"I'm not hungry," Shouta says, for the third time.

"And I," Hizashi huffs, shoving the plate of rice and vegetables closer to his friend, "made this especially for you. You have not eaten anything with more nutritional value than cardboard since Monday and you will eat this or I'm confiscating your phone and you're not looking at kitty pictures for the rest of the night."

Shouta's cheeks color. "Fine."

And so Shouta eats.

"You gotta shower, man," Hizashi insists. "I'm not saying you stink, even though you kinda do, and your hair's a huge oily mess and I have this new body wash that smells really nice and we'll braid each other's hair afterward!"

"I'm trying to study," Shouta sighs.

"Study later!" And Hizashi grabs his book. "I want my hair braided and I wanna braid yours and you gotta shower first!"

And so Shouta showers.

Hizashi crosses his arms. "True or false. You have not slept more than two hours in the past three days."

Shouta takes another gulp of coffee. "It's fine. I've been busy."

"You're going to keel over any time now," Hizashi threatens, "and then I'm gonna have to take notes for you all day and carry you back to bed and yesterday's training really wiped me out so if you're any kind of friend you'll take a nap now!"

And so Shouta goes to take a nap.