Hey, Guys, time for a new crossover. That's right, this crossover is with The Legend of Korra and Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates... So relax, and enjoy.

Chapter 1 The Book of Elements

Captain Jake's POV

As I was chilling on the beach with my friends Izzy, and Cubby a book washed up ashore.

"Yay hey no way, is that a book coming towards us?" Izzy asked us as I took out my spyglass.

"Look alive Maties, it's a book alright." I said to them as I took it out of the water.

"Check it out, it's a book about elements. Water Earth fire air." I said to my two friends.

"But Jake, you don't believe those things do you?" Izzy asked me.

"No!" I said to her as the book started to suck the three of us in.

"Jake, the book is sucking us in." Cubby said to me.

"Hold on tight, Maties." I said to them as we then landed on the grass of a park.

"Is everyone all right?" I asked them.

"Yeah we're fine, Captain Jake." They both said to me.

"Where are we?" Izzy asked me.

"You're in Republic City!" A girl who happened to be around 14 years old said to us.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"My name is Korra, I'm the avatar after Aang." Korra said to us.

"Well, Korra I'm Captain Jake, and these are my mates Izzy, and Cubby!" i said to her while Izzy waved.

As for Cubby, he was hiding behind me because to be honest you were scared of something.

"What's that Korra?" Cubby asked her.

"Oh this is Naga, my polar bear dog. Korra said to him.

"Aww, she's so cute." Izzy said to her as Naga licked her.

"I'm guessing Naga, likes you too Izzy." Korra said to her.

"Anyway, what are you guys doing here?" Korra asked us.

"Well Korra I found a book washed ashore, and then the book started to shake and here we are." I said to her.

"Fascinating!" Korra said with excitement.

"Anyway, I'm off to air Temple Island. Do you guys want to come?" Korra asked us.

"Yes please." We said to her as she placed us on Naga.

"Naga Go!" Korra said to her polar bear dog as she ran and then Korra Earth bended Naga all the way to Air Temple Island.

As we landed safely, Cubby went to the ocean and throw up.

"sorry about that I should have warned you." Korra said to him.

"It's okay." I said to her while Izzy was patting Cubby back.

Korra's POV

As Meelo, Ikki, and Jinora and Rohan came running out of the temple, they immediately hugged me.

"Korra! We missed you." Ikki sakd to me.

"I was only out for 2 hours." I said to her.

"Did you bring back any presents?" Meelo asked me.

"No, but I brought back three new friends with me." I said to him as I pointed to Captain Jake and his crew.

As Ikki went up to Cubby who was still throwing up from the ride earlier, she was blushing.

"Hi, I'm Ikki." she said to him.

"I'm I'm I'm Cubby." Cubby said to her while he started to blush.

"Awe, Cubby has a crush on Ikki!" Jinora and Captain Jake said at the same time.

"let's not hope your father finds out about this." I said to Ikki.

"KORRA! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" Tenzin asked me.

"Relax Tenzin." I said to him.

"NEVER TELL A GROWN MAN TO RELAX!" Tenzin said to me.

"Tenzin sweetie calm down." Pema his wife, said to him.

" Who are these adorable children, Korra?" Pema asked me.

" This is Captain Jake, Izzy and Cubby. who is still staring at your daughter, Ikki.

"Aww, cute." Pema said to them.

"Pema, I will not allowed our Ikki to date him.

"Oh come on sweetie he seems nice and cute. Doesn't he remind you of you when you were young?" Pema asked him.

"I guess you're right, all right I'll allow it. But if my daughter is in any danger, I want Cubby to leave." Tenzin said to her as he went bsck inside.

"don't worry Cubby my dad's not going to make you leave." Ikki said to him.

"Your dad seems scary." Cubby said to her.

"hey he may be scary, but he's really a nice guy once you get to know him." Jinora said to him.

"yeah! and to be honest, our dad is the son of Avatar Aang!" Meelo said to him.

"Cool! So, where is Avatar Aang?" Cubby asked them.

"He passed away, a long time ago." I said ti him.

"Aww, we really wanted to meet him." Izzy said to me.

"Don't worry, he's watching over us." I said to her as I pinched Izzy's cheek while she giggled.

"Okay, Korra." Izzy said to me.

"you three adorable kids must be hungry. Come on, I'll wip you something to eat." Pema said to them as we all went inside.

"excuse me, Ms. Pema, but may I help you in the kitchen?" Cubby asked her.

"Cubby is really good in the kitchen." Captain Jake said to her.

"Sure, Cubby!" Pema said to him.

Cubby's POV

As I was helping Pema in the kitchen, little did I know that fire came out of my hands.

"Whoa." I said to myself.

"Cubby? is everything okay in there?" Korra asked me.

"Yeah, everything's okay. nothing's burning." I lied to her as fire was spreading.

"Cubby do I smell smoke?" Captain Jake askwd me.

"Okay, yes! EVERYONE OUT!" I saod to them as we all evacuated.

"Is everyone all right?" Izzy asled us.

"yeah, we're fine." everyone said to her as Korra came out.

"Korra, how's the damage?" Tenzin asked her.

"Well the fire is out, but I can't say anything about the kitchen." Korra said to him.

"Mr. Tenzin I am so sorry, I don't know what happened." i said to him.

"It's quite all right Cubby. I'm just smoking nobody got hurt." Tenzin said to me as Ikki came out coughing.

"Ikki! I saod to her as I ran towards her.

"Next time, check the rooms." I said to Korra.

"I didn't know Ikki was still in there." Korra said to me.

"CUBBY, YOU LEFT MY DAUGHTER IN THERE TO DIE?" Tenzin asked me as I ran off.

Ikki's POV

After my dad yelled at Cubby, I ran after him.

Once I found him, he was crying.

"Cubby, you okay?" I asked him.

"No. your father is blaming me for all of this, Ikki." Cubby said to me.

"Cubby, I'm so sorry that my father. he's usually not like this." I said to him.

"what exactly happened in the kitchen?" I asked him.

"Well, your mother asked me to cook for you guys, since she went out anyway. and then that's when water came out of my hands." Cubby said to me.

"Waitt did you say water came out of your hand?" I asked him.

"Yes!" Cubby said to me.

"I think I know what's happening to you, but we need to go to the southern water tribe." I said to him ax I took his hand.

Once we arrived, Katara was waiting for us.

"Gran, Gran!" I said to her as I hugged her.

"Hello, Ikki, does your father know that your here?" Katara asked me.

"No. please don't tell him." I sakd to her.

"Katara, my name is Cubby, and I just figured out water, came out of my hands.

"Aww, aren't you cute." Katara said to him as she pinches his cheek.

"Thanks!" Cubby said to her.

"Cubby, here is a scroll for you to learn water bending." Katara said to him.

"Aren't you going to teach me?" Cubby asked her.

"I'll come first thing tomorrow morning." Katara said to him.

"Thank, you, Gran Gran!" Cubby said to her as she hugged her.

"Aww, Cubby. you remind me at my husband." Katara said to him.

"You and Aang were married?" Cubby asked her.

"Yes! Aang was full of life. An he was an Airbender." Katara said to him.

"Gran gran, what was Grandpa like?" I asked her.

"Oh he was full of life." Katara said to me.

"Wow." I said to him.