Strong Language, Adult language.

A/N- Set in Season Six/ Episode Fifteen

"Where's Mr Liam Dunbar?"

"I don't know who the fuck that is!" Kali hisses

"You!" Schrader points the control at Mason. "The best friend of the bunch! Where is he?"

"Don't know" Mason spits.

"Maybe you'll remember with a drop of pain, it'll jog the memory" He raises the steel bat. It looks like Stiles' he bashes the bat against the human's ribs.


"McCall's his fucking alpha! Go and storm his house!" Theo yells.

"THEE!" Mason groans.

"This is what McCall's doing nowadays, turning highschoolers? Pathetic!" Kali chuckles, only to scream when they all get electrocuted yet again. Sure the jolts are a pain in the ass. But something jagged digs in Theo's guts, when he sees Mason get hurt. He knows where Liam is. He knows every lie this boy tells. He's never gonna give him up. Loyalty? Friendship? Theo calls it stupidity.

He's not supernatural. He can't take the pain like he can. He can't heal and laugh this off like Kali can. Against his better judgement, he tries to help him out. "This isn't going to end well for you, Mase. Just give him a zip code. A hang out spot, anything! Didn't He and Hayden used to make out at Condit wood?" Theo asks.

"We don't know a Hayden!" Mason shouts.

Schrader laughs, reaching over to grab Mason's face. "Oh, you're too fucking much! You feel cold...why don't we use the blow torch to warm you up?"

"YOU FUCKING SICKO!" Theo yells. He gets electrocuted for his mouth. But it distracts the hunter away from Kali, who's using her razor sharp nails to peel through the wire fence, it's clearly working. Theo growls as Schrader beats Mason's shins with the baton, before he charges the blow-torch.

"STOP!" Theo hisses

"Where's Liam?"

"McCall, Hayden Romeo? The chick he's AAAAHHHFUCKKK!" Theo get another jot that fries him into silence.

"Kali are you just gonna hang there like a rag doll or..." Schrader is stunned when Kali kicks him square in the nose, he falls back on to floor. While's he's scrambling with bones crunching, and looking for the control, Kali gets herself free. She walks, calmly straight past Mason. Like he's not even there and unties Theo. He's shocked and relieved as Kali picks Schrader up with one arm and throws him across the warehouse.

"PLEASE Call Li" Mason croaks. "Tell him to stay on the move!"

"Do we look like your servants?" Kali asks, running a hand through her hair. "Come on Theo, let's go"

"Woah, you're really gonna leave him here?" Theo questions.

"Yes of Course. I've got no use for humans. Neither have you, let's go!" Kali said pointing to the door. Sure, Kali was a bad ass alpha. He wants to impress her. With an obedient nod, he starts walking in the opposite direction, away from Mason, hanging against the fence. Towards Kali who could give him the power and the pack that he'd always wanted. It's a huge warehouse. He can hear Schrader slowly making his way back to the human.

"I'm actually glad we're alone Mason. You''re human aren't you?"


"I'll find out soon enough. I admire your loyalty Mason. Alas I've also been admiring your ass" Theo can hear the ruffle of clothing. "You're all washed out and exhausted. I can do whatever I want without you fighting back. With the bonus of you being black and openly gay the police won't give a damn if you decide to report. I'd use lube, but judging by tonight, you've got a pretty high tolerance for..."

As much as Theo wanted to walk out the door, it was far more enjoyable punching schrader in the face, until his remaining face, and nose was a rotting mess. In moments Mason was untied and the creepy hunter was strapped to the fence in his place.

"I came back for more fun! Don't look so shocked!" Theo said grabbing the remote and propping the button on book, so Schrader would be an electric eel all night long. He finds the rest of Mason's clothes, shoves a fleece on him and heaves him over his shoulder. When they get outside, he notes that Kali has gone. He was kind of hoping she'd wait. He had so much things to ask her. He opens his trusted truck and gently lays the human in the back.

"Thee, my phone!"

"Mase shut up. You're exhausted. Yeah I've got all your shit. You didn't have much, you were kidnapped. I'm taking you to hospital"

"Thanks, for coming back" He says weakly.

"Well I had to show Kali I'd turned a new leaf" He lies. "Just relax" That was the last thing that the human did. With the burning and bruises, he was tossing and turning. Even in the hospital bed. Theo cupped his hand around his forehead as he cringed from the burns on his pack.

"Melissa, can't you shoot him up with more morphine? He looks like shit!" Theo barks.

"Anymore and my colleagues will be asking questions"

"Fuck their questions! I can..."

"Mason's sister's going to be here soon. Now tuck your boyfriend in and see him tomorrow morning" Melissa said checking Mason's medical folder.

"He's...Wha….boy...You know he's not mine!" Theo splutters

"Not yet! You've got five minutes.." She nods.

He shrugs a thanks. He's never been any good this. He never a relationship to reference from. Just one night stands that he tried to chuck out before Three AM. He tries to tell himself that this was a business decision. That saving Mason connects him to Scott. That opens another door for him to get in the leaders good graces. He walks over to him and taps his hand.

"Your big sister's gonna be here. I'm gonna make a move"

"Okay" Mason said shuffling on his side. Theo grabs his hand to stop the pain, but he waves him off. "I know you did it to impress Kali, but...thank you for coming back for me"

"It's nothing"

"It's something! cared enough about me to come back!" Mason tries to smile.

"Look...Care is a strong word. I came back because I didn't wanna hear you get gang raped by a psycho, a Kanima and a blowtorch. Kali was worried, she asked me to go back, so..."

"I guess this will be the last time I'll see you"


"Supernaturals have to get out. Scott's packing his bags. I'm sure..." Mason grits his teeth as he leans on his back. The ripples of pain making his hands shake. "Someone can put in a good other words Scott wants to see you tonight" He tells him.

"Are you fucking serious? I can tag along with his pack and get the fuck out of here?" Theo gasps.

"Yeah. You may not be on a Beta level yet man, but...after tonight you've got a friend in Scott McCall!" Mason nods. Theo wants more than anything to cradle Mason in his arms and kiss him on the forehead, but he's gotta get his shit and go to McCall's house as soon as possible. He strokes the boy's shoulders as a thanks and starts the truck, ready to see Scott and then get "his pack" back on the road...

Mason wakes up. Cold, but in less pain than he was yesterday. His big sister knew bits and pieces. She was a great liar. Those lies kept her parents happy. As far as they knew, he was staying at Brett's. He leans up, preparing himself to slowly move his legs over the side of the bed. He's slowly scooting his ass on the mattress when he sees a figure in the corner.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Mason yells, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"Mase! Relax it's me! Your favourite chimera"


"Very fucking funny" Theo said, also brushing the sleep from his eyes. As he walks over, Mason smells that he's freshly showers, but smells the sweaty torture clothes on the floor.

"Thee...did you shower here? At the hospital?" He asks. "I just gonna..."

"Let's get you to the bathroom" Theo said lifting him carefully. He carried him bridal style and waits outside like a hawk until he hears the flush. He watches him slowly walk back to the bed and stare at him in wonder.

"Liam...Kira...Scott...they're all in a secure location...what happened?" Mason asks worriedly.

"I couldn't leave" Theo shrugs pulling up a chair.

"Am I missing something? Scott...he wouldn't turn you down. He never goes back on promises...did Malia threaten you? Please don't tell me Peter grabbed your ass again?" Mason pauses in horror as Theo leans over and gently kisses him on the mouth. His pale index finger running down his cheek. The chimera sniffs him, before he leans back into the chair and closes his eyes.

"That was intense but I...I don't get it"..."

"What? Do you want me to fill up this room with flowers and candy?" He asks, eyes still closed.

"This isn't about a crush Thee. You've gotta get your sexy chimera ass out of here. Dude we both know you'll die if you stay!" Theo opens his eyes with an eerie calm that the human has never seen before.

"I'll die if I leave. Mase I can't stop thinking about you. It pretty much had to take a psychotic freak beating you with a steel pipe, to make me admit it. But it's true. I can't leave Beacon Hills without you"

"Wow!" Brett walks in, Devenford uniform on. He's smiling, but his eyes are glowing. He's clapping in applause, but his claws are out. "What an awesome Oscar winning fucking performance. Mase will never be the beast again, so you don't ever have to STALK, see or talk to my boyfriend AGAIN. UNDERSTOOD?" Brett snarls.

"The beast is dead dickface! It has nothing to do with-"

"Yeah fucking right! Like you haven't been hanging around Mase, like a bad smell, just to see if pieces of the beast lie dormant. Like you haven't been sniffing and waiting outside his bedroom window just waiting for a supernatural question mark? He's human now Theo. No energy, no evil, no powers that you can claw out of him. No fucking way are you gonna worm your way into Mason's life and kill him, like you do with everything else!" Brett growls.

"Brett!" Mason gasps.

"It's true. I'm the only one that's brave enough to say it to your face. Now do you little walk of shame before I have to re-arrange your face, permanently!" Brett warns.

There's nothing else to say. That's what happens when a boyfriend defends the objects of his affections. This is what couples do when they have to protect their relationship from threats. Being forever single- Theo Raeken can't relate...