Hogwarts 1984

Dumbledore sat stoically at his large, ancient desk with a scowl on his face as he looked down at the morning's Prophet. Greyback grinned at him sadistically from his place, printed on the front page of the paper. Dried blood coated his face and matted in his abundance of chest hair. He looked rugged, feral but also gleeful. Dumbledore stared at the words written in large, bold letters above the almost gruesome visual of Greyback laughing almost hysterically from his place surrounded by the Aurors who had found him.


The Boy Who Lived, son of the late James and Lily Potter who were murdered by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named on Halloween night in 1981, has been declared dead after the capture of interrogation of the notorious Werewolf, Fenrir Greyback. Greyback admitted to stalking the young boy from a distance at first as he was bullied by his muggle cousin outside his home in Surrey, he was quoted saying.

"It was all far too easy really, there was no protection for the poor boy, and I fear his death could have been far worse had it been another follower of the Dark Lord and not a merciful creature like myself." After a while Greyback claims he grew bored of watching and approached the muggle home once the children had been put to bed for the night.

"Entering the house was a simple, there was no repelling spells or protection charms on the home and really, those muggles were not going to stop me." Greyback dealt with the muggles quickly before beginning to search the home for the young Potter boy. Claiming that the boy shot up in fear as he opened the bedroom door before he shrunk back into the mattress once he'd caught a glimpse of the monster standing at the end of his bed. We will spare you the horrific details but let it be known that more than half of the Aurors who were present had to excuse themselves due to the graphic details that came forth from the Werewolf.

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Dumbledore was more a little miffed that he hadn't been asked to be present for Greyback's interrogation, considering that he was Harry Potters appointed guardian. Well that wasn't strictly true and he knew it, luckily no one would be able to see James and Lily's final Will and Testimony since he had locked them away in his desk, never to see the light of day again. Once he had gotten wind that Harry was dead his mind had immediately gone to Remus and then in turn to Sirius. He had been so sure that Remus would have gone to get Harry as soon as he found out where he was or that perhaps Sirius would have taken him on the run with him. Especially since he hadn't received any kind of response to any of his Owls, most of which returned unopened and those that didn't never ended up returning at all. He had considered that Remus might have taken Harry and then fled the country, however he knew that Lupin didn't have the money to flee or even really look after himself let alone a growing child.

What was he going to do now? His whole plan had backfired on him, completely blown up in his face and he had lost two of his most loyal soldiers for nothing. Frustration boiled under his calm facade, he had put too much faith in fate and now even the Ministry were looking down on him with judgmental eyes for placing the young Potter boy with his estranged muggle relatives instead of with a magical family that could have protected him from the remaining followers such as Greyback. Perhaps he should have but it was too late now and he had to come up with a new plan but first he needed to write to the Ministry and get them back on his side before the things went too far.

Meanwhile, in her own office on the other side of the castle Professor Minerva McGonagall was writing a very important letter of her own. A letter filled with condolences and apologies of not stepping in and stopping Albus from placing young Harry with those dreadful muggles, for not siding with him and convincing the Ministry that Remus would have been more than a suitable guardian or even taking the boy in herself. She hoped the letter would get to him, she knew that Albus' letters had all returned unopened but she had hope that Remus would open hers. She hoped that Sirius was with him, despite still being on the run from the Ministry. Remus needed all the comfort he could get after such heartbreaking news. Sirius would be devastated too, when he found out, he had always been quite fond of the young boy. She had no doubt that young Harry would have grown up to be a wonderful young man, had the circumstances been different and fate been kinder to them, to all of them.

McGonagall looked down at the letter, re-reading what she had written for the tenth time that hour before signing her name at the bottom, folding it over and attaching the letter to the leg of her faithful owl who hooted softly as he stretched his wings before taking off. What an awful way to go…poor child..what kind of monster would kill an innocent child? She sighed and dragged the pile of paperwork towards her, she really hoped that Remus would open her letter..she had always been rather fond of him, more so than his mischief maker friends. Shaking her head, she dipped her quill into the ink pot and turned back to the pile of paperwork.

Meanwhile, miles and miles away deep in the Welsh countryside

"…Are you sure you've drawn that properly?" Remus questioned as he looked over Sirius' shoulder at the strange picture he'd drawn. Sirius straightened up from where he had been slouched and blew the hair from out of his eyes as he placed the book next to his drawing.

"Erm…well…close enough." Sirius replied with a grin, turning to ruffle Harry's hair. Remus scowled as he looked between the reference picture and Sirius' attempt at copying it.

"Are you sure? Because this is serious stuff we're dealing with." Sirius rolled his eyes and huffed under his breath.

"Yes I'm sure. Don't you trust me not to kill us?" Remus raised an eyebrow at Sirius' sarcastic remark and despite his best efforts, a grin slid across his face.

"I'm not sure…just the other day you attempted to cook oh what was it? Roast beef? Sirius..not even the local strays would touch it." Harry scrunched up his nose from where he was sat on the sofa, watching his beloved uncles mock each other.

"You like my cooking don't you Harry?" Sirius pouted, turning to look at Harry who's nose was still scrunched up in disgust making Remus almost howl with laughter.

"Who's cooking is better then?" Sirius asked and Harry giggled and pointed towards the front door just when Hope came in, arms full of carrier bags and completely drenched.

"Yeah..I agree little man." Remus chuckled as Harry clambered over Sirius to sit between the two of them as they plopped onto the sofa, snuggling between them until only his head was visible as Sirius pulled the nearest blanket over the three of them. It had been weeks now since their first full moon and whilst it was still hard for them to see Harry like that, even Remus had to admit that seeing Harry as little fluff ball was quite something. Remus still couldn't believe how normal Harry acted, for someone as young as their little man and after something that traumatic both he and Sirius had expected Harry to be a little more..temperamental or aggressive, to throw a few tantrums but Harry had been just as angelic as ever, with his occasional tantrum and sarcastic comment. In Sirius' opinion he was turning into a mini Remus, which he found both adorable and irksome.

"Is no one going to help me?" Hope said, exasperated as she lugged the bags further into the house. Sirius barked out a laugh as Remus pushed him off the sofa and like the gentlemen he is, took a few of the heavier bags from his soon-to-be mother in law before closing the front door and stopping the onslaught of rain from getting in. Remus followed a few moments later with the sole intent of being a pain the arse, leaving Harry alone on the sofa. Remus had been gone only a few minutes before the sound of frantic knocking came from the front door. Harry waited patiently for someone to come and answer the door but when no one did and the knocking became even more frantic over the sound of laughing and the clatter of pots and pans Harry hopped off the sofa and climbed up onto the window ledge to peak behind the curtains and see who was at their front door. They rarely ever got visitors, then again Harry couldn't remember the last time they had had a visitor. Peaking his head around the old, worn fabric Harry saw a very ragged looking man, about the same age as his uncles. The man was wearing very odd clothes, they looked like something he'd see in the fancy dress shop in the village. The knocking continued until the aforementioned mans gaze shifted to the window and once he caught sight of Harry, his eyes lit up with what could only be described as hope and relief. Abandoning his previous knocking that surely had left a dent in the door the ragged man came rushing up to the window and it was at that moment that Harry noticed just how much this stranger looked like Sirius. His hair was pitch black and reached his shoulders, his face was sullen and there was something about his eyes that seemed..odd.

"Hey there little man…I need you to open the door." The strangers voice was muffled through glass and with the constant pounding of rain hitting the window. Harry jumped back, stumbling to the ground. He didn't know this man, he could be like the other bad men who had taken him all those weeks ago. Harry's face must have given away his internal panic as the man looked almost pitifully down at him before giving him a small, sad smile that reminded Harry of Sirius' own smile.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. Just, please, open the door." That was it for Harry who went running into the kitchen, panicking.

"OOONNNYYYYYY!" Harry's scream seemed delayed compared to how fast he came barrelling into the kitchen and wrapped himself around Remus' leg in a blind attempt at climbing up into his arms. The three adults had frozen in place when they heard Harry scream and Remus immediately helped him up so he could hide away in the crook of Remus' neck.

"Whats the matter?" Sirius asked his grey eyes holding none of the humour they had been filled with only moments ago.

"M-ma-man." Harry mumbled, his voice muffled by the fabric of Remus' dark blue jumper. Sirius shared an almost horrified look with Remus as both their minds raced with possibilities of who Harry could have seen.

"Where's the man, Harry?" Remus whispered to the terrified child in his arms. Harry was trembling now, his whole body shaking like a leaf. He didn't say a word, he just pointed to the living room window which could just be seen from the doorway of the kitchen where Remus was standing. Remus shifted Harry in his arms as Sirius took a cautious step into the living room, his hand wrapped around his wand as he pulled it out from his pocket. A shadow skimmed past the opening in the curtains as the knocking began again and Remus had to wonder how they hadn't heard it before. Remus tapped Sirius on the shoulder and mouthed for him to be careful as he stayed a few steps behind to keep Harry safe in case the person wasn't particularly friendly with his mother behind him, still in the doorway of the kitchen. Sirius wasn't taking any chances as he threw the front door open and without thinking, sent a stunner straight at the strangers chest. When they dodged, something triggered inside Sirius' head as he acknowledged that the stranger quite obviously knew what had been fired at him. Deciding on a more…direct approach, Sirius threw himself at the opposing man and tackled him to the mud which splattered all over the outside walls of the house and coated his clothes. He had been outside for mere moments and he was already drenched to the bone, his clothes sticking to him like a second skin.

"Sirius! Sirius stop! It's me you idiot! Me, Regulus! Ouch! Watch where you're sticking that wand!" The mans words were panic stricken as his brother jabbed him in the neck with his wand. Looking up at his older brother who was staring back down at him incredulously, panting.

"Regulus? What in Merlins name are you doing here? Last I heard you were were of Voldemort's followers." Sirius pushed his wand a little harder into Regulus' neck making the younger man wince.

"I didn't want that life, you know what Mother and Father were like! I didn't have a choice! You didn't exactly stick around and help me leave so I had to stay." Sirius felt a pang of guilt ripple through him, a small pit of regret opening up deep in his stomach.

"But what are you doing here? Why now? How did you even find us?"Sirius questioned and he watched as Regulus shifted under his weight and reluctantly moved off of him slightly so Regulus wasn't completely pinned under him.

"I've been looking for you for years! It's a little hard to find a man on the run, especially when the Ministry are after your head too. I want us to be brothers again. Please Sirius, I never wanted to join them but Father would have killed me himself if I refused and brought even more dishonour to the Black family than you already had. At least thats how Mother and Father saw it, a betrayal especially when you became involved with Remus and James with Lily. They saw it as the worst kind of deceit, after you ran away…they were furious and with no one but me to take their anger out on. That's..besides the point, Sirius I want to be a part of your family. If you will have me." Sirius had rarely ever seen his brother cry but now as he stared down at Regulus, he didn't see twenty twenty-three year old young man, he saw the broken teenager he left behind when he ran away. The teenager who had only ever wanted to belong, to have a family that loved him. He wanted what Sirius, himself, had wanted. Pushing off of his brother completely and with the rain still pummelling down onto them, Sirius helped Regulus to his feet before embracing him tightly, he had never realised just how much he had missed his brother until he was stood embracing him. After all these years, they were back together and Sirius had the chance to make things right, they both had the chance to be have a family. A true family, a loving, kind and supportive family. The family they had both deserved from birth but never had, and Sirius found his own cheeks streamed with warm tears as Regulus held him tightly.

"Get inside, the pair of you I won't have either of you infecting Harry with whatever you become infected with from staying outside in the freezing rain." Remus huffed and Sirius barked out a laugh as Regulus looked on with wide eyes but there was a hint of a grin on his lips.

"You'll get used it, he's always like that. Sarcastic, overprotective git." Sirius whispered to his brother with a grin which promptly fell when Remus slammed the door in his face with an equally large smirk.

"I thought you didn't want us infecting Harry with the flu?" Sirius called out and Remus chuckled from within the warmth of the house.

"Well, Sirius. You can't infect him because we are insideand you are not." Remus quipped as he leant against the window, watching with a surprising amount of satisfaction as Sirius began to fumble around in his pockets for his wand.

"Looking for this?" Remus asked as he held up Sirius' wand and his smirk only grew as he watched Sirius' face drop as he realised he couldn't get back in on his own, he turned with hopeful eyes to Regulus who only laughed at him and pulled out the pockets of his worn trousers, pulling out nothing but lint.

"Don't look at me, if I had a wand you wouldn't have had a chance to tackle me like that." Sirius raised an eyebrow at his younger brothers claim before turning back to the window to see Remus watching the pair of them with an amused expression as Harry continued to hide in the crook of his neck. With a flick of his wand Remus transfigured an old wooden crate into something that resembled a dog house and Regulus howled with laughter as Sirius' jaw dropped.

"You're really in the dog house, brother!" Regulus gasped between fits of laughter however his laughter came to an abrupt end when Sirius growled under his breath and suddenly a dog that eerily resembled the Grim pounced at him and began licking his face, making Regulus scrunched his nose up in disgust as he shoved Padfoot off of him and strode to the door, finding it unlocked. Remus was sure he would die from laughing too hard at Sirius' expression of sheer shock and disbelief as Regulus opened the door with no hassle and walked in but he was quick to follow in case Regulus actually locked him out. He stood in next to the front door staring at Remus who was still howling with laughter.

"What?" Remus gasped out. "I never said anything about locking the door." Sirius couldn't believe it, but soon a grin made it's way back onto his face as he walked closer to Remus and then shook himself like a dog causing water to splatter to all over the walls but more specifically, all over Remus who had stopped laughing and was looking at Sirius incredulously as water droplets dripped from his now wet hair.

"Well I'd say we were even now eh Moony?"

"I'd be careful if I were you, Sirius. I hear werewolves hold grudges…" Regulus chipped in from where he was being manhandles by Hope who was both drying and combing his hair.

"Mother, this is Regulus Black, Sirius' younger brother. Regulus, this is my mum, Hope." Remus introduced before turning to Sirius with a wicked grin. "Regulus is right you know…us lycanthropes have a nasty habit of holding grudges. So you can forget about getting any for the forceable future." He whispered under his breath with a smirk, leaving Sirius with a dumbfounded look.

"Aw but Remussssss." Sirius whined however he was completely ignored as Remus went to introduced Harry to Regulus, the same Harry who hadn't removed his face from Remus' neck since he had first burrowed in there.

"Harry…" Remus cooed as Harry seemingly refused to move, Regulus knelt down in front of them much to Hopes disapproval as she was not done with his hair yet however she looked on with a fond smile as Regulus sat patiently, waiting for Harry to come out of hiding.

"Hey there little man…" He whispered reaching out to touch Harry's shoulder and he noticed with delight that Harry had turned his head the slightest bit so he could see one of his forest green eyes.

"Hey there, I'm your uncle Regulus. I'm sorry I scared you, I didn't mean to, honest." Regulus' tone was almost childlike in nature, soft and comforting as he spoke to Harry and Moony knew that Regulus would help them protect Harry, werewolves could sense these types of things. They were pack animals after all, they had to know how to make a good, strong pack. Harry shifted again and Regulus could see half of his face now and for the first time he noticed the scars, almost identical in nature to the ones on Remus' face, he looked up at Remus with a questioning gaze and Remus gave him a sad smile that answered his question. A idea sparked in the back of Regulus' mind and he grinned to himself, yes. Yes, that would show them just how much he wanted to be a part of this family. Harry looked from Regulus to Remus and after an encouraging nod from his Moony he looked over at Sirius who was watching closely as Hope towel dried his hair much like she had done to Regulus. Sirius gave hime a nod and reassuring grin and so Harry turned back to Regulus, a little more confident knowing that both Remus and Sirius were there.

"H-Hell-Hello..M' H-Harr-rry." He whispered and a smile so bright it was almost blinding lit up Regulus' face as he beamed down at Harry.

"Hello Harry, I'm Regulus but you can call me Reg if you want." He winked at Harry was delighted at the little grin that spread across his face as he let out a small giggle.

"…Can you two please go and get changed? You're ruining the wooden floors and shower while you're at it, you're both covered in mud and I won't have you draping it all throughout the house. Regulus can use the bathroom first and I'm sure Sirius will lend you some fresh clothes for now and this weekend we can all go out into the village and get you some clothes of your own. Now don't give me that look Sirius, pouting might work with Remus but it won't work with me." Sirius scowled playfully at Regulus' angelic look as he followed Hope to the bathroom before he grinned in Sirius' direction. Sirius flipped him off in response making Remus chuckle and cover Harry's eyes to shield him from his uncle's immature nature. Sirius glanced down at the coffee and table and noticed the Prophet from that morning was still sat untouched from where the owl that dropped it, picking it up he unfolded it and took a look at the front page.

"He lied…why would he lie?" Sirius hadn't noticed that he'd said those words aloud until Remus pinched the paper from him and he too stared at the front cover, stunned and confused. Remus' left eye twitched and Sirius was afraid that Moony would manage to push himself to the surface but Remus' eyes remained his own despite how they hardened and grew cool with each second he spent glaring down at the beast presented on the front page.

"He could have thrown us in, he could have told them exactly where we are and that we have Harry but instead…instead he lied." Sirius stated and Remus' upper lip raised slightly in a half snarl as he bared his teeth.

"A favour for a favour no doubt." Remus spat, the words coming out like poison and Sirius watched as Remus forced himself to calm down as Harry had become startled by his sudden aggression. Throwing the paper into the farthest corner away from them Remus took several deep breaths before he settled down again.

"We'll worry about that later, all that matters is that he's in Azkaban now and can cause us no more trouble. For now…for now let's just continue with the plan, maybe Regulus can help us. No offence Sirius but he probably paid more attention in Ancient Runes than you did and we are less likely to be blown to smithereens if he draws that diagram." Sirius huffed indignantly but then grimaced as he looked down at his diagram compared to the picture in the book, both now a little smudged from his earlier revenge on Remus.

"Yeah..you're probably right. Maybe I should stick to learning to cook eh Moony?" Sirius quipped and Remus gagged while both his and Harry's noses wrinkled in disgust.

"No! Definitely not, besides I don't think my mum would appreciate you burning down her kitchen." Sirius slapped his arm and huffed.

"That was one time! And I fixed it didn't I?" Sirius exclaimed and Remus glanced at him with his signature raised eyebrow.

"Flooding the house doesn't count, Sirius." Remus replied making Sirius frown causing frown lines to crease his forehead.

"Yo-You'll g-ge-get stu-ck l-lik-like that." Harry remarked causing both Sirius and Remus to look at him and then each other before Remus burst out laughing.

"Merlin help us, he's got your sarcasm. One sarcastic Moony was okay but two?! We're doomed." Sirius exclaimed dramatically as he ventured into the kitchen, dragging his sopping wet, muddy socks all over the floor. Leaving Remus and Harry sat on the sofa both giggling and laughing respectively.

"Oh, I am such a good Uncle."