Uka Uka floated above the villains once they were seated at a table that appeared from the floor. "Now to get down to business: in order to defeat our enemies, we must gather a certain amount of crystals for me to harness power from. After which, we pay certain visits to our enemies, and it will be...Game...Over."(1)

"Hold the phone," interrupted Bowser, "if you were able to pull us into this little get-together without the crystals, then why do you need them so bad?"

"Because, oh dear Koopa king," growled Uka Uka as he floated up close to Bowser's face, "it is very...taxing on my energy, just like I will be on your lifeline if you keep asking stupid questions!"

"OK, ok! Sheesh!"

"To continue: I want the scientists to create a rift generator that will enable us to travel from realm to realm, accomplishing our primary goal as we pass through. Meanwhile, N. Tropy will send some of Cortex's minions into several time eras. Each era contains one crysta;. Five of which will be sent to someone in Ancient Rome, who will then bring the crystals here."

Cass raised his hand. "At the risk of asking a stupid question sir, what exactly will the rest of us be doing?"

"Why thank you Cass, for volunteering to lead this mission."

"Wait, what?" "And I know just the mutant to help you!" Cortex piped up. Before the cassowary could object, the mad scientist led him to a special room where the lab assistants were being fitted into medieval knight apparel. "Oh Tiny!"

Booming footsteps echoed loud enough to cause everything to shake, and in stomped Tiny Tiger, who just so happened to be a very buff Thylacine. "You've got to be joking." Cass grumbled.

"After many eons, my evil twin brother Uka Uka has been freed from his underground prison" Aku Aku turned to face Crash, Coco, and Polar who looked back at him, mystified. "Long ago, I locked him there to protect the world from his malice. Now, free once again, he must be stopped!" He flew out of the hut and the others followed him determinedly.


Aku Aku teleported the siblings to another Time Twister that was similar to the one Uka Uka had his little clan bake, but it was seemingly vacant. "Crash, Coco, Uka Uka and Cortex mean to use a Time Twisting machine to gather crystals that have been scattered across time. I have brought you both here to a similar one so you can gather the crystals before they do."

"Wait," interrupted Coco, "who did you get to make this?"

""Salutations, b-b-b-bandicoots!" The pair jumped when a short, but lanky man with bushy, brown eyebrows and a bolt on either side of his cone head popped out from behind the control panel."

"Nitrus Brio!" Coco exclaimed.

"Y-Yes. (2)It is I: Dr. N. Brio!" His triumphantly hammy expression briefly turned into a confused one and they heard him mutter, "My name sounds like a fetus."(2) He shook his head and grinned maniacally again. "No matter! It s-s-seems we'll be working to-together again, Crash, but more directly."

As Crash eagerly and enthusiastically shook hands with Brio, Coco turned to Aku Aku. "How did you get him to help us?"

"I simply told him that Cortex was endangering the world again."

"Really? (3)So what are we going to do this time, N. Brio?"

"The s-same thing we did last t-t-time, dear girl," he answered, "Try to save the world!"(3) He then led them over to a medieval looking chamber. "See those b-buttons over there?"

"The ones with the numbers 1 to 5 on them?"

"(3)Yes!(3)" Brio slammed his foot on the #1 button. "Just st-step on one of them and a p-p-p-portal will open and YAAAAA!" A portal to the medieval Toad Village opened while he was demonstrating, and he didn't know it was until it hadsucked him inside.

Crash was also sucked inside, but Coco was clinging hard to a chamber wall while Aku Aku teleported away. "Good luck children!" He called out as he vanished.

OK, let me clear up the two things I am sure are on your minds:

First of all, does anyone expect me to believe that the bad guys wouldn't have done something when they found out that the good guys were using their time machine? Second of all, N. Brio making the good guys' time machine might seem strange given his field of study, but considering that he was something of a hidden good guy (and I use the term loosely) in Cortex Strikes Back, I think it made sense...kinda.

1: A little nod to the fact that Uka Uka was the "game over" announcer for both versions of Warped.

2 & 3: Please, with the knowledge that Maurice LaMarche voiced Brio in Mind Over Mutant and the N Sane versions of Crash 1 and Cortex Strikes Back, a reference to Pinky and the Brain was inevitable.