Marina flopped down into one of the fluffy bean bag chairs in her room. She held her phone out with one hand, the other was drying her freshly showered hair. Lorynn, her face slightly pixelated on the screen, had her hair wrapped up in a towel and a wet face mask on her face, looking perplexed.

"What do you mean it just happened?" she asked. "You tackled that guy. I've never seen anyone tackle someone unless it was at my brother's football games." Marina looked at the bracelet on her wrist. The pink gems on the top glimmered with a bright light when she twisted it.

"I've never tackled someone before but Iris is my best friend. And then he started talking all weird. About how change is bad," Marina said, recalling the events from earlier that afternoon. "And the next thing I know this little guy," Marina gestured to the fox floating around her head. "Just suddenly appeared and created this bracelet."

"Your souls merged!" Clio said, piping up finally. The fairy and the spirits decided staying with Marina was going to be the safest option going forward. "Your heart resonated with Flash's and he saw the potential for you to transform into a Pretty Cure Warrior!"

"What are these Pretty Cure Warriors anyway?" Lorynn asked. "Why did Marina become one and not me? I wasn't in that gray area."

"Well…" Clio started.

"I'd like to know that as well," Marina added. "My heart resonated with you, little guy? What does that mean exactly?" Marina looked up at Flash. His flame like tail flickered lazily. The small fox yawned before nestling on Marina's head. "Talkative aren't you?"

"How do I become one?" Lorynn pushed.

"Truthfully I don't-"

"What are those monsters? And who was that guy that summoned it anyway? Oh, and what's this?" Marina turned around and grabbed the spherical, multicolored crystal from her bedside table.

Clio went back and forth between Marina in front of her, and Lorynn's face on the phone screen. The two girls continued to ask questions. So many, in fact, that Clio couldn't keep up, her head jerking from one face to the next. Before she knew it, she was dizzy.

"I-I-I'm going to sleep," she half-shouted before falling down on Marina's bed, a dazed look on her face.

"Clio! Are you okay?" Marina asked. The small squirrel curled up into a ball. "I guess that's that…"

"Well I know one thing," Lorynn said. "I want those gray people to come back. I want to beat them with you guys!"

Changing Hearts Pretty Cure!

Episode 2: Autumn's Scent! Cure Spice Is Ready!

Thunder rumbled outside the gray manor house. The dark clouds above threatened a heavy rain, but it never fell from the sky. Rain would cause the grass and hedges to grow. It would form mud with the dirt underneath the gravel road. It would cause mold to grow on the bricks of the grand house.

No, rain was never allowed to fall here. It would change too much, even if it fell for only fifteen minutes.

Keiran paced outside the drawing room, tall, wide windows lining the hallway. The thunder would sound, and dull light flashed in its wake. Keiran was normally used to the thunder at this point, but he was jumpy today. The crack of thunder startled him every time.

The drawing room door opened. Keiran's gray-green eyes flashed to it. His older sister, Daphne, elegantly slinked out of the room. Her long, light gray hair draped over her left shoulder, ending in an elegant curl. She was twisting the curl lazily with a finger.

"Ah, Keiran, back so soon?" she said tauntingly. He didn't have to say anything. Keiran knew his sister was a master at reading other people. "You were so confident you were going to finish what we started…" Daphne's face turned into a pout.

"Shut up," Keiran snapped, clenching his fists. "I wasn't anticipating the Pretty Cure to actually appear the first time I showed up." Daphne's cold eyes narrowed.


"That stupid Cure Spark! She just… suddenly appeared," Keiran began to rant, not noticing Daphne's reaction.

"Brother dear, calm down," Daphne said, gripping his shoulder. "You mean to tell me the Pretty Cure Warriors are… already being formed? Lady Liath will not be happy about this. But I suppose she needs to know. Come now, brother. Let's tell her."

Without letting her brother protest, Daphne took him by the hand and led him into the drawing room. At the back of the room, Liath's painting seemed empty. It wasn't until Daphne called for her that the Gray Woman appeared.

"I assume we have an update?" she said lazily.

"Keiran?" Daphne said.

"Uh, well," For whatever reason, Keiran thought his sister would update their leader. "W-well, uh, you see," he stammered.

"Spit it out," Liath said, her impatience becoming apparent.

"A Pretty Cure Warrior has appeared. She is completely new. She only gained her powers days ago, but. Our opposition has shown itself," he finally said. His eyes flicked back and forth between Liath's painting and the floor, unsure how she was to react. Finally, Liath let out a sigh.

"Well, I suppose we just need to stop the next two from being born," she said.

"The next two?"

"The Pretty Cure Warriors can only be born when their souls merge with the spirits of the seasons. We have one already," Liath opened her palm. An orb appeared in the painting with her. Inside, Clover floated limply, unconscious. "Which means there are only two other spirits that can grant powers.

"Pretty Cure Warriors are only successful in numbers. They thrive off of being a team. If there's only one to deal with, she'll be a nonissue."

"Let me try again!" Keiran blurted out. If there were only two other spirits to capture, and the first was already so easy, surely the next two wouldn't be so hard? And he was prepared now. He didn't wait for anyone to say anything. He snapped his fingers and disappeared in a flash of gray diamonds.

Marina's alarm clock blared in her ears at 5 o'clock sharp the following Monday. Weirdly, she was looking forward to the first day of school. She could fall into routine again with going to get coffee after school with Iris. And while her friendship with Lorynn was born out of necessity, Marina liked getting to know her new neighbor.

She wandered down to an empty kitchen, her parents already long gone to open the gym they operated. It got lonely at times, but Marina appreciated the morning quiet. She normally started her morning with a quick jog around the block, followed by some morning yoga.

At around 6:30, Iris and one of her moms–usually Selena–would come by to drop her off at school. It was a routine that had been set in stone for as long as Marina could remember. However, this morning was different. She had Clio and the spirits to worry about.

When Marina arrived back in her kitchen after her morning jog, Clio was waiting on the kitchen island, rummaging through the fruit bowl.

"Apples and bananas? No berries?" Her pink tail stuck up over the edge of the bowl, looking like a fluffy, curled fruit. Marina chuckled at the sight. Clio, who hadn't heard Marina come in, shot up out of the bowl on high alert.

"Berries are in the fridge," she said gently. "What kind would you like?"

"R-raspberries," Clio said, floating down to the island. Marina made her way over to the fridge, smiling at the different energy in the kitchen that morning. She pulled out a small basket of raspberries and set them in front of Clio.

"Eat up." Clio dug into the berries, happily popping them into her mouth one by one. "Now, you're going to be alone most of the day today, okay?"

"What? Why?" Clio asked, berry juice collecting around her mouth.

"Well today's the first day of the new school year," Marina said, pulling more food out of the fridge to make her own breakfast. "Mom and dad are at the gym until 2, and I'll be home later than that."

"Oh, I do remember you mentioning that the other day… Even Earth has school," Clio said, almost amazed at the fact. Her ears and tail twitched with excitement at once. "Can I come with you?!" She blurted out. Marina froze, about to crack an egg into a bowl. "PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePlease?" Clio pleaded.

Marina pondered for a moment, hitting the egg on the side of her bowl with a satisfying crack.

"One condition. You have to stay hidden!"

Iris came and picked up Marina at her usual time. The two made idle chatter on the drive up to West Lake High. When they arrived, students were instructed to head to the main gymnasium to pick up schedules. Walking in, the girls saw a line of tables amongst the opposing wall.

The gym was loud, the echo mixing in with the regular dull roar of multiple conversations. The tables were separated alphabetically by last name.

"Okay let me see yours," Marina said after Iris rejoined her at the front. The two examined their schedules. "French 3 right at the start of the day! We knew that would happen… Oh and we have AP Pre-Calculus together, too!"

"Something tells me you're going to want multiple study sessions for that," Iris chided. Marina smiled, embarrassed.

"I foresee that, myself, too," Marina said. She looked around the gymnasium, looking at the A-D line. She learned Lorynn's last name was Boudreaux after the two exchanged numbers. She didn't see her neighbor. Part of her was a little disappointed.

"Looking for someone?" Iris asked.

"Yeah, just looking to see if Lorynn made it to school…" She didn't bother trying to look any harder. The gym was beginning to fill up and was getting louder by the second. "Let's head to class. I bet no one's there yet."

The two made their way to the second floor. There were only two French teachers in the whole school since most students took Spanish while the rest split their decision between German and French. One taught the beginner level French classes, while the other, Madame Fredricks, taught the advanced. It would be Marina and Iris's first time with Madame Fredricks."

"Find a seat anywhere. No seating chart the first day," Madame Fredricks said. She was a short woman, and despite the fact that she had been teaching for 10 years, looked very young for her age. Marina and Iris were the first ones there, as Marina had predicted.

As more and more students got their schedules, the room began to fill up. The final bell rang at 8:15, and Madame Fredricks began class.

"Bonjour, classe. Ça va?" She looked at the class expectantly. Only Iris and a couple other students muttered an answer. "Ah, non. Encore. Encore une fois." She made a gesture with her hand signaling the class to try again. This time, many more students answered back, some in English.

"Welcome to French 3. I see some familiar faces from next door. This year will be a bit more challenging than just learning how to conjugate a lot of verbs and taking verb tests. We will begin to practice writing out letters, dialogue with a part-"

Suddenly, the door opened as Lorynn confidently waltzed in. Heads turned as they took her in. Marina felt herself gasp. Lorynn looked… well she looked amazingly trendy. She was wearing an oversized, two-toned yellow and white button shirt that tied in the front with tight fitting, light blue capris. Her makeup was done expertly to match her soft, dark green eyes. A navy scarf held her silky brown hair back.

"Bonjour, Madame," she said. Lorynn's French already sounded much different than Madame Fredricks', her cajun accent coming out more prominently.

"Bonjour," Madame Fredricks looked over her glasses that sat at the edge of her nose. "You're late."

"I'm sorry. I just moved here. New to the school and all. Je m'appelle Lorynn Boudreaux," Lorynn said. She surveyed the room. An empty seat just so happened to be open to Marina's right. When she caught Marina, her eyes lit up, winking at her new friend. "I'll take a seat. Sorry for interrupting."

Whispers rippled through the room while Lorynn took her seat. Marina could tell some of her classmates recognized Lorynn from online. And on some level, Lorynn knew and relished the thought. This was going to be interesting.

The day went by without much more of a problem. Lorynn quickly attached herself to Marina, as the two had a few more classes together and Lorynn proclaimed she needed a guide.

Marina, Iris, and Lorynn all ended the day with AP Pre-Calculus. When the final bell rang, the three of them hung back in the hallway outside the classroom.

"So, how is West Lake High treating you?" Iris asked.

"Oh I love it here. It's not much different from New Orleans. I really made a good impression on Madam Fredricks this morning, didn't I?" Lorynn said, exaggerating her sarcasm. "She's going to hate me when she realizes how much Cajun French differs from hers. I'm lucky I know the bit of 'proper' French I do."

"Madame Fredricks is a hard read," Marina said. "I've heard other upperclassmen say she can be your best friend, or your worst enemy."

"Great," Lorynn said, slumping against the wall. "Well, let's get out of here! I'm starving. My dad's restaurant isn't open yet. But I can treat you two to a little snack before home?"

"Oh it sounds delicious, but I've got to get home," Iris said. "Mom and Mama have an event they need to prepare for and I offered to help."

Iris said her goodbyes, leaving Marina and Lorynn alone in the emptying hallway.

"Well, I'll take you up on that offer," Marina said. "Plus, we have some talking to do." She pulled off her party open backpack. Before she fully unzipped it, she looked around to make sure no one was there. "We have some talking to do." Clio's pink head popped up out of Marina's backpack.

"Yes! Yes we do!" Lorynn said.

A bus ride later, Lorynn and Marina stood in front of a grand restaurant in a semi-residential area. Its entrance was a large courtyard with old chairs and tables scattered about. A dried up fountain stood in the center, a few feet in front of the door.

"Wow… I've been here my whole life and I had no idea this restaurant existed," Marina said, marveling at the building before her. "Your dad was able to snag this?" she asked, feeling her jaw drop.

"Dad said it was a house in a former life... It was apparently on the market for a long time," Lorynn said, smirking. "When I saw this fountain, I told him to go for it." Lorynn walked up to the fountain and ran a hand over it. "Restaurants with fountains are very 'in' right now." Just then, Marty walked out of the restaurant. His face lit up at the sight of his daughter.

"And you don't let me forget about what's 'in'," he said. His smile made even Marina feel warm, and loved. "How was the first day, chere?" Marty asked, pulling his daughter into a hug. Lorynn embraced him willingly. Marina's smile grew wider. Despite Lorynn's aloof and "popular girl" attitude, she clearly didn't mind expressing love for her father in public.

"Marina helped me get around a lot," she said, winking. "Where are you headed off to?"

"Oh, I need to grab a few things for the restaurant. Opening day is in about a month and there's still so much to do," Marty's warm smile faltered. "Been in this business fo' twenty years and I still can't seem to get everything to line up perfectly."

"I was going to show Marina around the restaurant. Do we have some stuff to make crepes in there?" Lorynn asked.

"We might have a few things, but don't make too much. We still need ingredients for the last bit of recipe testing tomorrow," Marty said. "Tell you what, I would feel better with some warm bodies in the restaurant while I'm out. I shouldn't be gone too long." Marty tossed Lorynn the keys to the building. "Just lock the door when you're in." Marty gave Lorynn's arm one more squeeze before heading off to the lone car that was parked in the parking lot.

Locking the door behind them, Lorynn made a beeline to the kitchen sink to wash her hands.

"Let that poor squirrel out of your bag," she said, casually throwing her book-bag on a metal kitchen counter. The clanging of pots and pans could be heard all throughout the restaurant as Lorynn pulled her equipment and ingredients out. Marina gently set her backpack down and fully unzipped it. Clio and the spirits all shot out of the bag.

"Maybe asking to go to school was a bad idea after all," Clio said. "I didn't mind learning about your world's history but being in that bag for hours… I can't do that again."

"I'm sorry Clio," Marina said, taking the small squirrel in her arms. "I'm very proud of you for managing to stay hidden all day." Marina pet Clio's head, and the squirrel relaxed. "So what are you going to make for us again?"

"Crepes!" Lorynn was already expertly cracking eggs into a bowl. "Watch this," she said, turning the scale to face Marina. She pulled out a container of flour and a new bowl, placing it on a digital scale. She removed the top of the flour, and began shaking it into the bowl. After a few seconds, she eyeballed the bowl and set the flour down. "Tell me the scale doesn't say 250 grams." She put her hands confidently on her hips.

Marina looked down at the scale. Sure enough, the scale read 250. "Wow," Marina muttered. "How long have you been making crepes? That's insane that you just know what 250 grams of flour looks like."

"I've been in the kitchen with my dad since I was a baby. Sometimes, being in the kitchen with him was the only time I got to spend with him," she said. "Crepes were one of the first things I learned how to make."

"Do you want to be a cook like him?" Marina asked. Lorynn was silent for a moment, pouring milk, pure vanilla extract, and sugar into the bowl with the eggs. Once they were mixed, she began combining her dry and wet ingredients.

"No, I don't think so. I've had it in my head that I wanted to become a big time influencer. You just watch people have these extraordinary lives online, right? I just… wanted to have that, too." Marina nodded. She knew a number of influencers she'd like to know or have their lives, too.

"What's an influencer?" Clio asked.

"It's someone who makes a living posting about things they like on the internet, or making entertaining videos for people to watch," Marina said, petting Clio again.

"Oh, you talked about that Internet thing in class today… wow. So why do you want to be an influencer, Lorynn?" Clio asked, her tail swished in curiosity.

"I…" Lorynn whisked her mixture together with expert speed. She sighed. "I kinda don't like that question honestly, ha." She kept her eyes on her mixture while she spoke, occasionally checking the consistency. "I don't know. It just… it just seems fun. Besides. Cooking and owning a restaurant is my dad's dream. That's his future. He knows what he wants, even though he's been in this business for 20 years."

Lorynn turned to the stove, turning the knob on, the burner clicking as it released gas before bursting into life. Lorynn adjusted the flame to where she needed before getting her pan ready.

"And it takes up a lot of this time. He lives more at the restaurant sometimes, it seems," Lorynn's voice was tinged with sadness. She shook her head before Marina could say anything. "Anyway, what about you? What do you want to do? Both of you?" Lorynn began ladling batter into the pan, elegantly twisting it to spread the batter around.

"I'm in training to become an interpreter of the Tapestry of the Future! That's our most important document," Clio floated out of Marina's hands, her tail swishing more excitedly. "It tells us of our past and we interpreters are the ones responsible for predicting the future."

"Wow, that's amazing Clio!" Lorynn said. "What about you Marina?"

"I-" Marina stopped herself. Truthfully, she hadn't given it much thought. Even in her talks with Iris about what college to pick, she would beat around the bush. Lorynn and Clio both looked back at her, questioning her sudden silence. "I haven't given it a whole lot of thought yet," she said, looking down.

"Eh, you've got plenty of time to figure that out!" Lorynn said. She turned around and placed a massive crepe in front of Marina. Its edges were just barely crispy, while the middle glistened with steam. Sometimes it didn't feel like she had the time, but the way Lorynn said it with such confidence pulled at the corners of Marina's mouth.

Not waiting any longer, she ripped off a piece of the crepe and bit into it, her smile growing.

Keiran floated around Highlake, wondering who his next target should be. He wasn't going to find a weak future this time. The way Cure Spark had barely broken a sweat before finishing off his Grayscale… it was humiliating.

No, this time, whoever's future he'd tarnish, it needed to be a grand one, full of disgusting potential, and change, and color. The more potential for each of those, the stronger the Grayscale was surely to become once the future was colored gray.

A courtyard with scattered chairs and tables caught his eye. In the middle of it sat an empty fountain. He smirked. The building was surprisingly well kept, but it looked abandoned for the most part. Not long after, a car pulled into the parking lot off to the side. Keiran made his way down, drawn to the man that exited the car.

The man had a few bags in his hands, and while he looked more than capable to hold all of them, Keiran moved in. "Do you need some help sir?" Keiran offered. The man turned to him and smiled brightly before giving a chuckle.

"Thank you kindly for offering, young man. But I think I can handle it," he said. When Marty smiled, he smiled so wide that his eyes were almost shut. Keiran rolled his eyes. The man was unnecessarily optimistic about everything it seemed.

"Oh, but I think you do," Keiran jolted forward. He was only a couple inches from Marty's face before snapping his fingers. "Show me your future." Marty dropped his groceries as his chest glowed with gray light. A dome of gray began to spread from Keiran's shadow, encompassing the entire restaurant.

A small, rectangular tapestry the size of Marty's chest materialized between him and Keiran. Unlike the tapestry from last week, this one shone brightly. Keiran studied it, a cruel smirk on his face.

"Now that's more like it," he said. He held out his right hand and it began to ooze with black, malicious paint. "Paint this man's future with an unchanging gray! Grayscale! Come forth!" He swiped his hand across the tapestry. Instantly, the painting on it turned gray, and dark electricity crackled around it.

Within a second, a pillar of gray light burst upward all around Marty. The pillar began to form into a humanoid shape, its gray body forming arms that looked like cutlery. One arm was a wickedly sharp knife, the other a four pronged fork. It wore a typical chef's outfit, the hat on top of its head a ridiculous height.

"Now turn this world gray!"

Within the restaurant, Flash, Cinnamon, and Flurry had been enjoying mini crepes that Lorynn had made. Suddenly, the three of them froze, their bodies rigid and sharp.

"Grayscale," Flash said.

"Outside," Cinnamon whined.

"Go now!" Flurry hooted. Marina, Clio, and Lorynn all exchanged quick looks, first shocked and surprised before changing to determination and understanding. They all understood what needed to be done and raced out of the restaurant.

Outside, the girls were met with the chef monster slicing through the air with its knife arm. Crescents of gray light were flung from the knife, turning the surrounding buildings they collided with gray, causing the dome of gray to expand.

"It's you again!" Clio shouted. Kieran turned to face his audience.

"Ah, so you're back, huh," he shrugged, trying to hide his disdain at seeing them again. He examined his new Grayscale's work and a smile broke out on his face. "Look at that glorious gray! This Grayscale knows what it wants this time. I came prepared today." To his side, Marty was slumped up against the fountain. He seemed conscious, but only just barely.

"Dad!" Lorynn exclaimed, running to his side.

"You won't get away with this!" Marina said, brandishing her wrist. Flash appeared from behind her shoulder, ready. "Pretty Cure! Soul Merge!" Flash rushed with Marina's bracelet, and in a flash of pink light, Marina was transformed. "The Season of Passionate Lights! I'm Cure Spark!"

"There you are," Keiran said. "Grayscale! Take care of that pink nuisance." The monster turned its attention to Spark. It shot forward, it's knife arm extended. Spark charged herself. Elegantly dodging out of the way, she knocked the blade arm away from her body. Unfortunately, this Grayscale was more aggressive than the last one she had faced.

It raised its knife arm high, and thrust it downward. With barely any time to react, Spark crossed her arms in front of her head. Pink light sparked to life between the blade and her arms. A shield of hard light, in the shape of her signature four-pointed star, had appeared.

"Wow, I can make a shield, too," Spark muttered. But this wasn't the time to marvel at new powers. Distracted, Spark didn't notice the monster swing its free arm into her. Swatting her away, Spark flew into the old tables and chairs off to the side of the courtyard. "Man, he's right. This one is Grayscale is harder than it looks," she said through gritted teeth.

Off to the side, Lorynn, Clio, and the remaining spirits tended to Lorynn's father. "Dad! Dad!" Lorynn said, shaking her father's shoulders. "Wake up." She could feel her face get hot with rage. Seeing her father so motionless, so unmotivated. It wasn't like him.

"His future has been stained with gray. He won't want to change. He won't want to do anything," Clio said, her tail and ears drooping in sorrow.

"Ugh, that's so-that's so cruel!" Lorynn shouted. She stood, spinning on her heel to face the action. Spark was doing her best to hold off the monster, but Lorynn knew her father's plans for the future. They were powerful and bright. He was a man who never stopped moving. Who knew what he wanted from life and was going to get it. "My dad's hopes and dreams are my biggest inspiration," Lorynn said. Keiran turned to face her.

"Hopes and dreams? Don't make me gag," he sneered. "Hopes and dreams can blow up in your face if you fail. Why bother trying at all?"

Lorynn felt anger flare up in her chest. How could he not get it? "Failure is what makes success taste better…" she said, her voice soft but firm. She'd heard her father say it so many times. "Don't think for a second risks aren't worth taking. That's what makes a dream a dream!" Yellow light burst all around Lorynn. Cinnamon, the small bear, floated up to her, a small smile on her face.

"Strong, warm emotions," she said. "I like that about you." Cinnamon floated down to Lorynn's wrist and tapped it. A bracelet exactly like Marina's, but with yellow gems instead of pink, materialized. "I'll fight with you."

Lorynn felt all her anger disappear, a smile breaking out of her frown. "Hey Cure Spark! I'm ready to join you!"

"What?" Spark said, turning away from the battle for a split second. She saw the flash of yellow light around Lorynn and smiled herself. "You did it! Go for it!"

"Pretty Cure! Soul Merge!"

Cinnamon flew around Lorynn before turning into light and fusing with the large gemstone on the bracelet. Yellow hearts burst from Lorynn's bracelet. She floated around in a void of yellow light. The hearts flew through her hair, changing it from it's warm brown to a bright golden yellow. Her hair now extended mid-thigh, splitting into two sections. Halfway up her hair, green light collected, turning it into two low ponytails, with a couple stripes of green at the bottom of each pony tail.

Hearts flew around her torso, light bursting away to reveal a yellow top and puffy yellow skirt. Light swirled up her legs, revealing white thigh high socks and yellow boots that tied into bows on her ankles. She clapped her hands as a white apron with yellow and goldenrod details down the chest appeared. She pulled it over her head as green light tied it together in the back, leaving behind a long, flowing green bow.

White gloves pinged on to her hands. A small, egg shaped orb of white light appeared at the top of her head. It cracked open to reveal a small, squat chef's hat that sat off center on a bright green headband. Her transformation over, she struck a pose.

"The Season of Warm Emotions! I'm Cure Spice!"

"Cure Spice!" Clio exclaimed. Cure Spice admired her new form, a wide smile on her face.

"Oh my gosh, I look so cute!" she giggled, twirling around. The chef monster bellowed, causing the gray dome around them to spread.

"Fight, too," Cinnamon's voice said inside Spice's head. Spice nodded and charged at the monster at full speed, taking giant, leaping steps. The monster slashed at the air, sending more blade beams of gray light at her.

Spice easily deflected the beams, punching them off to the side. Somehow, this monster not only took after her father's dreams, but even his mannerisms. She was glad that was where the similarities ended. Running up underneath the monster, she kicked its legs out from underneath it. As it fell, Spice's open palm connected with its back. The monster flew forward, crashing into the other side of the courtyard.

"Nice work!" Spark said, rubbing her arm as she got up. "I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how this was going to happen, but it's nice to have a teammate!" The Grayscale got back up and charged for Spark and Spice. The two looked at one another in a split second, and nodded. Finally able to tag team the monster, both girls managed to land successful punches on each of the chef's sides.

Spark and Spice met up again and jumped high into the air. The two managed to stay as close together as they could as they fell back down to the ground, their heels thrust forward.

"Pretty Cure Kick!" They shouted in unison. The two warriors landed square in the monster's back, where it crumpled to the ground. It struggled to get back up, but it was now too battered and bruised.

"Summon the Brush Wand," Cinnamon told Cure Spice. As if she had practiced it many times before, Spice tapped the gems on her bracelet. A thin pillar of yellow light burst upward from it, morphing into a long, brush shaped wand similar to Spark's, but with a yellow ribbon tied around the crystal brush tip instead.

"Brush Wand!" Spice grabbed her weapon and brandished it with a flourish. The crystal brush tip glowed with yellow light. She drew a large heart in the air in front of her, filling with yellow light as she finished.

"Pretty Cure! Autumn Fragrance!"

Spice crossed her arms in front of her chest and opened them. The heart burst into glittering, yellow colored winds and rushed towards the Grayscale. The monster filled with yellow light before exploding into a cloud of yellow sparkles, leaving behind Marty's tapestry.

"Dammit," Keiran said before disappearing in a flash.

After the gray disappeared, and the wreckage magically turned back to normal, Spice and Spark took Marty's tapestry and guided it back to its owner.

"I'll never let anyone take away your future again," Spice said softly. The tapestry recognized its home and excitedly merged back with Marty's body. As it did, just like with Iris, an orb of multicolored light appeared from Marty's chest, landing gently in Spice's hand. "It's another one of those gems," she said, turning back to Spark and Clio.

"Clio are you sure you don't know what those are yet?" Marina said, the magic that transformed her disappearing. Clio somberly shook her head. Marina sighed, before she looked up at Lorynn. "Are you… Gonna turn to normal?"

Spice examined herself. "Oh. Uh." Her father began to shift. "Um, how do you do it?"

"I don't know! It just… goes away for me," Marina said simply.

"Well it's not going away for me!" Spice turned on her heel and ran back into the restaurant. Marina followed suit, looking back at Marty. He seemed to be coming out of his stupor, but it wasn't fully awake yet. They had time.

"Thanks for helping me out there, chere," Marty said, patting Lorynn's shoulder. He plucked a folded crepe off of the plate and bit off a piece. "You sure do know how to make 'em," he said, smiling a proud fatherly smile.

"Well, I learned from the best," Lorynn said, pulling her father in for a hug. "And we've got a sure fire customer in Marina, too."

"I can't wait for your restaurant to open Mr. Boudreaux," she said, eating another crepe herself.

"There'll always be a table for you an' your family, that you can count on,'' Marty said. All three of them laughed, as they finished off the plate of crepes.

Marina: So what happens to the people who turn into Grayscales?

Clio: "I'm not sure… I'd like to know, too."

Lorynn: "Everybody stop, I hear an amazing voice singing!"

Marina: "I wonder who that could be… Wait… Iris?!"

Next time on Changing Hearts Pretty Cure!: "Winter's Voice! The Graceful Cure Frost!"