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Little did she know exactly what that day did to him. He had always found her - interestingly enough, objectively pretty. In fact, all of the thoughts that he had about her over the years were a constant paradox. On the one hand, based on his upbringing, he knew her kind to be inferior in every way. Muggleborn witches and wizards were always thought to be "less than" in every conceivable way - talents, brains, magical ability, and definitely looks. Every facet of his being knew that he was better than them.

And then he met Hermione Granger. She's smarter than he ever thought possible - besting him continually in nearly every class. Her magical ability was superior to many, no, most pureblood witches and wizards (even, he could admit, better than himself on occasion). And as she grew up, she became absolutely fucking beautiful. It just wasn't fair.

And now they're sharing a common room, occasionally a table in the library, and he's allowed to actually appreciate what a spectacular witch she really is.

And then he had to fuck it all up.

He should have knocked. Why didn't I bloody knock?!

But no, the stars were against him, once again, and he walked in on the one girl who would always have a solid reason to hate him.

But, God she was mesmerizing. For a fraction of a second, he couldn't move. He just looked at her - trying to drink her in all at once because surely this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Never again would Hermione Granger allow him to see her like...this. Her creamy skin flushed with heat, slick with the sheen of bubbly water, drips tracing down every curve...

When recognition flashed in her eyes, he wanted nothing more than to disappear. He wished (well, part of him wished) he could turn back time and make this moment never happen, if only so she wouldn't feel so embarrassed.

And then she proceeded to ghost him for the next five days. They didn't interact much, but he had found her presence soothing. Of all the people he had apologized to for being a prat in the past, she was - miraculously - the only one to treat him like he was forgiven. Now that she was avoiding him, the constant loneliness was really starting to get to him.

Now here she is, in the dark common room, asking him "what he thinks of her - objectively?"

What am I supposed to say to that?

He would have loved to tell her exactly what the last five days had been like for him. After seeing her in all her spectacular glory, he couldn't stop seeing her. When he closed his eyes at night he imagined a much different scenario than the one that played out in real life. It was all fantastic (albeit, tortuous) fuel for his "alone time" during his morning showers, but that wouldn't do to frighten her like that. Granger wasn't that kind of girl and he very much appreciated that about her.

"I find nothing whatsoever in the form or figure of Hermione Granger that would warrant the ginger prat to ever look elsewhere. Objectively." He relished in the knowledge that he had made her blush.

"Well. Thank you. For that." She was running away. Wait! His mind was screaming...this was a golden opportunity. She had opened the door and this might be the only chance he ever gets.

"I wasn't finished."


When she walked away from him, and he was able to breathe fully again, he forced himself to stay still until he was certain she was in her room. When she was about to shut the door, he was certain he caught her glancing in his direction and he couldn't help but smile. As he directed his steps toward his own room, he couldn't stop himself from hoping...please please please don't lock your door.

After changing into some flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt, he paced the length of his room approximately 37 times, counting down the last minutes before taking a deep breath and opening his door softly.

As he crossed the dark room, he forced himself to calm and prepare himself for the real possibility that her door would be locked. He had to be okay with that and he had to be okay with allowing her to pretend that that day didn't happen. But as he reached for the doorknob, he hoped...

It wasn't locked.

It wasn't locked.

Breathe, Malfoy...


Upon entering the snug room, he looked around in confusion when he found himself standing there alone. He was just about to leave when the bathroom door opened and there she was - standing there as sweet as ever in one of those muggle tops with straps that must have been invented to torture poor souls like him. So much skin. She wore pale blue drawstring pants that looked soft to the touch and her feet were bare.

"You came." Her voice was soft, as if unsure of herself.

"You let me." He couldn't help but smirk as he perched himself comfortably on the edge of her desk, gripping at the edge with both hands to keep himself from falling over.

"I did." She smiled at him as she entered the room fully and sat cross-legged on the foot of her bed. "I must admit I was curious. It is one of my many faults after all."

"Many? I don't see many faults Granger." He was rewarded with a blush, but her eyes leveled him just the same.

"Now, Malfoy, not long ago you could have given me an annotated list of all the things that were wrong with me." The comment stung, but she was smiling in a teasing way so he chose not to make too much of it - she was testing him.

"Don't you start reminding me, Granger, that's everyone else's job."

They looked at each other before she spoke softly, "I'm sorry."

He shook his head emphatically, "No no no, Granger. Sorry is one thing you'll never owe me." He smiled at her and met her eyes until she smiled back. For just a second, her eyes flitted toward his left arm before they met his again. Suddenly he forgot what it was he was doing here. How had he ever thought this would be a good idea?

"Does it," she nodded at the dark mark, "still move?" His face was hot with shame, but the innocence of her question was nothing he could bring himself to be angry about. "I'm sorry to ask, it's just… I've never really seen it before."

"No." He raised it out in front of him so she could see it, even though it made his stomach turn to look at it. She stepped toward him, peering at it curiously before reaching out to trace the snake with one cool finger. He couldn't stop the contented groan from escaping his throat at the feel of her hand on his skin.

She apparently chose to ignore the atrocious noise he just made - or perhaps it didn't bother her. "Does it still hurt?" Her eyes met his again, full of concern.

"Not anymore." He dropped his hand to grip the desk again. "Itches like the dickens sometimes, though."

She giggled and he decided it was the most wonderful sound he'd ever heard.

"How about yours?" He hated to bring up any memory of that terrible day for her, but this was probably his only chance to ask.

Surprisingly, she smiled and lifted up her own marked arm for him to examine, without a trace of regret or embarrassment. "I put a glamour charm on it during the day - mostly so nobody is staring at it. But most days I don't feel it at all." She trailed off. "I just wish I could make it heal so it could scar properly."

"It's not meant to." She looked at him with a quizzical brow. "That's part of the curse."

"I know. And I've read everything I could find out about cursed blades, but... It seems there's nothing I can do about it."

He couldn't resist a smirk as he baited her again. "What have we learned about every curse, Granger?" He drawled in his most scholarly tone.

"What do you know that you're not telling me, Malfoy?" She looked at him through narrowed eyes with a crooked smile.

He chuckled at her indignation. "I don't know for certain, but since that was a Black family blade, I think I may know the counter curse."

"Really?" He caught the hope in her voice and attempted a calm face as he wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her towards him gently.

She didn't fight him, but stepped into his space - close enough for him to smell her freshly brushed teeth. Stretching her arm out in front of him, he took a deep breath before he brought his lips down to meet each angry red letter, murmuring the incantation directly onto her skin. He felt her stillness as she watched him and focused on the warmth of her skin beneath his hand as he held her.

When he brought his head up to examine his work and the letters began to fade, he saw her eyes widen and her jaw drop as she stroked the now pristine flesh with her other hand.

"Oh...Draco!" His name alone, coming from her lips, was enough to make his heart race, but then she launched herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"This is just….Thank you!"

"You're most welcome, Granger." He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her as she sniffed happy tears into his shirt. "I'm just glad that it worked."

She leaned back to wipe her tears away and smile at him once more before recognition passed between them and their smiles faded. This was the closest they had ever been to one another.

"You're in my room." She whispered as if she just now realized it.

"MmHmm…" He couldn't manage words right now, but splayed his hands across her lower back as she stepped further between his legs where he leaned against her desk.

"I believe there was something you were going to tell me…" She snaked her slender arms slowly over his shoulders and began toying with the hair at the back of his neck.

He cleared his throat. "Observations, Granger."

She nodded and finished his thought, "of a more personal nature."

Her fingers in his hair and the close proximity of her form were doing treacherous things to his concentration, but he managed to nod once with his eyes closed before meeting her eyes again. "Are you ready to hear them?" His voice was low.

Nodding silently, she stepped infinitesimally closer, continuing the blessed torture on his scalp and Draco feared that just how much he was affected might make itself known to her if he wasn't careful.

"First of all, I need you to know that I told absolutely no one about what happened the other day."

"I appreciate that." Her hands left his neck and rested on his chest, where he was certain she could feel his heart threatening to leap from his ribcage.

"You also need to know that I have never been so captivated by a female as I was in that moment." His eyes darted to her parted lips and back to her eyes again. "And I have an excellent memory."

He made a show of dragging his eyes up and down her form as she squirmed under his gaze before whispering, "I believe the muggle term is a photographic memory."

"Really?" The word came out as a breath as her arms tensed and he was certain that she was blushing at the thought of him remembering that moment. He began moving his hands up and down her back and she shivered. "I can see all your curves every time I close my eyes. It's actually quite distracting."

She smiled and he pressed on, hoping to keep some semblance of control. "Although I do try to block out your look of utter terror."

They both laughed and she swatted his shoulder playfully, but he still held her close. "You should have knocked…"

"You're right, of course, I should have and I am sorry for your embarrassment, Granger, but I am not sorry for what I saw." Their eyes met again and he cleared his throat. "You're distracting me, woman. I came here to tell you my current observations."

She stood back a bit with a pseudo-professional air, and schooled her features to appear more serious. It was quite adorable. "Certainly, Malfoy. Proceed."

"For starters, your hair, Granger, is quite out of control."

She rolled her eyes, looking mildly annoyed, "I'm perfectly aware of the status of my hair…"

"I wasn't finished."

Her eyes went wide, but she waited for him to continue. He leaned in to speak directly in her ear as he brought one hand up to the back of her head, burying his fingers in her curls and tugging ever so slightly. "It's just begging to be touched." She hummed with pleasure as he carded his fingers through her hair, nuzzling his nose just behind her ear to breathe in her vanilla shampoo.

"What else?"

He chuckled as he braced himself for her next reaction, but couldn't resist. "You have adorably small tits."

This comment earned him a punch in the arm that would definitely leave a bruise. "Now you're just being mean!"

Holding his hands up in surrender, he continued. "You're a petite witch, Granger! They suit you - quite nicely, in fact." He raised his eyebrows suggestively. Her expression softened slightly, but she eyed him warily as she allowed him to pull her towards him again. "Quite nicely." He repeated as he slid one finger delicately beneath the length of her shoulder strap and brought his lips to her skin in that spot for a quick kiss. "They're quite perfect, as I recall." And I'd very much like to see them again...

When he looked back up at her, she was blushing properly again and was chewing on her bottom lip - he nearly came undone. "And this…" he tapped one finger gently on her lips, "this little move fucking destroys me." He brought his face down until he could feel her puffs of quickened breath on his face and tilted her chin up with one finger. He wanted her so badly, but he wanted her to want it too, so he stopped there for what felt like an eternity before she licked her lips and rose up to meet his.

Her lips were soft as he pillowed his own against them gently, tentatively at first. His hands moved up into her glorious curls as she twisted fistfuls of his shirt in both of her hands. It was heavenly. When she took his bottom lip into her mouth and sucked on it, he released a groan that made her giggle.

"Can I make an observation, Malfoy?"


"You're a fabulous kisser." He laughed right out loud.

"Well, Granger, you are very easy to kiss." He nibbled down her neck as she continued to giggle. "I was thinking that I could use some more practice."

She hummed in response and held his face in her hands as she began to taste his lips with vigor again. "Perhaps you're right… did you lock the door?"

He chuckled against her mouth. "You think I should?"

She nodded sheepishly. "Mmm...yes you should… a silencing charm as well?"

It was Draco's turn to blush - this witch wanted to be noisy. Turning from the door when his task was completed, their lips met again. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he lifted her off her feet and shuffled toward her bed. He had already decided he wanted as much of this witch as she would willingly give him and things were looking good for him so far. When he turned to sit on the edge of the bed, he was pleasantly surprised when she lifted her knees up to either side of him and straddled his lap. Pulling her closer as they kissed, he was certain she could feel his arousal - when she rolled her hips against him, he nearly came apart.

"Witch…" he murmured against her lips.

"Sorry." She gripped his shoulders and slowed their kisses as she smiled back at him. She knew exactly what she was doing to him.

"Let me see those perfect tits again and I'll forgive you."

She laughed at him. "Not fair! You've seen all of me already!"

"So you need to even the score then?"

She raised her chin at him as she ran her fingers through his hair again. "Yes. Yes I do."

Thrusting his hips up for good measure, he growled. "I'll show you anything of mine you care to see, Granger." He thought a suggestive comment like that would embarrass her, but instead she grasped the bottom of his t-shirt with both hands and pulled it swiftly up and over his head.

"Hmm...that's better." She purred, ghosting her hands over his chest and shoulders. He pulled her flush to his chest and kissed her again and brought both hands down to her hips to hitch her even closer.

"I haven't told you yet what I think of your bum." He spoke against her lips.

"If you can't say something nice…"

"Oh no, darling, it's very nice, I assure you." He brought his tongue to her ear, nipping gently on the lobe and she moaned.

"Very well. What do you think of my bum?" She panted in his ear.

After kneading her backside with both palms, teasing her crack with his fingers until she groaned with pleasure, he tossed her from his lap and onto the bed. She squeaked in surprise as he promptly rolled her over onto her stomach and began tracing the curves of her arse with a gentle hand. She raised up on her elbows and watched him caressing her pajama-clad bottom. "I very much enjoy your perfect little bum."

She smiled at him. "You didn't even see it that day. You only saw me from the front…"

"The mirror, Granger. You forgot about the mirror." He closed his eyes as he remembered catching a glimpse of her reflection - the curve of her hip, the smooth line from her back to her arse. When he opened his eyes, she was watching him with rapt attention - she knew what he was thinking about. "Perfect." He couldn't help his blush as the word left his lips.

In one movement, she was on her back, shimmying out of her pajama bottoms, leaving her in nothing but her blue knickers and strappy top.

For a moment, all he could do was stare. His eyes followed the long lines of her legs from her toes up to those satin knickers with just the appropriate amount of dainty lace... After a long moment of slack-jawed staring, he climbed up beside her, propping himself up on one elbow as he rested his hand tentatively across her waist and she rolled to face him. "Is this okay?"

"Yes." She whispered against his lips before kissing him again. He dropped his hand from her waist down to her hip, grazing the soft skin of her thigh before grasping behind her knee to pull her leg up and around his hip.

She rolled her hips against him again, causing him to groan an expletive into her mouth as her hands traced the lines of every muscle of his chest, shoulders, and back.

"Bloody hell, woman." She only smirked at him as he continued to knead the flesh of her thigh.

Seemingly emboldened by her affect on him, she rolled him over so she sat on top of his hips with her hands on his chest. "Any other observations you'd like me to hear?" She smirked and kissed him soundly again. "I like it when you say nice things."

He stroked the length of both of her thighs with his palms before coming to rest on her waist, teasing the bare skin of her back beneath the hem of her shirt.

"I'm sure I could think of a few more things." He guided her down until she was flush against his chest and his hands went under her shirt, teasing the sides of her breasts with his fingers. When she released a moan, he took the opportunity to tilt his head and push his tongue into her luscious mouth. Her tongue danced with his while her hips continued to rock against his cock.

Suddenly both her hands were on his chest as she pushed herself up to a sitting position again and took off her shirt, throwing it over her shoulder.


"Mmm...there they are." His hands caressed both of her perfect tits at once as she continued to rock on top of him. "Weasley truly is an idiot."

"Please don't mention his name. Now is not the time." She smiled.

"Yes, ma'am." He held her right breast tenderly and rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger while he grasped a handful of her arse with his left.

She let out a moan that made his cock twitch with expectation before bending down to hold his face tenderly and place a sweet kiss on his lips. "Besides," she whispered conspiratorially, "he never got this far."

That little factoid only proved to make him more hot for her and he couldn't help but smirk. "Is that so?" Poor bloke.

Rolling them over, he slotted one of his legs between hers and began planting heated kisses down her neck and across her collarbone. "So beautiful, Granger." His words were like a prayer against her skin. "So fucking beautiful."

He kissed a trail down her chest and took each breast into his mouth in turn, licking, nipping, sucking each until she was mewling with want below him. He continued down her belly and toyed with the top of her knickers with the tips of his fingers and weighed the question he wanted so badly to ask in his mind. May I? Pretty, pretty please…

He placed one more kiss between her breasts before climbing his way up to her lips again while his fingers continued to trace the lace at her legs.

Her hands held his face as she ran her fingers up through hair - he shut his eyes, leaning into her touch.

His fingers continued their delicate course southward and her movements stilled. "Is this okay?" Her breath hitched imperceptibly and he watched her eyes darken.


That settles that question….

He captured her lips with his own as he gently pulled her panties down enough so he could put his hand between her legs, cupping her womanhood. She gasped and spread her legs a bit wider.

"Fuck, Granger...so wet…"

She moaned and began rocking her hips into his hand as she kissed him with passion, grasping his shoulders with tight fingers. "More…"she pleaded.

"Look at me, love." Her eyes opened as she smiled at him and he stilled his hand. "I want you to tell me if anything is too much. I'll stop if you want me to."

She nodded and kissed him again before whispering, "Please keep going."


He licked her bottom lip and pushed his tongue into her mouth while inserting one long finger slowly into her slick heat. She moaned again, bucking her hips as she did. "Has anyone touched this lovely pussy before, Granger?" He blushed at his own foul language, but it didn't seem to bother her.

"No. Never." She panted.

He was definitely close to coming completely undone - he continued his slow pace, pumping in and out of her before adding a second finger.

"yyyesss…" She hissed. "Oh that feels so goood…."

Her hands raked through his hair again as he moved his lips back down her body. When he reached her navel, he paused his ministrations to grasp her knickers.

"Shall I?" She nodded emphatically in response and raised her hips so he could slide them down her legs.

Sweet merciful heavens…

"Granger, I have a new observation…"

She looked down at him where he crouched at the foot of the bed and stroked her bare leg. "And what is that?" She asked.

"This is officially my new favorite thing." He smiled at her as he moved towards her again stroking all the way up her leg and dipping his fingers inside her again which made her cry out in pleasure.

He kissed her lips once more and asked his next desire against her lips. "Let me taste you...please." He was not one for begging, but he wanted more of her.

Her eyes went wide and she gripped his hand between her thighs. "I've... I've never…"

"I promise you'll like it." He kissed her again and she relaxed, spreading her legs for him again, stroking his arm with gentle fingers.

"Okay... I'm just…. I'm just nervous." She giggled, so he was fairly certain it was embarrassment she was feeling, not fear.

"Just relax." He kissed the tip of her nose and began kissing down her neck and chest, licking first one nipple, then the other before he settled himself between her legs. He blew a hot breath on her damp pussy before licking the length of her slit. She moaned and arched her back off the bed. "Is that alright?"

"ohmygod yes…"

Placing a hand inside either thigh, he spread her further and began an intense oral examination of her most sensitive areas. After only a few minutes, she was shaking and pressing herself further into his face and he was more than happy to oblige. When she finally came, it was crying out his name, and his lips, tongue, and fingers were covered in her essence. With one kiss to her belly, he wiped his face on the corner of the sheet with a smirk. "Was that alright for a first time, Granger?"

"Draco...ohmygod... That was... That was…" she panted.

"I'll take that as a yes." He smiled as he kissed her cheek and growled in her ear "you're delicious" before collapsing beside her, watching her come down from her high.

When she was breathing more calmly again, she rolled to face him. Her cheeks were flushed and she smiled a tiny, secretive smile. "I hope you don't think I'm finished."

Sweet fucking Merlin…. He had to cough to get his brain to function. "Is that so?"

She grinned like a Cheshire cat as she traced one finger over his shoulder and down the length of his arm. "We have a score to settle….and I haven't seen all of you yet."

He heard a growl and could only assume it came from himself - something primal within him that was begging to bury his cock inside her until she screamed his name. He always thought himself a gentleman, but the way she was looking at him right now….holding back was definitely a challenge.

She climbed on top of him, her entire naked self - warm, smooth skin and still soaked between the legs - and she started kissing his neck, his ear, his collarbone, all the way down his chest. He was paralyzed - it felt amazing. When her hand found its way into his pants and teased his cock with delicate touches, he thought he may literally die - but what a way to go.

"Can I take these off?" She asked coyly.

"Granger, you can do anything you wish to me right now." With that, she pulled off his flannel pants and boxers in one go and tossed them to the floor. Knowing this witch was not one who was experienced, he couldn't resist a peek at her face when she got an eyeful of his dick. Her eyes went wide and she chewed nervously on her lip again….fuck, that's hot when she does that.

She saw him watching her and she smiled at him. If they weren't doing what they were currently doing and they both weren't completely naked, he would think she looked sweet. Propped up on one arm, legs tucked under her, her head resting comfortably on her shoulder and smiling sweetly at him - but her pretty hand was currently wrapped around his cock, and she was doing wickedly amazing things with it. He shut his eyes and threw his head back as she pumped her hand up and down.

"Fuuck." Just when he didn't think he could take anymore, she was kissing him and her fingers teased his length with gentle touches.

"Sit up." She whispered against his lips. He obeyed and she turned him so his feet hung over the edge of the bed and she knelt down between his legs.

Oh god... I'm dying... I'm going to die.

Before he could fully register what was about to happen, her lips were wrapped around him and her curls were tickling his thighs as she took as much of him into her mouth as she could. He couldn't help but buck his hips as she brought him all the way in and out of her mouth over and over again.

"uuhhh... Granger…. That's so good, princess."

He felt her hum as she wrapped a warm hand around the base of him and swirled around the tip with her tongue.

"I'm not gonna last long… I don't want you to...but I need you to stop." With much regret, he forced the words out and she sucked hard one more time before removing herself and looking up at him with a shy smile.

"You really are good at everything, aren't you, darling?" He panted and reached for her to stand so he could wrap his arms around her, stroking her naked bum. "Ten points to Gryffindor." He muttered against her stomach.

"Only ten?"

He looked up at her face and smiled as she gently ran her fingers into his hair and down his shoulders. "Granger...I want you." Her movements stilled and she tilted her head. By way of explanation, he reached out and teased the apex of her legs with two fingers as she tossed her head back with a moan. "Will you let me?"

Looking at him again, she panted as he continued to stroke her pussy. "Yes... But I….I haven't... Will it hurt?"

He licked her left nipple, palming her breast fully as he fingered her. "No, darling. I'll be so gentle...I promise."

She was swaying where she stood, eyes closed, gripping his shoulders as she spoke. "Ok...show me what to do."

This day just keeps getting better.

"Sit on my lap like you did before." Holding his cock in one hand, he teased her slit with it. "Just hold my shoulders and ease yourself down...go as slow as you need."

Gently stroking both of her thighs, he wrapped her legs around his waist and lined himself up, looking her in the eye. "I'll go slow...tell me if you need to stop." This was her first time, he wanted her to feel good.

She smiled and touched his jaw as he leaned in to kiss her. Easing his way inside her was an exquisite form of torture. Her hips rolled, seeking the perfect angle as she inched her way down his shaft. Her mouth was open and her eyes clamped shut when he was finally buried to the hilt and they both groaned. He waited for her to adjust to him before she nodded.

"Mmmm... You're so tight, darling…"

"unnngg... Draco….godthatsgood"

"Now rock your hips like you did before." She was, of course ,an excellent student and did precisely as he asked - and getting much more comfortable as she did so.

"Such a good girl…" he crooned in her ear as he gripped both of her hips. She moaned in response as she continued her tortuous rhythm in his lap while he silently recited all of the ingredients from the potions cabinet.

Just as she started to droop in his arms, he wrapped an arm around her waist and turned them into the bed again, still buried inside her. "Is that better?"

"Hmmm... Yes…" she moaned and wrapped her legs tighter around his middle.

After rocking against her gently a few times, he pulled out almost entirely and pounded back in causing her to cry out and clutch his shoulder.

"Are you alright?"


He smiled and kissed her temple as he watched her face. "You're so fucking hot, Granger. You like that, don't you?"

"Hmm….Yes I do… Oh that feels good…" she purred, bringing one hand to her hair and the other to grasp at the sheet below her.

He kept up his pace as he tried to set his mind on terribly boring things so he could last, but the delicious noises she was making were keeping him very much in the moment.

"I need you to come for me…." He licked her earlobe as she panted below him. "So fucking good…"

She was grabbing his arms now, mewling and moaning, looking at him with dark eyes and he couldn't resist voicing the thought that was on the tip of his tongue.

"I'm so glad I walked in on you that day…" She was falling apart beneath him.

"with your perfect tits…" he felt her walls flutter around him.

"Standing there all wet... I've been thinking about this since that day." She was getting closer.

"...wanted this pussy…" She came with a shriek of his name and he continued to pound into her until he found his release with a groan and nearly collapsed on top of her.

He rolled off beside her, cradling her in his arms as he kissed her temple and her cheek, telling her how good she felt.

"Mmm...who ever would have thought…" she finally spoke breathlessly.

He chuckled in her ear. "Which part surprises you, Granger? What we just did or the fact that it was so amazing?"

She gave a hearty laugh. "The fact that you and I just did that. We're both quite brilliant, so the fact that it was ridiculously amazing is no surprise to me."

He raised up on one elbow to look in her eyes. "Was it good? That was your first, right?"

She looked at him and tenderly traced his jawline, "You're very very good at that." She blushed and looked away. "You made me feel...really beautiful."

"You are really beautiful." He met her eyes again. "And I am more than willing to do that anytime you need reminding."

His heart swelled and he pulled her close with his nose in her hair again.

He was nearly asleep when he heard her ask, "Will you stay?" He couldn't help but smile as he placed a kiss on her shoulder.

"I'd love to." She snuggled into him further as he added, "though I should sneak out before anyone sees me. I don't want to get hexed for shagging the 'Golden Girl'." They both laughed. "Will you join me for breakfast?" He held his breath, waiting for her answer and feeling ridiculously childish for being nervous about it after all the debauchery they just performed.

She shifted in his arms to face him. "I'd love to."


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