AN: a crude remix of episode one of Digimon

"Daisuke! Your grades are too low to participate in the soccer club!"

"K teach." Daisuke said bored out of his mind and picking his nose.

"Wait what?!" Daisuke jolts in his seat.

"How can I get back in?" He pleads with teach.

"First of all, you can check your grades in the computer lab to see what assignments, you *ahem* didn't complete"

"K teach"

Bell rings.

Daisuke whistles and arrives at the computer lab.

"Man oh man, how do I work this stupid thing?"

"I can help, I'm yolei!"

*Something flies out of the computer and hits Daisuke in the face.

"OW!, I've had it with stupid computers."

"What even is this?" Daisuke holds the object up to the screen.

"Daisuke, that's not how you work a computer you know" Yolei says.

"I don't care! I just wanna get into the soccer club again."

Computer sucks Daisuke in surprising Yolei.


"Where am I?"



"AA BAD STUFF!" Daisuke screams.

Daisuke runs as monsters try to kill him.

He hides in a cave.

"I'll show those stupid things!"

Center of cave fires a lazer beam barely missing Daisuke.

Daisuke investigates and picks up the source of the beam.

"Hey Daisuke, I'm veemon!"


"I'm a digimon, digital monster. Now show me your courage, say digimental up!"

"Digi whatzit?"

Monster and Digimon emperor burst in to cave.

"WHo are YOu?! Get out!"

"Digi armor energize!"


Flamedramon beats up the Monster.


"I'll be back!" Emperor says wooodleoeoeoeoeo and skedaddles.

"How do I get home?"

"Hold your digivice to a tv it should work, I thunk!"

"O-K?" Daisuke does just that!

"I'm back" Daisuke shouts to Yolei who is Talking to Tai and Kari.

"Where what how?" Yolei screams.

"Digimon! This guy is veemon"


"Aw man! I forgot to do my homework."

"I can help" Veemon says.

"HOW? You're a lizard dude."

"I know algebra 3!" Veemon announces.