in the far off galaxy lived the human family the Morgan's Samantha Ross and their teenage son Ethan and they were happily content with their lives in space despite not much changing or being different.

Ethan himself didn't mind one bit of things being the same everyday besides he basically lived on the ship his whole life since birth so as long as he was with his parents he was happy even if there wasn't much to do.

suddenly violent shaking erupted from the ship because unfortunately their spaceship was headed towards a black hole.


i know sweetheart but don't worry because thankfully there is one escape pod that will safely take you to earth mrs Morgan said as she smiled at her son.

no what about you guys i can't leave you here you have to come with me i need you Ethan said feeling scared and worried.

son im afraid we won't be coming with you im sorry your time with us is over it's time for you to be on your own without us mr Morgan said.

Ethan ran over to hug his parents for the last time as he sobbed.

im really going to miss you i love you so much Ethan said heartbrokenly.

i know baby but you don't have to worry because we will always be with you in your heart mrs Morgan said reassuringly.

your mother is right son hold on there is one thing you need before you go here take this Ross said as he handed his son a notebook Ethan looked confused.

it's a guidebook for you to write down all of the things that your mother and i have been wanting to learn and study about earth we've always been curious about the planet ourselves but now it's your turn to do it mr Morgan said.

i promise I'll keep it safe Ethan replied.

we know you will sweetie mrs Morgan said.

after that Ethan quickly ran to the pod once he was inside he buckled up his seatbelt and hit the red button and watched out the pod window as the spaceship with his parents inside vanished in the black hole he then looked away from it with tears in his eyes as the escape pod blasted off towards earth.


on earth in the city of Whitechapel a spellmaster/wizard teenage boy named Benny Weir was taking a stroll through the streets of downtown trying to clear his head but it was no use when he was younger he had horrible trauma happen to him in his early years he had no grandparents since they died of old age and when he was born his mother was killed by a criminal and his father abandoned him when he was a baby ever since he was living on his own and raising himself but without having much love and care from others in his life it resulted him to be quite lonely.

as Benny was walking he ended up going further and further out of town and into the woods at the Whitechapel forest preserve as the boy's curiosity was getting the better of him.

it was awfully quiet in the area so Benny began looking around to see if other people were there.

hello? hello?! anybody out here?! Benny yelled his voice echoing into the distance.

Benny jumped feeling uneasy at the silence.

don't worry it's probably nothing Benny said nervously to himself.

just then a huge space pod from the sky came crashing into the trees as it landed onto the ground.

Benny stared at the space pod in awe and confusion as the door hatch opened and a young dark haired brown eyed boy wearing a spacesuit stepped out of it looking around at the forest area in wonder and delight.

feeling very cautious and threatened Benny held his hands up as magic glowed from them to sheld himself from the stranger.


it's ok don't be frightened i won't hurt you i promise i will say that it is quite nice to meet another teenager like yourself anyway hi my name is Ethan Morgan the boy said.

um im Benny Weir the spellmaster said.

oh my what a wonderful name you have it suits you very well Ethan said.

um thanks? Benny replied looking confused and weirded out.

if i offended you or made you uncomfortable im sorry it's just i have never met or seen another boy before i came from space so there were no other teenagers where i lived i did eat food while being there so luckily me and my family didn't stave Ethan explained.

space huh? i don't believe you so prove it Benny said.

ok well there's the space pod that i crashed here on is that enough information for you? Ethan asked.

fine i believe you besides i guess it's not the weirdest thing since much crazier things have happened in Whitechapel for me Benny said.

is Whitechapel the name of the place where you live? Ethan asked.

yes it is so can you please stop asking questions it's getting on my nerves Benny said feeling irritated.

im sorry please forgive me i didn't mean to upset you i was just wondering since im new to this planet and all Ethan said feeling ashamed for his actions.

it's alright im sorry for getting mad at you so you don't have to apologize you didn't do anything so its not your fault its quite obvious you've never been to earth before from seeing your reaction so im sorry for snapping at you it's just that i haven't had any luck with having people care about me because my whole family is dead and i have no one ever since i was a baby I've been alone well except for the time that i did have three friends for awhile named Erica Sarah and Rory i was really close with them until they ended up moving away Benny explained.

oh my that's terrible im really sorry that happened to you Benny well im on my own as well since my parents are gone too from getting sucked into a black hole but on the bright side is that we have each other to keep company now Ethan said.

you want to be friends with me really?! Benny asked feeling shocked and surprised.

well yes because i have a good feeling about you so of course i would like to be your friend Ethan said.

sorry it's just im surprised because ever since i was little people made fun of me for liking nerdy stuff like comic books video games and superhero's and because of that girls would never want to date me or hang out and be around me Benny explained.

well i think that's just wrong to judge someone especially when the person doesn't even try to get to know them first before deciding how they feel but lucky for you i don't judge Ethan replied.

great well since your new to earth and all i guess I'll be your tour guide so to speak welcome to Whitechapel Benny said trying to be all proper and delicate but failed as he tripped over his feet and almost fell to the ground but luckily caught himself before he could as Ethan laughed in response to his awkwardness.

come on Ethan lets get outta the preserve and head back to town so i can show you around Benny said as he started walking back on the path he came from as Ethan followed.

time skip

once Ethan and Benny made back into the main part of town and began walking around the spellmaster started telling him all the wonderful things about earth and Ethan wrote it all down in his notebook.

the spell master told Ethan everything from people going on vacation to the park to the movies going to the fair/carnival playing video games reading books watching tv shows and movies and even petting animals and Ethan was very captivated by it all and very intrigued and loved everything he was hearing.

wow earth sounds very delightful and fun from what your telling me i cant wait to experience it all with you Benny Ethan said feeling excited and giddy.

that's great but listen Ethan not everything about earth is good because there are bad humans out there who kill others and like to hurt you Benny warned.

Ethan looked horrified for a moment before he smiled and reached over and grabbed Benny's hand holding it tightly in his own.

i understand Benny and i trust you so i will just stay with you as my guide and protection Ethan replied.

Benny nodded as he didn't have a problem with it.

as they continued walking they suddenly got stopped in their tracks as a old woman working from behind a ice cream cart called out to Ethan.

excuse me young man would you like to buy an ice cream cone? the woman asked sweetly.

yes thank you Ethan replied with kindness as the woman handed Ethan a chocolate favored cone he gladly accepted and took a bite of it and his face lit up with joy.

well how does it taste and what do you think? Benny asked.

oh my ice cream is wonderful you should be very proud miss Ethan said kindly to the woman as they walked off.

thank you very much sir! the woman called out.

Benny smiled at Ethan as he watched him take bites of the chocolate it eventually ended up on his face as the boy began messily eating it.

Ethan looked over at him catching his gaze and frowned at him.

what is it do i have something on my face? Ethan asked.

just ice cream here let me get it Benny said to him as he then quickly took his spell book out from behind his back pocket and said a spell under his breath as the ice cream disappeared from Ethan's face.

thanks Benny but how did you get the ice cream off i didn't see you use a napkin or anything wait what's that? Ethan asked as he caught Benny holding the spell book in his hands.

Benny looked at him feeling scared and freaked out now that Ethan knew his secret.

please hear me out ok listen the truth is im a spellmaster also known as a wizard meaning that i can cast spells and magic so im still human technically i just have powers is all please don't think im crazy or that im not telling the truth because i am i know that it's hard to believe but you gotta trust me ok and i know we both haven't known each other for that long but i got this feeling in my gut like I've known you my whole life or something and that i can talk to you about anything because your the first person ive met in a long time that doesn't mind being around me Benny explained.

it's alright Benny i think it's cool that your a wizard i myself am a seer meaning that i have visions so you don't have to hide what you are because like i said before i won't judge you and i will gladly accept you for who you are Ethan replied understandingly.

thank you Ethan you have no idea how much that means to me Benny replied feeling relieved.

no problem B Ethan said with fondness in his voice.

B? Benny said with confusion as he was taken back by the nickname.

my apologies do you not like the nickname? i can still call you by your actual name instead if that's what you prefer Ethan replied.

no not at all i love the nickname i was just caught off guard and wasn't expecting it that's all Benny said.

ok good because i really like you and respect you as well as a person and so i thought you should have one Ethan said.

thanks Benny said.

your welcome Ethan replied.

im gonna give you a nickname and call you E Benny said.

i like that Ethan said.

a few years later

Benny and Ethan's bond grew intensely as they both became extremely close so much in fact that they became best friends with each other and hung out a lot as well there were a lot of times where they did of course need their space from each other but regardless they were still inseparable as they ended up doing all of the things that Benny told Ethan when he first came to earth and he enjoyed all of the fun activities very much especially when he had Benny by his side.

currently him and Benny were hanging out on the couch watching a movie together one thing to note though is Ethan did end up eventually chancing his outfit since the spellmaster told him that humans don't dress like how Ethan did when he first crash landed to earth so he changed his clothes to blend in he also ended up developing intense romantic feelings for the spell master and he started feeling scared and worried since he didn't want to ruin the friendship between them.

but while all that was going on unknown to them across town they were being watched by the federal police department and government as they used security cameras to spy on them from their office.

sir are you sure that we should be watching them they are just teenagers a woman worker said.

yes because that boy from space is a dangerous threat to the town of Whitechapel he must be captured and taken out the boss leader named Jesse Black explained to her and the other workers around him.

sir please listen to me i truly believe they are harmless the woman said to Jesse trying to reason with him but he wasn't having it.

no you've seen the footage that we've been able to catch on film from the past couple years they have supernatural powers and abilities that are not normal to society they must be stopped Jesse said in anger.

back at the Weir household

the boys were laughing and eating popcorn while watching the tv when suddenly the house went completely dark on them leaving them in pitch black darkness for a moment before the lights came back on around them as government agents came running into the house grabbing Ethan by the arm.

OWW WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET OFF OF ME! HEY LET GO! Ethan yelled in pain trying to escape from the hold one of the agents had on him but the man continued to keep him in place by gripping more tightly onto him.

OWW YOUR HURTING ME! Ethan yelled.

DONT TOUCH HIM! Benny shouted protectively.

calm down you two we're not gonna hurt you but the leader in charge of running Whitechapel wants to see you a young woman said.

Jesse Black? Benny asked.

yes he believes that you both are dangerous and must be taken into custody the woman replied.

what?! Benny shouted in shock.

that's right you two because i know what you are Jesse explained as he came into the room.

Ethan and Benny stared at him in shock and disbelief.