Stiles' conscious started to slowly lift him from the darkness. He was quickly met with a sharp pain in both the back of his head and in his eyes, most likely a direct result from the obvious injury.

He tried to move his hand to feel for a bump or a gash, but he could barely move due to the fact his arms were suspended over his head.

'Think, Stiles. Think.' He told himself, trying to keep his breathing calm and quiet, in case his kidnappers were in the looming darkness around him, just waiting for him to wake up. He needed as much time as possible before he had no choice but to listen to a Bond style monologue 'What the hell happened to you?'

As he sorted through memories in his head from the past few months of his internship, fighting both the hunters and the Anuk-ite and Scott finding that kid, Alec, he finally started to remember.

He had been driving one of the FBI vans, something about transporting a cannibalistic unsub. He honestly wanted as little details on as possible on the situation if it wasn't something like a Windego, he could only handle so much cannibalism at a time.

The GPS said he only had a few minutes till he arrived to the location where he was supposed to get out and let a different intern drive the unsub and the leading detective when he felt the tire explode under him, letting the wheel scrape across the road.

"Damn it." He muttered, pulling over onto the side of the road, the screeching noise getting louder as rubber flew behind him. He grabbed his radio off the side of the console and turned it on. "Dispatch, this is intern 187, the tire popped and I don't have a spare."

"10-4, we'll send another intern to get the unsub. Do you need a ride, intern 187?"

"I'll get an uber."

"10-4, intern 187."

"Over and out." Stiles turned off the radio and climbed out of the van, phone in hand with the flashlight on. In the hour he had been driving, the sun had completely disappeared behind the mountain range in the distance and his brain had already jumped to some sort of sabotage.

He really hoped that it was some very rough road or some sort of Lego a kid had dropped out a window that destroyed the tire, but he still needed to get a rough estimate of how much the damage was gonna doc from his pay.

Stiles shined the flashlight at the back wheel on the right, trying to get a good look at it. He wasn't even paying attention to what sounded like quiet, approaching footsteps until it felt like someone was breathing down his neck. But just as he was turning, something hard and heavy hit him in the back of the head and the last thing he remembered before his vision darkened was a silhouette.

"Monroe." He said aloud as the same footsteps came into the small amount of light in front of him, revealing the huntress herself.

"Nice to see you again, Stiles."