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He didn't know what pushed it, the hunger of people or the fact that every food they planted died only a day later.

There wasn't a raindrop in sight despite the stormy weather.

Suddenly the discussion about the very visible Omni in their mist spread like wildfire and everybody was convinced Omni was coming up with something cool to get them out of this.

A group of Paris top people went to see what Omni was up to and managed to meet with more adults and people hovering around the gate.

They yelled to get somebody attention and sure enough, they were told that Omni was working on something great to get rid of the storm and send the town back up again.


They left.

Fast forward to half a month.


Because try feeding almost 3 million people now, with no fresh food coming in and most food expiring in the first week.

The food was running low and everybody was starving.

There was no sign of help coming and the person who they believed was the same person to have shown them advanced technology had gone silent.

When people are backed into the wall, they go after the thing that can help them, by any means necessary.

There was a rumbling amongst the adults.

And then the child started suffering because of the lack of food.

The children were told to stay home.

Xavier looked at Brett and said. "Do you want to come over for Lunch?"

"Sure," said Brett.

The two began walking away.

A 10-year-old with a 14-year-old guy didn't look that strange.

"Which leads us to make sure, Paris's adults don't kill the guy," said Yoko, before saying. "Even though he deserves it"

And then they headed to the Omni mansion storming party and proceeded onwards with the adults, most of the party was filled with concerned parents who had to give up food so their children didn't starve.

Now they were starving.

At the gate, they yelled and asked to speak to Omni.

However, no answer because all the staff had left.

"Storm, the Mansion!" Yelled somebody.

They began climbing the gates, the Mansions power was out so there was no defence and the guards had long since abandoned the place and robbed what they could.

They broke into the house through the windows, no alarm went off and they just flooded the luxurious place with older teens or adults.

Josh whistled seeing the Omni paintings, sculptures and even carpet rug.

The place had clearly been ransacked, he was sure there was nothing in the kitchen anymore.

So where's the fake?

Everybody was determined to find out.

People knocked down doors, no matter how many there were to find him.

However, there was one place the wave of people avoided because nobody wanted to believe that Omni was in there.

The mansions emergency underground bunker.

They didn't want to believe it because then the Omni they showered with gifts was a cowered.

However, they eventually had to check it and they used an explosive to blow the door off and then they continued to blow up the doors on the way down.

And then they found him.

Fake Omni but he wasn't in the middle of working on something cool or had escaped in spacecraft.

He was hiding behind a couch!

When it was known where they found him, words could not express the rage and shock.

Didn't he say, if Paris goes, he would have to go too?

Wasn't this the same guy who came to Paris rescue when the world refused to help?

So why was he hiding behind a couch, Living it up underground and lying to them that he was working on something!?

And when the guy saw the crowd of angry civilians, he turned as white as a ghost and suddenly his voice changed to a guy not a single person recognised.

"I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me! I was just trying to live a better life!"

And just like that, the whole place became dead silent as everybody mouth opened and the fake was curled up in a defence position.

Nobody would have expected Omni to cower like this.

Suddenly Josh said. "You have 20 seconds to start talking before we pound you into the ground."

And the guy did.

Before the adults of Paris, the most important people in the world, the army of Omnis, the FBI and Area 51.

He came clean to all of them.

Apparently, his name was Bradly and he had paid a superhero to transform him to look like an exact copy of Omni, that is how he never brought body paint or fake ears.

As for not having the inside of his body detected, he paid to have his insides appear ghostly.

Being ghostly was better than being invisible.

And then he had been practising Omni voice since the day he first heard it, he was actually a professional voice actor.

That's how he fooled the whole world and was showered with gifts, money, this house, luxury, the admiration of millions, things named after him and women.

When he was finished, the whole place just was silent as everybody face just changed.

Nobody said anything until they heard.

"So let me get this straight," said one of the fake Omni's as the guy came forward. "You decided to take the identity of a hero because of perks!?"

More silence as everybody face changed.

The guy said. "You took advantage of the fact Omni couldn't be open with us to scam us with his name. Then you had the balls to tarnish what Omni did by getting drunk, being rude and trying to get into woman pants worldwide. How dare you. Omni saved so many people from being homeless, and he just wanted to be left in peace. And you just came in and twisted his good name. My little girl stopped wanting to be an astronaut because of you."

It had been hard.

Imagine finding out, the hope you held on to that Omni was a decent person, after all, was based on a lie.

It wasn't just getting to know him more, they were two different people.

They gave this person their undivided attention and in most cases, their wallets too, some completely devoted their lives to this guy.

Time and money, they would never get back.

And they could not imagine, what Omni went through seeing this faker disgrace him all over the world.

Omni may have left because of this guy and they were all going to die here.

And then they realised what the guy was trying to do down here.

There was enough food down here to last a lifetime, he was going to eat while they all starve to death and live a full life.

They were mad.

Hella mad.

If they don't get revenge before they die, they won't be justice in this world!

People began to get close and the guy backed away when he saw how many eyes changed.

He begged but nobody heard him.

They were all going to die because he wanted perks.

And then the first punch was thrown.

However, it never hit the guy's face.

The guy opened his eyes only to see the back of a dark-skinned guy with dark blue jeans, a brown jacket and black hair standing before him and blocking the punch.

Josh said. "Woah, there. I know this guy deserves a beating but with intent like that, you're going to kill the guy"

It was the first time, so many people saw this teenager.

"Move out of the way!" Said somebody running and throwing a punch, but it not only missed, but the guy was also downed just by the teen's pure arm strength alone, so cleanly and quickly, the guy didn't realise what happened until he had been on the floor for a full 5 seconds.

And then, Josh merely threw the grown man back like he weighed nothing.

Those unfortunate enough to be below the guy, crashed to the ground just as he did.

Josh said, cracking his knuckles. "Anybody who wants to touch this guy has to go through me"

Everybody was stunned, even the guy.

He was being protected, even after all he had put the world through?

"Why?" Said Kagami Tsuruga mother.

"Because killing a butthole isn't going to solve your problem," said Yoko speaking up as she walked over to Josh and joined him. "You should focus on Survival first and when you've accomplished that THEN you can sue him and let him face justice by law. Kids are smart, they will know you've done something to the Fake when the authorities find his body. How can you face your children?"

Everybody was stunned.

Get out?

Suddenly Josh throw something and said. "Catch"

The thing was caught unconsciously and when the hand opened up, it revealed itself to be a frosted cupcake.

Those who looked and especially the women who had it, eyes we're round as they saw this fresh delight.

Josh said. "It's fresh and there's more"

Everybody looked up to find both of them wearing knowing smiles.

They both stood so confidently before them all as if they could them easily.

The Mayor of Paris said. "Who are the two of you?"

Yes, who?

"You don't really need to know who we are," said Yoko.

"You just need to know, we are part of the four who would bust you out of here," said Josh.

And then Yoko took out an earphone and put it on.

She tried to call Brett but the storm interfered with it.

The storm had indeed gotten worse.

"Can't call, Brett. We have to go there manually" said Yoko.

"This should be interesting," said Josh, before he proceeded to knock fake Omni out and slung him over his shoulders

Yoko gave him a look.

Josh said. "I didn't say I wouldn't hit him"

And then without fear at all, the two of them walked through everybody and walked out.

The crowd slowly followed them out, they followed them out of the mansion and then onto the streets.

They kept going and of course, those outside noticed the two and how they had who they believed was Omni unconscious and over a shoulder.

The two didn't seem to notice the shock they were causing, or that the number of people following them was increasing.

They just calmly walked through the streets, like it was a normal day for them and then Yoko picked something up.

It was from Brett.

She said. "Hi, Brett. We're coming to your location. Where are we? Right outside"

Indeed they were.

Basically, almost half of Paris was outside and saw where they had stopped at.

They saw the sign.

Green Medows Orphanage.

The call cut off and then a few minutes later, the door opened up and down came an innocent blond child who then proceeded to knock both teens to the floor by their heads.

Brett yelled. "Mourns!"

The look on those behind them face's turned commercial as they saw a child knock these skilled almost adults to the ground.

And just like that, his innocent appearance went out of the window.

The two got up like it didn't hurt.

Not even a little.

Superhuman? Thought everybody.

Brett said. "I just can't, with both of you right now. Why on Earth, did you lead half of Paris here!? I see the FBI and the Mayor! Out of all the places, you had to lead them here!"

Everybody blinked, hearing the clear kids voice.

How old are you?

"Well, you can't really blame us. The storm is interfering with our connection" said Yoko. "It was definitely not like this, it's getting worse"

Josh said. "So Einstein, we were hoping you would have figured out what this storm was by now and had already made a gadget to clear it"


So this was Brett? Interesting...Everybody thought.

Brett, still not acting his age at all said. "Well, first of all. I have cross-referenced this storm with the surprising amount we've been in, in the past and nothing matches. It's a completely new type of storm. And two, even if I were to scan and come up with something, all my equipment is in that bunker along with everything else and only one person can open that."

Those behind continued to widen their eyes as they all heard this kid and those at the front saw his demeanour.

Even the hidden Nasa guy face changed.

Genius kid indeed.

What was this level of understanding?

A lot of them had never met a genius child so young before so this was new.

Josh said. "So what? We're just going to let people die down here because we can't ask a single guy to use his resource filled bunker that can feed the whole of Paris? We can just take him, back with us"

Resource filled bunker that can feed the entire city?

Everybody face changed again, they had no idea there was a bunker filled with so many resources around here.

So many things they were finding out about the city they thought they knew so well.

All their ears sharpen.

"Josh, you can't just ask him, he's O-" began Yoko but that's when they heard.

"Actually, I'm fine with the use of my Bunker"

And just then the Fake Omni had woken up from the ground, confused of course but he was there to witness it.

The moment Xavier walked out the front door.

The real Omni.