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Before Xavier was every orphaned person dream.

The most important people in the world were before him and any one of them could give him the life of a king.

But what was a King to a Space Martial, who could fly from planet to planet and fight intergalactic bad guys?

Could they give him tickets to Paradise planet?

No, they could not.

That is why he was so chill to meet them.

He did not comb his hair, he did make sure he wore his best suit and tie, he did not make sure he wore cologne and every face cream, he could get his hands on.

He just showed up casual and that is what finally made him stand out, as he was always in the background.

For the first time, these people truly took notice of him.

He glanced around and said. "Oh, wow. A lot of familiar faces here. Adrian Agreste, Marinette Dupain-cheng, Nino Lahiffe..." He saw their faces as he identified everybody in that particular class to be here.

And then he began listening, Kagami Tsurugi and her class.

The look on everybody's face was priceless.

He said. "If you're wondering why I know your name. It's because we all go to the same school. All of you were very interesting to watch"

Interesting to watch, indeed.

This guy is interesting. They all thought, wondering who is this and how come they couldn't take their eyes away of, of him.

He then turned to the three and said. "You can use my bunker. There should be more than enough food in there for the entire of Paris. I've prepared for this exact scenario"


The look on everybody but the three face's were commercial, as they heard, he had apparently prepared for this.

He then said. "It took a bit to confirm but we are dealing with what is called a magical storm caused by raw miraculous energy"

And if faces hadn't changed, they had now.

He said, acting way too smart for his age. "I did always wondered what happened to the energy released when an Akuma battle was reversed. I had a hunch that it simply did not disappear and now I have proof that it causes a storm. It's should be the reason why Ladybug and Cat Noir haven't shown up. They simply can not transform. The storm is most likely also interfering with the world sense of direction in trying to get us and the longer we stay here, the more it will interfere with our abilities and technology."

And then he said. "To put it quite simply, this storm is trying to kill us on all fronts. Since the Chaotic magical battle isn't stopping, the storm is just going to have to wipe out the whole city to make it stop"

Everybody mouth was open.

He said. "That is why I wouldn't be shocked if Hawk Moth was given a warning about using chaotic magic and he just brushed it off. Why do people not listen to warnings? Now we have a magical storm on our hands"

Brett said. "A Magical Storm? I never come across anything like that"

He said. "It's understandable that you haven't. You've only been here for a couple of weeks at best, while I've been here since the start of this mess and beyond. You have no idea, just how bad the magical flow in the city can get. Paris has the highest flow of Magical power on the planet. You're not going to find a Magical air this thick anywhere else"

And just when they had picked their mouths off the floor, he brought them back to that state.

And then he smiled.

A unique smile.

A smile, they all swore up and down, they had seen before.

Even the people the most secluded, know they had seen that smile before.

But for the life of them, they couldn't remember where.

Damn it!

Xavier then proceeded to help jog their memories, by opening a portal right in front of them and out came construction bots.

The same construction bots on the day the world first saw Omni, but these bots were carrying hot food this time.

It was a sight, everybody in the world wished to see again but for some reason, the Omni they followed did not do it.

He dodged anything related to this.

The whole of Paris was silent.

The crowd's eyes slowly fell on the Omni gawking on the floor and then they turned to the child with what they now realise was Omni's smile, just chilling next to a portal.

They were given a warm packed lunch, filled with their favourite food.

Even the fake got given lunch.

No matter, how much you alter yourself, you will never be the real thing.

You will never be Omni.

And this child was the real thing.

He had to be.

The look on their faces told him, they had all realised who he was.

He said to the three.

"Follow" without even looking at the fake, he entered the portal and the three did so as well, the portal then closed up behind them.

They left a crowd of stunned people behind them.

His bunker was hella nice inside because he used it whenever being on the surface got too much for him.

He said. "I pretty much, have a machine that can contain the storm. However, my main concern is Hawk Moth. I don't care what his reason is, but being here has taught me, he is going to keep trying even if he kills the whole world"

Indeed, this world was going to die because of one man.

A magical storm isn't going to stop this man, Hawk Moth would just move.

Brett said. "Why don't we contain tbs storm and then use its energy signature, to find Hawk Moth and Mayura."

Josh said, stroking the robotic ultra pet fluffy. "I get it, we can take them both down and take their Miraculous. Then we bring them back to Galaxy High. It's safer in our hands and we can end the fight in Paris once and for all."

And then they just that.

Using the power that was left in the Bunker, they opened the roof, took out a large beam and sucked the storm in, not caring that they were revealing the location of the base in the process.

The sky was cleared in 2 minutes and for the first time in half a month, Paris could see the night sky, they could feel the wind hitting their faces.

They were alive.

All of them were alive!

And then the world came to rescue them and the people of Paris yelled, screamed, danced for joy and waved their hands frantically, as they were saved and the Kwami's came back.

And then Omni got to work, they used the storm to trace the energies of the Miraculous.

They narrowed the chaotic energy down and were stunned to see how close all four were to each other.

Both Josh and Yoko were sent out and suddenly Gabriel Agreste was knocked out from behind just as he just came out of the large trench with his son.

Yoko was behind the now unconscious man and then Josh went for Nathalie Sancoeur, Gabriel assistant

The stunned woman didn't stand a chance as Josh knocked her to the ground.

A floating camera was with them.

Josh turned to a stunned Adrien said. "Sorry kid, but your dad needs to go to Prison for being Hawk Moth"

Adrien's eyes were huge.

Yoko said. "You're a good kid. Don't end up like your dad"

And then the two grabbed the unconscious two and jumped back into the portal.

They found themselves at a human rescue HQ and throw the unconscious two on the floor.

Yoko said. "This guy is Hawk Moth. And this lady is Mayura"

And then they proceeded to take the Hawk Miraculous from underneath Gabriel tie.

Everybody was wide-eyed.

And Yoko took the Peacock Miraculous from Nathalie pocket.

And then they took out the video footage from the camera and Josh said. "Here's, your evidence. I would highly recommend, that you put them in body binds. Gabriel Agreste is a very good fighter and the last thing you want is for him to bust out of here and disappear using his money and connections before you can tell the public"

Everybody opened their mouths.

Yoko said. "Bye" and then a portal opened up.

They came back to the base and Xavier heard trumpets as the Event had ended and Paris was going to be fine.

With the world working together, there was no reason why Paris couldn't be elevated back to the surface.

And one more thing.

He opened a portal and put fake Omni in a full-on body casket, that said 'I'm fake. Please sue me for the money you've spent on me'.

That felt good.

Now what?

He couldn't go back to the Orphanage, a lot of people knew who was now, along with pretty much the entire orphanage when he started making life good for them here.

Honestly, he couldn't or want to pretend like nothing happened.

From this point forward he was under watch for the rest of his life.

While still being expected to fix Paris when something awful happens.

He didn't sign up to be the city's backup plan, he just wanted the people around him to survive.

But there was no else to go to.

He didn't want to run from the world for the rest of his life.

Suddenly he heard.

"Lord Omni. Would you like to come back with us?" Said Brett.

He turned around to see Team Galaxy.

Josh said. "Our, job is pretty much done and you look like you've had enough of Earth"

"Come back to Galaxy High with us," said Yoko.

Come back?

He was taken back and then the device on his arm beeped.

'A new chapter begins. Would you like to go to Galaxy High?'


Of course, he did.

Galaxy High was a place where somebody like him was so accepted without the creepy stalkers.

He said. "Yes"

And then he packed his stuff and they went packing their stuff in the places they were staying in.

Xavier placed a message on the bunker that basically said he was leaving for a bit and then they went to a tunnel where Team Galaxy's red and white spacecraft was.

He felt the specialness wash over him as the ship opened up and he walked in an sat down in the passenger hold.

The ceiling opened as they all buckled down and then the ship began to rise.

It rose and then they were out of Paris and into the sky, where superheroes and the world army were but they didn't care.

The look on everybody face was priceless as they saw this spacecraft zooming right past them out and into space where it hyper jumped before the world very large eyes.

The ceiling to the bunker was left open behind them.

The journey to Galaxy High only took several minutes before the ship began to come down and he transformed back into Omni.

He heard. "We're here" from Josh.

And he wouldn't lie, his heart thumped in his ears, as he unbuckled himself and saw sunlight wash over him.

He walked out and passed through the light and that's when he saw it.

All the characters from the game, he had grown to love was before his very eyes and they were all breathing and alive.

Whether humanoid or couldn't possibly be human, they were all here and before them, all was Principal Kirkpatrick.

They said. "Welcome back, Lord Omni!"

And he couldn't help but smile and said. "I'm back"

And then they jumped him and almost knocked him down, as they gave him a warm welcome.

They didn't take out an analysis tool and he didn't stare or gawk.

They were all weirdos and he loved it.

Meanwhile, team Galaxy reverted their hair and faces back to their normal selves in the background.

The principal said. "Welcome back, My Lord. We are preparing a feast for you, would you like to go to your room to rest first?"


Well, he was a bit tired from today events.

He said, yes and he was taken to his room with his stuff.

And Galaxy High was stunning.

There was no other way to describe such a place, but this place taught all species but human, so it had to look the part.

They went through portals because they weren't human beings who took lifts.

And then they came to a fancy door.

He was left alone with it and it scanned him and said. "Welcome back, Lord Omni"

And then the door opened and he walked through it.

The room he was met with was amazing.

Bluewater tanks, hovering furniture, massive windows to display the whole of Galaxy high, it was just supreme everything as he even has his own computer lounge.

"Oh, my god," he said, looking at the room of his dreams.

This room was his?

He didn't have to share, or he has accidentally stumbled onto a rich person room?

There was no camera.

And then the tears he held back, began to flow.

His own room.

This was the nicest thing, anybody had ever done for him.

He didn't need a Parade or a day named after him.

He just needed a place where he felt loved, just like every orphanage child did.

He would go through the years of rejection all over again if it meant he still ended up here.

Now, this was a place he could be himself.

Meanwhile, he and Team Galaxy had left the biggest shitshow in human history back on Earth.