Elsa was sitting at her desk, staring at absolutely nothing. This was typical of the girl. Therefore, Jack had learned how to distinguish between her looks by this point. When the blonde nibbled her lip while staring absentmindedly, she was trying to process or think through something; she often had this look when doing her homework. When she smiled slightly, she was daydreaming pleasantly. If her brows furrowed she was thinking about something unpleasant.

Jack knew all her looks by heart, not even having to give it much thought. Therefore, the boy handed his best friend her notebook and a pen. Right now the blonde was tapping her finger against her cheek, something Elsa always did when thinking of a prompt. Therefore, she would want to write the idea down in her notebook.

The girl smiled at the gesture, immediately beginning to write down whatever idea she had been thinking about. A smile was stretched across her face, her eyes lit up. Jack knew that meant that she had come up with a romance prompt. After all, only romance got her this excited; the girl was a hopeless romantic.

The girl suddenly stopped her writing and grabbed the trashcan from underneath the desk, stretching it out to Jack. He spit his gum into it, realizing it had lost all its flavor. It was funny he hadn't noticed it before. Elsa claimed he made some sort of face whenever he got tired of chewing his gum, so she often realized it before he did.

It was things like this that made everyone act like they were mind readers. They weren't though. They had been best friends since the eighth grade and now it was already their sophomore year of college. Therefore, Jack thought it was only natural they understood each other. Not to mention, they had gotten an apartment together this year and now they spent even more time together.

The pair didn't need to know each other's thoughts. They were already open books to each other. Sometimes, Jack felt he knew Elsa better than he knew himself. The boy didn't mind though; in fact, he loved it. He liked the way he knew Elsa would blink more when she was about to cry and how she always tried to cover up her wet eyes by yawning. Knowing this information made it to where he could comfort her without her having to ask him to. He would just know.

The same worked in reverse. Elsa could tell when something was stressing him out, whether it be hockey or some test. She always knew and would help. They'd play some kind of dumb game, like Just Dance, and then, before he knew it, he wasn't stressed anymore. Elsa made him happier than anyone else could manage. There was so much comfort to be found when she was around.

Therefore, they lived together easily. They each had their own routines and styles yet that didn't get in their way. They respected each other's space and could tell when the other needed time alone. The pair, despite their many differences, worked well together; Jack felt it was a yin-yang situation.

Elsa sat up straight suddenly, catching the boy's attention. Her eyes widened and Jack decided she was having some sort of realization. Perhaps she had realized her prompt aligned with her own life; the girl had a habit of accidentally doing that.

However, Elsa was clearly struck with a romantic idea. How could that align with her life? As far as he knew, she didn't like anyone. In fact, he was fairly certain of that fact. He would have noticed if she acted differently towards a guy. Jack could read the blonde too easily for him not to have noticed.

Elsa interrupted his thoughts as she scraped her fingernails against the skin on her legs. It was a nervous habit of hers that rarely happened anymore. It wasn't a harsh action, not hurting her or anything. Still, it seemed something was wrong.

"Can I talk to you about something?" Elsa turned to face him as she said this, her eyes no longer lit up. She looked focused all of a sudden. Elsa could have a bit of a one-track mind and it was clear that was what was occurring. Still, what was this one thought?

Jack looked at her moment, still trying to analyze her. He normally didn't need to try so hard to figure out what she was thinking. "Of course, Els," the boy replied. The fact she had asked meant this must be something they didn't usually talk about, yet Jack was sure they talked about everything.

Elsa stared at him a moment, her lips hesitant to speak. "There is this guy I like and I haven't found a way to tell him yet." Her eyes focused on him, clearly trying to study his reaction.

Jack did the same, giving the girl a curious look. She was sat up straight and still seemed focused. Clearly, she was going somewhere with this. Furthermore, it had something to do with the prompt she was writing.

Still, the boy couldn't get himself to focus on connecting the dots. Instead, he found himself thinking about what Elsa had confessed. How could she like someone and he not have noticed? "Who do you like?" He heard himself ask.

He wasn't sure it was the appropriate response considering Elsa seemed to want to talk about how to tell him rather than who he was. Still, knowing who it was would make it easier for him to offer advice. Jack assured himself that was the only reason he wanted to know.

Elsa nibbled on her lips slightly: she was concentrating on something. "It doesn't matter." She glanced away for a moment, something she only did when she felt guilty.

Jack resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "I want to help you, Els," he tried reasoning. "It'll be easier if I know who it is." Which was true. For example, if she liked Hiccup then his advice would be much different than if she liked Flynn.

The boy paused a moment, considering the latter. Flynn was a good friend of Jack's and a true ladies' man. Was it possible that Elsa, too, had succumbed to his charms? The idea of them together made the boy feel slightly queasy but he pushed away the feeling as he remembered that Flynn liked Rapunzel, even if the boy wouldn't admit it.

He glanced back up at Elsa who was nibbling on her lip once again. It seemed she was debating whether or not to tell him. "I won't tell you his name," Elsa finally declared. "I can describe him for you though?" The sentence ended up sounding like more of a question, meaning Elsa was unsure about whether or not he wanted to listen. Therefore, he should reassure her.

However, a part of Jack didn't want to hear about this guy. He couldn't put his finger on why exactly; the thought of Elsa with someone else just made him sick.

The boy froze, his eyes widening in horror as he processed his thoughts. It wasn't the thought of Elsa dating that made him upset, it was the idea of her dating someone else. He was in love with Elsa Winters.

It probably shouldn't have surprised the boy as much as it did. They did act like a couple, eating the majority of their meals together and always hanging out. Not to mention, they lived together. Jack couldn't help but feel that made them something more. Sure, they didn't kiss or anything, but they did practically everything else a couple would.

Therefore, the boy almost felt betrayed to learn she liked someone else. He knew the feeling was pathetic; they weren't a couple. Still though, did she really want to date someone? Would she become closer with this other boy?

"Jack?" The blonde was staring at him, her head tilted slightly in confusion. For a moment, the boy wondered if she knew where his mind had wandered. Now that he realized how he felt, he'd have to be careful. Otherwise, Elsa would find out soon enough and their perfect friendship would end.

Jack shook his head slightly, forcing a smile. "Sorry, Els, I got sidetracked." The boy smirked slightly. "So, tell me about this guy." Jack felt it would be suspicious not to listen to Elsa and, well, he did want her to be happy.

At least, Jack thought he wanted her to be happy. However, as a smile lit up Elsa's face at the mere mention of this guy, Jack felt his fist clench. Normally her smile made his heart skip a beat but this didn't.

"I don't even know where to begin. I've liked him for a while, years even. Every day I get up and tell myself today will be the day I do something about it but it never is. We have the perfect friendship and my biggest fear isn't that he doesn't feel the same way; no, my fear is that he doesn't feel the same way and it'll ruin our friendship."

The girl paused a moment, thinking to herself. She smiled slightly before continuing. "I would hate to ruin our friendship but I also can't overcome my feelings. Over the years, they've only gotten stronger. I'm in love with him, Jack."

The boy felt like his brain was working double-time as it tried to process all of what she had just said. However, one line stood out among the rest: the perfect friendship. Jack felt himself forcing his tears back, trying hard not to break in front of her, not to let her see how much that hurt to hear.

The boy had always thought they were the ones with the perfect friendship. He thought they were the ones with something so amazing they would both be scared to do anything to ruin it. It sounded selfish, it really did, but Jack wanted to be the most important person to Elsa apart from her family.

He wasn't though. The boy cleared his throat slightly, trying to stop his thoughts. They hurt too much and right now he needed to be fine. Later, away from Elsa, he could reflect on this. Reflect on the fact Elsa had the perfect friendship with someone else and that she was in love with him.

"I bet he loves you too," Jack mumbled weakly.

Surprisingly, that seemed exactly what Elsa wanted to hear. Her face lit up, her blues eyes sparkling. "Really?" She fidgeted slightly in her seat. "I mean, I know he loves me as a friend but a part of me thinks that's the only way he could ever love me. He's never showed any signs he likes me romantically, and I have looked for them. Not to mention, he's never had a single crush the whole time I've known him."

The boy couldn't help but hope that her crush didn't like her, as guilty as it made him feel. If Elsa was in love with him then she deserved to be loved back. Maybe if he didn't though then she would come to realize she and Jack could be perfect together; they already were. Though only a fool would reject Elsa; surely the guy she likes would be hers as soon as she confessed.

Jack thought a moment about what to reply with. "Well, have you given him any signs that you are interested in him?" Maybe they were both afraid of losing what they had so they hid their feelings. That's what Jack had done, after all. He hadn't even realized he liked Elsa until this moment. Now, though, it seemed painfully obvious why Jack hadn't had a crush on anyone since he met Elsa.

The girl flushed slightly. "No, I suppose not. At least, not directly."


Elsa shifted in her seat, proving the next thing she was about to say brought her discomfort. "Well, I'm trying to tell him indirectly. I just kind of figured that the only way to tell him without the risk of ruining our friendship, is just to never actually tell him directly." She nibbled on her lip and Jack suddenly realized what a sexy action that was. "We understand each other pretty well and I think I can find a subtle way to tell him that allows me to backtrack if he responds negatively. I know that sounds somewhat stupid, but, well, all my friends are tired of me talking about him and not doing anything about it."

All her friends? Was he the only one who didn't know about this? She had said she had liked him for years. For years there was this whole part of Elsa's life he had no clue about. Jack's heart clenched slightly.

The boy cleared his throat. "So, um, your friends know about him?" He hardly thought it was fair he was the last to hear of this.

The blonde raised a brow slightly, indicating she thought his question was unusual. "Of course they do," she began. "People like talking about their crush; therefore, they normally tell just about anyone they can trust."
Did that mean she hadn't trusted him before? Or maybe she still didn't since she wouldn't tell him the guy's name. "So they know who he is?"

Again, Elsa seemed to think his question had an obvious answer. "Yeah, they do. It took me a while to tell Anna since she can have a bit of a hard time with secrets." Elsa paused a moment, her eyes displaying how hesitant she was to say her next line. "For the most part, girls tell all their friends. The only people who don't know are often the guy himself and friends that are too close to the guy to keep it a secret."

Elsa was giving him a look he couldn't quite describe yet knew exactly what it meant. She was letting him know she had just said something important. The boy supposed she had. Perhaps she liked Flynn then and that was why Jack couldn't know the name. He and Flynn were just too close for Elsa to tell him.

The girl glanced at him a moment before deciding to add something. "I suppose that isn't true actually. Sometimes girls do tell the guy about her crush on him without him realizing." Elsa giggled slightly. "Girls often have a bad habit of talking about their crush to their crush just without saying his name. It's honestly strange they don't pick it up or maybe they do and just don't tell us."

The boy blinked. That was exactly what she was doing with him, was it not? Elsa was far too smart not to realize that and he was certain she would have clarified there was a different reason she wasn't telling him. Elsa hadn't though. In fact, she had also said that she wanted to tell the guy she was in love with indirectly. She figured he knew her well enough to figure it out without her ever saying it straightforward.

Jack tried to keep his hope from rising too high. He could be wrong, his feelings getting the best of him. Still, it did seem like she was hinting at this. Could Elsa honestly be in love with him? "You said you wanted to tell the guy you like indirectly?"
The small smile that appeared on her face seemed to be an indication this was the way Elsa wanted the conversation to go. "Yes, I think it will be better for us both this way." The untrained eye wouldn't have noticed the slight smirk that flashed across Elsa's face but Jack did. It made him all the more confident in his suspicions.

Jack resisted the urge to smile. "And, well, if you were to do this whole indirect thing, how would you expect the guy to respond?" Without concrete evidence that Elsa was talking about him, he hardly wanted to risk saying anything direct.

Elsa pondered this a moment. "I suppose it wouldn't be fair of me to expect a direct answer and, knowing him, he wouldn't want to give one." Elsa stopped, still seeming to think it through. "He could just give me an indirect response in return."

An indirect response? Jack hardly knew how to do that. "And if he couldn't figure out how?" Maybe all his questions would make it obvious enough.

It was clear the girl was holding back a laugh. "I'd help him," She explained finally. She bit her lip once again, her eyes glancing far off for a moment. "That's enough about me. What about you? Any girls caught your eye?"

Jack had to resist the urge to widen his eyes as he realized this was her way of helping him. Jack couldn't figure out an indirect way to switch to this topic so she had done it for him. "Actually, yes, I have for a while. Though honestly, I just realized it today." He paused a moment, unable to help himself from adding, "Though I'm a bit worried that she has a thing for Flynn."
This time, Elsa didn't hold back her laugh. "I suppose Flynn is good at charming girls." The blonde shook her head slightly. "I wouldn't blame the girl, though I for one will never fall for him."

There it was, more indirect confirmation. Elsa had said the only people she wouldn't tell were the guy himself and his close friends. It wasn't Flynn though so it had to be him, right? Surely that was what they were tiptoeing around; this couldn't be a coincidence.

"Flynn doesn't like her either way. In fact, he insists she likes me." Which was true. Jack hadn't even told his friend about his feelings; frankly, that was because he didn't realize he had them. Flynn still knew though. "He says that the two of us practically read each other's minds so he has no clue how we haven't figured out each other's feelings."

That was it. He was sure that was enough to let Elsa know he was talking about her; everyone constantly told them they read each other's minds. Therefore, that left the ball back in her court.

"Mind readers, huh?" Elsa smiled at him, itching slightly closer. "If you're that close then you probably know what she wants. Are you going to make her say it first?" The girl peered up at him through her eyelashes, her blue orbs sparkling. "Because I think she might appreciate it if you went first."

Jack shook his head teasingly. "I don't know, she can be pretty assertive. She might like it if I let her go first."

Elsa was nibbling on her lip, pulling more of it into her mouth than she normally did. For once, it didn't look like she was thinking; instead, it almost seemed like she was teasing him. A playful innocence was in her eyes.

"Maybe you're on to something." With that said, Elsa slowly leaned forward, her eyes closing. Despite her display of confidence, Jack could see that she was running her fingernails against the skin on her legs again. The boy felt it was only fair he helped calm her down since she was bold enough to do what he couldn't.

Jack felt his own eyes closed as he leaned forward. Hesitantly, their lips met, emotions flaring. The once fearful kiss quickly turned passionate as the pair pulled each other closer. Jack's hands had found her waist, not letting even a bit of space come between them.

Meanwhile, the blonde had placed one hand on his neck, the coolness of her hand clashing with the burning heat of his neck. Her other hand was tangled up in his hair, massaging her fingers into his scalp.

Elsa suddenly pulled away, a clear look of fear in her eyes. She studied him a moment before hesitantly speaking. "You were hinting at this, right? I wouldn't want to do anything without consent." Her face was flushed as she spoke. God, she was adorable.

He resisted the urge to laugh, knowing the girl was already overthinking and probably wouldn't perceive it well. It was just so laughable that she thought he could not want her. Elsa was perfect. "You have my consent." Just like that, they were kissing again.

Their lips moved perfectly together, though Jack had expected nothing less. After all, they often read each other's minds, right? Therefore, it wasn't hard to know exactly what the other wanted.

Elsa's breath hitched every time he pulled her lip between his teeth, causing him to tease her a moment before sticking his tongue into her mouth. As expected, it was what Elsa wanted, her moans an obvious enough sign.

"Jack." The word rolled off her tongue and into his mouth, sounding like a moan. The boy felt his knees going weak at the sound. He had always thought Elsa was adorable, but it turns out she was annoyingly sexy as well.

The girl seemed to understand he liked that, repeating his name several times. He could practically feel the smirk she was trying to hold back. Well, two could play at that game.

Jack trailed his tongue across a sensitive spot in her mouth, feeling her shiver slightly. He continued exploring her mouth, his hands grabbing onto her neck to pull her closer. He kissed her feverously, not giving her a moment to catch her breath.

Eventually, the blonde pulled away, her pupils wide as she stared at him. "I really did have your consent, didn't I?" Elsa laughed suddenly, seeming to find her weak joke hilarious. Jack's heart skipped a beat slightly. It really was unfair how easily she switched from sexy to adorable.

Elsa continued laughing, her eyes lit up. She truly looked happy and Jack couldn't help but be proud to have been part of the reason why. "I love you, Els." Jack hadn't even realized what he was saying until the words left his mouth. Jack couldn't help the heat that rose to his face at his confession.

The girl smiled a moment, grabbing her discarded notebook and setting it in front of Jack. Despite how close they were, Elsa was always hesitant to show him writing and rarely let him see her prompts. She preferred to show him the finished results. However, it was this prompt that had started everything, wasn't it? The boy glanced down at the page.

Indirect Confession: Person A confesses to Person B indirectly.

Person A and Person B are really close friends, able to understand each other completely. Therefore, A comes to the realization that there is a way to tell B without actually having to say the words. A waits until they are alone and then starts a conversation about crushes and wanting to confess indirectly. A doesn't mention the name and then shifts the conversation so that A admits people talk to their crush about their crush. This indirect method allows B to begin to realize the conversation is about him. From there, A shifts the conversation to allow B to also indirectly confess. Eventually, A and B are both fairly confident that each has confessed and kiss. Afterward, A and

Jack realized that Elsa had stopped writing in the middle of the sentence, clearly realizing this prompt could be turned into a reality. "It is creepy how spot on that is." He laughed slightly, faking a look of concern. "Am I really that predictable, Els?"

He glanced up at the girl who was staring at him hesitantly. She was still on the edge of her seat, head tilted as she looked at him. Elsa was debating her next move. "You're only predictable to me," the girl responded finally. "I love you too, Jack."

They stared at each other a moment and Jack wished he could take a picture of the way she was staring at him. It was the way she had always looked at him: her eyes wider than they usually are, her lips slightly parted, and she was leaning forwards so she was closer to him. The boy didn't know how he hadn't seen it before; Elsa was looking at the boy like she loved him. She did love him. Jack realized nothing would ever make him happier than knowing the girl he loved so much, loved him just as much. They did have the perfect friendship and the boy was certain it would turn into the perfect relationship.