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Ainz Ooal Gown sat at a small table in the guest room he was given to use and heaved a sigh. He wasn't sure how exactly he was sighing given his distinct lack of lungs or even a throat, but he was sighing nonetheless. His reason for sighing was surprisingly simple, yet extremely aggravating. The stack of books crowded the small table he was sitting at.

The lord Scholar of Ansur, Klaus Curtis, had handed him a partly few books when he had dismissed him stating they would be the best ones for him to read to learn of the culture of the Land he was currently in, Eostia.

What he read had been so absurd in many places and he had read through them so quickly, that he had promptly went back and raided the study for other books to read to confirm or deny his suspicions. Which is what ultimately, after the entire night of reading, led to him sighing so heavily in exasperation.

"This world is far to backwards," He finally muttered to himself as he leaned back in the chair, hearing it creak a bit from his weight before he stopped letting it fully support him.

The land of Eos, and the cultures within it, its history, society, and even its lore, did not make sense. It was filled with inconsistency between every volume he read and what inconsistency did not exist was heavily skewed in its opinion and focus.

Thinking over it again made it only worse. The history of Eostia was broken and nonsensical. It spoke of how the war with the Dark queen was a major even roughly two hundred and twenty seven years before, but the amount of information on the event was extremely limited. All any book stated was that the demons would normally attack every decade or so, but when the Dark Fortress rose the Dark Queen took control of them as an army and the war had been going on ever since. It was at this same point in time the history books talked of the Goddess reborn revealing herself to the High-elves and humans, leading to the formation of the seven shields alliance.

However, nothing was truly stated about what led up to either of these events. There was nothing written about events before these and it was clear information was being controlled or held back. If a proper historian read what he had they would have had an aneurism due to the lack of information. There was utterly nothing on the lands history before these events. Nothing to say what led up to them, nor anything that could shed light on the lands older history.

"Clearly the histories have been rewritten or hidden," Ainz said to himself thoughtfully. "The real question is both why it was done, and by who?"

These thoughts quickly led him to the information on the regions local church and religion, the Church of the Reborn Dawn. Calling it a religion was, in his opinion, an insult to Christianity, Shinto, Buddhism, Islam, basically every religion he could think of off the top of his head. It was a manipulation of beliefs that had taken over and absorbed other religions until it was the only one in the land.

What really annoyed him about it however was one of its most major tenants that had seemed to become a common belief. That as the Goddess reborn was a women, women were more important and more capable, than men were.

Ainz did not believe himself to be sexist, and he knew that, in history many cultures had switched who was the more prominent gender in society depending on location, numbers, and culture. Many ancient cultures started out matriarchal simply because without women a culture could not sustain itself. After all, if a few men died while hunting it would be sad, but if a few women did it would endanger the groups continued survival as a people. Over time, as numbers grew and culture shifted, many became patriarchal, and over time that proved to be a problem as some cultures took it too far under the precept that as men were stronger and historically protectors of their cultures, that they should be in charge. He did not agree with it, but that was simply how things occurred in history. It had been, in most places on earth, mostly fixed after centuries of pushing and struggling, women and men having as equal standing as they could. It was not perfect, as nothing was, but it had mostly been made equal I n most countries.

This though, was far beyond the inequality women had dealt with on earth, it was leaps and bounds beyond how bad it was. Here, it was made clear that women were the superior gender due to the goddess. Women were the heads of most houses and were the ones in charge of finance. Except for nobility, only girls were schooled and only women were allowed to join what was the equivalent of the lands armies. Men could fight, but only as simple unpaid militia unless they joined mercenary bands. Men were kept home to work for the family in whatever way that was, and from what he had read, many could only barely read or count it sounded like. Men were second, or even third class citizens depending on the location and there were even writings dictating that men could be charged with crimes they did not commit just by a single woman stating they did it. There was no judge or jury either, just the punishment being met out because why would a women ever lie about such a thing?

"It's actually far worse than women had it in some places on earth. Goodness, this is unbelievable," Ainz muttered to himself.

It was odd. Both because it was so lopsided and because the few men he had seen did not seem to either notice, or try to resist it. He had barely scratched the surface of how much women had over men in these lands, but he would have figured that some would have resisted such ideas and changes when, from what he had read, it sounded like before the rise of the church that men and women had been perfectly equal in these lands!

Of course without histories that went further back he could not be sure, but it was heavily insinuated in a few texts, and anything in the church texts outright denied that it had been anything but what the current status quo was.

"The church, perhaps alongside the minor governments, seem the most likely to be the ones responsible for this situation I suppose," Ainz muttered to himself thoughtfully for a moment. "But how would they do such a thing? The elves in these land have long lives so would be able to manipulate such a thing, but it should have taken far longer than a mere two centuries for such a thing to become so ingrained in the minds of the populaces."

Ainz let out a gasp as the realizations struck him with the piece of the puzzle he was trying to avoid thinking about. The demons.

Demons in these lands were creatures such as Orcs, imps, goblins, trolls, ogre's and the like. Creatures that in Yggdrasil would be classified as Demi humans, a term that did not seem to exist in Eostia. Lower intelligence, tribal, or low medieval in intellect, all demons were classified as such not due to their body shape, but by a single genetic capability and resulting personality trait.

The ability to impregnate the females of any other race exclusively with their own children. Apparently all demons had a habit of kidnapping, raping and enslaving women, using them as little more than breeding stock for making more of their own kind at a rate that was far quicker than normal pregnancy would, could, or ever should, have been possible. They were, quick literally, rape monsters that seemed to be pulled out of a bad porn fantasy, yet somehow existed in this land for as long as it could be remembered if the pathetic excuse for history texts could be believed.

If they had attacked at regular intervals they could be prepared for, but when the dark queen supposedly took them over and galvanized them into an army, that turned them into a far greater threat. A threat that perfectly coincided with the rise of the Goddess reborn and the sudden growth of the matriarchal focused church and its beliefs.

Was the rise of the Dark Queens army and the church somehow related and connected? Was it perhaps just coincidence? There was no way to know for sure as the histories were clearly tampered with, but it was something to consider and keep in his mind if he had to personally deal with either force in the future.

"Still, it is strange that when a war broke out they begin shifting away from allowing men in their armies," Ainz pondered to himself. After all, it was not sexism, just simple matter of fact that men were and likely would always be physically stronger than women were. They had more stamina and strength, while women were more dexterous. It was just how evolution had worked.

Ainz paused for a second at that though and then let out a sigh. Perhaps that was the issue. Using evolution and logic to answer his concerns here could be the problem. This place seemed to have magic as a common thing, so some historical events such a gender evolution could not be correct.

No, the women he had seen had the same builds as those on earth though, and the very few men he had seen had the same. It wasn't as if he could not tell someone's gender at a glance, and no one's body shapes seemed to strange to him, just heavily pushed toward being as attractive as possible in regards to the women. Evolution of genders still seemed the same here, so the issue was cultural and religious focused. The demons being tuned into an army was simply most likely a catalyst of some kind.

"Haaaaa, I still do not have enough information. This world is like a badly thought our fantasy," Ainz muttered to himself as he stood up and looked around the guest room he had been given.

It was surprisingly well furnished with carved and polished wood furniture, a large beg with hanging drapes around it as well a huge meta bowl in the corner that, after a few second of thought, he figured was likely an old style tub. It was a nice room, perfectly fit for a noble of a medieval culture, but to him it seem far to excessive and bright.

"I need more information, yet it is clear that it will not be easy to come by in this place. I may be able to find some in the city, but Klaus was somewhat correct that my looks could cause stress in some. Leaving this city and exploring on my own is an option, but it is also possible that meeting with this, Princess knight, could possibly open up other ways to acquire information as well." He stopped and looked at the double window doors that led out to the small balcony the room had and walked over to it.

With a simple push the doors opened and let in the early morning light to bathe across his robes, and stepping out onto the balcony he allowed the fresh scent of morning air into his senses. The room he was in was, unsurprisingly, near the top of the great caste fortress, and directly below him he could see the military district with the knights in gold, the city knights if he recalled properly, already training and doing drills even as the light of the morning had yet to go over the city's walls.

"Hmmm, perhaps I should see how those two knights I saved are doing? They did give me surprisingly accurate information when speaking with them before," Ainz considered out loud before nodding to himself and turned and heading for the door.

Only to open it and find the Head Scholar standing there in surprise.

"Ah, morning sir Gown, how was your rest?" Klaus asked in a friendly manner that somehow felt off. Like he was asking a question he knew the answer to.

"It was fine, thank you," Ainz answered politely with a nod.

"that is good," klaus said as he seemed to be waiting, or perhaps preparing to say something. "I know that offering you breakfast would likely be impossible due to your culture, so would you perhaps like to join me on a walk? I am sure we both have questions for the other, and I can show you around the castle."

"I believe I would like that. However I was considering going and speaking to the two knights that I saved," Ainz said, then decided it would be best to give a good reason. "I wish to make sure they are doing alright considering the circumstances I had found them in."

"Of course, we can head to the military district below as we speak then," Klaus said with an awkward smile as he took a step back to allow Ainz to step out into the hall. He did so and then began following Klaus down the halls, just a slight step behind him to be proper. "May I ask what race you are Sir gown?" Klaus suddenly asked as they went.

"What has brought this on?" Ainz asked curiously, while inwardly he was suddenly very worried. Had his explanation earlier had a problem with it? Was there an inconsistency?

"Well, you mentioned you were a part of the Tuatha, but from how you said there were many races I assumed that was a name for your culture or country. And, well. You are much broader than any man I have ever met, to say nothing of your height."

Ainz let out a breath of relief he hadn't realized he had been holding, thankful it was just idle curiosity and not that he had made a mistake that had led to the question. "First I would like to ask you a question about this war your people are in. "why did the Dark-elves, the Dark queen, start this war?"

"um, I do not understand what purpose such a question has, but she just declared war upon us with the demons from the north as her army alongside many dark elves," Klaus responded uncertainty.

"I see, so you do not know then," Ainz said simply at the absurdity of not knowing why a war was called. There was always a reason for a war, it was not something just decided upon by someone. But it seemed it was yet another piece of information he would have to find on his own. "To answer your question, would it matter what race I was personally a part of?"

"What do you mean?"

" Hmmm, let me put it this way. I am not but if I was for example, a dark elf, would you kill me or call for my execution just because my race happens to be the same as one that your kind appears to have qualms against?"

"Um, I do not think I would, however I will say that your presence would be, far less accepted I would think," Klaus answered.

"I see," Ainz said as he thought about Klaus's words and the meaning behind them for a moment. "Where I come from, there are many races that exist, and many are not simple races such as humans or elves. There are many races that are far more, different. If a simple matter of race is capable of making you and others in this land distrust someone else, or even hate them for what they might look like, why should I tell you what I am? Why should I give my trust to a person a part of a culture that hates others according to their looks?"

Klaus stopped in his tracks and simply stared at Ainz. His expression was one of shock and horror, but also of sadness and understanding that quickly won out over his horror. "I, I see your point Sir Gown. I did not consider the implications of you being of a race that we in Eostia had never encountered before."

"As long as you and others understand."

"Well, I do not believe others will understand so easily," Klaus admitted anxiously. "May I at least know what your race would be classified as then?"


"Yes. I assume your race is not considered humanoid such a humans, elves of Halflings from what you have said, so would your race be a demi-human one such as the beast-kin?"

Ainz inwardly smirked. Knowing what races counted as humanoid here was useful, and leaning that this land did classify some races as Demi-human also helped as it meant there were at least enough to warrant the classification. The main issue was that, to him, races such as trolls and orcs would count as demi humans, so the real question became how to answer. Did he simply say yes, or did he bring up the concept of heteromorphics? There were pros and cons to both, but ultimately the decision was simple as it would allow him the most amount of breathing room.

"My race is classed as a Heteromorphic, and there are many of humanoid, demi human and Heteromorphics among my people."

"Um, what does that mean?"

"It simply means my race is a tad more, different, than a simple demi human or humanoid race," Ainz opted to say. "where I come from, such classifications are based upon the potential and innate abilities of the races.

"I . . . see," Klaus said even as his tone and expression made it clear that he did not fully understand.

"What races live in these lands, may I ask?" Aizn quickly asked, using Klaus's confusion to his advantage to pull the conversation in the direction of his choosing.

"Ah, well, there are humanoid races and some Demi- human races as well. The humanoid races of Humans, Elves and Halflings are the most prominent in Eostia, but Dwarves and beast-kin are somewhat common as well."

"I see. What kinds of beast-kin exist here may I ask?" Ainz lightly pressed, finding it odd that it sounded like Klaus was meaning dwarves to be a demi human race , but that was probably just him misinterpreting the meaning. Or at least he hoped that was the case.

"Ah, well, ,the most common are Cat, dog and fox people. I have heard that some Rat-kin live in some places, but they are mostly just scavengers and not really an intelligent species."

That information worried Ainz. If the number of demi humans races and beast-kin races was so small, and clearly thought so little of in some of their cases it did not bode well for the future. "I see. Is that all of the races in these lands?"

"Well, there are the dark elves, but I have heard of none that do not align themselves with the dark queen and her armies. Other than the demons, there are some few races, but they are more likely just rumors or fanciful tales."

Ainz wanted to growl and groan, or even scream now. Being told there were few other races, but rumors of them were probably just that, did nothing to impress him with the information of the land. "So you do not believe that there are perhaps dark elves that are not part of her army? Who do not want any part of it?"

"No, I do not believe so. She is their leader, so I doubt any would be willing to anger her," Klaus said simply.

It made Ainz angry. That was not how people worked. Even if the vast majority were in fact aligned that way, there would always be some few who did not think the same and who would rather be on their own. the world wars were proof of that. "I see. And you do not know why she declared war on these lands?"

"No. she is the Dark Queen, so I would not think she would need much more of a reason. Dark elves have, as I have heard it, always been violent and problematic."

Ainz held back on the sudden desire to deck Klaus in the head. This man was supposed to be a scholar, but his answers were bland and simplistic, simply copies and reworded verse of the opinions in the history books he had given him to read. He did not question the past or look for answers as to the why's, he simply accepted what he was told and collated information.

It was now becoming very clear to Ainz that this man was much less a scholar, and much more like a simple librarian. Simply one who guarded and sometimes shared information, yet did little in regards to the information himself.

"Very well," Ainz said after a few moments of silence as the two of them were heading down a long staircase. "To shift gears a bit, are there any sort of cooperative organizations in these lands?"

" I am, sorry, what do you mean?" Klaus asked in confusion.

"You have two knightly orders and a church, are there other such organizations such as unions or Guilds?"

Klaus's eyes widened in realization, "ah, yes, there are. There is the merchant's guild, which oversees merchants and all the trades, as well as mercenaries and magicians guilds. The mercenary guild is more just a board in many taverns that is used to alert mercenaries and their bands to prospective jobs though."

"There are not jobs for Solo mercenaries?" Ainz asked in surprise.

"No, mercenaries form bands to work together. It is the only way they could survive really," Klaus said simply, as if the mercenary bands did not matter to him whatsoever. "though I admit I do not care much for mercenaries, Princess Knight Maia would be the best one to ask about them if you ever get the chance. She is often called the mercenary queen as she used to be a part of one of the larger mercenary bands and has many of them working under her in the fortress city of Ken."

Another name and place to make note of it seemed. "Then, what of the Magicians Guild you mentioned?" Ainz asked, expecting one who called himself a scholar to at least have better information on them. After all, mages and scholars were often blurred together to one in many fantasy games and series.

Instead Klaus's expression turned to one of disdain. "I would not suggest them for anything. They are a small guild, and they operate some schools for teaching those with an aptitude toward magic, but their beliefs are, problematic to say the least."

"You sound as if you have personal experience with them, yes?"

"I do. I was part of the magician's guild for a short time and did do some teaching myself. But there are far too many there who are, Eccentric."

"Oh, how so?"

"They do not teach how to control oneself ,and most are selfish and uncaring about the effects of their actions. They attempt to change magic and the way it is, something looked down upon for the chaos it can cause, and many of them are known to dabble in the dark magic's. Though most have the sensibility to not go so far as to be considered a danger to others."

Ainz did not like the way that Klaus was talking about them. It made it sound like magic was a controlled commodity, a power to be kept under wraps, but he needed to know for sure. "That sounds, strange. Where are they located?"

The magician guild has bases in every major fortress city and some cities further south. If you wish to know more of our lands magic however, I would suggest you go to the church instead. They teach people to control magic and use it in a much more proper and respectable manner!"

Ainz simply hummed, making Klaus think he was considering his words, when in reality Ainz was nearly livid. It was clear that magic was not thought of with good opinions unless it was part of one specific subset of it, and judging by the fact that Klaus had suggested the church made him believe that Holy magic and the like were not looked down upon while the others were. It made him even more aggravated with this place and its culture, and he still had so much to learn to be sure he was not making an opinion without all the information.

Though admittedly he already had an opinion. A rather annoyed one.

Luckily he conversation did not last any longer as they came out of the castle and into the military district. This did make Ainz realize that his escorts the day before had wound him around the castle in an attempt to make him get lost, but that was unimportant.

"Hmm, now then, where is the infirmary?" Ainz asked as the two of them simply stood by the doorway for a moment looking into the military district. The knights, all women, were still doing drills and practicing, but it was far less impressive than Ainz had expected to see. He had expected some form of sparring or proper teaching, but many of them appeared to simply be doing practice swings or exercises with a small few of them doing such against wooden or hay practice dummies.

"Ah, I believe it is the large building by the wall there," Klaus said as he pointed to one such building that, upon closer inspection, had a hanging board with a carving of a bottle and a leaf on it. There also appeared to be a few knights in front of it making some kind of a fuss.

"Then let us go," Ainz said as he began walking alongside the side of the area where it was clear there was room, and so to not as get in the way.

"Sir Gown, may I ask why you are so interested in their well-being?" Klaus asked carefully.

"hmm, is it wrong to worry about those you once protected? I wish to see that they are in good health. I also admit I am curious as to what your lands healing looks like. I myself am incapable of healing magic, but that does not mean it is of no concern to me. All avenues and magic's can have use if used properly, and knowledge is always useful to one such as I."

"I . . . do not mean to step upon your beliefs sir Gown, but not all magic has a use, and I would be very careful where you state such a thing," Klaus said carefully. "Some magic should never be used, or even considered or spoken of."

"Then it seems we have come across a difference of opinion that I am, unwilling, to ignore," Ainz said in a slightly dark tone as they approached the infirmary and noticed the few knights before it were still there. It was also then that he noticed that two of the three of them were Melodie and Aria, and that Melodie sounded very exasperated and angry.

"You cannot do this! Aria you know that is a lie! She is good enough to not make such a mistake and Hara's wounds were not that bad!" Melodie yelled in frustration.

"Melodie that is enough. If the healer has said that is the situation, then that is what it is!" Aria declared as she glanced at the other knight, who also had silver armor like Aria's and ever so slightly smirked. "It is starting to sound like you are insinuating something."

"You-" Melodie began to say, only to be cut off by the other knight, who was who sounded to perhaps be a healer.

"I do not make mistakes, if her body is not accepting further healing, then she simply is beyond my help and can get what she deserves."

"You, you did do it on purpose you-"

"Melodie!" Aria snapped. "Insinuating such a thing of a Dawn Templar would not be intelligent, just drop it before you get yourself in trouble. There is only so much I will allow as your sister!"

"what! No, you can't do this you-"Aria topped as she noticed the other knight and her sister looking past her. She turned around to see Klaus and Ainz standing a few meters away to be polite. "Lord Scholar, Sir Gown, please help they can't just, Hara is, she will, they-"

"Melodie, do not get them involved in this minor manner," Aria chastised with a shake of her head. "You have training to get to."

"No, i-"

" Calm down," Ainz spoke up loudly, surprising everyone nearby and even causing some of the nearby knights who were training to stop what they were doing and watch what was unfolding. "I came down to speak to you and Hara, but what exactly is going on?"

"Hara wounds, she, couldn't, and they-"

"I said, calm down. Take a deep breath and slow down. I cannot understand what you are trying to say,"

Melodies stopped for a moment and, to Aria's surprise, did exactly as Ainz had suggested, taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out before doing it again, and again.

"Now, are you calm enough to tell me what is going on here?" Ainz asked, only for Aria to take a step forward.

"she doesn't need to as the matter is already dealt with and does not concern you, mage."

Ainz could tell that aria clearly did not like him, or perhaps mages in general, but did not let it show as he spoke up. "As both Melodie and Hara were saved by me, I believe it is of my concern that they are in proper health," he said before looking at Melodie.

"The one who healed Hara is saying that the healing didn't work and that her bone did not heal well," Melodie began to say clearly, her gaze as hard as stone as she looked at Ainz. "Because she would have a limp Aria is stating that Hara will have to quit being a knight!"

"I see, that sounds unfortunate for one in such an order," Ainz said with a nod. "I take it from how animated you were that such a thing is rare?"

"Yes! The healers have never had a problem healing someone even with broken bones!" Melodies exclaimed.

"Her body is simply not accepting it, it is not my fault that the failures body cannot take some proper magic into it," the other silver knight said haughtily with a wave of her hand.

It made it very clear to Ainz that something was far from right here. "I assume there is more to this than just Hara's potential early retirement?" Ainz asked.

"Yes, if she can't be a knight then she'll be executed!" Melodie exclaimed in anger and sadness, tears forming in the corners of her eyes at the prospect.

"What?" Ainz asked in confusion and a bit of anger as he looked at Aria and the other Dawn Templar knight. "Why would you execute one of your own?"

"That is none of your business mage," the healer said simply with a contemptuous wave of her hand at him, as if telling him to leave.

"As I saved both if their lives I believe it is. I did not save their lives to watch one of them be unfairly executed."

"It is not unfair, it is perfectly reasonable, so drop this," Aria spoke up.

"Then what is the reason?" Ainz asked. Aria simply continued to stare at him, making it clear she would not answer, so he looked to Melodie.


"Melodie, it is taboo to speak of; you will not say it!" Aria commanded before Melodie could say anything meaningful.

"Why will you not explain?" Ainz asked as he looked back to Aria.

"Because it is taboo, and not of your concern!"

"It is of my concern," Ainz pressed before turning his head to look at Klaus.

He just held up both of his hands. "This has nothing to do with me; the only one who can overturn the order is my wife, in this matter."

Ainz felt like he wanted to scream, but knew it would not be in his best interest to do so. So instead he simply took an ominous step forward. "Where is Hara now?"

"In the infirmary," the healer said simply.

"I see," Ainz said as he turned toward the infirmary and took a step toward it, only for the healer to step in his way.

"what do you think you are doing?"

"I have decided I would get the answers from Hara herself instead of those who clearly are plotting her death or who have no spine to speak unless their wife is nearby," Ainz said loud enough for everyone to hear. Being nice had gotten him some answers thus far, but it was quickly become clear that it would not continue to unless he proved that he was not a man from these lands who would bend his knee to any woman.

"You cannot do that!" the healer declared angrily as Aria looked furious. He could not see him, but Ainz could hear Klaus saying something behind him that sounded hurt.

"And why can I not? Is she in the middle of an operation? Or simply resting on a bed?"

"On a bed, but-"

"Then I see no reason I cannot visit one who I had gone through the effort of saving," Ainz stated seriously

"I am the healer and I am not allowing you inside the infirmary!" The healer declared as she reached to her waist and pulled a sword out of its sheathe. Even going so far as to point its tip at his face.

"I would suggest you put that away,"Ainz said grimly. Holding back his annoyance and anger at the situation was difficult, and if someone was pointing a weapon at him it would only make it harder not to act on impulse. Which would be bad as his impulse would likely be to outright kill the person threatening him just like it had been in Yggdrasil.

"Are you threatening me? A Dawn Templar?" the healer asked in surprise and anger. "I could gut you here and-"

She was cut off as a loud bell began ringing incessantly, causing nearly every knight in the area to spring into action, including the healer who ran off in an instant.

"Sir Gown, we need to leave" Klaus spoke up as Aria and Melodie ran off toward a large stairway that led up to the walls top.

"Why?" Ainz asked as he looked about and saw the seriousness in many of the knights eyes. Many were grabbing bows and arrows, while a number of them appeared to be preparing horses and weapons.

"That bell tells of an impending attack by the dark queens forces. We need to head into the castle."

Ainz thought for a moment and scowled. "Did I not suggest this city be prepared for such a thing?" he asked only to shake his head. "No, it doesn't matter. Why would you wish to hide away in a castle though?"

"We should not get in the knights way."

Ainz felt his opinion of Klaus fall even lower than it had been after their conversation earlier. "you claimed you helped devise tactics and that you were a mage. You have more than many others, yet you refuse to use to protect the people of this city when, from your title, it would seem you are in charge of it. Pathetic."

"Sir Gown that is not-"

"I don't care anymore. FLY!" Ainz said, invoking the magic and floating up into the air, allowing him to fly up and land on the wall right beside Melodie and Aria, much to their surprise.

"What in the, you do not belong here, get to safety mage!" Aria ordered as she looked at him.

Ainz ignored her she surveyed the walls and the knights preparations. The catapults where being drawn back and loaded, arrows and bows were being stockpiled and weapons were prepared. Yet the only thing he was even close to mages being ready were a couple of knights with slightly more cloth covering their bodies like that healer from before, walking around with staffs. "Is this all the mages you have available to defend your city?"

"The healers are at the ready, that is all that is needed," Aria spoke up in annoyance at being ignored. " Now leave so we can prepare out defenses!"

Ainz looked out over the grasslands and could see a large blob of something approaching with what could be siege engines around them and sighed. "Do you have a telescope handy?"

"Why would we have such a thing here? If you want a telescope go back to the scholars study and stay there!" Aria responded.

Ainz could only sigh in exasperation. If they had telescopes why would they not use them to see further? Did they think they were only a tool for scholars to study the sky? It seemed if he was going to witness what the dark queens army looked like his options were limited to flying over their or using magic. " Goodness, Distant Vision!"

In the instant he called out a spell a glowing pale green oval shaped screen appeared before Ainz over the wall, surprising many around as it then showed the grasslands ahead of them.

'Hmm, it is a little small, and the placement is wrong. How do I shift this,' Ainz thought to himself as he began making some hand motions. In response to them the screen grew as large as the size of a bus, and after a few more he succeeded in moving the target of the spell to the approaching army to see them.

He quickly wished he had not decided to see what the army looked like.

Hundreds of individual Orcs, goblins, imps, trolls and what he assumed were gargoyles were marching in an uneven but speedy march toward them. Most wore nothing leaving their junk angling out in the open at half hardness while those that wore anything wore little more than tattered rags as loincloths. A number of very large catapults were being pulled by some, while behind those were what appeared to be cages of timber holding the large stones for the catapults to use. What truly made Ainz wish to be able to look away however was a single Orc at the front of the army who looked to be the leader.

He was taller than the other Orcs, almost as tall as the trolls that were pulling the catapults, and in his hand was a massive metal axe with a head the size of a person's torso. He was wearing what looked to be crude yet effective chainmail and leather armor over his upper arms, legs and chest and had a makeshift flag being strapped to his back.

But it was his front with revolted Ainz, for hanging off the Orcs armored chest was an elf woman. Or at least once had been. The elf woman was completely naked with an uncaring broken expression on her face. Her arms and legs looked to have been cut off on the joins and then burned to stop the bleeding, and coming out of the stumps of her limbs were metal pins with rope tied to them that went around the Orcs waist and neck, holding her in place over top of his Erect and enormous Dick. She was speared on it, her belly so large she was likely heavily pregnant. Despite this fresh seed dribbled out of her overstuffed whole with each step the Orc took, causing her expression to twist in broken glee.

In that instant Ainz allowed the spell to dissipate as he placed both hands on the walls crenellations before him and looked down at the stone beneath his feet.

What he had read in the books he had been given had said that the demons of these lands kidnapped and raped women to use as breeding stock, but truthfully he had not believed such a thing could be true. Such a thing made no sense biologically, and was like something out of a bad fantasy. But that, it was far more than he had expected to see.

And even without a heartbeat in this body, he felt the very core of his being ache and strain. He had no flesh, he was an undead, but it seemed that did not fully override his own morality and ideals. Playing a character in a game that was evil was one thing. Being evil was entirely another, and that was beyond just evil or cruel.

It was plain disgustingly wrong.

"Is that, normal?" he managed to ask a few seconds later.

"Hmm, oh, yes." Melodies replied to Ainz. "Have you never seen what demons do to the women they capture?"

"There are no creatures that depraved where I hail from," Ainz answered as he felt his rage reaching a boiling point. Fifth tier? No, too weak. Ninth tier spells could do it perhaps, but if he was going to use something so powerful, why stop there?

"I see, that sounds nice. That is what demons do. Though only the cruelest go so far as, amputations like that," Melodie said. It was clear she was disgusted by the sight, but her reaction told Ainz that she had seen such things before.

And that was what broke him from his thoughts. Lifting his head up he turned to Aria and Melodie. "Is there anyone beyond these walls who is considered an ally or noncombatant?"

"Out there? No, why? You think some kind of measly magic of yours could affect them from here or something?" Aria asked, making it clear that most magic, at least that she knew of, was not wide ranged.

With is anger at the conversation before, and his disgust from what he had just seen, Ainz's voice was filled with pure malice as he spoke. "Yes. Such disgusting things should not exists, so I believe I will go so far as to obliterate that entire army!"

"Um, Sir Gown, I know that the magic you used in the village was powerful, but they are still a few hours away from when the siege would start," Melodie said as she glanced at her sister and then shook her head. "If you wish to join in the cites defense you can, but you should wait until your magic is effective, right?"

"I am effective now," Ainz said grimly as he raised a hand and let his palm aim at the approaching army. He felt himself visualizing the effect, the angle, the effect radius. He could feel something in him being drained, likely his mana. Unknown to him, a massive magic circle was forming in the air above him. Red lines of magic, pulsing with hatred and fire that made everyone in the military district gasp in awe. Some had witnessed the goddess reborn work magic, and this, while different, had a very similar feel to it. Then the magic circle disappeared and Ainz called a simple pair of words. "Meteor fall!"

In that instant, every individual in the city of Ansur who was even slightly magically inclined felt the mana in the air be sucked up, taking their breaths away and making many suddenly find themselves on the ground gasping for air. Then it was back to normal. For many second everyone on the wall watched in curiosity as to what would happen. Some figured nothing would after a minute; many others began to agree after a few more.

And then it happened. The cloud in the sky began to turn orange, then red, and then they evaporated revealing a massive flaming ball of destruction falling from the sky itself, seemingly larger than the largest spell or building. Its flames screamed through the sky with horrific crackles, and its heat began to be felt through the air in waves, increasing the areas temperature by a noticeable amount. It fell right atop the Dark Queen's army.

And exploded.

The very rock that made up the Meteors center erupted in a cacophonous crash and blew apart in every direction. Demons were crushed under the weight, and those that were not were quickly decimated by the ring of fire and devastation that began pushing away from the great meteor. The explosion incinerated everything around the grasslands, but beyond the grasslands and the wave of fire, some on the wall noticed another sort of wave.

"I would suggest everyone get down and brace themselves for the shockwave," Ainz said loudly as he gripped the wall and watched as the blast wave approached the fortress walls.

A second later it hit. Like a great gale the winds blasted the walls sending lighter objects such as boxes and bows flying off of it. No one fell off the wall, though some were close, and a number of roofs on the buildings below seemed to lose a number of tiles.

After the blast wave subsided many of those on the wall, including Melodie and Aria, got up and looked out to survey the effects of what was a magic they did not even know could exist.

The result was the once green grasslands, and the demonic army that had been marching on them to be no longer existent. The only thing remaining was a large crater of roiling flames, and rolling hills of ashes. There was no sign of demons anywhere, no wrecks of the catapults they brought with them, and even the great stones they had intended to use in their siege were gone. Nothing remained but destruction and ash.

"I, I thought what he used in the village was powerful magic but, but this is,-" Melodie said in amazement, while her sister looked on in horror.

"Impossible, no one could, no magic is this strong. Magic is just, this is impossible!"

"Hah, now then," Ainz said he turned to Aria, feeling a bit better now that the disgusting rape monsters had been dealt with. "I am going to speak to Lady Hara. Excuse me."

No one moved to stop Ainz as he flew off the wall and landed down below. Most people seemed to not even notice him, still frozen in disbelief at the destruction he had wrought, or too confused by the blast wave of air that had knocked them and many items all around the military district, turning the organized areas into places of mess and chaotic jumbles of equipment and minor injuries.

Stepping up to the door to the infirmary Ainz tested the handle and found that there was no latch, only a simple handle to open and close it. Opening it he stepped in and closed the door behind him, then noticing a crossbar to go over the door, lowered it to bar anyone entry to interrupt him and glanced around.

The infirmary was a simple yet effective building. Wooden stairs to his right when up to a second floor, while ahead of him laid a clearly well cared for ward. The wooden floor was open, but split up by curtains hanging from rails in the ceiling, and it appeared that between each curtain laid a simple bed for the wounded. There were a number of rolling trays filled with basic medical supplies, bandages and jars likely filled with some kind of Salves or poultice. There was no one in sight, and he could hear nothing in the infirmary that told him of other people nearby.

"Haaaah, what the hell am I doing?" Ainz muttered to himself in annoyance as she shook his head at his own actions. There were so many other spells he could have used, so many other options. He could have waited till that disgusting army had gotten closer and used a number of smaller spells like he had used in the village, he could have flown out and done the same over the army itself with no worry of retaliation. He could have even used any of his enchantment spells to allow the knights bows and catapults to deal more damage or strike with various elements. Any of them would have been seen as useful and strong, but no, instead he had used one of his most powerful and widest area spells that from the looks of it probably left a scar on the very land itself and would be visible for weeks and remembered for far longer than that. What the hell had been thinking?

He hadn't been thinking. That was the real issue. Showing off how powerful he was could surely be of use, but it had to properly be timed and up on that wall had been a less than ideal time to do so. He hadn't been thinking clearly. The image of a woman so broken both mentally and physically, being defiled by such a creature as it smiled at her suffering and the suffering it planned to impart on other. It was utterly disgusting and it drove his emotions to pure and utter rage.

"Haaah, at least this does tell me that I have most of my emotions and am not utterly emotionless it seems," Ainz said to himself with another sigh as he slowly began to walk deeper into the infirmary. His anger at the disgust he had seen aside, he would need to figure out how to deal with the results of his actions, but speaking to Hara and figuring out the entire situation she was a part of was important as well. He was not about to let someone he had saved be subjected to needless suffering, and there was a chance that depending on what her part in this was it could help him out of the situation he had just created.

It did not take long to find Hara, but when he did Ainz felt slightly annoyed all over again. The beds he had passed each had small windows to provide natural light to the patient as needed, but Hara's bed was all the way at the back of the infirmary. There was no window by her bed and no lamp inside the curtained area for her, making the bed dim and unappealing. Beside the bed was a water pitcher, but no apparent bell or anything else to signal anyone if she required something. The floor at the back was also less worn, telling him that patients were seldom put this far back. Hara herself was lying in the bed in a simple grey cloth gown. Her legs had bandaged over them that looks a little more haphazard then they should have been. And most strangely there was some sort of thin choker around her neck that Ainz had not noticed before.

Hara turned her head, black locks of hair almost obstructing he view as it hung limply all around still matted with sweat from when she had been fighting. "Come to see how I'm doing?" She then asked after a second without so much as even a smile.

"Yes. I had hoped to see how the both of you were doing and found your friend to be outside and rather, Animated," Ainz said as he noted that the only chair nearby was a small one made of wood that clearly had never been properly finished or braced. It would likely crumble due to his weight and size. "You seem to be in a rather strange position."

Hara simply nodded and turned her head to look down at her bandaged legs. "They say my legs did not heal properly, that I'll have a limp that would be, unbecoming of a knight, and that I will likely be discharged from the order of city knights."

"Melodie is worried you will executed," Ainz stated.

He expected a look of shock or fear, instead Hara simply nodded. "I'm not surprised. It's not like I wanted to be a knight anyway. This was just prolonging things."

Ainz felt himself becoming uncomfortable. He did not like the way that Hara was speaking, as if she should have been long dead, as if nothing mattered, as if she had no worth. "When I asked why, they would not speak of the reason, citing it as Taboo. However we are the only ones here. Would you tell me why if you know?"

"I can't," Hara said with a sigh as she looked at Ainz and smirked in a way that was utterly horrifying. " I mean I literally cannot say it," She then added as she reached up with an arm to touch the choker around her neck, it zapping her finger with a very loud pop that left a red mark on the tip of her finger.

"That choker, is a magical item then. One that controls what you can speak of?" Ainz asked cautiously.

"It also stops me from using magic, lessens its effectiveness on me, and slowly my bodies healing," Hara added nonchalantly, as if such a thing was normal.

"I did not see you wearing such a thing at the village. They put it on you here in the infirmary?"

"No, I've been wearing it since I became a greyed knight. It's invisible when outside of the walls of Ansur or Thorn so that no one can attempt to tamper with it. Not that anyone could."

"So it stops you from speaking of the reason you are wearing it then?" Ainz asked. When Hara nodded he felt anger rise up within him but squashed it. He had already lashed out once from his emotions going out of control, he could not let it happen again. "What can you tell me then?"

Hara turned and glanced down at her hands, rubbing them together in a show of nervousness that did not sow on her face. "I, when I was younger I was part of the magicians guild, learning how to use the gift of magic. I made some choices that I saw no issue with, but that the church and Dawn Templars did. I committed a taboo, and would have been executed right there, but Melodie argued for my sake and insisted I be kept alive to right my wrongs. It was decided I would join the knights as a greyed knight, fighting for 'proper reasons' until I died and then had my sentence carried out in the defense of the people. As long as I am a greyed knight, I am allowed to be alive."

"How old were you when you committed this supposed, taboo?" Ainz asked, nervous as to what the answer would be.

"It was, nine years ago, so when I was twelve," Hara admitted

This information Shook Ainz. The people in this place would attempt to execute a child for making a simple mistake? She had been fighting as what amounted to a death row criminal in their eyes, for nine whole years? "Disgusting," Ainz found himself saying at the very concept. Then noting that Hara looked surprised at his words. "Putting a child through such a punishment is absurd."

"Those are the rules of the church. I committed one of the worst Taboo's in their eyes."

"And what was that Taboo?" Ainz asked seriously. "I take it that it was related to casting a form of magic that they deemed improper or some such similar nonsense?"

Hara nodded.

"You cannot say the type due to that choker, can you?"

"No, I cannot."

"Can you say it in a more vague or broad term?"

"It, was a type of dark magic. That is the closest I can speak of it," Hara said as she winced, the Choker around her neck flashing slightly in tune with her pain.

"Hmm, Dark magic. There is no such category for magic where I come from. What kind of magic does it entail?"

"Um, manipulating shadows, curses, and that sort of thing," Hara said in clear discomfort.

"I see, so magic's that some people, those with foolish notions, might consider immoral or evil," Ainz said out loud as he thought to himself. Magic in Yggdrasil was categorized by its type, Elemental, enchantment, Abjuration and so on. If this land categorized them with notions such a dark, then it was likely that their magic was less advanced than what had been in the game. It also made him worry as there were only so many forms of magic that could possibly be classified as dark magic. "Was it a hex or curse? No, you spoke those. Perhaps some form of summoning magic?"

"Summoning golems is not a bad thing, just thought to be inferior by most," Hara said with a sigh.

"Then . . . was it perhaps, Necromancy that is Taboo?" Ainz asked carefully and quietly, hoping that it indeed was not the case.

Unfortunately Hara's eyes going wide as she looked at him and then slowly nodded dashed that hope completely.

"I see. That is, a problem."


"Where I am from, No magic is considered better or worse than any other. They all have uses and places to be used," Ainz explained as he quickly formed what would be, in his opinion, a proper way to use magic as a means of punishment or equal usage. "Curses for example can be used on criminals to stop them from committing crimes again, or to punish certain actions deemed unsafe toward others. All magic is equal and none are considered evil. Only the ones using it, and the intent of their use can be considered evil, not the magic itself."

"That sounds really nice, but that's not how things work here in Eostia," Hara said simply.

"Then how does it work here, may I ask?"

" . . . Holy magic, healing, exorcising and weakening demons and the like, and creating defensive spells. Only holy magic is not looked down on by most people. Thing like elemental magic are looked down on as inefficient or inferior, not helpful, while the dark magic's are considered Taboo because the Dark Queen uses them."

"So, let me see if I understand this completely. As a young child you dabble in necromancy, and instead of telling you off or explaining why they considered it bad, they set you up to be executed. This was stopped by Melodie arguing with them and it ended by them forcing you to join the knights as a grey knight, under the hope you would die in service as a knight, and that if you somehow stopped being a knight your life was forfeit. And, despite having some teaching in magic, you were forced to wear a choker that stops you from casting magic, and makes your body heal slower, a fact that inhibits your ability to keep up with other knights?"

"That is an accurate summary," Hara said simply.

It was suddenly very clear to Ainz both why Melodie was so animated before, and why Hara had seemed even at the village to very emotionally withdrawn. People treated her like a criminal being sent to some kind of penal military legion, only she was alongside others who considered being knights to likely be some kind of honor. Meaning she was in all likelihood constantly belittled, made fun or more likely actively harassed by those who was expected to fight alongside.

"I, do not like this," Ainz said grimly as he thought of ways to subvert the rules. Some kind of loophole or something. The entire situation was disgusting, and if he had a way to right it, he should. The fact he was an undead be damned!

"It has been a long time coming. Selia never liked me, neither did Aria, so I'm surprised it took them this long to try this sort of thing," Hara said in a defeated, almost comical tone that irked Ainz even more.

"Who is the one that decided upon this sentence? Who put that choker on you?" Ainz asked as, for just a second he thought about simply destroying the choker. That would make things far more complicated for him however. No, if he was going to do something about this, he had to do it with words and logic, not emotions and magic. That would be the only way to overturn such a foolish punishment.

"Princess knight Claudia Levantine, the ruler of Ansur and the leader of the Dawn Templars an the Goddess Reborn Celestine Lucross. The two of them decided upon my sentence, induction as a greyed knight, and it was the Goddess Reborn herself who made the Choker and put in on me to start my, punishment," Hara said honestly, looking completely uncaring about her situation. As if she just accepted it as it was,

"So by that logic, they are the only ones who can command your sentence be carried out one way or another, correct?"

"Um, I am uncertain," Hara answered with a dry chuckle. "Aria probably wants to kill me herself, but I guess it would make sense if the Princess knight had to be here to oversee it at the least."

"Then it seems my difficulties here have only just begun," Ainz proclaimed as he tuned to leave only to stop and look back at Hara. "you had been a magician in training before being forced into this foolishness, had you not?"


"Did you enjoy magic?"

"As much as I could I guess. It was, nicer than using a sword all the time."

"I see. Then get some rest and keep your hopes strong. We will see each other again," Ainz said as he walked away keeping the thought that he still did not know how raising the dead worked in his place. "No, that should be an absolute last option, I should not subject that to someone unless they wish it." He then cornered himself as he reached the door to the infirmary and removed the crossbar before opening the door and stepping out.

The main courtyard training area was in less shock then earlier. Some knights were going around and picking up materials and items that had been knocked around from the blast wave, while others were calming down their horses.

He also could see Melodie, Klaus, and the now named Healer Selia, approaching right towards him, though Klaus was behind the two women and seemed a bit shell-shocked, or perhaps anxious. It was hard to tell.

"Mage!" Selia yelled as she approached, looking angry but also rather wary as she approached. "I did not give you permission to enter the infirmary, in fact I said you could not!"

"It was not locked, so I saw no issue as it was to understand the situation more clearly," Ainz responded politely as he could.

Not that Selia seemed to notice. "No! I do not care if you are some powerful mage or whatever I am the healer and you are a-

" Goodness, Paralyze," Ainz said with a wave of his hand. In that instant Selia seemed to freeze, unable to move or even speak.

"What did you do to her!?" Aria demanded, showing much more wariness from the way that she was standing away from Ainz with a hand ready on her sword.

"I simply paralyzed her. It will wear off in a few minutes and she will be fine," Ainz said as he turned to look at Aria. "More importantly, I now understand the situation in full and I will be blunt. I do not approve of it whatsoever."

"Your opinion does not matter, it is a matter for us knights, not you," Aria stated.

"Perhaps. However I did indeed save her life, and have just recently destroyed an entire army, potentially saving many of your knights from losing their lives needlessly against a vile and merciless enemy," Ainz spoke up, causing Aria to visibly twitch and take half a step back from him, seeming more on edge. He let out a sigh and raised a hand. "if I am not incorrect, only the ones who had imparted such a punishment should be able to carry it out, is that not correct?"

"That, is correct," Ari replied, clearly not liking her own answer or the direction the conversation was moving.

"Good. Then as you are an upstanding knight, I know that nothing will happen to Lady Hara until your princess knight returns, as such a thing would be terribly dishonorable. When she does, it appears we will have much to discuss," Ainz said as he turned to walk off, only to forget that he should probably make it clear that he was not allowing any argument. " ah, and if I should hear that something has occurred to Lady Hara before she gets a proper hearing and I have spoken to this Princess knight, I will be, displeased."

"Are you, threatening us?" Aria asked carefully as Ainz turned and took a step to walk away.

"No," Ainz said as he turned his head to Aria. "I am simply making known my feelings about this matter. I hope the damage that blast caused to anything here is not, extensive."

Nothing else was said as Ainz walked away back towards the castle. The few knights that were between him and the door instantly moved out of the way, some from awe, some from fear, and some from a mix of other emotions. It was not until Ainz had arrived on the upper floors of the castle and was approaching Klaus's study that the man himself, who had been following behind at a distance, spoke up.

"Sir Gown. Perhaps, you went a little too far. Might I suggest preparing an apology to Ladies Aria and Selia?"

"If I am to be honest, I did not go far enough," Ainz said with a chuckle as he continued to walk, not slowing down for Klaus at all. "The fact they were so willing to hide such simple information does not do anything good for the image of their order, or these lands. And their willingness to end another's life for a mistake of almost a decade ago does nothing for their image either."

"Sir Gown, Lady Hara committed a Taboo most foul, if it was anything else-"

"Yes I understand your thoughts on some forms of magic differ from my own, that does not change that her situation, no, the situation she had been put into, is unfair and unjust. It will be another thing I speak to this Princess Knight, when she returns."

"That, uh, may be a while still you realize, yes?" Klaus asked.

"Yes, I am aware."

"Oh, uh, um, good. Uh, may I ask what that spell you used was? I have never heard of such a destructive display of magic before. Could you perhaps explain it?"

"No. I cannot in good conscience explain my magic to you, because when speaking with Lady Hara, and from seeing the knights reaction to my spells, it is clear to me that the difference between my magic and that of this land is more than simply a difference of categorization. I will need to research this lands magic at length before I am comfortable making any more comparisons than I already have."

"Ah, that does make sense. "Shall I assist you in gathering such volumes from my study?" Klaus asked hopefully.

Ainz let out a light sigh. "I suppose going and speaking with the magician guild in this city is not an option at this time?"

"um, no. after your, uh, show in the military district, I do not believe it would be good for you to leave the castle for a day. Or a few days. And the castle and military district are all I can open to you until my wife decides otherwise."

Ainz wanted to literally growl at Klaus and his spinelessness, and the supposed rules being placed on him. It was no better than being imprisoned, but for now he had to grin and bear it if he had any hope of finding more answers and fixing what he now saw as a disgusting insult to proper etiquette and how to teach people. "Very well. Let us find these volumes. However, I would request that no more than a fifth of them be focused, or written by anyone from these lands religion."

"May I ask why?" Klaus asked as he moved ahead and opened the door to his study, stepping in with Ainz following. "Because, I do not trust it," Ainz said grimly

"I see, very well, let us see what we can find."

Ainz held back from sighing as Klaus and he began looking for the volumes he would need to look through. Hopefully the information was well written; otherwise it could take some time. He just hoped the princess knight would appear already.

And that hopefully nothing would complicate matters more than they already had been.


General Grave Levantine looked down from the balcony of his office in interest. His fool son's guest had seemed worthless to him, but now, having seen such a destructive spell used by his very own eyes, it seemed this mage perhaps could have some use. The Dark queens armies needed to be destroyed, the citadel sundered, and the demons made extinct. A mage with such power could well be a way to have such a thing done.

And of course, if he managed to become a danger to the church and destroyed them as well, all the better.

"Hmm, yes, it appears I must claim his power for my own, for the good of the country, but first I need information. " Perhaps my fool son will be willing to divulge what he knows on his guest with a little, edging on," General Grave said with a chuckle as he began planning.

After all, no general worth his salt just acted without a plan!