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! Warning! there is some swearing in this chapter !

Waking the next morning Ash prodded the remains of the fire, laying a few branches to catch aflame he listened to Bidoof snuffling around. Grabbing a few dried berries he relased the Ultra ball holding the strange coulored Meowth, the kitten keened quietly waving skinny limbs in the air, Ash once more made a berry mush for the fragile thing to lick off his finger before curling into a ball, snug in his palm, tail curled around his thumb, Ash retured the kitten still hoping for the Meowth`s survial.

Walking down the natural trail a few hours later Ash found himself in a small clearing overlooking the rest of the way down the mountain, and just off to his right hand side about 3 miles ahead he saw a small collection of roofs and softly curling smoke he decided to skip his break for lunch and continue to the site of human habitation, more a hamlet than a village, shrugging his bag to a better position and running his hands over the two balls on his waist he continued his steady pace down the mountain.

Two hours later, he finaly made it to the edge of the clearing of the small houses, more like huts, a bark and small embers blocked his path as a small Houndour blocked his path, raising his hands Ash saw an older man come round the path to see what had cought the Houndours attention, seeing Ash, who by now was rather ruffled, small tears in his clothes, cuts, bruises and dirt scattered over his skin called the canaine away and rushed the last ten feet to Ash worry, suprise and concern warring in his eyes

"Oi kid! what happened to you...wait, come on, you must be hungry, follow me and I`ll get my uncle, get you some food and cleaned up... man kid, you look like an Ursaring shit you out!"

After a long and much welcomed hot shower Ash was sitting at the table in the main room of the biggest hut in the small collection of dwellings, the young man who had found him introduced himself as Mark, and with his uncle Matt they and a handful of other men ran the forestry and charcoal kilns in this area of forest.

"So, Ash, what was you doing in the Silver Mountains?" Matt started the interrogation, while glad the boy seemed to be relativley unharmed, as an adult he was both concerned and angry at tyhe fact that this boy had done something as stupid as walk into the one of the most dangerous areas of the wilds in the joined Kanto and Jhoto regions, he decided to listen before judging and calling a local Officer Jenny or Pokemon Ranger depending on wht was said, and also if the freshly scrubbed boy infront of him was telling the truth. Matt had been able to tell when someone was lying and able to feel emotions a minor amount, not enough to be classed an empath but just a minor talent on the psycic scale, one of the reans he liked being outside with his few pokemon and away from large concentrations of people, no headaches of the over abundance of emotions of humans araound him. Relaying on this he felt the hidden anger of Ash and the botteled up trauma bubbling up, covered and held together by a stong sense of determination.

And so Ash began telling his story, not all, he hid the fact that he was from Pallet town, but intimated that he felt he had a better chance in Jhoto rather than Kanto, he spoke fondly of Caterpie, but couldent say the word of what had happened with the Ariados, Matt could feel his greif churning with the sour tang of fear, listening to Ash`s voice crack he put a stop to the hour long talk they already had.

"Look Ash" Matt started after a few minutes " I know you`re not being fully trueful with me, you may have your reasons, but I will not stand for any lies, so now, if you could continue?" Matt did not want to push the kid to much but he had to be firm.

"Well, Metapod evolved to save me from this crazy Ariados, but she was damaged...I...I " at this a few tears slid fromhis eyes as he rememebered the despreate few minutes that Butterfree fought desprately against the arachnid, her screams ans the crunch od he carapice ans she was finaly beheaded.

"She died... and I got away" taking a deep breath Ash continued on, monotone until he came to the remains of the plane crash, he told of the grave he had dug, how he had scavenged and the two Pokemon with him now, the cheery and docile Bidoof and the tiny Meowth, at this Matt stopped him and asked to see them both

"Ash, I will have to call the authorities witht this, they`ve been looking for that plane fore a few weeks now, and those pokemon are`nt yours, they will be need to return the the kin of their trainers, but if that Meowth is a as young as you say its a miricle its survived, one of my guys has a female Presian, we can see is she will foster it".

Releasing Bidoof, it gave a cheery call and doopily looked up at Ash, utting its head against his leg Ash reached down and scratched behind its ear, Bidoof then laid out at his feet, yawned and promptly feel back asleep, Ash the released the meowth kitten on to the table, while it had grown some, to just over the size of Ash`s hand it was still very very small and weak, picking up the kitten that snuffelled its nose into his palm, Ash smiled at the kitten, gently rubbing his finger over the smal nub where the Meowths charm would grow, it rowwled ans squeaked at the attention, Matt looked on, nodding his head he strod over to the door, where Mark and a few of the workers where loitering about

"Hey Carl, get your Persian in here, we got a Meowth that needs some care, and I know you`ll be able to tell us what variant it is, it dont look like the normal Kanto one" the so mentioned Carl removed a well worn Pokeball and released a sleek looking Persian who wrapped around his legs purring happily, Carl looked down at his partner

"Now Candy we got a little kitten that needs some love and care, reckon you can look after it?" the Persian yowled quietly and sauntered over to the door and walked straight in, Carl chuckeled,

"I guess thats a yes, seems even her own lutter back home isent enough" Carl and Matt walked in to see Ash holding the kitten in his hands as the Persian stood leant forwards sniffing the kitten before giving it a lick, "let Candy here look after the little one, she`s got a litter back home, bit older than this one...huh, well now, thats a Aloan form, nice, dont see too many of them" Carl commented to Ash who slowly uncurled his fingers as Candy the Persian gently lifted the Meowth and carried it ot of the hut and trotted down the paths and through the door of a smaller hut 3 doors down. With that over Matt came back to sit opersite Ash "So, anything else lad?" Ash shook his head " No sir, we just walked and walked until I saw this place from a clearing about 3 miles back up the mountain" Matt hummed before nodding,

"Right, well, as I said I need to call the authorities about the crash site and pokemon, but you`re welcome to stay here for a few days, I imagine you`ll be taken and interveiwed at the nearest leauge facillitys, most likely Blackthorn, so get some rest, you can walk around here but dont go to far, and be carful round the kilns, I`ll tell the guys to keep an eye out for you" so saying he rose and taking a mobile from his poket he walked out tapping some numbers, Ash heard his voice fade to an intelligelble mutter before sighing and reaching down to stroke the snoring Bidoof, some tension lifting from his shoulders, for now he was safe.

Two days later there was a stir in the little hamlet just after noon, Matt, Mark and the other workers were just at the end of their lunch break, Ash had gone inside Matt`s hut to clean and put away the dishes, the past few days he had taken to doing a bit of the cooking, cleaning and running around doingthe odd jobs the workers had senthim on, as well as popping by Carl`s hut to check on the little Meowth kitten, who seemed to be starting to thrive under Candy`s motherly care, just that morning Ash was treated to the bright blue freshly opened eyes of the little purple ball of fur, fur that he knew from Carl`s talk that it would over the next month darken to a grey with a purple sheen as the kitten grew up, as a Skamory landed with a female rider, wearing the league ACE uniform she lifted her goggles and called out to Matt who stood infront of his door as he was going to help Ash put the plates away in the top cubboards the boy was too short to reach.

"Hey! I`m here for the offical report and to take an Ash Ketchum back to the league office at Blackthorn, I wanna hurry this up, Slasher here isent the most patient!" as to effectuate that fact the menacing bird of blades let out a shriek that ratteled the windows and caused one of the Houndours around to howl loudly.

Ash came out of Matt`s dwelling at this point, Bidoof pottering around behind him, Ash turned to Matt as the older man turned to get the papers he had written his questions and Ash`s answers on, including his report of Ash`s behaviour over the few days since the pre-teen had walked out of the mountains, Ash recalled the lounging Bidoof and jogged the few doors to Carl`s calling over his shoulder "Kay, just a few minutes please I need to get Meowth and my bag" stepping into the hut he walked over to Candy, the Persian letting out a purr as he approached and petted the feline, Ash told her that it was time for him and the little Meowth to leave, letting out another rumble Candy uncurled around the kitten, nosing it affectionatly and giving the kitten a lick she let Ash pick up the kitten, giving a yawn and a nuzzleto Ash she laid back down, tail fliting slowly, Ash rubbed the half asleep kitten before returning it

"Thanks Candy, you`ve been awsome, helping to look after Meowth" giving one last pet to the cat Ash hurried out to meet Matt who was holding his bag

"I packed the few things of yours that was out, also I put a few treats and snacks in, it was good having you around to go-for for us", walking over to ACE trainer and her rather large Skarmory Ash was about to introduce himself when he suddenly had to catch a set of goggles, "Get on up kid, put those on and hold tight to me" so saying the ACE trainer then reached forward to pick up the papers offered by Matt, scrambling up the Skarmorys proffered wing Ash managed to grab on and get setteled as Matt called out "Hey Ash, drop by sometime, be good to see how you get on, and take care kid".

Matt had to stop then as the Skarmory egar to be off felt its rider settle down after putting the paperwork away, took to the skies, gusting leaves, dust and twirls of smoke from the charcoal kilns behind the speeding steel type, Ash did not even have a chance to say goodbye to Matt or the others as he coughed out the dust from his open mouth, clining on to the trainer in front of him, he looked behind at the mountain that had been his first challenge, long and ardurous, the pent up fear and anger still simmering behind the feeling of relief of surviving, Ash laughed as he looked around and down to the speeding ground below, hearing the womans voice distorted by the wind "We will get to Blackthorn in a couple of hours, I`ll be taking you to see the ACE commander, and they will decide what happens next".

Ash took the time to look around and just enjoy the freedom he felt, `I`ll be getting a flying type of my own for sure, this is awsome! though Skarmory arent the most comfy...` So for the next few hours Ashjust enjoyed the slightly uncomfortable ride.

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