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"Ya'll must be new. Vacuo has something of a...well, lets call it a golden rule.

Thou shalt get distracted by bullshit every time. Every. Damn. Time.

That never changes. Not even after two hundred years...


They Never Learn

A low whistle pierced the wastes of Vacuo.

The Summer Maiden looked up to the shattered moon, clutching her bloodied stomach.

But the whistle wasn't for her, she realized; it was for her attackers, the men who had ambushed her.

A man in a tattered trenchcoat raised his gun and blew smoke from the barrel. A burned hand reached up and tilted his brimmed had back, revealing weary blue eyes set over a badly burnd, whiskered face...



...and a smile.

It was not a nice smile.

Far too many teeth for her liking!

"I bet all that aura makes you feel real big, don't it?" ignorant of the full moonlight, shining down upon him, he flicked a fresh dust round into the chamber of his weapon, humming a little to himself as his scarred fingers supercharged each casing with chakra until it glowed gold. "I know, I get it. Aura makes you think you're invincible. Y'see, there's just one problem with it."

He hopped down off the rock he'd been perched on, blac boots settling into the dunes.

"Most people I know, they rely on it too much; they have to consciously keep it active to defend themselves at a given point on their body. It takes a split second." his weapon cracked, gears shifting, its shadows becoming something unholy as she looked on. "I wonder if you sorry sacs of shit can manage that?

His gun barked explosively, a harsh crack piercing the gloom. For a moment, nothing happened.

And then one of her attackers fell with a bloody gurgle as their aura failed to protect them.

A grin split his face. "I guess not."

Then he was among them.

Guns blazed in the dark.

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What are you?

Old and tired. Up you go, missy. Can't have you dying today.

"You there. How did you do that trick with the guns?

Trade secret.

Winter bridled. "The SDC would be very interested in-

"I ain't for sale, missy. Run along back to yer daddy before I put a hole between your eyes."

"I no longer work for my father-

He waggled a brow at her. "Wasn't the daddy I was talking about."

Winter went red.

...not good. He was running low on chakra.

Him! Of all people! Kurama would've laughed at him.

Tyrian cackled, rubbing his hands together in thinly veiled glee. "Oh, my! A true professional even out here in Vacuo. Her Grace will be thrilled to meet you."

He flicked a fresh round into the chamber."Over my dead body."

"I hoped you'd say that...

The world dissolved into a slurry of red violence.

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