Leaves crunched under the feet of a 13-year-old child, as she ran through a thick forest with a 5-year-old in her arms. She panted and her feet hurt but she couldn't stop running or the monsters behind them would catch up to her. Then for sure, they would both be goners if they stopped running. The child on her chest was trying to hide his face, clung to her as if his life depended on it (because it did), and tried to hold back the tears.

The monster behind them was no monster...It was a Demon.

He was smart and had a group of smaller demons following his commands, trying to catch their food that was of the highest quality... the children that were in front of them.

"V-Violet..." The little boy called as he felt her trip up slightly.

"I'm fine Phil..." She gasped out as she almost tripped again but was lucky she regained her balance.

They kept running as they passed by a steep slope. If she accidentally fell she knew that they will fall into an unknown location where they would surely get caught by those demons.

"THEY PAST THE BORDER! GET THEM QUICKLY!" One of the demons yelled as they tried to run faster after them.

The girl named Violet, ran faster jumping over thick tree branches and under roots that stuck out of the ground. She even turned in a couple of places to try and lose the demons only to have them back on her trail because of their scent and would curse under her breath lowly.

"SHIT! GET THEM NOW!" The demon who was running in front of the smaller demons yelled, "IT DOESNT MATTER IF THEY GET DAMAGED JUST MAKE SURE NO ONE PASSED THE BORDER SEES OR HEARS THEM!" The tone of his voice showed command and Violet knew he is the leader of this chase.

"Violet they are catching up!" Phil said as he clung to her and looked up only to see them catching up to them as his eyes held fear...

"I know Phil..." She said and continued to run.

" you trust me...?" She asked.

"Huh?" Phil asked as he looked at the tired but determined face of his older sister.

"Do you trust me, Phil?" She asked as she continued only getting closer to the edge of the Slope.

Phil looked at her before nodding making her smile a little.

"Cling on me tighter and don't let go no matter what happens," She ordered him.

Phil nodded and held on to her as tightly as he could. When Violet felt his grip tighten on her she quickly ran to the right where the slope started and jumped.

"SHIT" One demon cursed as Violet jumped to a tree and continued to throw herself, through the trees jumping from one to the other and going down the mountain they were on.

"DONT LOSE THEM!" Both children heard.

"HURRY UP BEFORE THE HUMANS COME" Another one yelled as they followed them from under the trees.

At some point, Violet tried to jump over to a tree that was over a small river only to have her foot slip making a loud crunching sound. She let out a gasp and gritted her teeth to stop herself from screaming in pain as she tried to grab onto another branch and pulled herself up. Tears filled her eyes as she continued getting away from the Demons. The pain was unbearable but she knew that it would all be worth it in the end if they lost the demons and made it back to Emma and Ray's group, so she didn't stop until she knew they are safe.

"Violet is everything alright?" Phil asked as he brought himself closer to her when he felt her slow down slightly.

"Y-Yeah I'm...f-fine... just... tired" She gasped out as she felt the blood come down from her ankle.

She had tears in her eyes as she ran and was about to jump to another tree until the branch she was on, broke and she started to fall. The fall was painful for her as they fell off the tree and they started to roll down the rest of the slope. Violet clutched Phil tightly as she could and covered him from almost all of the fall so that she will be the one to bear the most damage.

They continue to fall as one of the demons slipped and slide, not expecting the girl to fall off the tree and roll down the slope they were in. They slid into each other and fell on top of one another. The demons also fell but this is because of their great size hitting against the trees, injuring themselves more than the children. The leader of the demon of the operation growled as he chopped the head of one of the demons that fell on him and got in his way. The demon who got hit groaned feeling the pain. Violet continued to fall and let out a gasp feeling the rocks and branches cut her pale skin.

She didn't know how long she fell but she finally reached the bottom and let out a loud yelp when her back hit a tree trunk. More tears started to fall from her eyes as she let Phil go slightly who felt his sister shaking.

"Violet! Are you ok?! " He asked her as he got off on his sister and saw her crying in pain.

He backed up a little to see the damage and saw the blood on her feet. Letting out a small gasp as his eyes widened before looking at his sister.

"I'm...okay... Phil..." She choked out the words feeling the amount of pain she endured and stretched her hand out to grab him.

"Run... You have to run...Phil..."She told him as tears fell down her cheeks.

"You have to run...don't look back... I'll... distract them... just run," she told him and held his hand tightly as she tried to stand.

She couldn't feel her feet hurt too much from running and her ankle gave up on her. more tears came as she held his hand tightly.

"No...No Violet please" Phil whispered as he held her hand as tears started to come from his eyes, "I-I don't wanna go...not without you!" he cried as the demons were getting closer.

"Phil... please..." She cried back to him, "Just-"

"NO, I WON'T!" He shouted as he threw himself to hugged her making her grunt feeling the pain spread even more didn't say anything

"IF I'M GOING TO LIVE! THEN SO ARE YOU!" He cried as he tried to help her stand slowly.

" have to... go without me," She said in a broken voice and looked at the demons who were approaching them.

She tried to walk a bit faster with Phil helping her by her side.

"If we... work together we can... we can live! And... and can meet up with Emma and Ray" He said as he dragged her away from the demons who were now closer to them. They both can tell they were mocking them by walking slowly and menacingly.

"Come on children~," He said in a sickly sweet voice along with a dark smirk.

"Come home now~ I am sure your Mama is worried about you~" Another demon said grinning, "You don't want to make her worry now do you?~"

"P-Please Violet" Phil whispered as he continued "We have to-"

"Come on," Violet said as she walked faster knowing Phil won't go without her.

She tried to walk as fast and was only limping but was able to make a big space to get away from the demons, they made it onto some kind of road. The two children looked confused seeing it but continued until they were on it. The demons laughed as they watched them struggle to get away from them. Just as they were about to lunge at the children they-


A loud beep was heard on the road as Violet turned around to see before letting out a gasp and grabbed Phil closer to her turning around so she could take the damage of the strange vehicle that appeared out of nowhere on the road. But just as it was about to hit them the vehicle suddenly stopped a foot away from them and the driver of the vehicle stepped out. Violet looked at the black-haired man in fear as another man who was blond came from the other side of the vehicle.

"OI KID! WHAT THE HELL!?" The one with blond hair yelled in shock seeing the children.

He tried to get closer to them as the one with black hair quickly ran to check if they were okay but stopped in shock at the girl's condition.

"Are you ok kid?" he asked Violet only to have her back away from him trying to cross the road to get to the other side with Phil and continue to walk faster. In the woods the demon cursed.

"Damn it," he said getting got both men's attention as more demons appeared behind or beside the leader.

The Leader brought his hand up making all the other demons stop and look at him. Instantly the blond and black-haired humans were in a fighting position thoughts ran around their brains on why are these strangers going after these children.

"KILL THEM!" The leader commanded as the demons went to attack the adults.


The two humans were quick as the one with black hair quickly ran picked up Violet and Phil in each arm and jumped away with great speed before standing up on the trees and were standing on the branches. The blond one jumped before letting out a very loud and high pitch scream causing the demons to fall on the ground and hold their ears in pain. The leader tried to crawl away only to be kicked to a tree by the same blond that was still screaming at them. Violet and Phil were still in the arms of the black-haired man who quickly told them to cover their ears. The scream got louder and louder until the demons fell unconscious. Once it was now safe the man with black hair then came down the tree and put both children on the ground.

"Are you kids alright?" The man asked.

Violet hugged Phil tightly trying to back away from the man. They didn't know who these strangers are and didn't know they are working for. Either the orphanage or if they made plans with the demons to track and capture them.

"Hey, everything is alright. I am a good guy" The man tried to reassure them that they were safe.

He turned his partner and nodded before looking back at the kids who were shaking in fear.

"Look I know you're scared but can you stay here while my partner and I try to call for backup." He said, "I promise nothing is going to happen to you, two"

Both children hesitated as Phil hid his face in Violet's chest who nodded slowly and hugged her little brother closer to her. The man nodded as he slowly came down from the tree and put the two children on the ground softly. As he was leaving the kids near the tree and go to his partner he didn't notice that Violet quickly bolted to the woods with her injured leg and Phil in her arms. The blond stranger saw them quickly shouted at his partner who stopped.

"SHOTA! THE KIDS ARE RUNNING!" He yelled as the man turned around and saw Violet running.

"Shit! She's fast," The man named Shota cursed as he chased after them while avoiding the trees and branches to catch up with the children.

"HOLD ON!" He tried calling them out for them to stop but it didn't work as Violet kept running with Phil who was now running beside her, "YOU ARE SAFE! JUST STOP RUNNING!"

The children knew better than to trust any adults they never knew or recognize and went under some roots to try and get away from him who quickly went over them only to realize they tricked him and ran the other way. The man cursed again as he tried to find their trail.

Yamada Hizashi and Aizawa Shota were driving down a forest path. Both just finished doing a rescue mission on a deserted part of a japan forest where campers were trapped in a cave and they decided they should ride together back home.

As both adults drove on the road, Hizashi had his music blasting from the speakers with Shota annoyed while driving the car with a quick thought of crashing it on the side of the road in irritation. But before he could go through any threat Hizashi quickly yelled at him.

"WATCH OUT!" He yelled as he watched two children run from out of the forest.

Shota quickly stepped on the brake with his hand on the horn before the car stopped right in front of them and he quickly got out of the car once it stopped.

It looked like the little girl who grabbed their younger boy in case the car hit them. She was covering his head and body with her own trying to take in all the damage that could have happened if Shota didn't stop.

The car was a good foot away from hitting them. Shota quickly got out of his seat and ran to them worried that they might have been hurt but paused as he saw the state the little girl was in.

"OI! KID WHAT THE HELL?!" Hizashi yelled as he stepped out of the car only to look at the girl shocked of the same reason Shota paused. He broke out of his trance quickly went to check on the children.

"Are you ok kid?" He asked her as he crouched down to talk to her. He knew she wasn't but wanted to hear her say what was wrong not wanting to touch her in case she screamed in fear. The girl backed away dragging the little boy with her ready to run away in the direction they were headed when a voice came from the forest.

"Damn it," The voice said as a monster-looking thing stepped out.

More weird monster-like things popped out from behind it as they looked ready to attack only to be stopped by the biggest one. Shota stood in front of the kids and got into a fighting position along with Hizashi who was glaring at the monsters in front of them.

It was quite obvious that the children feared the monsters as they backed away and tried to run away.

"KILL THEM!" Said what they assumed was the leader of their group.


Shota knew that Hazashi would want to deal with it because he is the one that works with kids more and could relate to them than he ever could.

Hearing those words come from the monster instantly made them go into action as Shota picked up the Children, one in each arm and jumping away from the attacking demon and going to the other side of the forest. Hizashi glared and activated his quark and started to yell his lungs out trying to incapacitate the monsters. Shota quickly told the kids to cover their ears.

The leader tried to crawl away and Shota saw that but with the children in his arms, he couldn't do anything. He didn't have to because Hizashi was already on it and kicked the monster away from where he was headed and to a tree.

After a moment the monsters were unconscious because of the pain of Hizashi's scream. Shota let the kids go once it was over not wanting to scare them any more than they probably already were.

"Are you ok?" he asked them. the children hugged each other as they stared at him in fear.

The little girl was slightly glaring at him but he could tell that she was too scared to do anything.

"Hey, everything is alright. I am a good guy" he tried to get them to talk to him but it was hard since he didn't really make any contact with any children since he was an underground hero.

"Look I know you're scared but can you stay here while my partner and I try to call for backup. I promise nothing is going to happen to you, two" He said as kindly as he could trying not to scare them more.

He knew that abused children listen more since they fear the backlash if they don't listen. Shota didn't want to use that against them but Hizashi needed help getting the monsters in cuffs. The little boy turned his head to the little girl's chest as the little girl slowly nodded her head looking at him in even more fear hugging the little one closer. Shota just nodded and turned to help Hizashi only for the blond to start yelling at him.

"SHOTA! THEY ARE RUNNING" He yelled and pointed at the kids who were running at a fast pace.

Shota cursed under his breath and quickly followed them as Hizashi moved quicker to tie up the monsters so he could help him go after them.

"Shit! She's fast," He said as he avoided trees and branches trying to catch up with them.

"HOLD ON!" He tried calling them out for them to stop but it didn't work.

"YOUR SAFE! JUST STOP RUNNING!" He yelled as the kids went under some roots to try and get away from him.

He quickly went over them only to realize they tricked him and ran the other way. He cursed again and tried to find their trail.

"Fuck" He growled and stopped.

Edited by Victoria Violet and Aileen