Title: Crystal Picard, Cardcaptor

Rating: K

Summary: Children don't have adventures, doesn't really face danger, but when Crystal Picard opens the Clow book, unleashing the most powerful creation of Clow Reed, she finds herself on the path to become the most powerful sorceress, and Mistress of the Clow Book ever. Why? Because Clow Reed saw her before he died. Crossover of Cardcaptor Sakura, but no Sakura.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, except Crystal, and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 10: Silence Isn't Always Golden

"I must admit a good museum is a nice change of pace," Beverly said to Crystal.

She had 'volunteered' to join Crystal's class when she heard that a museum fiend trip was in order.

"Or you're just interested in the Greek and Roman exhibit."

"Now that is a complete lie," Beverly said, "Oh look, Athena."

Crystal shook her head as her mother ran off to take a photo of the statue of Athena.

"Your mother is having fun," Emily said.

"Yeah, she likes this kind of stuff," Crystal told her.

"Don't you?" Emily asked.

"Of course I do," Crystal said. "Come on, let's go look at the paintings"

As they looked at them Emily made a comment that it amazed her that even though the Earth had gone through a third world war that all these paintings were still around. Crystal thought it was due to dedicated people.

"Egyptian exhibit!" Emily cried out and ran into that room.

"You and dead people," Crystal said and she went off on her own.

One of the main things that she loved about museums was the fact that everything was silent. You could sit down and think about things. She went past several boys drawing something that looked nothing like what might have been their subject. As she turned the corner she saw that the corridor was empty except for a window and a lone painting. The light from the window was framing the painting in dazzling light.

It was a painting of a woman that looked like someone had an idea of what a beautiful woman looked like. She was dressed in all black, but she had bright painted lipstick and blush.

"Oh this is so beautiful," Crystal said.

Suddenly the woman's eyes opened and she pressed her finger to her lip, saying, "Silence." There was a bright light and Crystal was outside the museum.

"What, in the-."

She sensed right away that this was a Clow Card. She went to get her mother.

"It's called the Silent Card," Kero said that afternoon.

"What kind of stuff does it do?" Beverly asked.

"Don't know, never talked to her," he said.

"Kero, this is serious," Crystal said.

"Okay, fine, the Silent Card loves absolute silence," Kero said. "Make one noise and she'll transport you away from her. It's a very difficult card to capture because you need to speak the incantation to seal her."

"Is this a sorcerer 'thing,'" Beverly asked. "Create something that has no point."

"Hay, I didn't judge Clow Reed when he made them," Kero snarled.

"Kero, chill," Crystal said. "So we have to find a way to seal it without speaking."

"Let me know when your successful in that."

Crystal glared at him.

"Oh no you don't, oh great powerful guardian beast of the seal of the Clow Book, you're coming with us."

Crystal grabbed him.

"Do you think that we've come to the point that your becoming a bad influence on me," Crystal asked her mother. "What the crew of the Enterprise would think if they could see their CMO right now."

"Hay, I'm helping you."

"There it is," Crystal told Kero, pointing to the painting.

"Yep, that's Silent alright," he said.

"So what's the plain?" Crystal asked them.

"I think we need to get inside," Beverly said, running across the lawn.

"I think she's in-love with breaking into buildings," Kero said.

"Come one, before she gets arrested."

When they got inside the whole museum was dark and silent. All Crystal could think of was the fact that they were all going to get arrested. They hid behind a door as a guard passed by them.

"I wonder if they ask for money for bail?"

"Come on," Beverly said and they ran for the corridor.

Silent was waiting on them. Suddenly they were back outside. Both Crystal and Beverly looked at each other in total confusion.

"You remind me of my life," Kero joked.

"Oh shut up, Kero," Crystal snapped.

"Let's try this again."

"Why do I have a feeling the answer is right in-front of us."

Over and over again they would get inside only to find themselves outside. The next time that happened was due to the Enterprise informing her at they would be at McKinley Station in three days. Silent hated that and put them outside.

"OH SHE'S JUST AS ANNOYING AS Q," Beverly raged.

"I hope that no one on the ship was affected by Silent," Crystal said.

"Even if they were, they should be able to hear again," Kero told her.

"Okay, we need to think," Crystal said. "If we go inside we just end up outside. Kero stated that Silent likes complete silence so what if we sealed her from out here."

"Not a bad idea," Beverly said. "But how are we supposed to do it?"

"I think Shadow might be able to help," Crystal said and she took out her key. "Oh Key of Clow, Power of Magic, Power of Might, surrender the wand the force ignite…. RELEASE!"

The key changed into her wand and she grabbed it, drew it back, and slammed it against her other hand.

"The only way that Shadow will work if we have a light source," Kero told her.

"Kero, we just broke into a museum several times," Crystal told him. "Of course we have a light source."

Beverly showed hers and then Crystal pulled out the Shadow Card.

"Shadow Card, take over my shadow," she said and she slammed her wand against it. "SHADOW CARD, RELEASE AND DISPELL."

Shadow came out and she felt it flooding over her own shadow. Beverly turned on the light and the shadow that the card now controlled went up.

"A little further," Crystal said and it landed right on the painting. "I command you to return to your power confine…. SILENT!"

It opened its eyes but she was already being sucked from the painting. Beverly lowered the shadow until, at last, she had the card in her hand.

"I swear, this is the last time someone talks me into breaking into a building," Crystal said to them.

"Hay, I had fun," Beverly said.

Kero and Crystal both wore worried looks on their faces.

"I wonder what painting Silent was in," Crystal said and they shined the light on the painting, which made them all run away.

It was a painting of a beheaded woman.


"Was it our imagination or did I lose my ability to hear anything," Will said to Deanna.

"Might have just been our imagination," Deanna said.

She might have said those words, but she doubted that she meant them.


A/N: This time around there is no little girl causing problems, but the Silent Card caused plenty of problems. And, yes, the power of the card did affect the Enterprise. Next up: Beverly, Crystal, and Kero come on board and the Clow Cards follow. Oh and No No is among them.