Borrowing lines from the show/ Set in Season Six

It's been hours since they've been down here and Theo can't complain.

Well yes, he can. And he does! He complains about the smell, the darkness, the uncertainty and why Mason hasn't figured this all out, like he usually does. Sure he wants to find the Anuk-Ite, kick it's ass, save the day and get into Scott's good books. It'll be worth it if he gets one step closer to Mason. The same Mason he can smell fear from as he "accdiently" brushes his hand against his.

"Can you hurry up and find it already?"

"You're the one with super senses!" He moans.

"You're the super smart one!" Theo tuts back.

"If you're so bored, why don't you just go?"

"And leave McCall and you in charge of my survival?" Are you kidding?"

"I can fight?" Mason whines.

"That sounds more like a question. I'm not dumb enough to leave my future in the hands of a human" He snorts.

"This isn't just about you! Even now- you care about no-one else but yourself! I wish that I was surprised Thee! But, I'm not even disappointed. Scott's STILL traumatised by what you did. And as for Melissa..."

"Can we NOT swim through the shit of memory lane!"

"Why not? Thee it's your fault that all these memories are sick and twisted. Do you really think Melissa is going to forget that her only son DIED for five freaking minutes? Do you think Scott can forgive your choice to slowly poision him while lying to him the entire time! You know what?" Mason shouted waving the bat sharply in front of him. "Go your own way. I'll find Aaron alone!"


"Fuck you..." The words trailed off as Aaron comes out of nowhere with a baseball bat of his own. He slams it against Mason's skull and sends him crashing to the floor. One roar later, Theo is ready and charging, with a backflip kick to the chin, he slams Aaron's head into the pipes knocking him out.

"Fuck yeah, Mase let's..." He twitches as he smells faint blood. Almost forgetting, he runs over to Mason now groaning in pain. "Shit! If you die, I'm gonna kill you!"

"That paradox is funny" Mason tosses and turns as Theo grabs him under the arms and pulls him into a corner.

"Call Scott, get Aaron out of here, keep him secluded at Deatons'...Sco...Scott will tell you to keep him in"

"No way, I'm not leaving you"

"You don't have a choice! Go!" Mason orders.

"As much as a turn on as it is getting yelled at, there's more than just Aaron here. You can feel it too. I'll take you out first" The teen offers.

"No, just reach in my pocket and call Corey. I' too much pain to move my ass" Mason croaks, wrapping his hand around his ankle which is clearly twisted. Theo finds his pockets and digs his hand into the injured boy's trousers.

" and Corey still going strong huh? You really like him?"

"Why do you sound so incredulous? could be love" Mason Pauses and Theo starts smirking. "Oh right...I forgot. The formidable Raeken doesn't believe in love and romance!"

"On the contrary Mr Hewitt. I believe more than you think" Ironically, without thinking, The chimera takes his hand out of his pockets. He brushes his fingertips down Mason's face, before he can say a word. Theo cups the back of his neck and pressed his lips against his, with jealous might. He doesn't regret it. Mason's lips are just as soft as velvet. He lightly puts his palm against his shoulder, to pin him there, as his tongue searches for it's mate.

His eyes glow as he can hear Mason moan in his mouth. The human runs his fingers down his broad chest before turning his head away. "We can't..."

"Huh? Sure we can...Theo growls between his fangs.

"Thee, you healed me! You took the pain away!" Mason excitedly hoists himself up as he shakes his head and slowly starts to walk around on a freshly healed ankle.

"How the fuck did that happen?" Theo asks raising his hands up to his face in surprise...

"I'm fighting fit man! We can carry Aaron out together!" The human shouts triumphantly running towards the other teenager's body.

"Great...that's just fucking great" Theo rolls his eyes as he gets up to help his crush, with a broken sigh.