I promised you a notice if I wrote something new.

The first new installment of the "A Tale of Three Brothers" universe just went online. It is titled "Itachi?" - "Yes, Kisame?" and will consist of short dialogues between Itachi and Kisame.

Because of FFNs content restrictions, I will not be able to upload this story here.

From now on this series is moving to AO3 and will not be continued on FFN


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I apologize for the inconvenience.

So you get something to read with this notice, I will be posting the first dialogue here:

"Itachi?" - "Yes, Kisame?"


"Yes, Kisame?"

"You have a stuffed toy raven on your shoulder."


"...Let me rephrase that: Why do you have a stuffed toy raven on your shoulder?"

"It's fluffy."

"And this is important, why?"

"Children like fluffy things. Sasuke always enjoyed his cuddly blanket."

"I don't know why I am asking this...but did it have ravens on it, too?"

"No. Tomatoes."

"Your kid brother had a cuddly blanket with a tomato print?"

"Sasuke likes tomatoes."

"Of course he does. So, the raven?"

"It's for my baby brother."

"Did you not just say he likes tomatoes?"

"I am talking about Naruto."

"Itachi...we have been over that. That kid is not your baby brother. Sasuke adopted him!"

"He's on the genealogy."

"Because your real brother added his name in orange crayon."

"The Uchiha's ancestry records have always been correct."

"So you really think you missed his birth?"

"I was really busy."

"Busy enough to miss nine months of your mother's pregnancy?"

"There were quite a few long-term missions."

"Oh, so you are saying you never realized that there was a second kid running around for...about eight years?"

"...He might have been shy. Sasuke used to be very shy, too."

"Shy and capable enough to hide from you for years?"

"Naruto can be very sneaky."

"Does it not strike you as odd that your parents never mentioned him at all?"

"Mother and Father occasionally said "Your brother". They might have been talking about him."

"...You...You know what? Let's just drop your gift off and leave."