"Percy! I'm busy, can't you see?" Annabeth whined. "Jason drew sketches of the shrines, but I still have to design them and make blueprints. Now that he's dead, I don't have his help. Come back after an hour."

Percy groaned. "But it's important!"

"What's so important, Seaweed Brain, that I have to stop working?"

"I've been thinking..."

"Since when do you think?"

"Hey" Percy yelled indignantly. "I'm taking you on a date! Dinner and a surprise!"

"Seaweed Brain, it's 5. Dinner's at 8."

He sighed. "Annabeth, have you checked the time?"

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "No. It was 4 an hour ago. I used simple math."

"Annabeth, it's 7. Maybe you should take a break?"

Annabeth jumped up. How could time pass by so fast? She had to get ready. As she was about to grab some clothes to get into the shower, she heard Percy yell, "Formal clothes Annabeth! Meet me at 8 by Thalia's Tree! Don't worry, we have Chiron's permission!"

She smiled. Percy may act stupid, but he can be smart.

Time skip to after the shower- why would any of you want a shower scene?

Annabeth POV

I had to go to the Aphrodite cabin. Don't sympathize, I hate pity. That place reeks of perfume, makeup, and blonde gossip girls. I blame their mom. Piper, Mitchel, Lacy, and 3 others I don't know are like the only normal ones. Unknowingly, a tear slid down my face. Silena... she may have loved makeup, but she was the best. She didn't care about all the jewels in the myrmekes lair. She only focused on Beckendorf. Now, both of them are dead. I quickly wiped the tear away. I can't show weakness.

I hesitantly knocked on the door, and it opened to reveal Drew Tanaka. 'Great,' I thought. She is the worst of the cabin.

"Piper's not here," Drew said snarkily, and was about to close the door on her but she stuck her foot it the gap before the door closed, effectively wedging it back open. "What do you want?"

I sigh. "As much as I hate to say this, I need formal clothes, and I need your help with makeup. Maybe even hair." I said. As an afterthought, I added, "It doesn't have to be you specifically, it can be anyone else that can get the job done. I need to be ready in..." I glance at my watch. "40 minutes."

She squealed. Drew may act (forgive my language, I don't usually swear) bitchy but when it comes to fashion, she's a second Aphrodite. (Comes with the genes.) She grabbed my hand and yanked me inside. I nearly lost my shoe in the process. (Stupid loose Nike.) (A/N Hey, joke for you! What shoes do Ninja wear? It's a joke. PM/review what you think. First one that gets the answer gets advertised by getting their name on the front of a chapter of one of my books! Ok, on with the story.)


"What do you want Drew?" an exasperated Mitchell asks.

"Well... the day has come! Annie wants a makeover and a dress!"

Everyone gasps while I glare daggers at Drew. "1. MAKEUP HELP, not makeover. 2. It's Annabeth! Not Annie! and 3. Does it have to be a dress?"

"YES!" Almost everyone yelled. I sigh. Dress it is, I guess. Valentina Diaz, one of the fashion experts, (Real character- if anybody has read the Camp Half Blood Confidential or Trials of Apollo The Hidden Oracle, you would know) took my hand and gently led me to the closets leaning up the back wall of the cabin. She opened it to reveal... dresses and high heels. Everywhere. I paled at this. I HATE no LOATHE dresses and high heels! Converse please! (Read the fanfiction Converse! It's a percabeth mortal AU on fanfiction. Really good! Sorry, I get sidetracked a lot.)

She pulled out a couple sea green, grey, blue, teal, red, and white dresses. I looked at quizzically. Why did she choose those colors?

She understood, then explained, "Sea green because it goes with his eyes, blue because of the sea and Percy's favorite color. Grey because it brings out your eyes, teal because it's a mix of green and blue, red because you look amazing in red, and white because, well, science says that it's all colors excluding grey, brown and black."

But I still had one question. "There are so many! How am I supposed to try and decide between all of these in 35 minutes?"

She replied, "First choose the ones you like or think you will like. Then separate it into the ones you prefer, simple or complex? Then, try them on and see which don't fit and which aren't comfortable. Eliminating those, you will have some leftover. Choose between those."

I nodded, then followed through with her instructions. I eliminated the teal, red, blue, and 5 white dresses. Now, I have the remaining 3 sea green, 2 grey, and 2 white dresses. I eliminated the white and grey because the designs weren't as great and they were complex.
I went to try the dresses on.

(After she changes and tries them on)

"None of these are good!" I whined as I came out in my original clothes. One of them showed too much of the front side, while another showed too much of a backside. The last one WOULD have been perfect, if, you know, it was wider. I can't fit my body inside, never mind a dagger!

I could tell everybody was conflicted. Valentina goes back into the closet to see if there are any good ones. During this, Lacy drags me to the makeup and hair table so we don't waste time.

Lacy bombards me with questions. "Curled or Straight?"


She rolled her eyes. "Curled hair or straight?"


"Pink or red lipstick?"

"Light pink."



"Eyebrow pencil?"

I looked in the mirror. "Yes."


"What is that?"

"It highlights your cheekbones." (I had to research some makeup products. 123 GO! Anyone? No? Ok...)





"Light pink."


"Emeralds, light weight, hanging types."



"Bows or barrettes?

"Not if my life depended on it."

"Glitter tattoo on your arm?"

I was about to say yes when I heard Valentina yell, "Annabeth! I found the perfect dress!"

I smiled and went over to her, only to gasp. The dress was just stunning. It was a light blue that trails down till my waistline, and it turns into a dark blue, then a grey. It was a v neck, greek styled dress, with no sleeves. It hugged my curves, but not too much. just perfect. I reached out to grab it when a note falls to the ground.

Hey Annabeth,

How's my favorite half of Percabeth doing! Darling, I heard you were in need of a dress and made this for you! Trust me, I know it's beautiful, but why just for a date? You may ask. Trust me, Annabeth. It is going to be a night you will never forget. Oh! Tomorrow, at 1:30 P.M, meet me in my palace. No choice! I'll be teleporting you! Trust me, you'll know why soon.

à tout à l'heure (see you soon in French!)


P.S. Don't show this to my children. They'll just be zealous.

My eyes widened. APHRODITE gave me a dress just for a date? I'm a daughter of Athena! Think! What could it mean? ARGH! I hated not knowing! But I couldn't dwell on that right now. I had to try on the dress.

I ran into the dressing room with the dress and the note.

After changing

I walked out any everyone gasped. The boys gave me lustful looks while the girls were envious. I looked beautiful for once.

Since Lacy did the hair and makeup right after my answer, I was all set. I quickly thanks them and was about to run off when I heard Drew yell, "You forgot the shoes!"

"Forget it! I'm wearing my converse!"

"No you are not!" She grabbed my hand and dragged me along with her. I internally groaned.

"Drew! 2 minutes until I have to meet Percy!" I said in hopes to make her let go.

"10 minutes Annie."


"Whatever, Annie."

"Argh!" Why are Aphrodite girls so ANNOYING!

Valentina picked out some high heels while I was being dragged here.

"Here. Easy to run, comfy, light blue high heels. They aren't that high though."

I thanked her, then ran out.

I saw Percy leaning against Blackjack. The dark pegasus was clawing at the ground, feeling apprehensive of standing too close to Peleus. Percy was talking softly to him. I couldn't see anything but their outlines.


He turned around and smiled softly at me. I nearly gasped. He looked so handsome... I couldn't even describe him.

"You look beautiful Wise Girl."

I blushed as he grinned his lopsided grin. He motioned for me to get onto Blackjack. He got on first, then helped me up. We soared east into the dark night.