Anyone else, he would have slammed his phone down and went back to sleep.

But he owed it to Mason to at least listen to the message. He was the one that gave him a few references to get him this job, that paid for this cool apartment. He was the only one of the McCall pack that checked up on him to see how he was. He was only one that invited him to pack hangouts. He was never really wanted there but it was worth seeing McCall with a stick up his ass every time he came over.

"Thee? I know it's late, but it's important. I want to do something really special tonight! With you only. If you can't it's okay. Don't respond. But if you can, meet me at my place, look smart and...bring protection" Mason whispers.

Maybe the windows are open, causing the last two words send chills up the chimeras spine. He's never taken this long to get ready before. He tries to think of Mason's favourite colour. It pisses him off that he doesn't know, he should know right? If he wants to be more than friends? He settles on a dark blue shirt, black fleece and matching black trousers. He pats on Paco Rabanne cologne and slicked his hair back with one side parting.

He doesn't bother to check himself in the mirror. He knows he always looks perfect.

As soon as Raeken walks to his truck he feels the attraction of a couple of girls giggling past him as they drink strawberry milkshakes. He stops off at the nearest gas station for an okay looking pack of candy. He pulls up to Mason's place popping in some gum and checking that he didn't have leftover lunch stuck in his teeth. "Come on Raeken. You can do this, it's not like your some blushing virgin" Theo muttered to himself as he got out and locked his door.

He lightly taps on the human's door. He can hear his parents sleeping. Maybe he can meet them awake sometime. The door squeaks open, and Mason grabs his sleeve and pulls him into the house. "Hey Thee, I'm really glad you're here!" Mason whispers excitedly.

"Me too" Theo whispers back as Mason lightly pushes him against the hallway door.

"You smell nice"

"I bet you taste even better" Theo tugs him by his jacket bringing him closer. He smells his neck. Freshly showered. He smells of lime and apricot. He runs his finger along Mason's arm as he dots kisses just above his collarbone.

"I know the full moon is making you...have you got your weapons?" He asks.

"I've got enough protection for us ALL night" Theo growls.

"Great! Can you get that bag, it's huge and I can barely lift it!" He pulled away from him, pointing to a bag loaded with actual weapons. Guns, arrows, bats, a metalic slingshot, various bottles of poision that he's probably never heard of before.

"Ye...what actually brought proper protection? Wha...where the hell are you going?"

"We, we're going to the hospital" Mason confesses.

"What the fuck is there?"

"Halwyn's dead body" Mason states like it's the most obvious thing in the world. "Lydia's sent me all the information about the MRI. If we substitute one of the bulbs with Latharia crystals instead it will elminate the metal"

"So?" Theo asks sharply as he slowly walks towards the bag.

"So?! He gave Malia and Lydia advice that saved us! The least we can do save him back!" Mason smiles. "I can tell by your face, that you feel the same way...right?" He asks, his huge brown eyes pumping adrenaline into the chimera's heart.

"Right!" Theo lies. "What are we waiting for? Let's go shall we?"