Name: Asahi Wayne


Gender: Female

Username: Wolf D. Moon (A.W)

Family: Bruce Wayne(Father), Dick Grayson(older Brother), Jason Todd(older Brother), Tim Drake(older Brother), Damian Wayne (younger brother)

Married: Kirito

Child/Children: Yui

Kirito just finished his battle with Heathcliff. we were in our shared room in our rundown apartment that belonged to Kirito. we got ourselves in this situation after making a bet with Asuna and Heathcliff.

"don't they have anything a little less flashy," Kirito asked me as he stood by the window

"I think that one might be one of their less flashy ones" I laughed at him as I looked at the mirror. "you look great" I lied

"ugh," Kirito growled before throwing himself on the bed "we're in a guild" he sighed as he placed his hand over his face.

"I guess it's kinda my fault isn't it," I asked him as I sat in the chair next to his bed. I was the one that picked a fight with Asuna and got us in this situation.

"no... this is a good opportunity. as solo players we got as far as we could go," he said as he sat up

"that makes me feel kinda better" I sighed as I pet Jason's head. "hey Kirito... are you sure it's ok," I asked him as I looked down. Jason looked up at me with his hopeful and playful look.

"it's fine... for real" he sighed. I started to think back to when we were in the Moonlit Black Cats around a year ago. up until now, it was the only guild Kirito and I joined. it was small including us there were 7 of us in it. as players, they were good but their levels were way lower than ours... and Kirito and I thought that if we revealed what level we were they wouldn't want us around... so we didn't tell them anything and we joined up with them. they were fun to be around. they were like a small family.

then one day... we were trapped in a trapped room and they were all killed in front of us... it was our fault that the guild was wiped out... if we hadn't have hidden the fact that we were higher leveled... we could have convinced them how dangerous that trap really was... we killed them... all of them...

I sighed as I got up from my seat and slowly walked up to Kirito. he was thinking the same thing I was. I grabbed his face and sat down next to him making him look at me.

"We are not going to let anything happen to them and I won't die, got that," I told him "because I got to protect you," I said as I kissed his cheek and hugging him close to my chest. he didn't hug me back but knew I was just trying to help.

"We have to train," Kirito asked as we sat in the headquarters of our new guild. I rolled my eyes at Asuna and the other guild member who were interrupting our alone time.

"that's right you two, Asuna me and another guy are going to form a party. then we are going to clear the dungeon on this floor."

"now hold up now Kirito and I are already in-"

"We can't do anything about it Wolf as second in command I have to enforce this rule" Asuna smirked at me "if you guys are going to be joining us it's our job to evaluate both of your skills" Asuna smirked

"that's ridiculous we don't need an evaluation. we cleared like 4 floors on our own" I growled at her

"ill see you two at the western gate" Asuna started, ignoring me. she gave me a final smirk before winking at Kirito. Jason glared and started to growl from his spot next to me.

"I'm going to slap that bitch watch" I growl as I rolled my eyes and pouted leaning back on my seat.

"we will be back soon," Kirito said as he places his hand on top of my head. I sighed before nodding and getting up from my seat.

"Fine but don't expect me to be nice to HER" I snapped as I turned my head away from him as a blush appeared. "Jason come," I said as I got up. Kirito laughed as Jason followed me out the door.

a couple of hours after leaving the little cafe Dick has a great idea to go to a mall. Asahi looked a lot more relaxed than before after hearing that Agil will try to contact Kirito. She was worried about the other person that could be fake being her but she knew that Kirito will soon realize that person was not her and they would finally get to meet.

Once they were at the mall Dick ended up taking Asahi all over the place. Buying anime merchandise along with J-pop and lots and lots of snacks. He was overexcited being that he has never been with his sister to Japan before. He obviously has come here before but never with his younger sister because she was never allowed to travel outside of the state (under Bruce's orders)

They talked and played around almost the entire day getting new video games along with new gaming consoles. Dick ended up getting her a new version of the nerve gear... After his talk with Agil the day before he started to open up about the idea of having his sister play video games again. So he ended up buying her the AmuSphere.

Ever since the incident happened with the nerve gear, other countries started to make laws along with new rules as to what features should be added to devices like the nerve gear. If the requirements are not met the object in question will be banned from the country. which also included America.

" Thanks, Dick" Asahi told him all of a sudden as they were walking to their temporary apartment. he had bought her a lot of things today and she was glad to spend time with him. Recently he has been very busy along with living in another city so he hardly had time to come and visit her.

" it's no problem..." he smiled down at her only to catch her looking at him with a sad smile. " what's wrong," he asked her all of a sudden.

" I just... Really want to see Kirito again" she told him honestly. She was really worried but knew that if she went online like Kirito was then he would most likely throw a fit not knowing if it was safe or not. And don't even get her started on her dad.

" you know I won't get mad at you... If you play the game" he told her. She looked up at him with a hopeful look before turning away. " I know you love him... So when we get home I want you to put on that... thing and try to find your man" he started snapping his fingers in the end.

" you are so overdramatic" she laughed. They made it home in one piece and ended up eating with Bruce only to have Bruce leave an hour after they got there. Apparently, he was needed in another location in Japan so he was asked to move to a closer hotel.

" are you sure you're going to be okay," he asked Asahi

" Dad I'm going to be fine" she smiled at her father "I'll have Dick here anyway," she told him as she pointed to her older brother who was playing video games on the couch

" that's why I'm worried," Bruce said in a worried tone.

" I heard that" Dick shouted back. Bruce and Asahi laugh at the statement before Bruce ended up leaving. After a couple of minutes of Bruce being gone Dick ended up taking out the bag with the AmuSphere and handing it over to his sister.

" go play sis," he told her. He really didn't know how to tell her no so he ends up saying yes to everything she told him... That's how she ended up with his credit card to use in the new game... he was so going to regret that later but, to be honest, it was really worth it.

" thanks" she smiled before hurrying to the other room. Don't get dick wrong he did his research way before he even got her the AmuSphere so he knew it was safe for her to use.

Once Asahi called all her friends to inform them that she will be joining the game she made her character and she quickly joined the game called ALfheim Online. She was gathered with all her other friends quickly searching for Kirito. Apparently, Kirito was at the tree of life battling the final boss and it was almost impossible to teleport to him. So everyone ended up staying with Asahi teaching her all that they knew about the new game.

They taught her how to fly and how to do spells. They were shocked to find out how easily she can remember everything that she learned. Klain was even more shocked when he found out that she had more money than him. He knew she was rich but he didn't expect her to be that type of rich... The richer than rich type of rich. he was even more shocked to find out she was the only daughter to Bruce Wayne.

" I don't understand... You haven't been able to contact him right" Asahi asked her group of friends. They all shook their head and tried to contact Kirito again. None of their messages went through and at some point, the game started to crash. Quickly all the players where logged off automatically. They were all shocked and ended up making a group video call together on their computers.

" what do you think is going on," Asahi asked when she was IRL.

" I'm not sure I can look it up right now on the games website." Klain offer does he look through the website.

" don't worry I'm sure he's fine I can try to call him in a little bit Moon." Silica offered

" I just tried he's not picking up his phone," Agil said after hanging up his phone with Kirito who didn't pick up.

" it says here that the game got... a new game master what the hell" Klain static shocked

" who is it"

" it's not telling me... That's weird"

" isn't the game master supposed to be the game creator," Asahi asked

" it usually is... I wonder what happened to the game creator then..." Lisbeth answered

" it doesn't have any other information other than that... Wait hold up It also says that the game might start up tomorrow morning around 7 a.m... Man, I don't want to wait until 7 " Klain whined throwing his head back.

" can you guys pass me Kirito's number..." Asahi asked of them

" sure" they all agreed and Agil passed her Kirito's number. They ended up talking for a couple of hours until Agil got a call on his phone.

" We can talk later if you want," Silica told him once he picked up the phone and looked at the caller ID.

" it's Kirito hold up," he told the girls and one guy. He picks up the phone and answered it and putting it on speaker" hello"

"Agil... you called" it was Kirito... And for some reason, it sounded like he was crying

" yeah... Is everything all right..."

" It wasn't her... It wasn't... It was that... that... b****" Kirito snapped. He was letting out small sobs as he cried

" who was it," Agil asked him as he looked at everyone through the camera confused.

" it was Asuna... It turned out that the creator of the game was actually someone who was really interested in Moon and... Dressed up Asuna as her...and she tricked me... and Yui"

" why would he do that"

" apparently Moon is really famous IRL..." Kirito told him" and he couldn't have her in real life so... He created her in the MMO..."

" Kirito there's something I have to tell you," Agil told him as he watched Asahi tear up. She hated Asuna for what she did back when they were in the game... Asuna almost killed her over her own obsession with Kirito.

" can we talk about it later..."

" Kirito..." Asahi called. Suddenly everything froze. Dick who was walking into the room paused as he watched his sister talk to the computer. Kirito didn't say anything and seem to be frozen at hearing her cry out her lover's name. "Kirito it's me" she called again

"Moon..." Kirito called her name

"Kirito" she called his name as she let out a sob. " I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry I didn't come into contact with-"

"no babe... babe it's not your fault... we should have exchanged information in-game when we had the chance..." he cried

"I'm going to add you to the video chat Kazuto," Agil said before he went back to the computer and started to type. not even a moment later Kirito's face popped up in front of her. she let out a sob before hiding her face in her hands. Dick came up behind her and started to rub her back.

"Moon" Kirito called her name. he had tears in his eyes as he watched her cry. he had been so stressed since he found out that Asuna faked being her. she faked it up until he had the power of headmaster when he undid the illusion and found out it was Asuna. he was pissed and hit her as she crawled to him. she told him that it was all Moon's fault that they were never together and that they where meant to be... and if he didn't remember the look he was giving her moments before. he snapped and flipped her off by telling her that she only looked like Moon and that was the only reason he reacted like that.

Asuna broke down crying as Kirito released all of the captured players and logging everyone off. he cried for a couple of minutes after and called Agil a little later.

"moon are you alright," Kirito asked before seeing Dick appear on screen "who is that Moon," he asked in a worried tone.

"hold on kid," Dick said as he pushed Asahi away from the screen. he made her sit down on her bed as she cried. "I'm Dick I don't know if she told you about me I'm her oldest brother," he said as he tried to comfort his sister and talk to her lover and friends at the same time. Kirito just nodded his head

"please tell me where you are I'll-"

"no... once she calms down I'll take her to you... I don't know how things run in Japan but I'm not letting you go out there at this time of night" Dick interrupted him as kindly as he could. Kirito nodded trying to get his thoughts together. he wasn't thinking straight at the moment and wanted to desperately be with Moon.

"I think it's best to end the conversation here and let them be alone," Agil said as he talked to everyone else. they all agreed and wished them well before logging off. once they were gone and both teenagers calmed down from their crying. Dick got Kirito's address and they hanged up

"I love you" Asahi called as she wiped away tears.

"I love you too..." Kirito smiled before they hanged up.

Asahi instantly kicked Dick out of her room and started to get ready. she put on a blue tank top and jeans. she then placed Jason's jacket on and the flats that she liked before walking out. by the time she walked out, Dick already had his shoes and jacket on ready to leave with his keys in hand.

Dick quickly started the car he owned and started to drive to the location that was sent to him. Asahi was trying to hold her tears in as they drove out of the city.

"Asahi who is Asuna," Dick asked as they drove trying to get his sister's mind off of crying.

"she... she tried to kill me... inside of the game," she said as she calmed down. "she wanted to be with Kirito and... joined Laughing coffin to try and kill me and get Kirito all to her self..."

"... why," he asked her

"Kirito saved her sometime around the first month of joining the game and she started to stalk him... we didn't really have any problems with her until Kirito asked me out..."

they had just taken down the 20th boss. Kirito was walking to the 21st floor with Moon and Asuna who he for some reason didn't feel comfortable being left alone with. Moon also got that feeling but didn't want to just tell Asuna to leave them alone.

they were actually planning to invite Klain and Agil to join them on the new floor because they wanted to explore it with them. Asana somehow invited herself to go along with them to beat the floor boss and was the reason that Moon messed up on one of her attacks causing her to get injured.

Asuna wanted to show off to Kirito getting in Moon's way causing her to lose focus for a couple of seconds only to have the floor boss attacker from the side. She was actually close to dying that one time Hp only at 5%. Kirito was actually still mad about it and Moon was just trying to avoid Asuna. At some point, Asuna told her to go away.

Before anything bad could happen Moon confronted Kirito about it before they met up with their friends.

But before they could decide to do anything their friends appeared from one of the teleportation pads.

they all greet each other happily asking each other how they been and Klain even introducing his friends that he promised he would play with in the beginning. Everything was going fine until Asuna felt like she was being excluded.

" Hey guys I'm right here why didn't you guys introduce me" she snapped glaring at Moon.

Moon and Kirito gave each other desperate looks before facing their friends.

"Guys let me introduce you to... Asuna... She's new to gaming" Kirito introduce her. He was still kind of upset about what Asuna tried to do to get rid of Moon but just let it slip his mind not wanting to upset anyone.

"Hello" she smiled at the group of friends. Agil, Klain, and his group of friends instantly felt the tense atmosphere and try to avoid asking anything about her. They ended up exploring the rainforest floor finding many things and even beating other players to the more rare items.

Throughout the entire Journey Asuna was trying to stay at Kirito's side. Kirito found it annoying but just let her do what she wants and not wanting to upset her or Moon

At some point, they accidentally triggered a boss battle. Again Asuna was trying to show off to Kirito endangering everyone. But this time she really messed up. Kirito with actually helping Moon with some of the lower-level monsters who appeared and Asuna got mad. she deliberately sent out an attack on Moon lowering her health to 10%. Everyone saw that and instantly rushed to Moon's side covering her. Klein and his friends stayed with her while Kirito pushed Asuna away before going with Agil to deal with the boss.

Once it was all done the group of friends decided to go to a safe Zone City. That was where they were deciding whether to continue to allow Asuna in their friend group.

None of them agreed and once they were done talking they told her that she was no longer welcome around them. Not even to join a party to defeat a boss.

Asuna was pissed off that everyone unfriended her and decided to leave the next day. Before she could leave she overheard Kirito ask Moon out.

It pissed her off, even more, she ran into the room yelling and screaming saying how it was all her own fault that she got injured and that she almost died.

Kirito pissed at her outburst threaten to block her.

(in SAO if a player gets blocked they can no longer make any form of contact with the player that blocked them or even shows up in the same building as them.) Asuna instantly ran away not wanting to get blocked by her Crush. On her way out she threatened that she would have her revenge against Moon for taking the man of her dreams.

" you're kidding me right" Dick laughed " I mean you guys only met for what... A month at that point and she was already in love with him... Like I understand you guys went slow with your relationship but... there's no possible way that she could be in love with him with just a couple of days of knowing him" he laughed

" yeah it was crazy she basically stalked this our entire stay there... And you remember the little girl we adopted right" she asked her brother

" you have a little girl named Yui" he nodded as he continued to drive with a kind smile

" yes, she was actually a computer program that manifested itself into a little girl... Before she... Was taken from us she told us that Asuna is usually nearby... Whenever we get on a floor that she is not in she will somehow appear on the same floor in a matter of minutes"

" Okay that's just creepy," Dick said " so before we get there... Tell me. What is your boyfriend like"

" he's very sweet... At first, he was kind of cold... We talked for a little while and we got to know each other and he opened up to me a lot. When we got into a relationship it was really awkward at first but then... I don't remember exactly what happened but he ended up confessing his love for me on one of the 24-hour nighttime floors... It was around a year after we met and join the game... He was really sweet and romantic about it..." she stated " he sometimes reminded me of you and Jason mixed together... He was very serious and cold towards people he doesn't know but... He was actually a really nice guy"

" me and Jason... Yeah, I'm going to have to wait and see" Dick laughed. They continued on to Kirito's house. As it turns out they live in the suburbs part of Japan so it took them a while to get there. But once they did Asahi was too nervous to get out of the car.

She was looking at the door that was supposed to lead to the house and to her lover... Basically, the only thing that was separating them right now... What if Tim was right... What if Kirito was not what she expected...

"... Go," Dick told her " I can see you're hesitating... Just go," he said with a smile as he stepped out of the car. Asahi just nodded her head and got out of the car after him. just then there was movement from one of the top floor windows and the sound of someone running toward the door.

Slowly Asahi starts to walk to the door as it bangs open... and there he stood. the one boy with who she spent the last 2 to 3 years...

she smiled kindly before she started to feel her tears roll down her face and started to run to him as he held his arms open

"Kirito" she cried once she was in his arms "I'm so so so so so sorry" she cried as she clung to him.

"Shhh, it's alright baby," he said as he cried on her shoulder and hugged her as tightly as he could. they stayed like that for a couple of minutes until a young girl walked out of the house confused.

"Kazuto" she called but stopped once she saw them hugging

the couple let go of each other and turned to her

"Moon this is my sister/ cousin Kirigaya Suguha... goes by Leafa online" Kirito introduced them. "the one I told you about" he smiled as he wiped away his tears.

everyone talked for several hours before it got really dark. Dick and Asahi ended up staying over. and in that time Kirito explained everything that happened inside of ALfheim Online with Asuna. as it turned out the developer of the game had an obsession with Asahi and tried to capture her mind inside ALfheim Online but since he didn't know her server name he ended up getting Asuna. he was pissed over it but did the best that he could with her and changed Asuna's character to look like Asahi. when Asuna saw Kirito she faked being Asahi but when Yui was about to expose her for being a fake the game master appeared.

that was also when Kazuto told her that Yui was alive and it was all thanks to Asahi's quick thinking in Sword Art Online that saved her.

they then explained it all to Dick who took it all in and even decided to help them by helping them place a restraining order on Asuna and the developer along with promising to tell Bruce that the developer was holding people Hostage to continue making products for his game.

A couple of weeks later, everyone was inside of ALfheim Online deciding what they were going to do with the new power that Kirito held. As it turned out he is now the proud owner of the seed that will later grow to be different games. Apparently, while he was battling the creator of ALfheim Online he ended up meeting a programmed Kayaba who gave him the power to create multiple games just like Sao.

They decided that they were going to make it public and share the information that is inside so that other people could create more games. They also decided that they were going to add the Sao world into the ALfheim Online world.

Dick ended up talking to Bruce about what happened and explaining everything so that Asahi would not be stressed over revealing her relationship with Kirito to her father.

Of course, Bruce was mad that they did all of that behind his back and even got pissed off when Dick revealed that he got Asahi the new gaming system.

They ended up leaving that same week back to America where Bruce ended up grounding Asahi by taking away all of her video games along with her phone and tv.

Asahi was locked in her room throughout the entire grounding and could not make contact with Kirito. The only reason Kirito did not panic about her not contacting him with because Dick kept in touch and told him what happened.

Jason and Damian also find out the truth about Kirito after they got back. Dick was the one that ended up telling them because he knew that Asahi would never build up the courage to tell them face to face.

Jason and Damian, we're upset that they were never told about the relationship. But they later accepted she was happy with this Unknown man.

Of course, Demian and Jason ended up doing their research on Kirito going back to his birth records. They, of course, ended up agreeing that so long as their sister was happy they would allow her to see this boy, but first, they would have to meet him of course. And sometimes even in secret, they would allow her to take their phone so that she can make contact with her boyfriend.

Asahi and Kirito would talk at least three to four times a week. Alfred was also on their side. The allowed Asahi to get away with a lot of things and even allowed her to play on a small handheld gaming system.

At some point, Alfred got pissed off with Bruce and started to explain the relationship that Asahi had with the boy and even went into detail as to how upset she was and how she cried that one time that they had dinner with Flash and Tim.

Bruce... Took his time but later understood that the happiness of his daughter was everything to him. He of course followed in his son's footsteps and did all his research on Kirito along with family history and friend history going more deeper into his research than the boys did.

At some point, he let her out of the house and even promised her that she could use all of her video game devices and even make contact with her boyfriend.

He also even allowed her to use the new AmuSphere.

The Wayne family later met Kirito when they all went with Bruce on a business trip to Japan later that year again.

Kazuto was nervous about seeing her family but after he bonded with Damian about Swords (even Though he mostly talked about fictional swords) he started to open up and even started to swap stories about their baby sister/ lover.

After that meeting, Bruce was easier for Kirito and everything worked itself out in the end

Asuna had gotten served with a restraining order from both the Wayne and Kirigaya family. stating she was not allowed to come in any form of contact with Kazuto or Asahi or their families.

her family was mad at her for it considering they were a family of high standings in the Rich people world. they had forbidden her from playing any form of video game or have any way of contacting anyone after Bruce Wayne appeared at their front door with the restraining order papers.