Currawong Jail

A southern cassowary stared at the walls in his cell, Boss Cass tried 3 times to take over the world, and 3 times he failed. First with the magic talismans, then by creating an army of uber reptiles from within his own personal city, and finally by controlling the entities known as the Quinkan, only to try and shoot their leader. It was during the third plan that he shot Fluffy, a horny devil and one of his own (former) henchwomen after she took the blast meant for Ty, the Tasmanian tiger that had ruined his first two schemes, and the Quinking, whom Cass did destroy with the shot (thankfully,) leaving the villain in a state of shock up until now, when he decided to focus instead on the bigger thorn in his side:"That Tasmanian tiger Tyrone!"

Cass shouting his archenemy's name signaled his going into a rant. "He's the reason I'm in this fix. If he hadn't sweet talked that accursed brother of his or that horny devil into betraying me, I would've had this world eating out of the palm of my hand." This last remark made him pause and look at his feathery appendages, "Or of my feathers...whatever. Anyway, I swear that when I escape this clink, I will have my revenge on you, you meddling thylacine." Without warning, a huge explosion blasted a hole in the wall and knocked Cass off his feet. "What in blue thunder...?!" The avian barely had time to register that he was (seemingly) in the clear before a portal opened up out of nowhere. "Crikey!" He shrieked, and attempted to scramble away, only to be sucked in.

Koopa Kingdom Castle

Bowser sat on his throne, growling in ire, "Some help that cutout knockoff turned out to be. That's why I prefer to work alone. You can't trust anyone offering help cause they'll stab you in the back! I should've known better than to...than to…" The dragon-turtle hybrid ruler trailed off and his anger began to fade when he saw his son, Bowser Jr sulking pitfully on his own. "Son…?"

"You might not have liked them, papa," said Bowser Jr softly, "but my knockoff and I hit it off so well that we did work together." He sighed. "I miss him so much."

Bowser was stunned to say the least. His son didn't really have many friends, apart from the other Koopalings and a few minions, but they were only friends out of loyalty, so there was the feeling that there was this gaping hole with a cover that was too small over it. Paper Bowser Jr, it seemed, was the cover big enough for it, and now he was gone, trapped in his own realm. "Thanks to that meddlesome plumber, his equally meddlesome brother, and his own cutout knockoff." Bowser thought. "You know son, maybe it's best we put off trying to beat those brothers and maybe concentrate on establishing a connection to the paper realm so you and that other you can meet again."

Bowser Jr looked at his father in surprise. "Y-You mean it?" He asked hopefully.

"Of course." Bowser smiled. "All we have to do is get that book and create a gateway or something."

Bowser Jr's smile faded. "But... isn't it at the Mushroom Kingdom?"

Bowser's grin also faded. "Oh...right. Well, in this case, it won't matter if we beat those two or not, but only if we get our hands on that book." His words were cut off when a portal appeared in the middle of the thron room.

"Whoa!" Bowser Jr shouted. "What the heck is that?!"

"Beats me!" Bowser shouted back. "Maybe one of Kamek's experiments went out of control?!" Bowser suddenly felt himself being dragged to it. "What the heck?!"

"Papa!" Bowser Jr grabbed his dad's tail and tried to pull him away from the portal, but its hold on the Koopa king was too strong, and father and son were sucked in.

Avalar: Winter Tundra: Ripto's Arena

It was in this arena that a great battle took place: a purple dragon named Spyro against an orange, diminutive, hot tempered, dinosaur like warlock named Ripto, who had gotten so desperate that he broke the floor of the arena and commandeered a metal pterodactyl to keep above it until Spyro destroyed his ride which launched him into the lava. All was well…

...until an orange, three fingered hand popped out of the lava and latched onto dry ground, followed by another, followed by the rest of Ripto who, due to being magically fire based, was able to survive his hot bath and pull himself out of the lava. "Lousy dragon," he grumbled as he brushed himself off, "how I hate him. Now where's my scept- OH COME ON! THAT WAS MY THIRD SCEPTER!" The hot tempered description wasn't an exaggeration. "YOU STUPID DRAGON! No matter! I'll just find another scepter and then! I! Will whoa!" Ripto had been so busy ranting that he didn't notice a portal opening up from above and behind him and pull him in.

The White Void

Two men were meandering through. The tallest of the two looked around and glared at his companion. "Are you sure you saw a door over here?"

The smaller one glared back. "What? You were the one who said he saw a door over here!"

"Well I know it was one of us, so shut up and keep looking." The two argued until going their separate ways, stewing over their most recent defeat.

After his second most recent defeat at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman had found a gigantic monster that could rip open multiple fabrics in time and space known as the Time Eater. It was too powerful for one man to control so Eggman decided to enlist the help of Dr. Robotnik, his more rotund past self, otherwise known as Classic Eggman...but we'll call him Robotnik. Anyway, they time napped all of Sonic's friends, only to pull Sonic's past self into the fray. The two hedgehogs combined super forms and beat the two mad scientists, and thus, they were banished to the very white void they were currently occupying.

Eventually, the two regrouped and laid down on the ground. "What time is it?" Robotnik queried.

"It's the exact same time when you asked last time and it will be the exact same time when you ask later." Eggman retorted, his irritation rising. "There is no time here!"

Robotnik got up and snapped, "Let me just say that this was a 'brilliant' plan you came up with."

"Don't get too self righteous." Eggman snapped back, "It'll be your plan pretty soon." Before Robotnik could mutter about dedicating the rest of his life to forgetting it, a portal opened up above them. Eggman felt himself being lifted up off the ground. "Yeow!" He screamed, flailing his arms about. "Help me, my efficacious past self!"

"I can't!" Robotnik wailed, who was also being lifted off the ground. "I got nothing to hang on to!" With that, the two were sucked in.

In all of these locations, the portals closed after acquiring their targets. After which, there could be heard a creepy, booming laugh. "Excellent."