it had been a few hours since Ethan and Benny left the cave so they decided to take a detour and began exploring and Ethan was in the mood to goof off and play with his new friend so to start with the prince gave the other boy an extra sword from his bag and he and Benny began playing pretend with the swords for fun.

then afterwards they went to a nearby lake and jumped into the water and began splashing each other in the face and then later took a trip up to the snowy mountains and hit one another with snowballs and had a snowball fight.

they smiled and laughed as they enjoyed the company that they shared and from this their bond with each other grew stronger and stronger with every moment that they spent together.

unfortunately though while they were having the snowball fight with one another they were being too loud and noisy with their voices which caused an avalanche.

B Look out Ethan shouted to Benny warning him as it was coming down towards them.

Benny took Ethan's hand in his which snapped Ethan out of his trance as they both started running down the mountain to avoid the large chunks of ice rocks and snow but it was no use as it was right behind them and because of this it wouldn't leave their path a quick act of instinct led Benny to push Ethan safely out of harms way as Benny himself looked ahead and saw a steep incline of a rock hill with a pointy end that was facing upward sadly the boy couldn't out run the snow and there was no where else for him to go as the pressure from the ice snow and rocks pushed Benny up into the air and down on the rock as he slid down it he landed on his back he then began sliding to a stop but once he did the large rocks of snow were unfortunately still on his tail as they came right to him Benny let out a gasp before the thick large pile of snow landed right on top of him leaving him in darkness as the world turned black.

a few seconds later the sound of digging was heard as darkness disappeared and bright colors returned into view again as Ethan's head suddenly appeared Benny! Ethan said shouting his friend's name with worry as he was currently sitting down on the ground in front of where Benny was buried beneath the snow as he frantically dug and dug with his hands removing the snow from the hole that Benny fell into eventually all of the snow was removed and Ethan quickly reached down in the hole with his hands and pulled Benny out and laid him gently on the ground in front of him.

Ethan stared at the boy feeling extremely scared and concerned as Benny was just laying there unmoving and motionless with his eyes closed Ethan felt more and more panic rising in his veins as he looked at his lifeless friend.

so the prince began CPR as he began pushing on Benny's chest and breathing air into his mouth nothing was happening at first so Ethan continued the cycle over and over desperately refusing to give up until Benny finally took a breath as he coughed and slowly opened his eyes as he looked up at the prince.

oh thank god your ok Ethan said with relief as he sighed and quickly leaned over and hugged the boy tightly Benny was surprised and shocked by this gesture until he smiled and returned the hug.


the hunter Jesse Black was searching high and low for the dragon traveling to every place and area that existed from the woods/forest to millions of caves but couldn't find him anywhere and began to get angry until he looked down and spotted tracks of footprints on the ground.

ah ha i found you your mine now creature and this time you will not escape from me Jesse said to himself as he laughed evilly.

time skip

later that night Ethan and Benny were sitting on the ground in another cave to avoid the cold from the harsh winds that were blowing outside and the prince was trying to warm the other boy up with blankets since he was still freezing and feeling cold from the avalanche freak accident.

you warm enough yet? Ethan asked.

not yet Benny replied as he shook his head.

the prince then decided to scoot closer to the other boy and wrapped his arms around him bringing him in close to his chest for body heat.

then Ethan sighed sadly as he turned his head in the opposite direction away from his friend Benny noticed this and looked concerned and worried are you ok E? Benny asked.

no B im not listen the truth is im scared my dad was the best king that existed in my kingdom he always helped people and was so loving caring and selfless im afraid that i won't bring honor to the legacy that he left behind for me it's too big of a job and task what if im not good enough for the people when we get back to my home Ethan explained.

Ethan i believe you'll do a great job because when you'll become king you can do things your own way but you can still honor your father in return Benny said wisely.

wow that's great advice thanks Benny Ethan said.

your welcome Benny replied back.

also i know how you feel before Jesse killed my family my dad wanted me to step up and be the leader of the dragons and once he was gone i was scared too and didn't think i could be as good as him or be able to fill his shoes until i realized that i could be a leader in my own way Benny said.

yeah Ethan replied as he nodded.

B i almost lost you once and i won't lose you again the prince admitted truthfully as he continued.

don't worry E im not going anywhere i promise Benny said as the prince smiled at his words.

Ethan then felt sleepy as he yawned he then closed his eyes and fell asleep as Benny did the same.

as the night went on and hours passed by Ethan started grunting and groaning softly in his sleep his skin turned sweaty wet and clammy as he tossed and turned he was having a dream.

Ethan's Dream

Ethan and Benny finally made it to the kingdom that was the prince's home and started making their way to the front entrance to the castle when a mysterious figure appeared in front of them it was the dragon hunter Jesse.


Ethan stood in front of Benny protectively no i won't let you kill him or hurt him he's my friend even more then that i love him because he is the most wonderful amazing creature that i will ever know Ethan said wholeheartedly.


he's not a monster Jesse you are Ethan said to the hunter as he stabbed him with his sword and punched him in the face with his hand Jesse was really mad from this so he took out a bow and arrow and aimed it at the prince Benny in his dragon form saw this and ran towards Ethan and pushed him out of the way taking the hit instead as Ethan stared at the scene before him in horror.

NOOOO Ethan said heartbreakingly as Jesse laughed evilly.

Benny laid motionless on the ground and stared up at the prince with weak and tired eyes .

i love you Ethan so much im so happy that i met you and got to know you because your kingdom deserves a great leader like you so im gald i could save it Benny said happily as he took weak breaths he lifted his paw as best as he could and laid it on top of Ethan's hand he stared at him for a few more seconds before his head fell to the ground and closed his eyes it was too late Benny was dead.

Ethan looked at him with tearful eyes before he laid his head on his chest and began sobbing.

End Of Dream

Ethan's head quickly shot up as he gasped and started breathing quickly and heavily he began looking around wondering where he was when he heard someone snoring he looked over and noticed that Benny was still asleep the prince let out a quiet sigh of relief as the freak accident that he experienced today with almost losing Benny was still running fresh through his mind making him feel a bit shaken up and a little traumatized by the events he shook his head erasing the thoughts from his mind as he laid his head back down and fell asleep once more.