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Previously on Emotional Rift - "Easy Jazz," Carlisle said gently taking out a silver needle full of dark red liquid. "Just take it nice and easy son. This will only hurt for a second." Jasper immediately sensed the smell of blood that Carlisle was trying to hide inside the syringe, and felt his eyes go crimson red as he fought the urge to stay in control.

"Well, it appears that his powers are growing at an alarming rate." Carlisle explained gently. "How do you figure that?" Rosalie asked as her golden eyes filled up with concern. "Is there any way to stop his powers from growing?" Carlisle shook his head. "It doesn't appear so." He said sadly.

"How much are his powers growing exactly dear?" Esme asked in her lovingly motherly voice as she walked over and gently stroked Jasper's face. "It seems that now instead of just being able to sense and change the emotions of those around him, it seems now he can also reflect the emotions and or memories back to the people that are around him." "Whoa!" Emmett breathed in awe and both terror at the same time. "It's a highly dangerous power that must be handled with great care." Carlisle explained. "The more he doesn't feed, the more likely his powers will continue to grow, to the point where sooner or later, his powers will grow until he kills someone."

"Take it easy okay? everything's okay alright? Your safe, I promise." Jasper let out another intense growl of anger, and grabbed ahold of Alice's head causing her to scream out in intense agony. "Jasper please!" She pleaded as her eyes widened in absolute fear. "Please No!"

Jasper's eyes flashed a shade of red back to gold for a second as though he was trying to control himself, but a surge of white light suddenly began to form around his hands crackling with energy. "Jazz, no!" Alice cried out as tears began to stream down her cheeks now. Jasper's eyes flooded back to gold then quickly back to red again as a bolt of white hot energy began to flow from his hands and into Alice causing her to scream out in pure agony. "Jasper stop!" Rosalie cried out as Emmett wrapped his arms around his brother. "Easy Jazz let go of her!" He cried out. "Come on man stop your gonna kill her!"

Jasper let out a soft gasp as he had realized what he was doing and willed himself to stop. He felt his eyes shift back to normal and his hands stopped glowing as he finally was able to release his grip on Alice's head, only to watch in absolute terror and fear as her unconscious body fell to the floor in a heap not moving. Was she dead? Jasper's body shook in fear as he tried to get away from Emmett's grip. "Easy bro, it's okay." Emmett said softly trying to reassure him.

"Everything's okay just hang in there okay?" A groan of pain alerted Jasper as he turned to see Carlisle waking up in a daze as he looked over and saw Alice unconscious on the floor and Jasper trembling in fear in his brother's arms. "What happened?" He asked Softly turning to Emmett. "Nothing good." Was all he could reply before Jasper finally managed to get out of his grip and took off running. "Jazz! Wait!" Rosalie tried to call out after him but to no avail as Jasper tore out of the house and out into the night sky heading into the forest, and all the while not realizing that someone was watching him from a distant. Someone from his past with glowing ruby red eyes and with hair as black as a raven's wings. "Soon you will come back to me my love." She whispered.


Chapter 2

"I don't get it!" Rosalie groaned as she and Emmett sat with their mother in the living room. "How could Jasper do something like that especially to Alice?" "It's not his fault sweetie." Esme said gently. "We'll figure out what's wrong with him once we make sure Alice is stabilized."

Just then, Carlisle entered the room, and Esme rose from her chair. "How is she? Is Alice going to be alright?" She asked as Carlisle nodded slowly. "The damage to her skull wasn't as severe as I had originally thought it to be, but it could've been a whole lot worse." He said softly. "Jasper's abilities are growing massively at such an alarming rate, I'm afraid for his safety among the people of Forks."

"So what do we do?" Emmett asked. "I mean we can't just leave him out there can we?"

"We'll figure something out Emmett." Was all his father said before Rosalie stood up in a frustrated manner.

"You knew this was going to happen didn't you?!" She blurted out angrily as her gold eyes flickered in frustration. "What the hell is going on?! Why is this happening? And why is it happening to Jasper?!"

Carlisle looked at the members of his remaining family and let out a deep sigh. "As we all know, Jasper's ability to feel other's emotions is a dangerous power all on it's own, but with his ability comes at a high price. One that I was hoping would never come to."

As Carlisle sat down in a nearby chair with his wife's hand on his shoulder for support he then continued. "Jasper's powers aren't just about controlling others emotions anymore. The longer he goes without feeding on blood, the more dangerous his ability becomes. What happened with Alice was only just a small sample of what we can expect if his powers continue to grow at the rate they are going."

"What do you mean?" Esme asked softly.

"Jasper can use his own emotions to reflect the emotions of others back on to themselves to the point of incapacitation or death." Carlisle explained much to the horror and disbelief of his children.

"When Jasper felt Alice's terror because she was afraid for him losing control, he was able to overload her mind with such a feeling of fear that if we hadn't stopped him, there's no doubt in my mind he would've killed her."

Rosalie put a hand to her mouth and Esme began sobbing quietly into the sleeve of her long emerald green dress.

"Usually those with this rare ability can flood a person's mind with emotions and/or memories, and force them to relive related memories, before finally overloading their brain while using their hands which are glowing in white bolts of light and crackling with energy. The purpose of this power is to inflict pain or cause the instant death of an enemy, however, channeling too much emotions to do so can sometimes have an effect on those who wield this ability." Carlisle went on to explain. "For example, channeling all of an a person emotions at once can cause the person to collapse but still remain conscious."

"So what does that mean?" Rosalie asked after a moment of silence that hung in the air between them. "Meaning that if we hadn't have stopped Jasper from killing Alice then I have no doubt that he would've succeeded." Carlisle finished much to Rosalie's shock and surprise. "I had no idea Jazz was that powerful." She said softly.

"What if the Volturi find out about this?" Emmett asked suddenly. "I mean they almost didn't back off from Nessie, and if it hadn't have been for Alice's vision a lot of us would have died."

Carlisle nodded slowly and drew in a soft breath before speaking again, "Which is why we need to find Jasper first before the Volturi catch wind of it." He said softly as he looked over at Esme who nodded in response. "We can't just leave him out there all alone, he needs us." She said softly. "He needs his family."

"Even if we could find him, what would make a difference?" Rosalie asked. "I mean because of the fact that he almost killed Alice, he probably more then likely doesn't want to be found."

"Where would he go to then?" Emmett asked. "I mean it's not like we have that much of Forks to cover our side of the land with or without the damn treaty with the wolves."

"He's not in Forks anymore." The Cullen family all turned their heads toward the front just as the sight of Edward, and Bella along with Nessie in tow appeared looking concerned.

"I caught sight of Jasper's thoughts before he fled." Edward explained. "He's scared of himself and doesn't know what to do. He's blaming himself for what happened to Alice."

"Where was he heading to?" Carlisle asked.

"Not sure exactly." Edward replied. "But I think I might have an idea of who he would run into."

At Edward's words everyone in the room grew quiet for a few seconds before Rosalie broke the silence with her gold eyes flashing in anger.

"We have to find Jazz before that bitch Maria does or we'll lose him...forever."

Jasper's eyes were blurry by the time he had managed to regain consciousness and for moment couldn't even remember what had made him pass out in the first place. His head was swimming and aching as though he had a headache as he blinked his eyes to try and clear his vision.

"Try not to move love." Said a female voice. "Who's there?" Jasper questioned as he caught sight of a blurry outline of a woman with long black hair staring at him.

"Can't you tell?" The woman's voice replied. "After all these years you still can't figure it out love?"

Jasper's eyes wined now as his vision gradually returned to focus and he caught sight of the ruby red eyes of none other then Maria staring warmly at him. "Don't worry my love," She replied softy. "Soon everything will be alright."

Jasper tried to pull himself to his feet but his vision continued to swim in and out of focus as his head continued to pound with agony as the sound of footsteps alerted him as he looked up to see the sight of a tall man with long jet black hair now looming over him.

Realizing how much trouble he was in as he caught sight of the man's milky red eyes, Jasper once again tried to make it to his feet but the pounding in his head was too much as the man leaned down toward him and said in a soft voice, "You must calm down you are in no danger we are only here to help you."

Jasper didn't know what to believe at this point but as he opened his mouth to ask more questions about what was going on, he knew he couldn't keep his eyes open for much longer as he fought the urge to pass out.

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