Name: Asahi Wayne


Gender: Female

Username: Wolf D. Moon (A.W)

Bruce was visiting another city and Met Asahi's mother. her mother thought she was going to be a boy and named her Asahi in honor of her father who passed years before. when her mother found out she was going to be a girl, she was ecstatic but was shunned by her family for it. she was forced to give Bruce Asahi because her grandmother stated that it was a disgrace to have a girl in their family as a firstborn much less to have a child out of wedlock. Bruce easily took her and had her taken care of. he made sure nothing was missing in her life(except a mother figure not that she wanted one). When she was 3 Richard 'Dick' Grayson joined their family. 9 When Jason joined. 11 when Tim joined them and 14 when Damian joined. but unlike her other family members, she was the only one not joining in their late-night activities and was purposely excused when something came up. they sent her to boarding school so she wouldn't get involved. whenever she was there she would spend time with her family and Bruce feeling bad for leaving her out would always buy her whatever she wanted even if it was expensive. Alfred told him not to do that when she was young since it would turn her into a brat. he thought that until he met Damian (a bigger brat than miss Asahi could ever be).

she grew up to be a kind well-natured little girl and would give everyone the world if she could (Bruce put a limit on her credit card after... the incident). she rarely asks for anything and is the reason the boys live with Bruce in the first place.

if the boys were honest the only reason they can live under the same roof over their head was because of her. she would always help Damian whenever he had trouble communicating in school or with his homework. she would brighten Jason's day after a long patrol. Tim whenever he was stress with school work (and league work) he would go to her room to talk to her about his problems. Dick basically stuck to her whenever he was not on patrol, he would follow her everywhere and play games with her if she was bored. Bruce (whenever he was free) would like to read a book with her or play a game of Chess. Alfred would teach her to cook and clean properly, he would also have to be the one to motivate her to do her school work over the summer and breaks.

one summer there was a new game coming out.

it was called Sword Art Online.

she was excited because Bruce said he would get it for her. he even said he would pay for her to have a little head start by giving her money to use in-game. she was Ecstatic

"Alfred when is the mail going to get here" she yelled out to her closest friend and unofficial family member.

"I'm not sure miss Asahi," Alfred said "but it won't get here any faster with you stuck at the door"

"but it's almost here" she jumped around happily. "Dad ordered everything so it can all come at the same time." she said, "the games are not supposed to lunch until noon in three days and I have to set everything up before that."

"yes, I know miss Asahi you have tole everyone for the past 4 weeks. but before that happens I need your help in the kitchen" he said trying to distract her "I will have Master Jason pick up the mail when he comes in from school"

the school year ended early for the school that Asahi went to because of the drama students and teachers had with other students and teachers in the public school division.

"ok," she said as she slowly walked away from the door. and following Alfred to the kitchen. after making dinner and cleaning around the house. it was actually time for dinner and everyone had to come. Jason walked through the door with Damian and Tim with three boxes in his hands.

"ASAHI GUESS WHAT I HAVE" he yelled out. Asahi quickly ran out and let out a quick scream before grabbing the boxes and running to her room. "WHERE'S MY THANK YOU" he yelled

"YOUR MY FAVORITE BROTHER" she yelled back knowing full well what would happen. not even a second passed before Jason's cry of pain was heard.

"You filthy bastard" Damian glared at Jason as he kicked his leg

"Asshole" Tim called him

"what, not my fault it's true." and with that, he was rolling around in pain holding his man parts. Damian walking away proudly and Tim just staring at Jason with a look of pain but walked away anyway.

"I shall have to deliver Miss Asahi's dinner" Alfred sighed before going to fix a plate for her. Dick walked in not long after confused as to why his brother was on the floor howling in pain.

the next couple of days Asahi was over the moon. Her brothers were kinda annoyed but didn't have the heart to tell her anything but Bruce was worried.

"Honey maybe you should wait and have my team of experts dig a little deeper on that" Bruce said the day before the game became active as he stood by the door.

"Dad don't worry it's safe" she smiled at him. "if it weren't the Betta testers would have let us all know"

"I know I know but still just to be safe"

"Dad" she whined "don't worry it will all be fine"

"Honey I just want to-"

"Dad, please trust me in this. my friend Shiro tested the game out with the rest of the Betta testers, and he said it was safe" she stated "don't worry if anything happens in the game ill stick with him" she smiled again

"that's not what I'm worried about Asahi," he said before walking up to the dresser and picking up the helmet "this is a technology we don't know about. what if it has a bug and it fries your brain or what if it steals your information"

"Dad it won't. you talked to the developers"

"I did-"

"and you even tried to get some of your own developers to join..." she said "don't act like I don't know I have your e-mail on my phone," she said


"WHAT it's not my fault Dick logged in and never logged out," she said looking away "Dad trust me. if something goes wrong you can ground me for the rest of my life and even after that" she laughed

"Fine but once you are out of that thing I want a family day no exceptions." he said before sighing "I just want to keep you safe"

"I know dad," she said before getting up and hugging him "and you keep doing that. but let me at least have this"

"Alright then," he said before slowly walking out. "how is Shiro anyways"

"he's fine. went back home to Japan right after school ended. he called to let you know that his family is doing well and so is Wayne Japan"

"that's good" he smiled before walking out sending his daughter a last worried look. he Quickly called out to Alfred "have that other O.D.M Gear in the cave. I'm going to look into it" he said as he walked to his office

the next day everything was calm. Asahi was trying not to explode in excitement as 11:30 rolled around.

"When are you coming out of the game at," Dick asked her. he too was worried

"I don't know around 6 or 7. right before dinner," she said

"Are you sure it's safe?" he asked.

"Dick I had this talk with Dad I don't need it from you too"

"I know I know. just checking"

"well no need," she said as she finished the sandwich Alfred made her.

"so what is the first thing you're going to buy when you're in there. Bruce told me he gave you an all-access card for the week. "

"don't know. I think I'm just going to save up the money I buy until I get to the higher levels." she said, "with the training, I got from all of you I might make it to at least the first 3 floors in the first week."

"true..." Dick said "so Bruce told me about the E-mail"

"oh... right that..."

"Log out," he said as he got up before looking at the clock. "well looks like its time for you to go" he smiled at her

"yup" she smiled before watching Dick go. she quickly put on the O.D.M Gear and smiled

"Link start"

once she picked Language she logged into her avatar that she made herself days before. it was a pale Avatar with white hair with blue highlights. she had green eyes compared to her Bright rare purple eyes she naturally had.

once she was logged in she looked around. she saw so many other people log in. she smiled as she started to walk around. as she did she checked her inventory. she had around 100,000 Cor in her account thanks to her father. as she walked she didn't see a man with bright orange/ red hair standing in front of her looking around him. they accidentally bumped into each other.

"I am so sorry I should have been watching where I was going," Asahi quickly said

"no no it's my fault," the man said. he quickly looked up "oh hello my name is Klein and you" he smiled

"I'm Wolf D. Moon but you can call me Wolf or Moon" she smiled and brought her hand out for him to shake

"WAIT NO WAY" he yelled out she looked shocked at his outburst "You're The Wolf D. Moon" he quickly asked before shaking her hand "You're known all around the gaming world for your fighting and getting ahold of collectible items that are either too rare or expensive."

"yup that's me" she laughed as he continued to shake her hand

"it is truly an honor to be in your presence," he said as he let go of her hand. "I am such a huge fan of your videos and play threw. people say that you might be one of the luckiest and richest people on earth with all the things you get"

"kinda" she laughed

"and is it true that no one has seen your real face"

"kinda" she laughed again rubbing the back of her neck. "sorry but I kinda want to start the game"

"oh no, I'm sorry..."

"it's fine... do you want to join me" she smiled "I'm kinda new"

"well me too. why don't we go look around the shopping district see what we can get with 100Cor." he sighed "you must have more than me seeing as your rich and bought game money with out of game money"

Wolf Just rubbed the back of her head again before nodding.


"no need to be sorry." he laughed "come on," he said as he started to lead her to the small shops. they looked around at everything that got their attention. in the end, Wolf ended up buying clothes and a new sword. it wasn't much but she wanted to be prepared.

Wolf was looking at a stall when a boy ran past her. quickly Klain grabbed her arm and started to follow the guy he turned a corner and they followed him

"HEY BRO" Klain yelled getting his attention "WAIT UP" the guy stopped and waited for them to catch up to him. Klain was out of breath and almost keeled over but wolf stood by him

"What's up," the guy asked

"you act like you know your way around here you were in the beta test weren't you," Klain asked Wolf quickly looked at him. he looked almost natural in this world.

"um... ya"

"Cool today's my first-day soo... could you give me some tips on the lower floors," Klain asked him.

"hey I don't know if I can-"

"please" Wolf spoke up from behind Klain

"Please I'm begging ya. look my name is Klain this is my new friend Wolf good to meet you" Klain gave a goofy smile.

"Alright, I'm Kirito," Kirito said giving in. Wolf smiled at him.

"Hello I'm Wolf nice to meet you," she said holding out her hand for him to shake.

"Kirito" he smiled at her. they started to talk as they walked to a field. "so you said your username is Wolf right... you wouldn't happen to be Wolf D. Moon could you" he asked

"ya kinda" she laughed

"ya when she told me I almost lost it, man... we are talking to a celebrity in the video game community here" Klain jumped into the conversation.

once they reach the field Kirito started to teach them how to fight with swords. since Wolf already knew the basics Kirito started to help Klain as he left her to fight a Boar. she quickly got the hang of it as started to kill all the Boars in the area. once done she sat down next to Kirito watching Klain get hit in his man parts by a Boar. he started to cry in pain holding the area. Wolf gave him a confused look but laughed anyway.

"come on seriously... you can't feel any pain," Kirito said looking at him unimpressed. Klain quickly realized he didn't feel pain

"oh ya your right," he said as Wolf continued to laugh "sorry habit," he said Wolf saw that his health was less than half full and just shook her head

"Remember what I said. the first move is the most important" Kirito lectured him

"Yeah that's easy for you to say," Klain said as he watched the Boar wiggle its butt "but it won't stand still." the Boar let out a snort. Wolf giggled at that.

"if you do your initial motion right" Kirito started as he picked up a rock "and activate a sword skill at the right time," he said as he aimed the rock at the boar, it glowed red before he threw it at it hitting its backside making it turn around to face us "the system pretty much guarantees you always hit your target"

"Initial motion," Klain said as he got into a stance with his sword in front of him

"here is an easier way to look at it." Kirito said as he avoided being hit by the Boar then blocking it from attacking his legs "right after you start your move wait for a little bit when you feel the skill start to activate drive it home" Wolf continued to watch Kirito with little stars in her eyes

"Drive it home," Klain asked confused before getting a look of realization and getting in a better stance. once that was done his sword started to glow orange. Kirito gave a small smile before kicking the Boar to Klain who easily killed it. once he saw he killed it and gained 30 Col he started to cheer.

"congratulations," Kirito said high-fiving him. "that was nice but that Boar was about as weak as slimes in other games are"

"holy crap you got to be kidding. I thought that thing was a midlevel boss" Klain said looking shocked. Wolf got up and laughed as she brushed away nonexistent grass from her skirt.

"Ya as if," Wolf said as she pointed at all the Boars that started appearing all over the place. Kirito looked out into the distance as Klain started to mess around with the new move.

"addictive isn't it," Kirito asked him

"I'll say" Klain nodded as he made another move "so these skills there's a ton of them like blacksmithing and stuff right," Klain asked as he made another move with his sword.

"yea" Kirito nodded "I heard the game has an unlimited number of them. all except for magic though"

"an R.P.G without the magic that's a bold decision man," Klain said as he used the move he used earlier to kill the boar but on the air. he started to cheer

"so what do you guys think kinda fun to move your body as you fight isn't it" Kirito smiled at them. he kept his eyes slightly on Wolfs before facing Klain again.

"oh hells ya it is" Klain smiled

"Yup," Wolf smiled slightly at them. "oh, and before I forget can I add you guys as my friends"

"sure," Klain said as he sent her a friend request Kirito doing the same before they added each other. Wolf Quickly added them and smiled.

"ok thanks guys ill have you guys at the top of my friend's list... mostly cause I don't have any friends yet"

"your friends not joining"

"my other friend is here just have to find him," Wolf said as she started to walk away from them. "ok come on guys don't want to get left behind now would we" she laughed.

the artificial sun was starting to set when they finally stopped. Klein was sitting down next to Wolf and a standing Kirito

"When I look around I still can't believe it. we're inside a game bro... whoever made it is a genius. this thing is amazing... makes me glad I was born when I was you know" Klein said as he looked at the sunset. Kirito doing the same and Wolf slightly looked at both of them but mostly at Kirito

"it's not that big of a deal," Kirito said not looking at them

"cut us some slack it's our first full dive" Wolf giggled

"you guys never used a nerve-gear before today huh... this is your first time," Kirito asked them

"uh-hum... as soon as I got the money together I rushed to get all the hardware to play S.A.O stood in line and scored one of the 10,000 hard copies. guess you can say I was pretty lucky."

"and my dad didn't let me use anything that wasn't made in his company." Wolf said "my father is very strict about things like this... I finally convinced him to get me the Nerve-Gear and S.A.O."

"ya we got lucky... but you, my man were ten times as lucky getting to betta test it dude only 1,000 people got the chance" Klein added

"yeah I guess I was lucky," Kirito said rubbing the back of his neck

"hey mind if I ask how far you got in the Betta" Klein asked him

"two months and I couldn't get further than floor 8," Kirito said Klein slightly frowned "but now I think I can get there between a month easy. "

"sounds to me like you really into this" Wolf smiled as she hugged her knees but smiled up at Kirito who took out his sword.

"ya you can say that" Kirito started " during the betta test S.A.O was the only thing on my mind day and night... in this world, a single place can take you anywhere you want... and even though its a virtual world I feel more alive here than I ever did in the real one," Kirito said as he smiled at his sword. he put it away after a bit and smiled down at the two "any way you guys want to do any more hunting."


"oh you know it," Klein said sitting up... "but the thing is" he started as his stomach growled "I'm really hungry I have to log out"

"to bad the food here only satisfy your hunger in-game," Kirito said looking down at him

"yeah for real. that's why I ordered a pizza for 5:30" Klein said proudly

"wow your so prepared" Wolf giggled again

"you know it besides the game can wait until I get my Pizza on"

"I guess," Kirito said looking away from him

"Hi, I was going to go meet up with some people I know from another game. I don't know what your up to after this so if um... you know... if you want you can friend them and hang with us" Klein said Kirito looked intimidated. I could tell he was a loner like me. maybe I wasn't as bad as most people. Klein saw this to "no it's cool if you don't want to. no pressure I can always introduce you to them another time or something." Klein offered

"ya... sorry," Kirito said looking down. "thanks anyway"

"no way," Klein said walking up to Kirito. "I should be doing all the thinking, and one of these days I promise to pay you back for all your help. virtually that is" Klein smiled

Kirito just smiled at him.

"Yeah me too" Wolf added

"Yeah" Kirito smiled

"Thanks for everything man... really... guess ill see you around then," Klein said as he stuck his hand out to him for him to shake. Wolf got up from the ground only to nod at Kirito

"if there is anything else you want to know message me." Kirito offered Shaking Klein's hand.

"sweet ill do that" Klein said

"imma stick around for a bit if you don't mind." Wolf smiled at Kirito. he smiled back at her and nodded. Klein walked away slightly and opened his menu. Kirito turned to talk to me only to look back at Klein when he cried with confusion. Wolf slowly walked to her new friend who was looking at the Menu confused

"where did the log out button go"

"it should be there," Kirito told him

"no it's not there," Klein said as he continued to look.

"It should be at the bottom of the main menu," Kirito told him as he opened his own menu only not to find it. Wolf did the same thing now getting more scared.

"You're right it's not there," Wolf said as she went to all the menu options.

"what today is the first day out of betta... bet there out to be some bugs, bet the server people are freaking out right now" Klein laughed. Wolf tried to smile only to go back to a worried expression.

"you will too," Kirito said pointing at the clock it was 5: 25. Wolf let out a small giggle. "look it's 5:25"

"OH MY GOD MY PIZZA" Klein said in a panicked voice.

"Why don't you try contacting the game master."

"ya I did that but nothing is happening. he is not picking up. do you know if there is another way to log out of this thing" Klein asked him

Kirito thought for a moment "no... the only way a player can log out is going threw the menu"

"That can't be right. there has to be another way out" Klein said as he tried multiple ways to log off only for nothing to happen. Wolf started to get the feeling of fear as she looked around at the setting sun only to be blocked by big clouds

"told you so... and there was no emergency log out manual either"

"no, why you kidding me right... I know I can just rip the Nerve-Gear off my head" Klein said as he started to pull at his head

"don't bother once you're hooked in you cant move your body in the real world anymore. the Nerve gear intercepts all the commands you give from inside the game. using an interface built into the rig" Kirito explained.

"so now we have to wait until someone comes around and fixes the bug," Wolf asked

"that or until someone in the real world takes the Nerve gear off us"

"well, I live alone. you guys?"

"I have brothers and my dad... also our butler/ friend will notice if I'm not out by dinner time"

"well I got a mom and a sister and I'm pretty sure they will notice by dinner time-"

"you got a sister how old is she whats she like." Klein jumped at the chance

"She's into sports and she hates games. she is totally not your type. she wouldn't date a gamer if you were the last-"

"who cares I wanna-" Klein started only to be hit in his man parts by Kirito. Wolf's mood lightened as she laughed slightly. Klein rolled on the floor for a moment only to realize he didn't deal pain. "oh right getting kicked in the balls doesn't hurt"

"get serious. don't you guys think this is weird" Wolf said

"ya totally but it's just a bug," Klein said

"This isn't just a bug" Kirito started "if we cant log out it's going to cause some serious problems for the game'

"ya guess your right"

"I wonder if the developers even know what's happening cause they can just shut off the server and log everyone out. but why haven't they made an announcement" once Kirito said the Bells started to ring. they looked at the direction it was coming from. time seemed to move faster as the clouds behind them moved. for some reason, they started to glow and they appeared back where they started. in the middle of the city. they looked around to find everyone in the game start to appear. Wolf backed up slightly only to bump into Kirito who held her as she looked around in fear. when the bell finally stopped ringing someone pointed up to the sky

" look up there" everyone looked up and saw a red screen flashing in the sky.

"now what," Kirito asked. right as he said that the one screen grew to multiple screens covering the sky. then a blood-like substance started to fall only to form a godlike figure. everyone started to ask questions as to what it was. Wolf not liking where this might lead them turned and face Kirito hiding in his chest only poking one eye to see what happens

"Attention players. I welcome you to my world" the god-like thing said as he raised its arms

"What's he mean by that" Kirito asked as he placed his hand on Wolf's hair to calm her down.

"My name is Akihiko Kayaba and as of this moment, I am in control of this world" when he said that Kirito let out a small gasp. people around them started to talk "I am sure most of you have already noticed that something is missing from your main menus. the log out button. let me assure you this is not a defect in the game. I repeat this is not a defect. this is how sword art online was suppose to be. you can not log yourself out of S.A.O. and no one from outside can shut down or remove the nerve-gear from your head. if anyone attempts to do so. a transmitter inside the nerve gear will discharge a microwave signal into your skull destroying your brain and ending your life" people around them started to talk and whisper asking what he was talking about. people tried to leave only to be pushed back by an invisible forcefield

Klein and Kirito started to talk about it only for Kirito to confirm that what he said was true.

"despite my warnings the families and friends of some of the players have attempted removing the Nerve Gear an unfortunate decision, to say the least, as a result, the game has 213 fewer players then when it began they have been deleted from both Aincrad and the real world. " everyone looked at the figure in shock. others in fear and others in anger. " as you can see. international media outlets have round the clock coverage on everything, including the deaths." he showed everyone the news reports even one of Bruce Wayne. " at this point it's safe to assume the likelihood of the Nerve gear being removed is minimal at best. I hope this brings you a little comfort as you try to clear the game. it is important to remember the following there is no longer any way to revive someone within the game if your H.P drops to 0 your avatar will be deleted from the system forever. and the Nerve gear will simultaneously destroy your brain " Kirito looked at him shocked remembering when he was a Betta tester and all the times he died "there is only one way for a player to escape now. you must clear the game. right now you are gathered on floor one. the lowest level in Aincrad, if you can get threw the dungeon and defeat the boss you may advance to the next floor defeat the boss on floor 100 and you will clear the game."

"We cant clear 100 floors that fucking impossible... even the beta testers didn't make it that high," Klein yelled

"last but not least I placed a little present in the storage of every player please have a look." everyone went into their storage and opened it to find a mirror. everyone activated it and looked into it only to glow in a shining blue light. Wolf who had the mirror in her hand screamed now terrified as she as well glowed. it continued until everyone glowed. when the light came down everyone looked different.

"you ok Kirito," Klein asked Kirito walking up to him

"yeah... wait who are you," Kirito asked Klein

"I'm me. who are you." Klein asked as Kirito brought the mirror back to his face only to see his actual face.

"is that you Kirito/ Klein," they asked each other.

"Kirito, Klein where are you guys," Wolf asked. Kirito looked up and found that Wolf looked younger than her avatar. she had bright purple eyes and long flowing black hair.

"Wolf" he called for her. she turned and gave a confused look. Kirito held out the mirror for her to see. she gave a small gasp "hi its ok" he told her

"ya it's on calm down we can talk later about this" Klein offered as he glared at the Figure.

"right now you are probably wondering why... why would Akihiko Kayaba developer of sword art online and nerve gear do this... ultimately my goal was a simple one the reason I created sword art online was to control the fate of a world of my design. as you can see I have achieved my goal... this marks the end of the tutorial and the official launch of sword art online... players I wish you the best of luck" and with that, he started to disappear in red smoke and the sky turned back to orange. no one talked. no one moved. no one even breathed for a moment. then one girl screamed. then another... and another than before they knew it panic all over. people pushed each other out of the way and tried to leave. some people broke down in fear. others were still frozen.

Wolf P.o. V

"come on Klein Wolf," Kirito said as he grabbed our hands and started to drag us away. it was dark when we finally stopped running. and Kirito had us standing in an alleyway "ok listen I'm heading out right now for the next village. I want you guys to come with me." he told them Klein and I gave him a confused look "if what he said was true. and I'm pretty sure it is. the only way we are going to survive here is by making ourselves as strong as possible. in the money you can earn, the EXP. once the game starts up there is only so much of that stuff to go around. Look the fields around the Main city are about to be hunted clean soon." Kirito told us as he showed us his map "if we head to the next village now we will have an easier time collecting cash and points. don't worry I know all the paths and places we should avoid. even if I'm Level one. I can get there easy."

"Thanks... but you know those friends of mine I was telling you guys about... we stood in line for a whole night to buy this..." Klein said as he then got a look of realization. "there back in the plaza somewhere and I can't leave them." Klein said looking down. Kirito started to think things threw "sorry can ask a guy you just met to risk his life for a bunch of strangers can i" Klein started again getting Kirito's attention "so don't worry about me. get your ass to the next village. I'll be fine the last game I played I ran a guild so I'm more than prepared. and with all the stuff you thought me ill get by no sweat"

"ok if that's what you want." Kirito said as he smiled at Klein and me "if you're in a Jam message me ok"

"sure" Klein nodded

"can I join you," Wolf asked "I know we just met, and asking you to risk your life for me... is a little much but-"

"sure" Kirito smiled

"ill be seeing you Klein take care," Kirito told him as he slowly started to walk away.

"Kirito" Klein yelled as Kirito walked away "i... Kirito you look better like this... why cooler than your avatar."

"yeah, and I think that scruffy face fits you 10 times better too " Kirito smiled as he turned away. I watched Klein run back to the Plaza. Kirito turned and smiled at me before grabbing my hand and leading me away.

We continued to run. nothing stopped us. not even the two wolves that stood in front of us as we slashed threw them and continued to run

almost three years later

Alfred was cleaning around the house. with Bruce out being batman with the boys. he was quite lonely as he had no one to talk to anymore. for the last 3 years, Bruce was doing everything to get his daughter back. he had the police arrest everyone who worked on Sword art online. he even got people to help him research the Nerve gear.

it was a hard three years for everyone. Dick stopped talking and would snap at everyone. Jason turned back into his rude self and turned to drinking his problems away. Tim would lock himself in his room doing research on League business or keeping up on news about the Sword art online players. Damien went back to almost killing and when his mother showed up to take him back he snapped and left her injured so bad she never came back... mostly because she could no longer use her legs the same after Damien almost snapped her spine. Bruce buried himself in his work never coming out unless he had to go to a meeting or be Batman... and even that's gotten a little more violent.

Alfred was the saddest. he would still do his work to the fullest but it was not the same without Asahi running around helping or telling him a story or even calling. he was worried since around the beginning of everything Asahi's friend Shiro Died in the first month. Wayne paid for almost all funerals of the players.

as Alfred cleaned he came across Titus scratching at Asahi's door. he shook his head knowing that the dog can smell her in there but was not allowed in there in case he accidentally took the nerve gear off her head.

"Titus please back away from the door," Alfred said as he continued to walk past him only to hear Titus cry. he looked down at the dog only to see it wasn't him. his eyes widen and opened the door making Titus run in.

he found that Asahi who was supposed to be laying in bed with an I.V in her arm and Nerve gear on her head. was not there but on the floor crying as she tried to get up with Titus licking her face and hands. Tears came to Alfred's eyes as he froze in place for a moment. it took a lot of things for Alfred to freeze up but seeing Asahi there with her eyes open and responding to his presence made his soul almost jump out of his body.

"Alfred" Asahi called with tears in her face pushing Titus slightly. her voice was raspy because of the lack of water and food. Alfred quickly broke from his trance and ran to her side

"Miss Asahi" he called helping her stand and placed her back on the bed

"where am I," she asked

"you are home Miss Asahi," he told her as he gave her a drink of water that was next to her bed. "you are in your room," he told her as he fluffed up her pillows allowing her to sit up as more tears built up in her eyes.

"where's dad and the boys," she asked once she could properly speak.

"I will be calling them in once you are settled. is there anything you need" he asked her. she just shook her head before trying to hug him

"I missed you so much" she cried as he hugged her back. he also had tears in his eyes but wiped them away before she could see them. "please don't leave" she asked of him

"no need to worry miss Asahi. I am here" he said as he rubbed her back. he looked around the room and found the Nerve gear on the ground turned off. he glared at it slightly only to hug Asahi tighter. Titus jumped on the bed being careful not to hurt her or step on her, he placed his huge head on her lap allowing her to pet him. Alfred the cat walked in a moment later jumping on the bed along with them and cuddling up with them. Asahi continued to cry and Sob as she apologized to Alfred

"I'm so sorry" she cried "I'm so sorry... I'm sorry" she cried as she clung to him "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have put that thing on... I'm so sorry"

"It's not your fault dear... shhhhh... shhh" Alfred tried. it was true. it wasn't her fault it was Akihiko Kayaba's fault. he did all this and even after three years of looking he still didn't get the justice, he deserved for traping all the people "you are not to blame for this Asahi dear" he told her "would you like something to eat" he offered her knowing that making her favorite dish might calm her down.

"Please don't leave" she begged him again

"no need to worry miss Asahi" he comforted her as she sobbed. he knew that she would fall asleep soon considering when she was younger whenever she right she usually fell asleep minutes later.

and that she did. no matter how much time passed that's a habit she couldn't shake off. she fell asleep after about an hour. Alfred rushed to the Batcave and instantly called Batman.

it was past midnight. Batman was in a justice league meeting dealing with the new meta-problem. he was having an ok day. not bad but not good either. turned out that in every country and state they were kidnapping kids for their Meta abilities. he really just wanted to go home and lay down but not right now he was giving a presentation on their next attack plan and trying to get it approved by the public officials. he knew his kids were outside the meeting room probably annoyed. just as he was about to finish his phone went off. he ignored it and continued with the meeting. it kept ringing until the caller ended the call only to call again.

"Batman you can take the call while we discuss this" Wonderwoman said as she nodded to the phone that was in his utility belt. he nodded and walked slightly away from everyone to take the call. it was Alfred

"Master Bruce," Alfred said once Batman picked up the phone

"I am in a league meeting," he said trying not to snap at him.

"you must return to the mansion at once with the boys." Alfred ordered him. Bruce was kinda worried since Alfred rarely ordered him to do anything "Miss Asahi has woken up." Alfred said

Batman Froze...




"what," he asked... more like whispered as he turned away from the nosy league members.

"miss Asahi has woken up from her coma... she has asked for you and the boys. get here at once with the boys" Alfred said

"How is she"

"I believe we should talk when you return master Bruce," Alfred said as he hanged up. Batman stood there for a moment before rushing back to the league table

"I have to go," he said as he picked up his belongings and rushing to get out of there"

"What's wrong Batman," Superman asked him getting up from his seat. incase it was an emergency

"nothing" was all he said as he walked out to where the kids were waiting with the rest of the young justice league. "Get home NOW" he yelled at his kids. they all looked at him confused as they watched him run to the Garage where the Batmobile was kept.

he looked almost panicked causing the batboys to give him a confused look but following him anyway. the team tried to follow with them and Wonder Girl asking Red Robin what was wrong. he just shrugged but followed Batman who jumped in the car that was waiting with the hood uncovered. all the batboys jumped into the car leaving the team behind.

everyone was confused as they drove away. Superman quickly flew in confused and asked the teens if Batman said anything before leaving. they all shook their heads as they stared at where the car left threw the Zeta Tube

the boys didn't even get a chance to sit down properly before Bruce started to drive at a fast pace out of the Zeta Tube and straight to the Batcave.

"Bruce whatever we did..." Tim started as Bruce just looked ahead. not making eye contact with them.

"What's this about, old man. I know I didn't do shit" Jason said snapping at him with a glare.

"she's awake," Bruce said. the boys looked at him shocked

"what," Damian asked him confused

"call your brother tell him we are on our way to pick him up," Bruce told Tim. who was confused and in shock "TIM CALL HIM NOW" he snapped. Tim did as told and now there were headed to Dicks location.

he was standing on the roof of a building and when the Batmobile passed by without the roof on, he jumped down and landed in the back seat next to Damian and Jason who were still trying to get answers out of Bruce. once they were in the cave Alfred was waiting there with their change of clothes.

"Explain to me what's going on" Dick Snapped. Tim still hadn't explained what Bruce said to him.

"Master Bruce. Master Richerd. Master Tim. Master Jason. and Master Damian please calm down" Alfred said handing Dick his change of clothes. he nodded at him and let him continue as he changed "Miss Asahi has woken up" he told them. Dick paused as he was about to take off his shirt.

Tim just stared more shocked then he was before (if that was even possible at this point)

Jason just held his change of clothes tighter.

"you better not be playing with me Pennyworth" Damian snapped as he was about to rush to check on his sister only to be blocked by Alfred.

"you may see her once you have changed master Damian... there are things I wish to talk to you all about.

it took minutes... minutes for them to get changed and for them to rush upstairs to their sisters' room. Bruce was behind them talking with Alfred about the small details but the boys basically got super speed that even the flash would be jealous of. before they entered they paused... they were thinking back to all the times they visited her when she was trapped inside that game... all the times when they wanted to hug her without risking that damn Nerve gear frying her brain. to all the times they could have wished they would have spent with her before all this happened.

Dick was the one to put his hand on the door handle and turn it and slowly open the door. tears started to flow from his eyes as he saw his sister. his youngest and only sister. laying there without that damn Nerve gear on her head resting with a Gigantic dog and a small house cat.

Jason watched as his brother turned the door handle and saw his sister laying there. she looked like she was glowing compared to all the other times he had to see there stuck in her own mind. he had tears falling from his face as he saw his sister law there asleep but out of a coma.

Tim wanted to fight with his brothers to get to the door first but decided that this was not the time or the place. once the door was open he like all the times before they told him that she was awake Froze. he too was crying seeing his sister now safe from the evil man that took her away.

Damian was just standing there staring at her beautiful face. he never would have thought seeing one of his siblings awake and alive would make him tear up so much. he instantly went to her side and grabbed her hand. he had to wipe away all the tears that kept coming.

Bruce was standing by the door as he rushed with the rest of his children to his daughter's side. he moved Dick and Jason out of the way and grabbed her hand. and held it to his head.

"dad" Asahi whispered as she opened her eyes. everyone's eyes turned to her as she looked down at her father

"Asahi" Bruce smiled.

"ASAHI" Damian yelled as he hugged her. he was full-blown crying at this point now not afraid to hide his tears. Tim doing the same.

"I missed you guys so much" she smiled as she too cried and hugged her brothers

"How are you. are you in pain. should I call the doctor" Bruce asked her

"I think I'm ok" she nodded "I saw you dad" she smiled

"what," he asked confused

"that day... it all started... Akihiko Kayaba showed us all clips of the news that were covering... Everything... I saw you there..." she smiled kindly at him

"I never stopped fighting for you Asahi." Bruce smiled "none of us did"

"don't worry we are trying to catch Kayaba as we speak" Dick added but she just shook her head

"no..." she said

"why not HE DID THIS TO YOU," Jason said snapping but realizing who he was snapping at

"no... don't worry about him... he won't be a problem anymore..."

"what do you mean" asked Dick confused

"he was in the game... if we defeated him we... could leave" she said

"so that means-"

"We beat him... but he died," Asahi told them Bruce sighed but continued to enjoy the moment with his daughter and sons

"Please never leave again sister" Damian whispered

"I promise you, Damian I will never do anything like that again," she told them as they came into a group hug. she looked at the nerve gear for a moment. and for just a moment she saw two small fingers as a reflection in the glass. one of her avatar in the game the other of her one true love who she married in the SAO world. they smiled at her before disappearing as they held hands.

she smiled back and buried her face deeper into her eldest brother shoulder