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This is another part of "Try Again". A potentially different perspective, if you will.

Solo Leveling reference is obvious.

"Don't you see? There are worse things than death."

Much worse. Do not not die against him.

For you see, death is not the end."


Try Again (Arise)

Vacuo burned.

Naruto took no pleasure in it; not in the screams of the dying, nor the snarls of the Grimm as they overran the city.

Better him than Salem. This would put the other kingdoms on high alert, force them to strengthen their defenses. Torn between two masters, the Grimm would be split yet further...which was exactly what he wanted. And moreover, he'd gained something quite valuable this day.

He glared down at his hard-won prize, the Relic of Destruction, still running red with Maiden blood. The power of Summer had vanished into the winds and he was content to let it be. He had no desire to seek out its next host; not when he already had what he wanted.


Such a small thing.

He'd thought it would be bigger.

"You better be worth it. He looked to the corpses of the fallen, the warriors who'd perished fighting him, buying time with their lives. Only warriors had died here today. He bowed his head and muttered a soft prayer under his breath forgiveness...



...foolish, he knew. The gods had left this world long ago. Death had not. Death always remained; she clung to him, even now.

A shadow flitted overhead, wings beating against the forloon sky. He looked its way with a sigh.

Raven, again. He closed his eyes with a sigh; he'd asked his lieutenant not to watch this...

He opened those golden eyes once more, and reached forth with an armored hand.

Not just to the Huntsmen and Huntresses, but their very souls.


Shadows arose from their bodies.

As one, they knelt to him.

And his army grew.

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