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The bunker contained lore on every creature imaginable (and some you didn't want to imagine), vampires, ghouls, black dogs, shapeshifters, you name it. What it did not have apparently was one particular basic office supply even though Sam had just made a run to Office Depot, or as Dean referred to it geekboy home depot.

All Sam wanted to do was hold together the burial info he'd just printed out for their latest vengeful spirit hunt. He would be printing out more later, so he didn't want to staple them. As he constantly told Dean, yes, these things matter when you do research. Luckily, they made something less permanent than a staple, and he'd just bought a brand-new box. Yet when he went to grab one, that box was empty. So, either there was an office supply stealing spirit haunting the bunker, or...

He yelled, "Dean, how many times do I have to tell you not to play with the paperclips!" Sounding every bit like the exhausted parent of a 41-year-old toddler that he was. Dean presented Sam with a lovely chain identical to the one he was wearing as a peace offering. Sam decided it would be easier to take another trip to geekboy home depot instead of taking it apart. Besides, what good parent would take apart their toddler's arts and crafts project?