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" all right, everyone, start Gathering your things and everything important pack it up as quickly as possible," Artur shouted at all the villagers surrounding the area Sasha and the squad captain. Sasha looked around and waited to see if anyone hesitated at her father's order, but nobody did, and they all quickly rushed to their houses to gather their things. As Sasha looked around, her mother started promptly packing clothes and whatever Essentials they needed. While everyone panicked, Sasha's father stood there staring at his daughter.

Mike stood behind Sasha, backing her up if she needed help dealing with her father. He had seen the look he gave his daughter, and he understood where the man was coming from. It was true what the man had said; he had sent his daughter to the military to grow. But the man did not know how much his daughter had grown in such little time. Or at least for them, it was trivial. For her, it could have been years.

" I don't understand... I thought it would have taken..."

" you are my daughter and I trust your judgment." Artur spoke kindly " we will get all of our belongings and gather the horses. Why don't you and your captain start leading the people that are ready out of the village." he told her before turning around. Sasha just said they were shocked. She never expected this from her father. Her father always looked down on her when she was in the original timeline. The only time he didn't was when she rescued Kaya, the little girl left behind by her mother. " I'm proud of you Sasha" her father called as he walked into the house.
Sasha again froze. She didn't think she would ever see her father again, much less have him say he was proud of her again.

" Sasha we have to get going," Mike spoke as he pulled his horse along with hers next to her. She just nodded her head before grabbing her horse and started to help some of the people get their belongings onto carriages and horses. She led the villagers in the right direction before returning to help more people along with Mike. More and more people were starting to leave. They were going quickly, not wanting to stay behind in the destruction of the Village yet to come.

Out of nowhere in the sky came a black flare in the direction they had first entered. The villagers look behind them, and their eyes widen in shock, wondering what that could mean. Sasha and Mike cursed under their breath before quickly hurrying up some villagers lagging. That was a signal Connie was supposed to use when he spotted a Titan.

It had begun

Things were looking up. Everyone in the Village had already evacuated, even the injured that were left behind before that had been eaten by that one Titan had been saved. They were all doing headcounts and everyone was there but something seemed to throw Sasha off. Connie had reunited with them.

" the Titan had made it to the Village by the time I got there I didn't see anyone there but it didn't seem to be following you." Connie had spoken when he caught up

" I made sure to send the villagers in groups of three or less to ensure that the Titans were not attracted to any large group." Mike had spoken as he led his horse further up ahead. " make sure we don't have any stranglers behind," Mike said before leaving. Again she didn't know what, but something seemed off. She stayed silent again and turned to the forest to see if any Titans had made it past the tree line. None had.
She looked around the crowd trying to find that little girl she had saved in the original timeline, but she didn't see her. She looked around over the villager's line and quickly realized she wasn't there. The girl nor her mother were there. She quickly realized that and rushed to the front of the pack where Mike was.

" commander Mike we have a problem." she had spoken

" what is it," he asked her

" the girl I saved from before she's not here, and neither is her mother. " Sasha spoke, " they're probably still in the Village. I have to go back for them."

" we don't have time for that. The Titans have already appeared and we have to evacuate the other villages that might get caught up in the Titans path."

" I understand but please I can't live knowing that I save this girl once but I couldn't save her again... And this time I have a chance to save her mother."

" I can go with her commander Mike; I'll make sure she makes it back to us alive," Connie had spoken as he brought his horse closer. The horses were going at top speed. Mike thought about it before nodding his head.

" make it fast and get here alive we can't have you dead," Mike spoke. " make sure you're not seen by the enemy."

" yes, sir," Connie and Sasha said before turning their horses around. From behind Mike, Sasha's father watched as his daughter turned her horse around to go back to the Village, he didn't know it was going on, but he knew by the determined look he saw when she passed him.

He knew that his daughter had grown more than he had initially thought.
Looking back, he would have never thought this change would have been possible for his daughter but now... His daughter had grown far beyond his expectation, and he was beyond proud. Hopefully, she did it quickly, whatever she had to do, so he could tell her that in person.

Sasha and Connie quickly turned around to go back to the Village. They passed many of the villagers who were speeding down with their horses and wagons. The villagers had rapidly grabbed their clothes, food, and other Essentials as quickly as possible and were out in under an hour. Sasha could not understand how she could have forgotten to look for that little girl.

That little girl had become her adopted sister through the years. She got to know her after she went to the ocean. How could she have possibly forgotten her and her mother? Her head was hurting as she continued to think.

" Sasha focused we have to get this over with as fast as possible the Titans were less than a mile into the village the last I saw." Connie spoke to her. He wondered what family member or village member he saw enter Sasha's Village. After Sasha had explained to him that it was his Village that had been turned into Titans, he, of course, took it the worst possible way and tried to reason with Sasha to go and save them, but they couldn't risk being seen and they couldn't risk being turned into Titans themselves.

It was a lot for Connie to take, but he knew that Sasha was probably going through a lot worse than he was. She not only had to go through this once now she had to deal with the fact that she knew but couldn't do anything about it. She had explained to him that it broke her heart to know this information and not do anything. It was hard to see that she wasn't just killing mindless creatures. She was killing innocent people. It broke his heart when Connie realized he was also killing people who were probably more innocent than his younger siblings.

"Sorry I'm finding it hard to focus right now," she told him as she continued to ride. Her horse was going at top speed. They had made it back to the Village, and one thing got there, they found a few Titans. They only found three. They quickly disposed of the three outside and rushed to the house that Sasha had entered many years ago. Even before she got to the house, she could hear the screaming and things being thrown around.

When she walked through the door, she found that the Titan that had initially killed the mother was slowly approaching the limping woman, her child hidden in a corner. Without thinking, Sasha instantly dove into action and used her maneuver gear to kill the Titan.

" are you okay are you hurt anywhere" she had asked the moment the Titan fell on the ground with the nape cut off.

" thank you so much thank you so much I don't know what we would have done without you," the woman spoke as she hugged Sasha. The woman's daughter quickly rushed to her and hugged Sasha and her mother. The little girl didn't say anything and just hugged Sasha.

"We have to get moving. Come on," Connie spoke from outside. " I don't see any more Titans, but we have to get moving now before more appear," he yelled. Sasha nodded before helping the woman onto a carriage that Connie had just started to attach to his horse. The little girl clung to her mother as Sasha helped her to the carriage before quickly leaving the area.

" why didn't you leave with everyone else" Sasha had asked as the wind blew her hair back.

" this is our home... I would be holding everyone back if you all waited for me," the woman spoke " I tried to get Kaya to go with you, but she refused to move and by the time she finally agreed the last family had already gone... I'm so sorry" the woman sobbed.

" it's fine," Sasha spoke before turning her attention back to Connie. " we have to hurry up to meet up with everyone else. Most likely the Titans have already taken control of this area and we have to warn the following villages in this path." Sasha spoke as she looked ahead, "Connie I want you to go and help my father with evacuating the Village... I'm going to take mike with me to deal with something else."

"What but sasha... The attack just started we need you," Connie said as he was caught off guard.

"What I'm going to do is also very important. You will all be fine without me. You have Hanji and Eren." Sasha spoke as she made her horse go faster. "Give this to Eren and make sure they both get to safety... And make sure that Ymir does not get captured," she spoke as she made her horse go faster once she handed Connie a letter.

"Wait Sasha!" he called out to her, but she was already too far ahead. He looked at the woman and child before shaking his head and continuing down the path where he knew the rest of the villagers were. He trusted Sasha to understand what she was doing, but he couldn't help but feel a slight fear that something might go wrong,

A couple of miles down the path, Sasha had gone in another direction where she knew that Mike had not taken the villagers and made her way back into wall Sina. As she drove her horse her way threw, she passed many refugees and guards leading them into wall Sina. as she passed, she was stopped multiple times to explain why she was there to the military police and not helping to get rid of the Titans. she had to tell them that she had special permission to reenter Wall Sina to inform Erwin about the situation by Hanji and gave them the fake note that Hanji had made for her with phony information.

As she continued, she passed many buildings packed with refugees. She didn't have much time to think. She had to search for a man before anything from the future happened Again. As she rode her horse, she made it to one of the openings for the underground. She dismounted her horse and rushed to one of the buildings that no one was using, and quickly took off her maneuver gear and changed into everyday clothes.

She heard a knock from the front door as she tried to hide her maneuver gear in one of the closets. She looked up quickly as she covered the equipment with an old tarp and rushed to the door to open it. There stood Mike, who had just gotten there after leaving the villagers a safe distance away from the Titan-infested area and had given Connie the all-clear to start evacuation of all the villages and regroup, if possible, with the main squad.

"Hurry, we have to regroup with Levi and Erwin as soon as possible to make this all believable." Mike spoke as she led her threw the tunnel entrance. He was still in his uniform as he marched down the stairs, with her following after him. As they walked, they ensured no one was in the stairwell before continuing. They finally made it to the first gate; the guards ensured no one went up to the surface, "go around this edge right here I will distract them and make sure not to get cought," he warned her. She just nodded her head.

As Mike made his way down, getting the guard's attention, she quickly went out of sight and ran to the wall that was easiest to jump and started to climb. She watched as Mike began to talk to the man as she made it to the top, only to jump over the other side quickly, landing perfectly in a deserted street. She moved to a more crowded part of the underground city, now understanding what Levi somewhat lived threw. She looked around and found that it was sketchy as hell.

A few hours later, she still couldn't find what she had sought. She had walked too many markets and bars but couldn't find anything that got her attention. Until finally, she walked past a man who had a smug look on his face. He had some maneuver gear on him, but no one seemed to stop him, not even the guards. She didn't look at him again, knowing that, most likely, she was being watched. She had that feeling since the moment she arrived. She still made her way around the market she was in but still kept an eye on the man who had walked past her.

She kept an eye on him as She bought a couple of old fruit being sold in the stands. She watched as he entered one of the more sketchy bars and disappeared just out of sight as he was being followed by a couple more of his underlings, from what she could remember. She waited a few minutes before following him and getting into the bar.

The bar was tiny when she was inside, with only a couple of tables now filled with the man's underlings and himself. The only place available was a seat by the wall and in the back, where she would hardly be visible. She quickly smiled at the bartender, who just frowned at her.

"Kids aren't allowed in here, you know," the man spoke while cleaning a glass.

" I ain't no child," she spoke, and she went to the seat that was available in the back. " let me get an Old Fashioned," she spoke to him as she dropped a bag of money on the counter as she walked past him, the man gave her a side eye before nodding his head and going to make her drink. The bar was still boisterous even though it was small and hardly had any people. Sasha looked around and found that everyone was staring at her. Even though they didn't make it obvious, she knew when she was being looked at. It's an old Hunter technique that her father had shown her never let Predators know that you have seen them, or they will go for the kill or run away.

She didn't want them to run off, and of course, she didn't want to lose her life over some stupid s***, so she kept herself as the bartender brought her her drink. The man she was looking for was still at the counter talking with a couple of his underlings, but he still had an eye on her from what she could tell. She didn't want to make it evident that she was looking at him, but she had to make it obvious that he didn't think of her as a threat.

" how old are you, girl," the bartender asked her as he was now at her side of the counter. " look young to be around these parts."

" old enough to drink, that's for sure," she said as she took the same drink. After two years of drinking with the guys on the Island and off the Island, she had gotten used to the taste of alcohol. Of course, there were a couple of drinks that she couldn't swallow without making a face, but she had built up somewhat of a tolerance. But she knew right away when she was being drugged, so she quickly put the cup down and stared out the window.

" you new, around these parts girl," the man spoke again while cleaning a glass. She knew what he was trying to do. She might as well bite at the lure.

" kind of... Very up over protective family, I guess... never got out until recently," she spoke to him as she played with the ice cube in the cup.

" mothers can be like that." the man spoke.

" more like my father. to protective of his little Princess," she told him.

" who you the child of," the man asked her.

" he's not that well known around these parts... He wouldn't know him," she said with a smile.

" it's really obvious you're new around here do you know who's territory you're in right now." he told her

" sadly, I don't know any of that kind of stuff my father would refuse to teach me." she laughed. She could feel that the man she was after had his eyes on her with a glare.

" well then, it's awfully dangerous for you to be here, don't you think" the man spoke as he started to serve other people their nearby drinks, including the man she was after.

" of course, you are right. I should probably get going I don't want to worry my father," she spoke calmly as she got up from her seat. " and I have been out since early evening. best get going now thank you for reminding me," she spoke as she left him a tip before slowly walking out of the door. She had left her to drink on the table and made a fake attempt to fall. She almost fell over in her little act. " whoa I'm sorry. I probably went to too many bar's before this," she laughed as she exited the bar.

She walked a few steps away before turning a corner to an abandoned alleyway. She still kept up her ass of walking drunkenly just in case anyone was watching her, but she knew they were.

As she walked. She started to hear footsteps behind her. She didn't bother looking back, knowing they would attack her if she did, so she continued.

" hey there, pretty lady," she heard from behind her. She quickly turned around and found that it was the man she was after. " saw you in that bar. Don't want you getting hurt or anything happening now do we." he sent her a fake smile. Sasha molded him and said hello " can't even walk straight now, can you, princess" he smiled at her as he approached her and placed a hand over her shoulder.

"How can I help you" she slurred as she looked up at him as he brought her closer to his body. He smelled highly of alcohol, but she knew he wasn't drunk.

" Can't a man help a nice young woman out by getting her home safely?" he told her as they continued down the empty alleyway leading further to a vacant lot that had no Lanterns, so it was completely dark. "especially a nice little woman who had her eye on me the entire night" he's smirked as he suddenly pushed her back onto a building. She gasped as he pinned her to the wall with his arms on either side of her and his left leg between her legs to ensure she didn't run away. Her eyes widened, for she was not expecting such a sudden action. "Now tell me, Princess why are you over here following me," he asked her.

Sasha didn't say anything, only glaring at him as she reached for her pocket knife in her dress pocket. He saw this and quickly lifted her arms above her head and pinned her there with one of his own, getting closer to her than before. She hissed at his rough treatment, and he just sent her another smirk.

" is that any way to treat a lady" she growled at him, only to have him bring a knife to her neck.

"Normally when woman look at me they just want a quick fuck but I can tell your diffarent then Other Woman. You're much more exciting than they are," he told her as he got closer to her face and brought the knife closer to her eye. Sasha grunted at him and tried to escape his hold, but he held on harder and raised her hands. " now tell me Princess what you want with me," he asked her.

" I just wanted to have a quick word with you that's all... In private," she said as she looked over his shoulder, too, where he could see that one of his underlings was on top of the roof.

" you're very alert I like that from you." he told her as he looked over his shoulder to look at his right hand. " whatever you got to say say it now," he told her as he put more pressure on the knife cutting her face and just slightly. She let out a small cry as she tried to push him away again, but his grip tightened around her again, sending the message that he was not messing around with her and that she only had one more chance before she pissed him off.

" he's lying to you," she gasped out " he's just using you... I'm trying to help you," she told him.

"And what are you talking about," he asked her with a confused look.

"The King... He's lying to you... You can't... You can't turn into... He's promising you false power... He will betray you..." she said as the knife penetrated her face. She wanted to scream but didn't want to get any other person's attention to the situation. Suddenly, he dropped the knife and gripped her neck, squeezing as hard as possible. Sasha again cut off guard and gasped for air.

" and how do you know any of that," he asked her as he held on to her neck tighter, only allowing her enough air to answer him.

" I know... I know a lot of things... He... He is planning to get..." she started as she clung to his hand, trying to break free from his hold.

" Let Her Go, Kenny the Ripper," came a voice behind the man. Both of them froze as they stared at the Giant blade on Kenny's neck, threatening that his head would come off if he moved.

" what the hell" they heard from behind them on the rooftops. The underlings had not seen when the other man suddenly appeared but quickly took out their guns.

" call them off," Mike spoke as he brought the sword closer to his neck. " I will explain everything to you. Call them off now," he growled at him.

" I must salute you. Don't know who you are, but it's not usual for somebody catch me off guard like this," Kenny spoke as he let Sasha go and raised his hands. He gave his underlings a hand gesture telling them to stand down and that he was fine and was handling the situation. " now, why don't you explain to me how you got that information and why you're here," he growled at them as Mike refused to take his sword away.

" it's better if we just talk about this in private," Sasha spoke as she finally caught her breath. She looked over at him and then at his underlines, and he just shook his head.

" ain't going to happen," he told her. She, of course, knew that he could get out of Mike's hold whenever he wanted and that he was toying with them for his entertainment. Still, she knew that he was also very curious as to how she knew any information about the real King, especially since supposedly their memories were supposed to be wiped.

" fine," Mike spoke. He also knew that Kenny was playing with him. He didn't want to risk getting killed and risking Sasha's life, so he let him go and watched him as he backed away from them to the other side of the alley, where he watched them closely. His right hand also appeared beside him, glaring at them. " go ahead, Sasha."

Sasha just nodded her head before she turned to Kenny " we're not supposed to be here. Don't worry; Levi still doesn't know where you are. I know you've been hiding from him. Keeping your presence low with the help of the King that promised you great power if you help him achieve his goal." Sasha spoke up. She tried to sound as carefree as possible, not wanting to appear cocky in front of the mass murderer, who gave her the side eye, wondering where she was leading with this conversation. " I have information outside the wall that could give you way more power than the King could ever give you... I bet the King told you that you could transform into a Titan with a will of your own if you helped him achieve his goal but he lied to you. That is not possible for your lineage."

" and how do you know that, little missy" he growled at her.

" both Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman are unable to transform into Titans because of the blood that flows through their veins just like yours, Kenny Ackerman," she told him. Mike placed himself before her when she revealed his name just in case he decided to attack her for knowing such delicate information. The man just glared at both the young girl and the squad leader.

" how the hell did you get that information" Kenny growled at her as he took out one of his guns and pointed it at both the man and the woman.

" Levi. He told me you were his uncle, so, of course, I made the connections." she explained to him before continuing, " anyways, the King is lying to you. He will not fulfill his end of the bargain. He will reveal himself to you when his goal is achieved, where you can no longer harm him, and the person with the Royal Blood running through their veins erases everyone's memory once more, so you will not have any recollection of any promise that he had made."

" let's say you're right," the man spoke " let's say you're right, and this does happen as you say it does. Why are you telling me this."

" I'm here to extend my arm out to you for an alliance." she spoke, getting his and everybody else's attention except for Mike, who already knew about this proposition " normally, during situations like this, Squad Captain Hanji would be put in charge but they thought it would be better if I came along to persuade you with the information I had."

" and what information might that be" Kenny's right hand ask her

" you go ahead and go through with the King's original plan to capture Historia or as she goes right now krista along with Eren until the final moment. Along the way you can figure out whether you trust me or not but trust me he's lying to you." she explained to him.

" and how do you know that he sent us to find his daughter," Kenny told her, " even I still haven't had that information given to me."

"Trust me or don't at the end of the day we want you on our side because you will get more out of us than you will from the King," Sasha spoke.

" Sasha," Mike spoke, getting her attention. he told her that he had it handled for this next part," along with what she promised, we will guarantee you any position you wish in our ranks. Nothing higher than leading Commander or Commander, but we will try our best for anything else. Commander Erwin agreed to this himself. If you were to agree to her terms."

" all right then, I'll hear you out you and all your terms and whatever plans you have coming up, and I'll decide from there," he told her as he gestured for them to follow him down the creepy alleyway. Sasha continued forward without a thought, with Mike following after her and the other underlings following Kenny's command. Hopefully, this will all turn out well.

Eren had rendezvous with the rest of the scouts. He was looking out into the distance as he held on to a letter that he had yet to open that was handed to him by Connie. Connie received this letter to deliver from Sasha, who wanted to inform him about upcoming events without anyone else knowing. Or at least that's what Hanji told him. He still hadn't gotten the nerves to open the letter, not wanting to get the anxious feeling that something terrible was about to happen, but he knew that if he didn't bad things were going to happen if he didn't follow the instructions,

Mikasa had been trying to encourage him to open the letter as soon as it was given to him, but they were surrounded by many people they did not know, and he didn't want to risk information going out. After the battle with Annie, a lot with said by many people. It was a miracle that he even got away from that situation, but when he finally did, he thought that all the bad was over and that all they had to do was capture the colossal and armored Titan. But no things decided to become more challenging.

Sasha was right. Titans appeared inside the wall and rose without anyone noticing, meaning an entire Village was transformed into Titans behind everyone's back. And he was scared to say it, but he was honestly terrified about what would happen next.

" I think you should open it before anything else happens," Armin said as he sat down in the wagon he was in. " there isn't anyone here that can look over your shoulder and read it. You can burn it right after we're about to stop." he explained. Eren just nodded before returning to the letter in his hand and then back at Connie, who was a couple of horses away.

Quickly he opened the letter, unfolded the inside paper, and found a few instructions. He went through it before nodding his head, folding up the paper, ripping it all into little pieces, and placing them inside his pocket. Armin was right. They were about to stop and about to make a fire so he could get rid of the evidence there. He looked over at the squad captain in charge and looked in the direction where they had last seen a horde of Titans. If all went according to plan like Sasha had written in the paper, then hopefully, nobody would die.