Sam sat back against the concrete. The cuffs clanked every time he moved and Sam sent Dean another glare each time. Dean was in the other cell with his jacket folded under his head as he leaned back on the concrete bench. He didn't look nearly as embarrassed as he should. Dean said they wouldn't get caught. They would be in and out of the sealed off office before anyone knew they were there. Even after Sam told him it was a bad idea when they spotted the cops guarding the building, Dean had insisted. And now they were in jail as suspects in a murder investigation.

The room seemed to get more and more boring the longer Sam was there.

It had a small, bar covered window in every cell and one metal chair outside of the cells for guests or guards to sit in. The walls and floors were all concrete.

Sam wanted to reach in his pocket and check if Ellen had responded to his text, but the cops had taken his phone. Good thing he had a passcode on it. They would be held for more than one murder charge if the cops figured out who it was in the cells. So far, the cops had trusted the fake ID's.

Sam had found what he could on the ghost's first victim's computer but he hadn't found much before the cops had shown up. All Sam had found was a few emails that the victim had deleted.

The victim had spoken of a car crash that he and the person he'd been emailing were involved in. It sounded like the car crash was a result of the victim driving after too many beers and someone had died for it.

Sam looked up at the ceiling.

They had been in jail two days already and that was two days they couldn't work on the case. Sam hadn't heard any of the cops talk about another death, but it was only a matter of time. Vengeful spirits didn't just stop on their own. Unless Ellen had contacted a hunter to take care of the job, the ghost was going to kill again.

"Wish I had a ball I could bounce off the wall like-"

"Steve McQueen. I know. Dean, that joke wasn't funny the first time we were thrown in jail together and it isn't funny now."

"It's hilarious."

Sam scowled at the wall. "We shouldn't even be here."

"Yeah, I know. You shouldn't have taken so long. I told you we needed to leave but no, you had to check one more file on that guy's computer."

"No," Sam said, narrowing his eyes at Dean. "I told you we shouldn't have been there at all."

"And see what a mistake that would have been! You wouldn't have been able to check that guy's internet history. What did you find? Anything fun?" The look Dean was making made Sam think Dean wasn't taking about anything relevant to the case.

"You're terrible."

"So, there was?"

"He's dead, Dean."

"Yes, but the question is, did he live?"

Sam was still scowling at Dean when the door into the cell area opened.

"Your clients are in there," the Sheriff said, sounding even more annoyed than the last time Sam had heard him speak.

Sam frowned and sat up.

"Thank ya," a familiar voice replied. "I can take it from here."

"No way," Dean whispered.

Ash stepped into the room where Sam could see him.

He was dressed in a suit and had a briefcase in his hand. The mullet clashed with the outfit in a way that was so...Ash.

That explained the Sheriff's attitude. If anyone could have gotten on the bad side of a person like the sheriff, it was Ash. Even Dean hadn't been able to infuriate the cop like it sounded Ash had managed. If the grin on Dean's face was anything to go on, Dean had figured it out too. Anytime Dean saw an annoyed cop he became unreasonably overjoyed.

"What are you doing here?" Dean asked, standing at the same time Sam did.

"I am here to meet with my clients," Ash said, gesturing to the two of them.

"You don't have a law degree," Sam said, smiling despite himself.

"You sure about that?" Ash asked. Before Sam could reply, Ash dragged the metal chair over, making a nail-on-a-chalkboard sound against the concrete. Ash sat down looking up at Sam and Dean.

"Jo took care of your friend. Angry one, wasn't it? It nearly destroyed the graveyard before Jo could burn it," Ash said. "You were right, Sam. It was the person killed in the car crash."

Sam nodded. He hadn't expected Ellen to send Jo, but he also wasn't surprised.

"Your mom let Jo take care of it?" Dean asked.

Ash shrugged. "Mom may or may not know we're here."

Dean laughed, shaking his head.

Sam frowned. "But I texted Ellen."

"And you never see Dean's texts before he does? Jo saw your text before mom and deleted it. Jo figured she could handle it. Until she heard you two got caught, then she had to call me."

"Ellen is going to find out," Dean said.

"Yup. Probably."

Sam laughed and went to sit back down.

"Did you two really get caught in the victims office?" Ash said, reading the file from the cops.

Sam pointed at Dean the same time Dean pointed at Sam.

"His fault," Sam said at the same time as Dean said,

"He was too slow."

Ash raised his eyebrows. "Uh-huh. You two have a plan to get out of here?"

"I'm working on it," Dean said.

"He had nothing, " Sam said, earning a glare from Dean.

"Huh. You two are cheery aren't you."

"You try being stuck in a cell with him," Sam said.

Ash shrugged. "Doesn't sound that bad. He gets my movie references most of the time."

"That's because your movie references are all Roadhouse."

"Don't diss the Swayze," Ash said.

Sam rolled his eyes.

"Fine. Don't imagine being stuck with Dean. Imagine being stuck in a cell with Jo."

Ash frowned. "You have a point," Ash conceded. "Anyway, I have a plan. You want to get out of here?"

Sam and Dean nodded.

Ash took a paper out of his briefcase that looked official enough.

"This should trick them into thinking you're being transferred to your home county, I just need to put your home county in. What did your ID's have as your county?"

"Lake City, Nebraska," Sam said.

"You remember that?" Dean asked. Sam ignored him.

"Alright," Ash said. "I'll go get this taken care of."

Ash stood and picked up his briefcase.

"Hey, Ash," Dean called when Ash was almost to the door. "Thanks."

Ash winked.