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There was happiness in the air as they were allowed to move back in.

Paris was allowed to move back in but because there were so many people, it took hours for them to all get back to the front door.

Xavier entered and the place was the same, even the wiring was working and the stove was on.

The drones did good, but he didn't know how well they did, because those living in the poor parts of Paris got a welcome surprise as the drones had completely fixed their place up.

However, life didn't return to normal immediately right away, they spend several days just moving in and unloading their stuff back into their homes.

It took days to slip back into their old jobs without any hassle.

A big sign of things returning to normal was the Paris news coming back.

It was the most celebrated thing to come back on their TV screens.

Everybody crowded around their TV's screens and saw her.

Nadia Chamack smiled and said. "Welcome back to TVi News. We have had some rough couple of weeks but now are back"

Paris cheered and whistled.

Nadja said. "My name is Nadja Chamack and here is the news. Thanks to a blue-skinned and glassy eye alien named Omni" a picture of him showed up on the screen. "Our once flooded city has now been rebuilt from the ground up. Parisian, all over the world are currently moving back into their homes and business and some are even finding that they have upgraded since the last time they walked in, along with some cash to help them get back on their feet"

They saw videos of people moving back in.

Nadja said. "It won't be long until Paris is back on track and we can see the return of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Hopefully, Hawk Moth will be staying away this time"

Wishful thinking.

Of course, he wouldn't.

Nadja said. "Now, this incident has attracted a lot of eyes, not just in Paris but all around the world. Who would have guessed that an alien, was living in Paris this whole time and is currently moving back in with us if he hasn't done so already? The whole world is extremely curious about what this person is why and why he is in Paris. If the News does indeed find Omni, we hope that he will agree to do an interview with us"

The ratings would be legendary if they did indeed get an interview with the alien.

However, Xavier knew that if it got out that an alien was going on air for real, no amount of security the news station had will stop the world from trying to get in.

A day later, school started back up again and he breathed in that school freshness.

And then it was ruined when he heard how many students and even a teacher were planning to hunt Omni down.

The world wasn't going to leave him in peace at all, they were planning to track him down.

He saw the FBI show up, Area 51, important people, a squad of Omnis, people with tin foiled hats on their heads and all of them were looking for Omni.

However, a festival did come out of this and the government soon declared Omni a protected species.

And that's when the world found Omni.

Xavier could not believe his eyes when a person who looked and sounded just like he was being interviewed on the news one morning.

Apparently, he had been out on a stroll as a costume playing Omni when his lack of being seen on the inside had him singled out to the FBI.

The next thing he knew, this guy was being given the best mansion in the city, he was been given huge checks, he was doing special appearances.

The world spoiled this guy rotten.

The fake was given all the things, he would have been given if he had come forward.

And it made him mad because here he was in an orphanage while this guy was living in the best mansion in the city because of him.

However, despite the rising anger in him, Xavier knew that coming out and shaming this guy wasn't a great thing to do, especially since Hawk Moth had moved back into the city judging by the Akumatision.

Well, he comforted himself by realised the guy was going to have to deal with the creepy stalkers and assassination attempts.

Being him wasn't that enjoyable.

Plus, the world will eventually figure it out when 'Omni' had dodged too many scientific teaching when he's supposed to be a genius or at least smarter than the average person.

But this person seemed determined to destroy his reputation before then.

Soon there were interviews of Omni looking at a woman cleavage and butt, there were videos of the guy drunk.

There were whispers that he wasn't really a nice person, and yet people were still going to go see Omni get a key to the city, Xavier watched this on his phone because being there would make him die of rage.

When Omni came out, the dude was drunk and staring at the woman who was giving him the key, figure.

The women tried to ignore it and so did everybody else.

The Mayor of Paris said. "For once again saving our city, Omni. We give you this key"

This should be his key!

While he tried to calm himself down, he was notified of something.

Team Galaxy had arrived in Paris.


They wanted to meet at the closed scrapyard.

Well...he wasn't going to say no to meeting aliens.

Was he really going to meet aliens?

Not knowing he was this close to being Akumatised because of his rage, he headed to the scrapyard while fake Omni disgraced himself on live television.

He used his bike to head there and chained it up to a pole before he walked to the entrance and felt like he had just gone through a barrier as he stepped into it.

And he had.

The world was completely silent as his eyes met the top team in Galaxy High, but this time they were before him in the flesh and very much real and good looking.

Suddenly all three of them got into soldier salute and said. "Welcome, Lord Omni"


Well, that was different.

But then again, it was a miracle that all three of them were real and here.

He said. "Wait. A minute. How do all three of you know I'm Omni and not just some random kid who walked in here by accident?"

Brett said. "May I ask, My Lord?"

"You may," he said.

Brett said. "The barrier we put up has created a pocket dimension. Only those with grade 5 Technology and above can access this place. Earth is grade 2 at best"

Yoko said. "Plus, we would never mistake that guy on stage for you. Your refined and elegant. The best of the best. The other guy doesn't even have your walk down"

And he wouldn't lie, he glowed when he heard such praise from such amazing individuals.

He then said. "I'm happy to see you three but what are you doing here?"


Josh said, bored. "The Serge sent us on a mission to Paris to see how the world is handling knowing there is a non-human around. We are currently enrolled in 3 different schools"

Brett said. "Yeah, I have to dumb myself down a lot and do a lot of humiliating things just to fit in with the 4th grades. It's embarrassing"

Yoko then said. "And we have to dress differently, even changing our hair and having to put on new faces. Because we stand out, which usually should be a good thing for my singing career"

"Yoko, you have a singing career?" Said both guys and she gained a tick mark on her head before giving them both a knucklehead to the nogging.

And he couldn't help it, he laughed and said. "I have missed all three of you"

He didn't know he needed this.

To be surrounded by people who knew he who he was and not feel like he was being studied.

To be with people he can be loud with and enjoy the company off.

He indeed needed this.

He said. "Well, all three of you, welcome to Paris. As long as you keep your negative emotions in check, you should just fine."

Yoko said. "Well, that's fine. Our level of emotions are completely different from the humans here. It would be pretty shocking for a Galaxy Martial to get Akumatised"

Brett said. "I would rather not waste my brainpower trying to be taller if it meant being mind-controlled."

Josh said. "Yeah. Being mind controlled by somebody from a Level 2 Planet is ridiculous"

All of them were confident that they wouldn't fall victim to Hawk Moth.

Well, they were the best of the best, they could never show their face again if they were controlled by Hawk Moth.

Plus, an Akumatised Galaxy Martial would be a god-level disaster for Paris and Hawk Moth would definitely win.

They talked more and he had a good time with them, they agreed to message each other secretly using their communicators.

And just like that, he realised he had some friends.

Some cool ass, fun-loving friends.

Friends he can never be seen hanging out within public but they were still friends he could talk to.

They can plan to go to the cinema's at close enough times and buy particular seats like it was a coincidence and then they would break off as complete strangers do.

It was also thrilling, hiding the fact they knew each other when they pass each other on the street.

The soldiers, the agents, the disguises made it that much more thrilling.

He didn't even care that Fake Omni was destroying what little dignity he had in the eyes of the public.

He was okay if nothing changed.

But then it did.

He woke up one morning to being notified of an event called 'The Storm' coming up in a few days.

He saw nothing else but the title, but it was ominous enough for him to move his stuff to his bulker and get his hands on as many long-lasting supplies as possible.

He told his friends about the bunker and they too dumped their alien stuff there, much to three relief.

It was hard living with people who shouldn't know.

He was on edge through the days leading up to it and then it happened.

The countdown hit zero when he was at school and he woke up, to rocks everywhere and the ground destroyed completely.

Luckily, nobody had died so they could all just walked out and that's when they took in their situation before them.

The whole city was in a trench and above there was a colourful storm, the likes the world had never seen before, even by superhuman standards.

He heard. "Woah!"

The internet and phone towers apparently took a beating all the way down too.

Xavier would be shocked if they didn't at least take a beating.

However, there was no rock walls, just one big trench.

How weird.

And then he received a status for this event and read 'While in the storm. All Magic including artefacts are banned'.


As in no magical transformation allowed?

Then what about Ladybug and Cat Noir?

His face deadpanned.

What is wrong with this city!?

Should he move!?

However, thanks to Omni being here, now every country or big power must be fighting over themselves to be the one to save them.

He went back to the orphanage and everybody was taken back to their friends, family, roommates, buildings or just sat down on the floor because they're homeless.

The air was chill and nobody but him truly realized how serious this was because this was Paris and weird stuff happens all the time.

So it was interesting how this chill atmosphere turned Chaotic the next day when people realised they were still in a trench and indeed, they had to gather food.

Suddenly everybody was panicking, trying to grab as many resources as they can.

However, somehow this chaos managed to organise itself as the city experience with Hawk Moth shined through and everybody who hadn't moved in just recently acted with surprising teamwork.

Even the rich and selfish helped out.

Xavier could already feel what the others were thinking as they saw how resourceful Humans could be.

It was really surprising from an outsiders perspective and who knows how shocking it was from an alien who came from an advanced civilisations perspective.

At the end of the day, Paris had a nice arrangement where everybody was doing their part so now they had to sit back and wait for help to arrive.

Funny, enough there was no was sign of Fake Omni anywhere and they knew he was in his mansion since yesterday because of the obsessed news.

The guy should have been leading this charge and unifying everybody and yet the guy was absent.

However, Xavier wondered.

How long will it take for Paris to start noticing the lack of blue skin here?