Chapter Twenty Nine

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"You're absolutely sure about this? You know it's not too late to turn around and forget we even had this idea in the first place."

"Gil, stop worrying," Macaria said with a kind smile. "Dad said he'll be on his best behavior and if he's not, mom will correct him. But we've been dating a while and I think it's only fair that my parents meet you."

"Technically they've already met me," Gil pointed out, not so subtly hoping that Macaria would also realize this and change her mind about this plan.

"Those viewings don't count. We weren't dating then first of all and second of all I think they were a bit distracted with the actual information the viewings were providing. Plus you know you were busy trying to make sure Mal didn't eat Uma during the last part of the second viewing," Macaria told him, the smile still on her lips. "Don't tell me the big bad VK is afraid of meeting my parents?"

"Macaria, trust me. If you were meeting my father and my father had the strength of the Gods, you'd be terrified too."

"You know we can hear you two," Hercules said with a small chuckle as he opened the front door just as Macaria opened her mouth to reassure Gil that everything was going to be fine. "Meg and I have been wondering how long it would be before you two came inside or if you'd be having your dinner on our front porch."

Macaria looked over at her father, still smiling from ear to ear. "We were just going to come in dad."

"Sure you were," Hercules said, shaking his head as he stood off to the side. Macaria chuckled and walked in, pulling Gil inside. Gil thought he had a very valid reason to be rather hesitant to meet Hercules and Meg in an official capacity—no one did that sort of thing on the Isle.

You met the parent, it was more than likely because they entered your parent's place of employment—honestly Gil had to wonder how his dad did it, being a coach at Dragon Hall and then also running Duels without Rules.

Whether or not it was a weapons shop or a fight club had yet to be determined.

"What's for dinner dad?" Macaria asked.

"Your mother has requested something French, in honor of our guest," Hercules said. "So we're ordering out."

"Honestly Wonderboy, just because you can only cook Greek food doesn't mean you shouldn't learn," Meg said from her spot in the living room.

"Meg, dear, we don't own any French cookbooks."

"We have the Internet and the ability to call Belle in a heartbeat. I'm sure she's got a French cookbook or twenty we could borrow," Meg reminded her husband and Gil couldn't help but chuckle a little. Belle had certainly proven to be an ally, making sure Gia lacked nothing she needed. Or wanted.

It was a little disconcerting if Gil was honest. That was the word right? Ben liked to use so many big words and it had started to rub off on Mal and Uma whenever the two of them hung out with him.

There was a reason why he liked hanging out with Carlos and the Dalmatians—Carlos only used big words when he was talking about tech stuff and the pups never did.

But yeah, Belle's overeagerness was disconcerting.

"Gia, are you sure about this?" Gil asked one day. He liked Belle but it honestly weirded him out a little, how intense the former Queen was in making sure Gia lacked for nothing in terms of medical care. "Why not just raise the baby yourself? It's what we would have done on the Isle."

Gia nodded. "I know Gil. And if we were still on the Isle, it wouldn't even be a question. But…"


"I don't want to live my life as if we were still on the Isle. We got off, we're free to live our lives the way we want to. I know dad will never acknowledge me or my daughter—."

"You don't need it," Gil said instantly. Even though he'd been born a desired son, Gil knew he'd never be the son his father wanted. He spent too much time with his mother for one thing and was more interested in crafts than hunting. Not to mention he was content with taking orders from Uma.

Though Uma was a Godling and Gil was a mere mortal, that didn't matter much to Gaston. Uma should have been taking orders from Gil, not the other way around.

Gia gave Gil a small sad smile. "That's easy for you to say Gil. You've always had it. And yes I know you've been an ally to the girls, making sure we had access to food and ensuring no one gave the younger ones a hard time…but you weren't our dad. You know Lacey asked me once, why he wouldn't say we were his even though we all had the last name LeGume?"

"What did you tell her?"

"I didn't," Gia sighed. "I didn't know how so I invented an emergency that Piper needed her help with. Thankfully Piper played along so I didn't have to worry about Lacey coming back knowing I'd lied but still. And this wasn't recently Gil, she was eight when she asked."

It was Gil's turn to sigh as Gia rubbed her stomach. "We could have all been a family if dad had acknowledged you nine. Maybe Locklyn wouldn't have joined Freddy's gang," he whispered.

"Locklyn can do what she wants honestly," Gia scoffed. "But the fact that she roped Brooke into that madness is what I can't believe. She's our cousin, our younger cousin! She shouldn't have been anywhere near Freddy!"

"Trust me, I'm not exactly thrilled with Locklyn's decision either," Gil said with a glower as he thought about his older sister before shaking his head. "But at least Audrey got Brooke out of there and got her to Auradon."

"I honestly didn't expect I'd owe my little cousin's safety to a Boreadon royal," Gia said, her voice soft as she continued to rub her stomach.

"Audrey's alright," Gil said. "She's…she's a little like Uma and Mal, just minus the magic. Or the connection to the Gods."

"So we're having French for dinner?" Hyllus asked as he walked into the room, pulling Gil out of his thoughts.

"I'm okay with Greek," Gil said. "Or you know, just regular stuff. Uma's mom had a seafood restaurant after all."

Let it not be said that Gil LeGume wasn't a team player—but in all honesty, as long as it was food, he'd eat it. You didn't survive on the Isle or in the Gaston household being a picky eater after all.

Macaria gave him a small smile and gently squeezed his hand, as if she knew what was running through his head. "How's your sister?"

"Which one…?"

"Gia," Macaria elaborated and Gil nodded.

"She's good. She hasn't had her baby yet which frustrates her but according to Belle and Ben, that's a good thing seeing as she's only six months."

"She'll be giving birth before she knows it," Meg said. "The last three months go by faster than you expect."

"But on that note, how is Lacey?" Macaria asked.

Gil grinned at the thought of his baby sister. "She's fantastic. She, Dizzy, CJ, and Celia have all formed a crew of their own—Celia's the Captain of course and CJ's her first mate though I know once Ryan comes to Auradon, CJ'll make a crew of her own with her as Captain and Ryan as first mate."

"Who's Ryan?" Herkie asked as he walked into the room.

"CJ's best friend," Gil told him. "Honestly though it's a Harry and Uma situation or at least it will be once the two of them are older."

"Harry and Uma situation?"

"The denial is very strong in the Hook family," Gil stated and all three Godlings nodded in understanding. After all, Mal and Jay had to lock Uma and Harry into a room during the last viewing to get them to admit that they had feelings for each other.

"What about Harriet and Sammy?" Hyllus asked.

Gil shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe the denial only impacts Harry and CJ since Harriet's clearly not in denial about her feelings toward Sammy."

"That makes sense," Herkie nodded.

"No…no it doesn't," Hyllus said, shaking his head.

"Then it makes sense to me," Herkie told his older brother.

Gale would like you Herkie, Gil thought with a small smile. And Ben said that she'd be coming here soon. Her and Gene, just as soon as he can find someone to watch them since it's not really fair for Chip to watch every LeGume girl. Soon all the girls will be off the Isle and then just Gaston and Gaston would have to deal with the Angels and the Casters.

He bit his lip softly as he thought about his older brothers. Did it make him a bad person if he didn't ask for them to come off the Isle?

Uma always said that the kids shouldn't be punished for who they were born to but…his brothers were horrible. It was almost like they belonged on the Isle with their dad.

"You okay?" Macaria asked, looking over and seeing Gil bite his lip.

Gil nodded. He didn't want to bring down the mood—or remind Hercules that his only daughter was dating a Villain Kid even if Gaston Sr. didn't do anything to Hercules. Sure Ben was engaged to one but Ben was the King. He could pretty much do whatever he wanted and no one could say boo.

"So it's just you, Gia, and Lacey?" Meg asked Gil, trying to cheer up the boy. She noticed how he seemed to grow quiet and she didn't want him feeling uncomfortable. Macaria liked him and he was a sweet boy, if a bit slow on the uptake. But he seemed to treat Macaria well and that was all Meg could ask.

Gil shook his head. "No, I've got other siblings."

"Oh really? How many?"

"Hmm…I think eleven total the last time Uma counted, unless there's been any change there. Plus Brooke as my cousin."

Hercules had made the mistake of taking a sip of water as Gil said that. "I'm sorry…eleven?" he spluttered, wiping off his chest.

"Why do people always react like that when I tell them how many siblings I have?" Gil asked Macaria.

"We're just not used to that big of families," Macaria explained.

"…you're used to ninety nine Dalmatian puppies."

"Humans are not puppies," Hyllus stated and shook his head as Meg handed Hercules a napkin. "That poor woman, giving birth twelve times."

Gil tilted his head. "Mom didn't give birth twelve times."

"But…but you just said…"

"Some of my siblings are also my cousins," Gil explained. "It's complicated and I don't really understand it. They're my sisters, that's all that matters."

"Dear Gods," Meg said softly and shook her head.

"What're their names?" Herkie asked, looking over at Gil. "Your siblings, I mean?"

Gil smiled a little at the thought. "Hmm…there's Piper, Georgia, Gillian, Glenn, Locklyn, Gia but you all know her of course, Gale, Gene and Lacey."

"Gil, that's only nine. Ten if you count yourself," Macaria said gently.

"Oh right. Forgot my brothers—Gaston and Gaston," Gil added.

"I…I can't, no," Hyllus said, shaking his head. "He named his sons after himself? I shouldn't be surprised, I know I shouldn't be surprised, and yet I am. And someone just…twelve times? The man has twelve kids?"

"Why don't we go and get dinner started?" Hercules suggested, trying to get his eldest out of his confusion spiral.

"Good idea," Meg nodded, gently leading Hyllus out of the room.

"Twelve kids? Someone let Gaston have twelve kids? I…I just.."

Gil looked over at Macaria. "I thought they were ordering out? Why would they need to get dinner started if that was the case?"

"That's just what dad says no matter what we do for dinner," she told him. "Well, unless we go over to Grandfather's. He refuses to let dad lift a finger to help."

Gil nodded, growing a bit quiet at the reminder that Macaria was also a Godling. Like Uma. Like Mal.

The thought was more than a little terrifying, especially considering the fact that she wasn't just any Godling but a Godling of Zeus.

"Macaria, your parents know I don't care what we eat right? I wouldn't know if something was French if it hit me in the face with a baguette," Gil said, looking at his girlfriend. "They don't have to make a fuss."

Macaria gave Gil a small smile. "That's my doing I'm afraid. I…I made dad promise that he wouldn't give you the Leah treatment."

"But…he's your dad. He's one of the nicest people in Auradon."

"He's also a dad and you're dating his only daughter. Dads get weird when it comes to their daughters."

Not all dads, Gil thought as he thought about his sisters. If dad cared about the girls, Gia wouldn't have had to do a fling for food and wound up pregnant. Though…if she hadn't gotten pregnant, who knows if she'd have gotten off the Isle so soon?

"But you don't have to worry," Macaria added. "Like I said when we arrived, I made dad promise he'd be on his best behavior. Plus I threatened to tell Great-Aunt Persephone on him if he messed up or made you feel bad."

"Lady Persephone is rather intimidating but I'm surprised you didn't go for Lord Hades."

"Great-Uncle Hades and dad already have their history. Plus I'd rather not start another family feud. Grandfather and his brothers need therapy, not another round of feuding."

"From how Uma describes it, though, it seems as if Lord Hades and Lord Poseidon get along okay," Gil pointed out.

Macaria shrugged. "Great-Uncle Poseidon was also eaten by Kronos when he was a baby so that could be it. Honestly though they go from feuding to getting along to back to feuding so often that it's hard to keep track at times."

"Kids? We changed our minds—we're ordering pizza," Meg called before Gil could respond. "Macaria, your usual right?"

Macaria nodded. "That's right mom. Ground beef and pineapple!"

"Why must you torture me like that? Gil, what do you want?"

"Um…I'll just share with Macaria," Gil called to her.

Macaria grinned. "Come on. You'll love it! I know mom and dad insist pineapple doesn't belong on pizza but the place we get it from gets the sugars in the pineapple all caramelized so there's a nice bit of sweet to go with the saltiness from the cheese and of course the vinegary tang of the sauce."

"…you're making me hungry I hope you know that."

"That's the plan," Macaria smirked, inadvertently making Gil's heart skip a beat at the sight.

Gods, she's beautiful, he thought moments later as they all sat down to the pizza. Gil took a bite of his and smiled as all the flavors melded together.

"Knew you'd like it," Macaria said with a smile as she took her own bite of pizza.

"Another lost soul," Hyllus sighed and took a bite of his pepperoni pizza.

"Tis a shame," Herkie nodded as he took a bite of his veggie lovers pizza.

Macaria rolled her eyes as she looked at her brothers. "Not everyone has to like the same things you know."

"True but pineapple on pizza is gross!"

"So's green peppers but I don't shame you for your pizza!"

Gil chuckled and took another bite. Honestly, it felt so much like being back with his sisters as he listened to the sibling squabbles. He honestly didn't know why he'd been so worried.

He could do this. Date Macaria, live in Auradon, still be part of Uma's crew, and more importantly look after his sisters.

Hey, someone had to right? Why shouldn't it be him? Sure Chip and Lucas were great but some of the girls were Gil's younger sisters and therefore by right he should look after them.

"I had a good time," he told Macaria as she walked him to the door later that night.

"I'm glad," Macaria said, kissing him on the cheek. "We should do this again."

Gil smiled and looked over at Macaria. "Hey, at some point Mal and Ben's wedding will happen. I…I was wondering if you'd…"

"We're dating you goof. Of course I'll be your date to the wedding," Macaria told him and kissed his cheek again.

"I think you missed," Gil said softly and gently laid a chaste kiss on her lips. "Good night."

"Good night," Macaria said, her voice just as soft as his had been but a large smile was on her face. Gil grinned and walked out, more than a little pleased that Zeus hadn't smote him.

Macaria smiled as she closed the door and leaned against it, her fingers brushing over her lips. While they'd kissed before, it had been the first time Gil had kissed her. Normally she was the one starting the kiss.

But hey, she wasn't complaining. It'd been nice—and clearly some nerves had been eliminated by meeting her parents.

It wasn't fair that she couldn't do the same but maybe it was a good thing, because Macaria knew that if she ever met Gaston, there'd be a lot of things she'd tell him and not all of them would be suitable for print.