The Cullen children stood in the garage, surrounding an open deep freezer.

"That's definitely a bullet hole" Jasper commented.

A shocked Emmett added "perfectly centered through the heart!"

"Bella did this all by herself?" questioned Alice.

Edward finally stopped shaking his head in denial and found his voice after several tries, "Remind me never to anger Bella again."

Rosalie looked at the heavy carcass and then Bella's truck parked behind them. Tapping her finger against her chin she asked, "I wonder if that frame will hold up if I install a winch…"

In the kitchen the Cullen matriarch looked at her husband and said, "Time to order a dehydrator."

Carlisle looked up from the cookbook he was pursing steak recipes in and asked, "Whatever for love?"

"Venison jerky for the huntress of course."