's gonna buy me my pizza so it's all good. Right Victor?"

"Don't worry Bee, I'll buy you your little pizza. Cuz I'm such a nice guy." He said as they all laughed minus Raven, who looked like she was gonna combust in annoyance. They soon made it to the tower and they all entered the common room. Cyborg started dialing the local pizza place while Starfire sat in one of the chairs in the room with Beast Boy in front of her so she could work on getting the mess out of his hair. Bumblebee flew into her room and grabbed a washcloth and flew back down to the kitchen sink to see Raven was sitting on the couch.

"Alright, get on up Raven." She said. Raven got up and raised her eyebrow at the girl. She saw her running the cloth under the hot water. Bumblebee walked over to that mage and applied the cloth to her face. A few minutes passed and then Bumblebee took the washcloth off and gently peeled the tape of Raven's face.

"Well look at that, you still got your face girl." She said with a smile. Raven started feeling the lower part of her face in shock. It was completely painless. She placed her hood back on her head, no smile on her face but she was extremely grateful for her help.

"Thank you, Bumblebee. That didn't hurt at all."

"You're so welcome! Now I gotta get this crap off of me. I am in dire need of a shower."

"Star, how's it going back there?" Beast Boy said.

"I have just finished, dear friend." Starfire held up a handheld mirror to his face and he was visibly distraught. "Shit, it looks worse than before. How am I gonna pick up hot chicks with my hair looking like this?!"

Raven sneered at the young green man. "I highly doubt you'd be picking up anything, even before the messed-up hair." Bumblebee started laughing but quickly covered her mouth to stifle it.

"You know what, you're right Rae. I could never pick up any hot chicks. Not when I have you with me." He said, wiggling his eyebrows at her. Raven took her magic and pushed him far away from her as she went back to her room, all the while she had a small blush on her cheeks. Starfire, Cyborg and Bumblebee started to laugh at the exchange. Bumblebee walked up to Starfire to get more information.

"Soo… Beast Boy and Raven huh?"

"No, they are not the "together" as of yet. I feel as though Raven is trying to mask her true feelings regarding Beast Boy. Even after the defeat of her father."

"Trigon." Bumblebee said with a distressed look.

"Yup. She's gotten a hell of a lot better but she's still a little reserved." Cyborg said, looking in the direction of whom he considered his little sister. "One day at a time though."

Beast Boy writhed in pain and struggled to get up. "Dude, I admire all the growth that she has, all the power she possesses and how she uses it, the way her eyes sparkle in the moonlight when she meditates outside, the way she smells like vanilla and old books." He said with a dreamy look. He then broke out of that look to see Starfire, Bumblebee and Cyborg staring at him. Starfire was most excited at her friend's lovestruck expression.

"Friend! You must confess your feelings towards Raven. Then you will be able to go on the double dates with me and Robin. And hopefully Cyborg and Bumblebee will be able to join us as well."

Bee stepped up and put her arm around Beast Boy's shoulder. "Only one problem with that girl."

"What is the problem?" She said with an innocent look. Then Cyborg interjected.

"The problem is… we ain't dating." Starfire then smiled at the two while Cyborg sent a knowing look at his direction.

"That is true, you guys are not dating as of yet." She said.

"Starfire, we are just friends. And we just started being like that. Plus, I'm pretty sure that I'm not in his league anyways. He goes for the "bad girls", right Victor?"

"Oh my god, that was while I was undercover. You can never let nothing go." He said with a joking smile and she sent one right back. "So if ya want Bee, I've been meaning to take you down to the basement so you can see all the Titans Tech I've been working on. It could give you more ideas on what you can build for the East."

Beast Boy snickered and smirked at the two. "Ooooooooh, you're taking her downstairs, just the two of you guys, ALONE." Bumblebee rolled her eyes and aimed her stinger at the shifter. "Say I won't burn you to a crisp right now." His eyes grew wide and he shut his mouth.

"But yes, I'm totally down to see what you've built. AS FRIENDS." Putting major emphasis on friends. "I just need to take a shower like yesterday."

"Oh yes please, friend Bee. Do not let us keep you. Cyborg will be right here waiting for you." Starfire said with a large smile and hugging Cyborg. He gave her a blank look and annoyed look while Beast Boy was laughing at him. Bumblebee rolled her eyes and exited the room. As soon as she left Cyborg broke from the stronger girl's hold and gave his two a look that could strike them both down where they stood.

"What in the hell was that about?"

Beast Boy stepped up. "Sorry dude, we were just joshing. That's all."

"JUST JOSHING? Would you like it if I did the same thing to Raven about you?"

"But you have, multiple times." He said with an exasperated look.

"Nevertheless, that does not mean you can do it to me."

"Ohhhhh but you can do it to me and that makes it right?"

"Enough friends! We need not fight. Beast Boy and I deeply apologize for embarrassing you in front of friend Bumblebee. We just wanted you to have quality time with her since we know you have some of the feelings towards her. She may also like you too but we shall not know."

"That is not the point, none of y'all should be getting involved. Star, did we get involved with you and Robin at any point in time?"

"Well, you have made a lot of comments towards us prior to us dating."

"Yeah dude." Beast Boy perked up and snickered. "Didn't you say recently that Robin wanted to spread her like the Coronavirus?" Cyborg quickly cut him off.

"OKAY! I may or may not have said stuff about the relationships, but I promise you it is all out of love. I want the best for both of you guys. And I want you guys to let me handle my feelings towards Bee. I promise you, I got this."

"Alright man, we believe you. Go get her tiger." Beast Boy said with a smirk.

"Yes, friend! Go get Friend Bumblebee, dear Cyborg!" He shook his head and a small smile graced his lips and he exited the room.

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