AN: The following chapter is an assualt on the brain. Brain get out and shoe!

One day...

"Daisuke Motomoya! Your grades are too low to participate in the soccer club!" A teacher announced to a student.

"K teach." The student, Daisuke says bored out of his mind and picking his nose.

Huh, Couldn't wait to tell Tai.

"Wait what?!" Daisuke jolts in his seat. The new kid, DK probably would make another move on Kari! His only ticket to hanging around Tai. Not cool!

"How can I get back in?" He pleads with his teacher.

"Settle down Mr. Motomoya, You're disturbing the lesson." The teacher says, You're one to talk! You called Daisuke out in the middle of class!

All student eyes are on the teacher now.

The teacher shuffles uncomfortably.

"First of all, you can check your grades in the computer lab to see what assignments, you *ahem* didn't complete" The teacher says.

"K teach, I'll do it!" Daisuke says, as he thinks about picking his nose.

"Now back to the lesson, has anyone heard of the American war of 1812?"

Ugh this again. Daisuke thankfully falls asleep.

"Daisuke. Wake up." He hears Kari say.

The bell rings and Daisuke jolts awake.

"So TK how has it been? With Matt making it big in the Teenage Wolves and all."

"Pretty good, sometimes people mob me because I'm the lead singer's brother."VK responds.

Daisuke whistles to block the conversation out and arrives at the computer lab.

He sits down at the computer.

And realizes...

"Man oh man, how do I work this stupid thing?" Aloud of horse.

A voice rings out of nowhere. "I can help, I'm yolei!" It's cheery and annoying.

"No, Thanks, I gotta prove I'm culpable of working this thing." Daisuke means to say that he's capable. Yolei looks away.

Something flies out of the computer and hits Daisuke in the face. Yolei turns to look.

"OW!, I've had it with stupid computers." Daisuke says as the plastic object falls off his face.

"What even is this?" Daisuke holds the object up to the screen.

"Daisuke, that's not how you work a computer you know!" Yolei says as she starts to moonwalk out.

"I don't care! I just wanna get into the soccer club again." Daisuke wants a miracle.

The Computer sucks Daisuke in surprising Yolei.


Woah-Oh oh oh oh!

Daisuke tumbles out of TV in a forest, where a tree has fallen without a sound. "Where am I?" Daisuke asks,

"Destroy!" The thing that knocked the tree over yells in Daisuke's ear.

"GRRR" it Growls for good measure mentality.

"AA BAD STUFF!" Daisuke screams and runsin place.

Schooby dooby music plays.

Specifically "I'm in love with an ostrich slash Daydreaming"

Nonsensical Forest time and space shenannigans with multiple Daisukes and monsters, and a cameo from the Digimon Emperor and his Miracle Lenses chasing a Cat with absurd ears.

After the song is over… Daisuke runs as monsters try to kill him.

He hides in a cave. He be panting and his Socks be full of Holes.

"I'll show those stupid things!" Daisuke shakes his fist at a sunny symboled egg with a knife stuck through it.

The Egg angry at getting Such a rude greeting, fires a lazor beam, which by some miracle misses Daisuke.

Daisuke investigates and picks up the source of the beam, The egg.


Egg turns out to not be the source of the Lazor, which actually is the hole underneath the egg.


A Blue lizardino steps out of the Lazor!

"Hey Daisuke, I'm veemon!" It says.

Daisuke drops the egg.

"AHH TALKING LIZARDINO!" He screameth and steameth.

"I'm a digimon, digital monster. Now show me your courage, say digimental up!" Veemon the DinoLizitalmonstar screams.

"Digi whatzit?" Daisuke feels offended that he has to embarrass himself in order to prove himself to the Lizardonital monster.

Monster from earlier and Digimon emperor burst into the cool kids cave.


"Digi armor energize!" Daisuke decides to say something he considers cooler instead.


Flamedramon beats up the Monster.

"COOL!" Daisuke gives a thumbs up.

"I'll be back!" Emperor says wooodleoeoeoeoeo and skedaddles on speedy caterpillar.

"How do I get home?" Daisuke wonders

"Hold your digivice to a tv it should work, I thunk!" Veemon tells Daisulky.

"O-K?" Daisuke does just that! The Tv sucks him up.

"I'm back!" Daisuke shouts to Yolei who is Talking to Tai and Kari.

"Who what how?" Yolei screams.

"Digimon! This guy is veemon, Cool stuff, I dunno..." Daisuke tells Yolei and Co.

"Sup" Veemon introduces himself.

Daisuke realizes...

"Aw man! I forgot to do my homework." Aloud.

"I can help" Veemon says.

"HOW? You're a lizard dude."

"I know algebra 3!" Veemon anounces.

"Cool!" Tai gives a thumbs up and passes out. Digimon who know math, what has the world been doing? Its terrifying!