Title: Crystal Picard, Cardcaptor

Rating: K

Summary: Children don't have adventures, doesn't really face danger, but when Crystal Picard opens the Clow book, unleashes the most powerful creation of Clow Reed, she finds herself on the path to become the most powerful sorceress, and Mistress of the Clow Book ever. Why? Because Clow Reed saw her before he died. Crossover of Cardcaptor Sakura, but no Sakura.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, except Crystal, and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 2: Shadow Trouble

When Crystal got back home her mother was waiting on her. Of course that was because her mother was busy cleaning up the glass that Fly had produced when it had smashed all the windows. The look on her mother's face was pure shock.

"What, in the-."

"Hi, mom," Crystal said.

"Don't hi mom me," she countered. "How are you doing that?"


How was she going to explain about what she had done? And then her mother saw Kero.

"What the heck is this?"

"This is Kero," she told her. "He sort of came out of the book."

"What book?"

"This book," Crystal said, showing the book that Nana had given her.

"Are you telling me there was something in that book," she said. "And you made First Contact with him."

She nodded, knowing what First Contact meant. She then told her mother what she had done.

"Wait a minute, are you telling me that you released a bunch of magical spirts that has the power to destroy the whole world."

"Boy, your mother gets it," Kero said.

"She had an encounter with Q," Crystal told him. "Twice."

"Don't remind me of that man," her mother said.

"Sorry," she said. "Mother, I have to get these things and return them back to the book. I already have Fly and Windy."

"Okay, let me get this straight," she said. "You're going to go out there and battle things that might kill you."

"Mother, I did this," she said. "What would father say?"

She looked at her and said, "That you have to clean your messes up that you've caused."

"I made this mess," Crystal said. "It's my job, to clean it up."

Her mother looked at her and said, "You sound like your damn father. But I'm coming."

"I don't want to put you in danger."

"I'm your mother, I'm not going to stand by and hope that you come home."

She knew that she couldn't get her mother to change her mind.

The next morning Crystal headed to school, hoping for a nice, normal, day. She was tired from all the talking but she was glad that her mother respected her position of personal responsibility. When she arrived there had to be at least ten Starfleet officers that were doing scans.

"What happened?"

"I don't know," her friend, Emily Teel said. "I mean, I come to school and a huge mess was waiting on us."

Something didn't feel right. She decided that, when she got home, she would tell her mother and Kero about it.

"The strange thing was that it's happened at Starfleet Medical."

Oh great, her mother wasn't going to be in a good mood.

It took hours to get the whole mess cleaned up and Crystal found herself home early. Her mother was already home and she was right about her not being in a good mood.

"Don't tell me, a mess at work," she said.

"How did you know that?"

"There was a mess at school," Crystal told her. "We got home early because we spent hours cleaning it up."

"I'll make you a snack."

"Thanks," Crystal said. "I need to get Kero."

She called him down and soon he was floating next to her. She told him about what happened at both Starfleet Medical and at her school.

"Yep, it's a Clow Card."

"Great," Crystal said. "It makes a mess and we have to clean up after it."

"Crystal, you have to expect the unexpected with these things," Kero told her. "And that's why, we're going out tonight."


"Crystal, sometimes the cards don't go and to their thing until the sun goes down," Kero said. "If you don't capture it, it's just going to make an even bigger mess."

"Which means that we'll be cleaning up again," she said. "Why did I sign up for this?"

"Remember what you did."

She glared at him and said, "I'm going to turn you into a roast Kero if you remind me of my dumb action. Fine, I'll go."

"We'll go," Beverly reminded her.

"When this is over, I'm going on a vacation."

"I want to know two things; One how the heck does Kero know where this thing might be and two: how did I get talk into wearing a costume by my mother?"

"Wearing a costume makes the cards know that you mean business," Kero said. "This is magic; you have to show them who's boss."

"I'm so glaring at you."

"And I just love dressing you up."

"I'm so dying."

They entered the grounds of the school and Crystal had a bad feeling that Kero had been right about the Clow Card being here.

"I have a really bad feeling about this," Beverly said and then, "LOOK OUT!"

Something large came at them and Crystal shoved her mother out of the way and managed to get out of the way in time.

"What the hell?"

The thing turned out to be a block of stone. It lifted up and then Crystal noticed it. "There's a shadow."

"Did you say shadow?" Kero said.

It came at them again and she said, "Yes, Kero, I said shadow."

"Crystal, Beverly, it's the Shadow Card," Kero told them. "That's the card that's causing all the mess."

"So that's the thing that ruined my office."


It threw the block at them and Crystal yelled, "FLY!"

"Oh I really hate heights," Beverly said.

"Guys, the Shadow Card has the ability to steal shadows and use them," Kero said.

"Any idea?" Beverly asked.

"We have to force Shadow to assume it's physical form," Kero told her. "And that won't be easy."

"Nothing in life is easy, Kero."

"True," he said.

"Mom, Kero, look."

All the desks and chairs were moving. Suddenly they broke free and came at them.

"Hold tight, mom, I'll get you on solid ground," Crystal promised and Crystal had to dive, move around, to avoid getting hit.

"Wait a minute, I have an idea," Beverly said. "Take me to the roof."

Crystal nodded and flew her to the roof, where she was dropped off.

"What is the only way to get rid of shadows?"

"The light," Crystal answered.

"But it won't be daylight for hours," Kero said.

"You forget, we can make it light up," she said.

"Great idea, mom."

"Yes, we mom's sometimes have great ideas," Beverly said.

"Let's do it," Kero said.

Beverly broke in and she watched as she turned on all the lights, flooding the whole school with artificial light.

"The shadows are vanishing," Crystal said.

"Hay, ladies, look," Kero said and a huge shadowy figure was walking along the track.

"It's mine," Crystal said.

"Go get it," Kero cried out and Crystal dived.

Shadow turned and tried to attack her, but she managed to avoid it. She landed and pulled out Windy. "WINDY, RELEASE AND…DISPEL."

She summoned Windy and Windy charged at Shadow, wrapping around its body.

"I command you to return to your power confine…. SHADOW!"

Shadow and Windy were both sucked into the flashing void that was within the card shape. When the last black had vanished it became solid and both cards floated down on the ground.

"Thanks, guys, for everything."

"So, how was school?" Kero asked when she got home the next day.

"Normal," Crystal told him. "Just the way that I like it."

"Your mother called," Kero said. "She said that she wanted to thank you for saving her office again."

"It was nothing," Crystal said. "I hope you didn't freak her out."

"No, way, kid."

Crystal doubted that Kero was telling the truth.


A/N: I decided to include Beverly as Crystal's companion. This will be something that daughter and mother will be doing.